Advantages of Tuffen Glass

“Broken rules are better than broken glass.”

For a long time, people stayed away from experimenting with glass. They feared that it would not complement their existing décor or that it is not reliable enough to offer safety and security. The image of glass in our minds has always been a delicate and risky substance. While earlier, it was most often used for commercial purposes, such as to give some personality to high-end restaurants or in offices that wanted to go for a modern look. Today, times have changed, and so have people.

Brave is the new normal. And why would it not be? Prioritising safety and aesthetics, today, décor glass is created using advanced technology that is capable of serving our unmet needs, just like tuffen glass!

Tuffen glass has been the town’s talk for a while now for its strength, which makes it resistant to shattering compared to standard glass. But even if it breaks, unlike the latter where the glass gets shattered into sharp shards, tuffen glass disintegrates into harmless, cube-like pieces rendering it easy to manage. This is because these glasses are heated above 600 degrees Celsius and quickly cooled to give it their nature – four to five times more impact-resistance than normal annealed glass. Most often referred to as toughened glass, over the years it has acquired a modern name – ‘Tuffen glass.’

Now let’s take a look at why tuffen glass might just be what you need to adorn your interiors with strength in style.

Damage Resistant

They say, “If soot stains your tunic, dye it black.”

But why let soot stain your tunic, when it can stay stain-free! One of the oldest quibbles on glass windows has been that they get stained quickly and are high-maintenance. Well, with tuffen glass, you can let go of your wiping woes because these glasses are, for most parts, resistant to scratches and stains. On the rare occasions that they do catch stains, you can wipe them off easily using a clean microfiber cloth and some glass-cleaning agent.

Tuffen glass is also wear-and-tear resistant, which makes it excellent for regular use. These glasses have also been able to stand up to the forces of nature, such as strong winds or hailstorms.

Heat Resistant

A hot shower after a tiring day can uplift your mood instantly. But is your glass-covered restroom fit to resist the heat?

Normal glass can get damaged when it comes in direct contact to heat. A slight temperature change can heat the glass to the extent of producing horrible cracks on it and rendering it unfit for your regular use. But not tuffen glass!

Tuffen glass can withstand high temperatures because of its compression-tension balance between its inner and outer layers. Therefore, these glasses can withstand high temperatures all year round and still look brand new. So, go ahead and give your kitchen and bathrooms strength in style with tuffen glass!


Well, isn’t it better to be safe than sorry?

So, keep your sorrys in the past with tuffen glass. Gone are the days when glasses were a vulnerable part of the décor, and therefore, needed to be protected. Adding glass to your décor isn’t just a showcase anymore’ it safeguards your habitat from break-ins, mishaps, and the impact of raging storms. Plus, its nature of breaking also offers much-needed protection from injuries. So, go ahead and be guilt-free to decorate your space with tuffen glass wherever you feel like.

Varied Designs

Gone are the days when glasses were plain and boring. Take, for example, tuffen glass, which comes in numerous colors, textures, and sizes. Just as your needs may vary, these glasses adapt to your utilities by coming in different types. For some looking for privacy, there is soundproof or frosted tuffen glass. For others looking to add a bit of colour to their life with glass décor, they can go for coloured or patterned glass.

The fact that tuffen glass can be customised according to your needs is just what you might need to stand out. Moreover, every space reflects the people living in them, so why go for standardised décor solutions?

Embrace the grandeur by building your palace of glass with AIS Glass. With our AIS Stronglas, you can create that perfect and safe ambience in every corner of your home or office. Our AIS Stronglas is four to five times more impact-resistant than normal annealed glass and is highly durable and low-maintenance. It finds several use cases such as in table-tops, balustrades, facades, shelves, shower enclosures, and more!

Plus, you can have our AIS Stronglas customised – in terms of its size, design, and colour – to suit your design sensibilities and the rest of your space’s décor. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with our experts today!


Importance of Toughened Glass for Domestic Rooflights

We have always known windows to be essential elements that allow us to have a dialogue with the outdoors. However, these connective fixtures have reincarnated to become skylights or rooflights in closely-packed cities.

What’s that one thing that sets these windows apart from their standard counterparts? The fact that they do not come with menacing-looking, prison-like grilles that create a barrier of sorts to the gorgeous view outside, for starters. Kind of like an eye staring at the sky above, these mesmerising fenestrations let in fresh air, light, and a slice of the glorious heavens, of course.

Principal architect, Enamul Karim Nirjhar has some interesting words to say about rooflights’ standard circular shape, “The circular concept represents drops – of tears, light, and rain….It brings light, water, and drama into the living spaces.” Circular, rectangular, elliptical, or some eccentric shape, one common thing that unites all skylights designs is the type of glass used – toughened glass.

Why? Well, domestic rooflights must be able to handle these natural elements effortlessly.

Harmful UV RaysRooflights allow natural light to stream in 24×7, so they must be designed to handle harmful UV rays, especially in the summer months when the heat is unbearable. Not only can this lead to thermal liability, but also increased electricity bills.

Flying Debris Airborne debris can potentially crack your rooflight. Other substances such as heavy wind load, tree branches, dust storm, and more also have a poor impact. To avoid such debris-induced damage, install a highly sturdy rooflight.

Structural  RiskA rooflight is essentially a hole in your roof. If the support is not appropriate, it can compromise the structure of your roof. But in most cases, a roof can easily handle a rooflight. Nonetheless, homeowners should avoid big rooflights.

LeaksMake sure your rooflights are properly insulated or else, you can suffer from air and moisture leaks. Such leaks often cause drafts near the edges of the rooflight and compromise safety. They can also compromise your thermal comfort.

PrecipitationYour rooflight should be able to handle different precipitations, be it hail, sleet, snow, or rain. As these natural elements fall directly on the roof; they are potentially risky, especially when they fall with intense speed.

Besides, if such conditions persist, they can impact your energy costs poorly. Not to mention, they can potentially harm your roof structure. To make sure your rooflight can handle such conditions, always use toughened glass.

Why Use Toughened Glass for Rooflights

Also known as tempered or safety glass, toughened glass is the quintessential glazing option for various fenestration solutions. This is because it is 4-5 times stronger than standard glass or annealed glass. Toughened glass is also highly durable and sturdy.

What’s more, toughened glass can easily withstand temperature fluctuations with zero stress cracks. However, on rare occasions, the glass can break. But even when the glass breaks, it only shatters into tiny, round pieces instead of large shards. In this way, the risk of injury is minimised significantly.

Resilient to Heat and Humidity

Excessive exposure to sun rays can cause thermal stress to accumulate. Glass can sometimes crack or break due to uneven contractions and expansions. But you need not worry about excessive heat with toughened glass. This is because of its excellent heat and humidity-resistance properties.

As a result, toughened glass can easily overcome high-temperature differentials. You can avoid air ad moisture leaks to keep the thermal comfort optimal indoors. Toughened glass offers superior insulation for all weather conditions.

