Remodel Your Office with Toughened Glass

The world of architecture and interior designing is no stranger to glass as a building material. As a matter of fact, glass is the front-runner in many a designer’s books. It is not just for the striking appearance that glass renders to a space that makes it a cherished material, but the connection that it establishes with the outdoors and the natural light that it filters in. Yet with time, varied glass options have sprung up that offer awe-inspiring functionalities without compromising on the beauty inherent to glass. One such member of the glass family is toughened glass. This glass is a popular choice among architects and designers due to its high durability and strength. Let’s find out all about it.

How Is Toughened Glass Made?

Toughened glass, also known as tempered glass, is made from standard annealed glass which is processed with a heat treatment known as thermal tampering. The glass is softened by passing it through a furnace heated at approximately 650 degrees and then is rapidly cooled. Since the glass remains hot internally, this creates a tension at the centre. This tension alters the physical properties of the glass, allowing it to withstand higher pressures and impacts.

Toughened Glass Transforms Your Space

Toughened glass is known for its resistant qualities to high pressure and impact. It is almost four to five times stronger than normal annealed glass and can withstand a surface