Highly Durable and Sturdy

One of the key features of toughened glass is durability. Because the glass is resilient to heat, moisture, and other harsh weather conditions, it can remain brand new for years. Even under extreme temperatures, it neither chips nor cracks.

Moreover, you need not fret the roof structure with toughened glass rooflight. Since toughened glass is highly durable and secure, it can withstand harsh weather conditions with minimal to zero damage. Your safety will not be compromised.

Secure against External Elements

Rooflights can fall victim to various harsh weather conditions such as torrential rain, sleet, hailstorm, dust storm, airborne debris, and more. If you use toughened glass for your rooflight, you can maintain utmost security against impact from such harsh elements.

This is because toughened glass has high compressive stress. As a result, they develop excellent impact-resistance qualities. They are highly sturdy and invulnerable to impacts from any external elements. Besides, toughened glass price is quite reasonable, so you do not pay a hefty sum.

Available in Different Shapes and Styles

You can easily avail toughened glass in varied shapes, colours, and styles to suit your décor needs. Get a frosted, tinted, clear, or translucent finish with no concession on functionality. Go for any thickness, shape, size, or edge you want – toughened glass is customisable.

Other than toughened glass, you can also use toughened-over-laminated in rooflights for additional support and heat resilience. Moreover, you can even add low-emissivity coatings to the glass and enhance its performance furthermore.

For premium-quality toughened glass, look no further than AIS Glass!

About AIS Glass

A dominant player in architectural glass value chains, AIS Glass offers varied solutions for commercial and residential applications. From product selection to installation, even after-sales support, our team of experts is with you every step of the way. You can avail custom-made toughened glass at reasonable toughened glass price to meet your project needs.

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Glass Partitions for Luxurious Home Interiors

Let’s face it! Nothing spruces up a space quite like glass. If you are looking to open up your home’s interior plan, installing glass partitions is the way to go. Whether you wish to liven up a dull passage or open up the space between the drawing and dining area, a glass divider is your best bet. There are numerous types of glass available, offering a wide range of functionalities. For instance, if you wish to install several glass partitions but have little kids scuttling around the house, choose toughened glass. Like glass, but want a hint of colour? Try a stained or etched glass partition. 

If you are having trouble figuring out the type of glass partition for your home, check out this list of designs to help you get started on your search.

Stained and Textured Glass Partitions

It often happens that countless homeowners wish to enjoy the benefits of diffused natural light without compromising on privacy. For them, a stained or textured glass partition comes in handy. Not only does it look sublime, but it also offers a great deal of privacy and light transmission.

Furthermore, you can also get a mix of stained and textured glass partitions, where a few panes are clear, while others are coloured. These partitions often find applications in foyers, shower enclosures, interior windows, etc.

Curved Glass Partitions

Imagine a striking and curved slab of transparent glass standing slightly short of kissing the ceiling. That is a curved partition for you! Indeed, most partitioning systems are either straight or angular, but curved glass dividers offer something softer and more elegant. What’s more, curved glass partitions are bespoke, in the sense that the degree of curve is flexible to quite an extent. 

You can talk to your expert for curved glass dividers if you have a special request or a challenging specification. Curved glass partitions come toughened, textured or in differing transparency levels.

Acoustic Glass Partitions

A common concern with taking down opaque walls and erecting glass partitions is that homes become noisier. But, this is entirely untrue! With modern advancements in glass technologies, you are likely to end up with calmer surroundings than with concrete walls. How? By using acoustic glass. As the name suggests, this glass type has noise-cancelling properties and is highly suitable around areas that are prone to significant levels of sound.

Acoustic glass usually has an inner PVB layer responsible for damping out unnecessary noises, thus allowing you to enjoy a sense of openness at your home, without trading-off peace. You can also club this type of glass partition with other properties like translucency, texture, etc. Acoustic glass partitions often find their applications in living and lounging room or study area at home. 

Switchable Glass Partitions

Sure, frosted or textured glass partitions can offer privacy without compromising natural light, but what when you wish to see the vistas around your home. Simply put, several homeowners might want privacy at certain times of day and transparency during other times. What can they do then? This is where smart or switchable glass partitions come into play. 

What is a smart glass partition? Partitions that use switchable glass alter light transmission properties when voltage or heat passes through them. These glass partitions go from transparent to translucent and vice versa at the flick of a switch. Furthermore, smart glass dividers can easily withstand heat and moisture for a prolonged period. Due to these benefits, smart glass dividers are a great addition to your bathrooms, and also bedrooms. Say you want an entire bedroom wall to be made of glass, but want privacy at certain times of the day. In such cases, smart glass partitions come to the rescue.

Frameless Glass Partitions

Don’t like the look of thick frames lacing your glass partitions? Don’t fret, for it can be easily arranged. Frameless glass partitions are readily available, and they make your homes noticeably edgier. Frameless does not mean, you can’t see where the glass is. It merely is a frameless pane of glass held together by metallic fittings. You will also notice a thin line running where two panes join to form the partition.

Frameless glass partitions are a great addition to separate your kitchen and dining area. They also work inside bathrooms or to open up cramped passages. 

The Bottom Line

Now that you have a host of options for glass partitions, it’s time to choose an absolute expert for execution. And, who better than India’s top manufacturer AIS Glass to step in and assist you with all your glass-related woes. Step into our showrooms, state your preferences and allow our experts to help you.

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Facts About Toughened Glass

Usually, glass is perceived to be fragile and easily breakable, which is some shy away from using it in interior design. However, toughened glass is an excellent solution to this as it has proved this perception to be a misconception by being a glass type that can easily withstand impacts, making it an excellent choice for your residential as well as commercial spaces.

Before we dive into the world of interesting facts about toughened glass, let us find out a little about it.

The Science behind Toughened Glass

Toughened glass, which is also known as tempered glass, is a safety glass that is made by subjecting annealed glass to controlled chemical or thermal treatments. This process of thermal tempering puts the outer surface of the glass into compression by subjecting it to rapid cooling, whereas the interior of the glass is put into tension as it remains hot. It is because of this compressive strength that when a toughened glass suffers a severe impact, it breaks into small, blunt chunks instead of jagged shards of glass. This is what makes toughened glass safer than ordinary glass as it is less likely to cause injuries in a rare situation of breakage.

One thing that you should know about toughened glass is that if you try to cut the toughened glass after the tempering process, it will cause breakage. Therefore the annealed glass should be pressed into the required shape or cut to size before the heat treatment process. Once the glass has undergone the toughening process, it cannot be worked on.

Interesting Facts about Toughened Glass

Fact 1. Unparalleled Strength

Toughened glass is known to be both thermally as well as physically strong. Toughened glass is four to five times stronger than normal or annealed glass of the same size and thickness and is three times stronger than heat strengthened glass! Research also shows that toughened glass can withstand surface compression of at least 10,000lbs per square inch. Toughened glass is quite robust, which is why they can bear load without breakage. As toughened glass is robust and sturdy, they can also reduce the risk of damage if they come in contact with a disaster or calamity.

Fact 2. Enhanced Safety

The fact that toughened glass is a type of safety glass should give you an idea that its the safest choice for your property. In a rare occasion of breakage due to some harsh impact, toughened glass breaks into harmless circular chunks instead of breaking into sharp jagged shards. This reduces the risk of incurring injuries, thereby making the toughened glass less dangerous than ordinary glass. Moreover, these circular chunks can easily be swept by a broom and then thrown into the garbage without the fear of any sharp shard causing injuries. This characteristic of the toughened glass makes it perfect for homes with small children.

Fact 3. Exceptionally Resistant

When annealed glass is exposed to high temperature, it can easily get cracked or damaged. However, toughened glass is manufactured using thermal tempering, which makes it highly capable of enduring uncomfortably high temperatures with ease. If your property, whether residential or a commercial establishment, is situated in a region, that experiences high temperatures all-year-round, then installing toughened glass windows are a perfect choice.

Uneven heating due to being exposed to direct sunlight can make the glass surface expand and contract at different rates. This uneven absorption of direct sunlight can create stress in glass which may lead to damage or even breakage. However, this can be avoided by the installation of toughened glass as it has incredible resistance to thermal breakage. Toughened glass can easily withstand temperature differential up to 250°C.  Moreover, toughened glass can also withstand strong winds, and it does not get damaged by heavy rain or hailstorms, making it an excellent pick for areas that are prone to weather disturbances.

Fact 4. Immune to Wear and Tear

Toughened glass does not get damaged easily and can maintain its pristine condition for years on end. They are immune to regular wear and tear and scratches, making it the ideal choice for the doors and windows that are used regularly.  

Applications of Toughened Glass

Due to its incredible strength, robustness, thermal-resistance, and ability to withstand harsh temperatures, toughened glass can be used in multiple ways. Toughened glass is explicitly designed to be used in places that are prone to severe impact and breakage. Therefore, it is the perfect choice for doors, stairways, sliding doors, windows, etc. As toughened glass has increased heat resistance, they can be used in windows in kitchens. If you want to install floor-length windows in your property, then toughened glass is the ideal option. Toughened glass floor-length windows will not only provide you with optimum safety but will also become the source of natural light during daytime. Toughened glass doors and windows can add an element of sophistication to your place, and make it look modern. Apart from this, toughened glass can also be used as shower doors, room dividers, glass cabinets, table-tops, wardrobes, facades, to name a few.

If you are looking to incorporate toughened glass in your property, turn to AIS Glass. AIS Glass is India’s most significant and organised player in the architectural glass processing segment. We are known to offer our customers a complete 360-degree solution for all their glass needs. Our high-grade toughened glass- AIS Stronglas is tough, can withstand harsh conditions, does not break easily upon impact, and can be used in a wide variety of ways. To find out our toughened glass pricerequest a quote online. 

So, reach out to us today.


Advantages of Using Toughened Glass in an Office Space

Toughened glass, also called tempered glass boasts a wealth of diverse applications. Be it oven and microwave doors, laboratory equipment, indoor partitions, etc. Toughened safety glass provides top-notch structural strength and safety. Have you ever wondered, how toughen glass gains its strength and durability? It is a man-made phenomenon and not a naturally occurring one. Let us understand the secret behind the structural strength of tempered glass.

The Science behind Toughened Glass

Toughened glass is made from ordinary float glass panes that undergo the process of annealing or heat tempering. Pre-cut float glass panels are passed through a roller table inside a 650°C preheated furnace. This softens the panes and takes them beyond their transmission temperature. The outside surface of the glass cools more rapidly than the inner surface. This leads to “centre tension” in the glass pane that alters its physical characteristics permanently.

The end-product is a sheet of heat-tempered glass capable of withstanding higher temperatures and is four to five times stronger than ordinary float glass. Float glass must be cut to size or bent into the desired shape before going through the annealing process. Glass panes that undergo the toughening process cannot be re-worked on.

Advantages of Toughened Glass in an Office Space 

The advantages of toughened glass outweigh the ones provided by ordinary glass panes. In shared spaces like offices, you need to use materials that are easy to maintain, award a sense of openness, and usher in oodles of natural light. Toughened glass checks all three boxes. Let us understand the benefits of tempered glass in detail.

Strength and Safety

People scuttle more frequently inside offices. A constant hustle of personnel moving around, rushing to attend meetings is common, which is why safety is key among all the rush and shove. One of the best things about toughened glass is that it does not shatter into sharp and jagged pieces upon impact. Even if someone walks into a pane or it breaks due to unforeseeable circumstances, people around it will not get hurt. Tempered glass is great for office cabins and dividers because it breaks into blunt pebble-like pieces and cannot cause serious injuries to employees.

Toughened glass is also a great solution for the exterior of office façades. Heat tempering provides glass panes undulating strength to combat rigorous environmental conditions, especially at higher altitudes. This is why several high-rise office buildings and skyscrapers are built using toughened glass.

Heat and Moisture-Resistant

Ordinary annealed glass can crack or shatter if exposed to unwarranted temperature differentials causing sharp shards of glass to sprawl all across your office floor. This can be perilous for your staff members. Toughened glass, on the other hand, is specifically designed to reliably endure extreme temperatures and humidity. You can use them inside your shared office bathrooms and windows. No amount of rain or heat will cause these panels to crack. They are resistant to thermal breakage and can last for years on end.

Easy to Maintain

In an office setting, from furniture to furnishings, everything needs to be ready for rough and frequent usage, and toughened glass is solidly up to the task. Tempered glass panels do not collect dust or grime, are scratch proof, and are very easy to maintain. Your janitorial staff can simply wipe them once or twice a week with a soft, damp cloth and they will keep shining like a new penny. You can also choose to give toughened glass panels a thorough soapy water wash once every six months but that is not an absolute necessity. Hire a professional window cleaning company to take care of your exterior tempered glass windows.   


Scratches on glass windows kill the aesthetic charm of a glass structure. Since tempered glass is tough, it is far less likely to scratch as compared to standard float glass. This property of tempered glass comes in handy, especially during dust storms when unwanted debris can scratch your windows. Toughened glass is ideal for office partitions, cabins, cubicles, conference table-tops, bathroom and pantry furnishings, etc.   

Design Diversity

Toughened glass can be combined with various styles and designs to set the correct tone inside your office. For example, you can choose from a range of frosted, translucent, back painted and clear glass panels for different rooms that serve different purposes in your office. Back painted toughened glass can make your office noticeably edgier, whereas frosted toughened glass can enhance privacy during important meetings. These design diversities can address all design as well as performance concerns in your office.

The Bottom Line

Toughened glass is the ideal choice for offices, with so many legit applications and advantages. Get toughened glass professionally installed by AIS Glass. We at AIS Glass offer a superior-quality toughened glass called Stronglas. Stronglas is adept at withstanding harsh weather conditions, is safe, durable and less prone to thermal breakage. Enjoy the best of toughened glass with AIS Glass. Get in touch today!


Reasons Why You Need Toughened Glass

Many of the most iconic structures in the contemporary world have glass as the primary building material and rightfully so. The horde of benefits that modern-day glass solutions offer have made glass the favourite building material of renowned architects and visionary interior designers. But, a major reason glass is revered so is not just for its fluid-like, delicate aesthetics. Innovative glass solutions are all about keeping function abreast with form. Toughened glass is one such member of the glass family, especially made to provide safety and security in style.

Science Behind Toughened Glass

Toughened glass panes are made from standard annealed glass that undergoes a heat tempering or thermal tempering process. Annealed glass is passed through a 680°C preheated furnace on a roller table. This takes the glass beyond its transmission temperature and softens it. The outer surface of the glass cools rapidly while the innards remain hot. This creates “center tension” in the glass which alters its physical characteristics. 

The end product is a sheet of glass that is heat tempered, can withstand much higher temperatures, and is four to five times stronger than annealed glass. The annealed glass must be cut to size or pressed into the desired shape before heat tempering. Once the glass has undergone the toughening process, it cannot be re-worked on.  

Benefits of Toughened Glass

Toughened glass offers a great deal of improvement over the standard type of glass, especially when it comes to constructing buildings that have glass exteriors. Let us look at why you need to choose toughened glass if you are considering building a modern structure which involves countless glass panes.

Strong and Safe

One of the most important reasons behind tempering glass is to provide it with the strength to combat rigorous environmental conditions. Since it is far less likely to break, a lot of high-rise buildings, skyscrapers, and stand-alone glass partitions, etc. are built using this type of glass. Furthermore, even if it breaks due to exposure to very harsh conditions, it never shatters. When standard glass shatters into sharp shards, it can seriously hurt people standing close by. Toughened glass develops countless cracks and breaks into blunt bits that are incapable of causing any serious injuries. This makes this glass very safe for use even around kids.


Toughened glass is immune to daily wear and tear. It does not get damaged easily and maintains its sheen and finish for years on end. It is ideal for glass partitions, residential as well as commercial doors and windows. No cricket ball will be able to shatter your windows as it used to in the 90s if they are built using toughened glass.


When the annealed glass is exposed to high temperatures continually, it can shatter causing sharp shards of glass to sprawl all across your floor. This can be perilous, especially for children. However, toughened glass is manufactured using heat tempering and is highly capable of enduring uncomfortably warm and humid temperatures. This is why using them in your bathrooms makes a lot of sense. For instance, a shower stall made from toughened glass gladly endures really hot water without incurring any damages.

Versatile Applications

Toughened glass can be moulded in varied creative ways due to its incredible strength and the capability to withstand trying temperatures. This is why it finds its applications ranging from cookware to commercial buildings. Other applications include frameless glass doors, table-tops, mobile phone screens, laboratory equipment, etc. Toughened glass is also amalgamated with laminated glass to manufacture bulletproof windows for vehicles.

Several Design Options

Toughened glass comes in several patterns and designs to address your varied requirements. For instance, choose from a range of frosted, translucent, coloured, clear and engraved options for different rooms that serve different purposes in your home or office. These diversities ensure that you achieve a keenly-designed, yet safe glass option.

Resists Damage from Sunlight

Sunlight heats up exterior glass surfaces unevenly. Sometimes the direction of the building is such that one side sees more sun than the other. Direct sunlight expands and contracts glass surfaces. Unevenly absorbing direct sunlight makes the surface expand and contract unevenly. This difference may create stress in glass that may lead to damage or even breakage. Toughened glass can easily withstand this temperature differential up to 250°C.  

Enhance Your Spaces’ Safety with AIS Stronglas

With so many legit advantages, toughened glass should be the ideal choice for offices, homes, schools and other commercial enclaves. To experience the best of toughened glass, always trust AIS Stronglas. AIS Stronglas is a very high-grade toughened glass that is tough, durable, can withstand harsh conditions, and does not crack or break easily upon impact. Since it is several orders of magnitude stronger than ordinary glass, it has a wide variety of applications such as table-tops, balustrades, shelves, facades, shower enclosures, partitions, and washbasins. Consult with our team of experts and be rest assured of high-quality products, delivered and installed professionally. Get in touch with us today.


What is Toughened Glass? Properties and Applications

The native identity of glass has been one of being fragile and delicate. And even over decades of technological advancements, the misconceptions still prevail. People continue to remain misinformed and ignorant of the fact that modern-day glass is anything but fragile. Despite retaining the delicacy of regular glass in looks, the character of modern-day glass is that of strength and extreme durability capable of withstanding heavy external impacts. Toughened glass or tempered glass or safety glass is one such member of the glass family that is known to be robust and sturdy.

Properties of Toughened Glass

The following are the characteristics toughened glass is known for –

Resistance to Thermal Breakage

The heat from sunlight can make glass expand and contract at inconsistent rates. This creates stress in the glass and can lead to breakage. But the risk of thermal damage can be prevented by using toughened glass. Toughened glass also has an excellent heat-withstanding capacity.   


Toughened glass is physically as well as thermally solid, and research shows that it can withstand surface compression of at least 10,000lbs per square inch, which is why toughened glass is considered to be safety glass. They are also known to be four to five times stronger than annealed glass and three times stronger than heat-strengthened glass. As these glasses are robust, they reduce the risk of damage if they come in contact with a calamity or disaster.


Toughened glass is manufactured when regular glass is exposed to extreme heat and then cooled rapidly. Due to this excessive heating and cooling process, the chemical composition of the glass goes through an alteration making it more resilient.

Enhanced Safety

If toughened glass comes in contact with some harsh impact, instead of breaking into sharp, jagged shards, it breaks into harmless circular chunks. Thus, these glasses reduce the risk of injury. If toughened glass breaks, it is also more comfortable for you to clean them than the jagged shards of glass. The small chunks can easily be swept up by a broom and then thrown in the garbage without the fear of any jagged shards hurting anyone.


Toughened glass is a material that is extremely flexible and versatile, which means that you can use as it per your needs and requirements. Toughened glass is now available in the market in various types of styles, which makes it the ideal choice for all your modern interior settings.

What are the Applications of Toughened Glass?

As toughened glass is a versatile material, there is not one but many applications of toughened glass. Toughened glass becomes the ideal option if you are looking for a material that can give you strength, can provide thermal-resistance along with enhanced safety. Toughened glass is explicitly designed to be of use in places that are prone to impact and breakage.

Toughened glass is often used in buildings and houses as doorways, stairways, sliding doors, standard windows as well as floor-level windows. It is used because they won’t be a cause of worry in a situation of accidental impact.

Toughened glass is an excellent material to be included in your homes. You can use toughened glass for shower doors, glass cabinets, glass table-tops, dividers, glass shelves, and also glass for a fireplace. As toughened glass is known for its strength and safety, you wouldn’t have to worry about your children being injured. Toughened glass doors also make your rooms feel lighter and much more spacious while making your house or office look modern.

As toughened glass is resistant to heat, it becomes the perfect and safe choice for kitchen shelves or as a kitchen backsplash.

Toughened glass can also be used as skylights or big windows or floor-length windows, as they will not only add an element of lightness to your interior decoration, but they will also become the source of natural light during daytime.

Many people are opting for wardrobes made out of toughened glass into their homes. These wardrobes add a high-end modern look because of the toughened glass sections in the wardrobe panels. All these wardrobes are easy to install and maintain. They are also highly durable and are incredibly resistant to any moisture or scratch.

Due to its versatility, enhanced properties, and its various applications, toughened glass has become quite popular in recent years.

Looking for the ideal place that can help you with your requirements of toughened glass? Or are you looking to make a switch to toughened glass? Look no further than AIS Glass. Asahi India Glass Ltd. (AIS) Glass is India’s leading integrated glass solutions company. We are a leading player, both in the automotive as well as the architectural glass segments. We at AIS believe in providing end-to-end solutions to all your requirements, from the manufacturing of glass to the glass installation services. We believe in providing the best products and services for your complete satisfaction. Our team believes in providing the best solutions for all your requirements and needs.

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Remodel Your Office with Toughened Glass

The world of architecture and interior designing is no stranger to glass as a building material. As a matter of fact, glass is the front-runner in many a designer’s books. It is not just for the striking appearance that glass renders to a space that makes it a cherished material, but the connection that it establishes with the outdoors and the natural light that it filters in. Yet with time, varied glass options have sprung up that offer awe-inspiring functionalities without compromising on the beauty inherent to glass. One such member of the glass family is toughened glass. This glass is a popular choice among architects and designers due to its high durability and strength. Let’s find out all about it.

How Is Toughened Glass Made?

Toughened glass, also known as tempered glass, is made from standard annealed glass which is processed with a heat treatment known as thermal tampering. The glass is softened by passing it through a furnace heated at approximately 650 degrees and then is rapidly cooled. Since the glass remains hot internally, this creates a tension at the centre. This tension alters the physical properties of the glass, allowing it to withstand higher pressures and impacts.

Toughened Glass Transforms Your Space

Toughened glass is known for its resistant qualities to high pressure and impact. It is almost four to five times stronger than normal annealed glass and can withstand a surface compression of about 10,000 lbs per square inch. Its strength reduces the risk of the glass breakage. Even if the glass does break, it shatters into small pebble like pieces as opposed to annealed glass’ razor-sharp shards, thereby reducing the risk of injury.

Moreover, glass is a lightweight building material which reduces the load of the building

Installing toughened glass in your office space is a beautiful and useful addition. It can be made available in a number of different variants – backpainted glass, laminated glass (normal, coloured, or fabricated), frosted glass – post-tempering to enhance the aesthetics of the space. You can also decide where to install the glass to make optimal use of natural light, transforming your office into a brighter and more welcoming space.

Applications of Toughened Glass

In a lot of countries worldwide, the government has mandated the use of toughened glass in high rise buildings as they can handle the air pressure and are lightweight. This glass is preferably installed in areas that experience heavy wind, snow and thermal loads. Normal annealed glass would succumb in such pressure areas. Due to its structural strength, it is used in architectural applications such as glass doors, partition walls and windows on the side of buildings.

In office spaces, toughened glass can enhance the environment when used in glass doors, desks and partitions. Toughened glass is also low-maintenance and can be easily cleaned using a high-quality glass cleaner and a tidy, damp cloth. Moreover, using glass partitions creates the illusion of a more spacious workplace by making the area seem bigger than it really is.

Table tops and shelves made of toughened glass help you store your belongings without worrying about the weight.  It doesn’t just end here, toughened glass is also effectively used in wash basins, canopies and even your mobile screens!

From Durability to Aesthetics: The Journey of Toughened Glass

Now that we’ve discussed the wide range of functionalities that are intrinsic to toughened glass, let us delve a little deeper into how it can even enhance the visual appeal of your work area. Firstly, you have the option of using toughened glass with frames or frameless depending upon where it is to be installed. For example – framed toughened glass can be used for walls of conference or board rooms and frameless ones can be used for a cabin entrance door.

Moreover, toughened glass can be transformed post-tempering to serve other functionalities and enhance the aesthetics. If you want more privacy, toughened glass can be made to undergo the process of sand blazing or acid-etching to produce frosted glass. Or, if your privacy needs come and go; you can opt for switchable glass – a glass whose privacy you can control with the push of a button. Switchable glass or smart glass can be produced using the PDLC technology on toughened glass.

Furthermore, toughened glass can be backpainted to add a pop of colour to your workplace and even to segregate different spaces. Backpainted glass is especially popular as room dividers and partitions. Backpainted glass panels are a fun way to break up large, plain walls and fill other empty spaces. You can even use backpainted toughened glass as marker boards. Toughened glass can even be laminated (normal, coloured, or fabric laminated) depending upon your needs.

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Things you need to Know about Tuffen Glass

Glass is usually perceived to be fragile and breakable, and hence we often have second thoughts about using glass installations in our space. However, tuffen glass proves this perception to be a myth by providing you with glass installations that can withstand high impacts. You can freely use tuffen glass to decorate your space, without worrying about your safety.

What is Tuffen Glass?

Tuffen or toughened glass is a processed glass which is much stronger than normal annealed glass. It is made by undergoing a process which uses heat to improve the strength of the glass. The surface of the glass is heated in a furnace at a very high temperature. Once the temperature of the glass reaches over 600 degrees Celsius, the glass is then cooled rapidly.Due to this process of rapid cooling, a centre tension is created in the glass that alters its physical property. The resulting sheet of glass is 4-5 times stronger than float glass.

Why Choose Tuffen Glass?

Choosing toughened glass offers you numerous benefits. Even though toughened glass has the same visual qualities as annealed glass, it is 4-5 times stronger than the latter. The toughening process ensures that there is no alteration in its light transmission abilities. There is just an increase in the glass’ strength and its ability to withstand high impacts. Tuffen glass can withstand temperature changes up to 250 degrees Celsius without shattering. All these qualities make it extremely difficult to break toughened glass.

 In case of an impact higher than the range that the glass can handle, the glass shatters into small, blunt pebble-like pieces. This ensures that there are no serious injuries caused as in the case of normal glass. Therefore, tuffen glass is also used as a safety glass in large buildings.

. Therefore, if you’re looking to install glass which has high durability and provides you with high protection, tuffen glass is the way to go. Also, since toughened glass lasts throughout the life of the structure it is installed in, you don’t have to worry about maintenance and frequent replacement.

Applications of Tuffen Glass

Tuffen glass is now widely used in commercial as well as home spaces due to its several functional and aesthetic qualities. Here are a few ways in which tuffen glass can be used to transform your space.

  • Partitions

Besides their aesthetic appeal, tuffen glass partitions are strong and can be used to create boundaries in your space. In offices, tuffen glass partitions can be used for increasing the amount of natural light entering in the space, whilst also maintaining privacy. Tuffen glass partition walls can also be used in conference rooms so that you can get a full view of the office while also ensuring that no one can hear you; thanks to the glass’ noise insulating properties. At home, tuffen glass partitions are often used in bathrooms, between the shower area and the dressers. This ensures that you don’t wet the whole bathroom area and don’t feel claustrophobic at the same time.

  • Doors

Due to the various customisations available in tuffen glass, you can install tuffen glass doors to provide your space with a sleek look. You can use them indoors, or in balconies, and even shower cubicles. Installing tuffen glass doors which open outdoors ensure that your space receives maximum natural light making it brighter and more comfortable. You can also choose to install tuffen glass for your office doors to make the space look airier and more welcoming. Due to their sturdy nature, you don’t have to worry about safety while installing them. They are the ideal combination of utility and class that one can install in any space.

  • Windows

Windows are an essential component of every commercial space as well as every home. Every structure has at least one window installed for ventilation and lighting purposes. The lack of windows deprives the space of sufficient ventilation and natural light. You have to increase your usage of artificial lighting to compensate for the lack of natural light. This leads to higher electricity bills. Hence, installing windows, specifically tuffen glass windows ensure that your space remains ventilated and full of light. Additionally, they also render safety and security. 

Due it its several benefits, tuffen glass is being actively installed in homes, offices, et al. At AIS Glass, we provide you with high quality tuffen glass which can be customised to fit your needs. AISStronglas is strong, durable, and can endure high impacts with ease. You can install our tuffen glass in table tops shower cubicles, balustrades, shelves, shower enclosures, partitions, walls, facades, wash basins, and canopies. For glass solutions that provide maximum security and enhanced aesthetics, choose AIS Glass! Get in touch today.


Things you need to know about Toughened Glass

Toughened glass, or safety glass, or tempered glass is ordinary float glass that has been made force-resistant and hence, this type of glass is six times as hard to break as ordinary glass panes. Moreover, if the glass does indeed break, it will break into small, blunt, cube-shaped pieces due to stress patterns within the glass. In a nutshell, nobody gets hurt.

How is Toughened Glass Made?

There are mainly two ways in which glass can be toughened –

  • Tempering Glass with Heat and Cold

Most toughened glass or safety glass is made by tempering, a process in which ordinary glass is heated up to a temperature of around 620°C for some time followed by abrupt cooling using jets of cold air. As a result of this process, the outside of the glass is forced into compression while the inside remains free to float for some time (creating tension on the inside). The higher the thermal expansion of the glass and the lower its thermal conductivity, the higher will be the level of residue stresses, and as a result of this, the stronger will be the resulting glass.

  • Tempering Glass with Chemical Reactions

Normal float glass is submerged in a bath of potassium salt at 300°C. When the salt dissolves, it is indicative of its separating into ions. The potassium ions are now free to replace sodium ions in the surface of the glass. Potassium ions are 30% larger than sodium ions; the process brings the outer surface under compression while the inner surface remains the same. This creates a tension inside and now the force required to break the glass has to be much greater (more than the compressive forces). Hence, this method aims at strengthening the glass by chemical ion exchange.

Types of Toughened Glass

There are mainly five different types of toughened glass in existence. They are –

  • Clear toughened glass
  • Laminated toughened glass
  • Reflective toughened glass
  • Tinted toughened glass and
  • Frosted toughened glass

Advantages of Toughened Glass

Tempering of glass has a lot of benefits –

  • Toughened glass is about  to 6 times stronger than normal float glass. Moreover, the process of tempering does not affect any other property of the glass. Hence, with the same visible light transmission as normal float glass comes simply greater strength
  • Toughened glass is able to withstand massive differences in temperature (of up to 250°C) whereas normal float glass can handle only up to 40°C
  • Tempering of glass renders it difficult to break and even when it does due to whatsoever reasons, it will fall apart into very small, blunt, cube-like pieces that do not cause fatal injuries
  • Toughened glass is highly resistant to electric and thermal shock
  • Its high durability makes frequent replacement redundant. Hence, the glass can easily be used for a long, long time

Application/Uses of Toughened Glass

Toughened glass has a host of uses –

  • Toughened glass is typically used in commercial applications where wind, snow and thermal impact make the use of normal glass futile. Moreover, they are also used in high-rise buildings due to their ability to handle heavy load easily
  • They are generally used in the windshield of sports cars that operate on very high speeds
  • When mixed with tinted glass, laminated glass, insulated glass, etc. toughened glass can be used in various components of a building such as escalator side panels, balustrades, handrails, skylight glazing, etc.
  • Places of national and international importance use bulletproof glass for the safety of VIPs. Bulletproof glass is prepared by combining toughened glass with laminated glass

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3 Smart Ways To Incorporate Lacquered Glass In Your Home

Also known as back painted glass, lacquered glass is made by simply coating the back of the float glass using highly durable lacquer that is baked afterwards at a constant temperature in a furnace. As a result, the lacquer gets perfectly bonded to the surface of the smooth glass. Opaquely coloured in appearance, lacquered glass is a booming trend in the present time.  Incorporating all the features of float glass, lacquered glass has a wide range of applications. Be it renovating your kitchen or making your bathroom look more colourful yet sophisticated, lacquered glass is the perfect glass option for your varied requirements.
Here are 3 smart ways to incorporate lacquered glass in your home. Have a look –

  1. Wall Panels – When it comes to designing your house, lacquered glass is the perfect solution. Painting the walls is a repetitive process that costs more in the long run as well. Creating wall panels with coloured lacquered glass not only eliminates the need to paint but adds a creative look to the wall as well. Since they are durable, there are very little chances of breaking.


  1. Kitchen Cabinets – Adding lacquered glass to your kitchen cabinets will change the entire look of your kitchen. Versatile and easygoing, cabinets made using lacquered glass are definitely more practical than their traditional counterparts. A lot of house owners are usually worried that using glass in their kitchen cabinets would reveal all the contents of their kitchen and may appear cluttered. The best way to tackle this problem is to use coloured lacquered glass as it will not reveal the contents of your kitchen without compromising on the aesthetics. Moreover, you can use tuffen glass for the same purpose as well.

  1. FurnitureIf you are done with your boring furniture and want to give it a makeover, lacquered glass is just perfect for you. With superb finish and modern look, tabletops and other furniture made using lacquered glass are not only durable but also highly resistant to moisture, adding to its longevity.

Made using special manufacturing process, lacquered glass is also an environment-friendly alternative. Giving a new and fresh look to the interiors of your house, it exhibits brilliant properties like scratch resistance and colour adhesion. Furthermore, always buy this product from premium glass suppliers like AIS Glass who offer other types of glass like energy efficient glass, frosted glass etc. as well to ensure the quality.


Ideal Bathroom Renovation: 3 Types of Glasses You Should Go For

Among all the rooms and spaces in a home, bathrooms often undergo frequent renovations, be it changing of tiles or replacement of bath fittings. Today, more and more homeowners are trying to build sleek, stylish and airy modern bathrooms that becomes a salient feature of their home. And to aid them in this mission, glass as a material, whether in the form of toughened glass, laminated glass or any other glass, is coming in increasingly handy.

One might believe that the idea of using glass, which is often transparent in nature, in a bathing area, which is naturally considered to be a highly private space, is a contradictory one. However, thanks to advanced processing techniques, the field of glass manufacturing has been blessed with highly functional inventions that address issues such as safety and privacy of space quite deftly.
Looking for the best glass solutions for your bathroom renovation? Here are three types of glasses you should go for:
Tempered Glass for shower doors and partitions
One of the primary ways to renovate a bathroom is to separate the bathing area from the rest of the space. This can achieved by shower cubicles and enclosures that look sleek, modern and luxurious to say the least. They are made of highly impact resistant toughened glass, especially the doors, so as to provide adequate safety to occupants. After all, bathroom floors are often wet and slippery, which means that there is a high chance of slipping. In order to avoid harm to oneself or damage to bath installations, using tempered glass in shower doors, cubicles, partitions, etc. helps greatly.
Frosted Glass for windows and shower enclosures
To augment the privacy inside a bathroom without compromising on the looks, you should opt for frosted glass such as AIS Krystal which limits visibility through it without creating a dim environment. Frosted glass is created by the process of sandblasting or acid etching which leads to creation of a glass surface that is translucent and hazy. This makes frosted glass the ideal material for bathroom windows and partitions, and even shower enclosures!
Lacquered Glass for cabinets and shelves
Hoping to add some colour to your bathroom? If such is your primary requirement, then you can add colourful highlights to the space using lacquered glass such as AIS Décor. This is a type of coloured glass in which one surface of the glass is painted with a premium hue which is guaranteed to ensure a high quality and long-lasting finish. Using lacquered glass in cabinets, shelves and other minor installations will create a wonderful aesthetic for the bathroom. Also, AIS Décor is moisture and heat resistant, which means that it is ideal for the tough environment of the bathroom


4 Steps to Take If a Car Window Is Broken

Discovering that your car window is broken can be worrying. Whether it is a small crack or fully shattered, a broken glass must be fixed immediately. If not, it will give easy access to thieves to steal the valuables inside the car, make the car structurally feeble, and cause a whole host of problems. In an ideal situation, you must take the car immediately to an auto glass repair shop. But if you are not able to do that straightaway due to any reason, worry not. Here we have listed the steps that you can take to secure the car and protect it from any outdoor element until the broken glass is replaced.

1- Remove the broken pieces of glass: Start with removing as many pieces of broken glass as possible. Pick up large shards of toughened glass. Make sure you wear gloves while doing that. To clean the excess pieces use a shop vacuum. Place the hose close to the window seal. This will help remove any small pieces of glass stuck inside. Follow this procedure 2-3 times to ensure all pieces of glass are removed.
2- Wipe the frame area and window seal: Once all glass pieces are removed, use a cloth dipped in water to wipe down the frame area and window seal. The procedure may take time but it will help remove all the dirt and dust particles that may stick the area when sealing the window later. Dirt and dust may hinder your efforts of accurately sealing off the area, so make sure it is wiped off completely.
3- Seal the window: Once the area is wiped, use a packing tape to seal the window. Put stripes vertically across the window opening in a way that it touches the window frame. Then run another layer overlapping with the first one. Continue this until the entire area is covered.
Tip: Seal the window from the inside of the car to prevent peeling of the paint. You may also use cardboard in place of the packing tape, but the only problem with cardboard is that it will allow moisture to seep into the car.
4- Take the car to the service provider: The last thing to do is to take your care to a reputed service provider and get it fixed. You should not try to fix the window yourself and get it repaired only by experts.


Windshield Auto Glass: Manufacturing & Benefits

We all the know the basic components of a car. Wheels, doors, door handles, headlights and tail lights are all permanent fixtures even on the most basic car model available in the market right now. However, the most underrated installation on any vehicle has to be the safety glass on the windshield. The windshield protects all the passengers from any kind of injury from any kind of external damage, which range from small dents caused by weathering or any kind of mishap or accident. The windshield has undergone a lot of development over the years, from the times it was cleaned by the driver himself to windshield wipers that can sense when it rains and automatically switch on.
Windshields, or auto glass have one of the most important functions of the car: save the passengers from any kind of bodily harm. But how does a material like glass become so strong so as to not damage anyone inside the car?
Auto Glass
Makings of a Windshield
Unlike side windows, which are made from toughened glass, the windshield is a very advanced form of laminated glass that has been perfected over the years to provide the best safety standards on a car. From the glue that keeps the layered glass together to the actual fitting of the windshield on the vehicle, the process is extensive and is very carefully conducted.
The glass formula of the windshield is firstly put through a float chamber. The raw materials in this chamber are heated to a point so that they melt and are fed onto a bath of molten tin where the glass is rested till it becomes flat. The glass is then formed and cut through a process called annealing and after it is put on a mould for the correct shape. It is then laminated by pressing it repeatedly through rollers to make it transparent and strong. This process helps in strengthening the glass, which itself has a lot of benefits. Laminated glass, technically, consists of two layers of strengthened glass sandwiched by a plastic interlayer, usually PVB (poly vinyl butyral) that acts as a buffer and a glue which holds on to the glass even after shattering.
Benefits of a Windshield Glass
There are a lot of advantages of the modern windshield, which include:
•It gives you ample protection from any kind of external factors that can affect you.
•It contributes to the overall structural integrity of the vehicle, working in tandem to keep the entire vehicle safe.
•It also helps in deploying air bags, because if the adhesive is put up properly, the airbags can discharge without any hitches.
•It also provides protection for not just the driver, but the passenger too, effectively reducing the number of injuries that can suffered in case anything goes wrong.


Windshield Auto Glass: Manufacturing & Benefits

We all the know the basic components of a car. Wheels, doors, door handles, headlights and tail lights are all permanent fixtures even on the most basic car model available in the market right now. However, the most underrated installation on any vehicle has to be the safety glass on the windshield. The windshield protects all the passengers from any kind of injury from any kind of external damage, which range from small dents caused by weathering or any kind of mishap or accident. The windshield has undergone a lot of development over the years, from the times it was cleaned by the driver himself to windshield wipers that can sense when it rains and automatically switch on.

Windshields, or auto glass have one of the most important functions of the car: save the passengers from any kind of bodily harm. But how does a material like glass become so strong so as to not damage anyone inside the car?

Auto Glass


Makings of a Windshield

Unlike side windows, which are made from toughened glass, the windshield is a very advanced form of laminated glass that has been perfected over the years to provide the best safety standards on a car. From the glue that keeps the layered glass together to the actual fitting of the windshield on the vehicle, the process is extensive and is very carefully conducted.

The glass formula of the windshield is firstly put through a float chamber. The raw materials in this chamber are heated to a point so that they melt and are fed onto a bath of molten tin where the glass is rested till it becomes flat. The glass is then formed and cut through a process called annealing and after it is put on a mould for the correct shape. It is then laminated by pressing it repeatedly through rollers to make it transparent and strong. This process helps in strengthening the glass, which itself has a lot of benefits. Laminated glass, technically, consists of two layers of strengthened glass sandwiched by a plastic interlayer, usually PVB (poly vinyl butyral) that acts as a buffer and a glue which holds on to the glass even after shattering.

Benefits of a Windshield Glass

There are a lot of advantages of the modern windshield, which include:

•It gives you ample protection from any kind of external factors that can affect you.
•It contributes to the overall structural integrity of the vehicle, working in tandem to keep the entire vehicle safe.
•It also helps in deploying air bags, because if the adhesive is put up properly, the airbags can discharge without any hitches.
•It also provides protection for not just the driver, but the passenger too, effectively reducing the number of injuries that can suffered in case anything goes wrong.


Types Of Glass For Heat Control

We all know how harmful the sun’s ultraviolet rays are if you are constantly exposed to them. We use all kind of products and items to protect ourselves from the rays like sunscreen lotions and umbrellas, but how do you protect yourself indoors? It is not possible to wall up every corner because of the need of ventilation. Therefore, the only way to save yourself from UV rays is to install heat-proof glass for windows. This variant of glass also helps in regulating the temperature of building like keeping it cool during day time and installing this glass will also help protect the building structure itself. There are a few sub-categories of heatproof glass that are prevalent in the market.
Reflective Glass
Reflective Glass is a type of heatproof glass that can be used for a wide range of architectural, aesthetic and energy efficiency related applications. A lot of variants of this glass, like AIS’ Sunshield Reflective Glass, combine durability with advanced solar control technology, effectively reducing heat from entering the building for an overall high performance glass product.
You can use reflective glass for helping reduce the glare of the sun and improve the energy efficiency of any home or commercial space. This is possible in products like the Sunshield Reflective Glass due to its solar control properties that curb the amount of glare that passes through the toughened glass. It also has protective qualities with a coating that keeps you safe from the harmful effects of UV radiation. They also provide aesthetically pleasing exteriors for both homes and offices, making it a non-intrusive yet stylish option.
toughened glass
Tinted Glass
Another type of heatproof glass is tinted glass. This glass absorbs the energy from the sun and controls its radiation. This enables it to cut down on the sun’s heat and gives greater convenience and comfort inside of the building that houses this glass, and also helps in enhancing the aesthetic appeal of its exteriors. Glass companies which make tinted glass, like AIS which has come up with its Tinted Heat-absorbing glass, make it a point to reduce the quantity of heat flowing into the buildings, lessening cooling-load on air-conditioning and saving energy costs.
The Tinted heat-absorbing glass absorbs 30% to 45% of the solar heat incident on the glass surface depending on its tint and thickness. The tinted glass itself is highly flexible in terms of the ways it can be used, so architects and designers try to incorporate new design trends in their building if they are using this type of glass. Tinted glass like AIS’s glass variant protects against glare and allows less visible light transmission which helps in creating a soothing environment while reducing the effects of UV rays.


Design the Perfect Room for Your Baby with Glass

As you get ready to welcome a new-born baby in your life and at your home, it is obvious that you must have given thought to how your baby’s room will look from the inside. The wallpapers, posters, paint, toys, and other accessories must be on the top of your list. However, while ensuring that the room’s interiors are spot on and infant-friendly, it should be noted that the architecture and exterior also plays a huge role in building the room’s ambience.
With the help of uPVC windows and modern day glass applications, you can provide a peaceful, healthy and friendly environment for your baby in his or her room where the child can play, sleep, and pretty much spend most of his nascent life. You should keep in mind various factors and attributes that make a great nursery room for your baby, such as safety, comfortable temperature, lack of solar radiation, proper lighting, and protection from outdoor noise. uPVC solutions help you put a check against all these parameters on the list.
uPVC Window
What is uPVC?
uPVC stands for unplasticized polyvinyl chloride, a versatile polymer that is one of the most preferred and beneficial window framing solutions in use. uPVC is available in degree of colours and is very low maintenance as compared to other traditional profiles, such as wood or aluminium. Also, it has very high shelf life, and is aesthetically extremely sound. What’s more, uPVC also offers other advantages necessary for a modern house, such as noise-cancellation, energy efficiency, safety, and security.
What are the various uPVC window solutions that are perfect for a new-born’s room?
With the right match of glass and uPVC profiles, you can create a highly functional living space for your baby.
You can install energy-saving uPVC windows which help you cut down on energy bills by keeping the interior of your baby’s room comfortable and cool in the harsh summers. Glass solutions, such as AIS Ecosense, can help you provide 40-50% protection from outside heat, and filter out the harmful UV radiation.
You can protect your baby from external noise and disturbances by installing noise-cancelling uPVC windows. Specialized acoustic glazing helps in trimming down noise levels by up to 42 dB.
With the help of impact-proof toughened glass solutions installed with robust uPVC framing, you can rest assured that your child will stay safe in his or her nursery. Even if toughened glass shatters, it breaks into harmless micro-granules that rarely cause injury.


5 Reasons To Pick Toughened Glass For Your Home

Home décor and furnishing trends have come a long way. From wood to metals and now glass, there are stylish designs options that can instantly beautify your interiors. Nowadays, usage of glass has become very popular among home owners as it not only adds beauty and grace to the décor, but also increases the functionality of the space. However, if quality glass material is not used, it can be a serious safety hazard. It is therefore important for homeowners to invest in quality glass which is breakage and injury free. Toughened glass, also known as tempered glass, is the perfect solution to all your worries. Listed below are the top reasons why you should go for it over other glass materials:
1.Glass was always looked up as a fragile material. However, with modern advancements in technology, today it is one of the strongest materials. Toughened glass is five times stronger than regular glass, and thus can bear load without breakage. This safety and resilient quality of toughened glass makes it a perfect fit for homes, especially those with young children.
Toughened Glass
2.Toughened glass is manufactured by exposing regular glass to extreme heat. The glass is then cooled rapidly. The quick heating and cooling process changes the chemical composition of the glass, making it more resilient.
3.Another benefit of using toughened glass over other types of glasses is that in a situation of severe impact, which may cause it to break, the glass does not shatter into spikes/shards. Rather, it crumbles into very small, blunt pebbles. This significantly reduces chances of any injury. Annealed glass, on the other hand, breaks into long, sharp spikes and can cause serious injury.
4.The impact resilience of toughened glass makes it a safer option to invest in. It adds a sense of security to the place. Moreover, doors and windows fixed with toughened glass can be adapted to provide sound proof solution, which makes it a perfect choice for every area/neighbourhood.
5.Another benefit of choosing this material is that it is very flexible and versatile, allowing you to customize it as per your choice and requirements. Toughened glass is available in variety of styles, which makes it a perfect choice for modern interior settings. One can choose from a myriad of options available or can also get it customized for a unique and personal touch. Nowadays, toughened glass with frosted appearance has become very popular as it allows privacy and also enhances the aesthetics of the space.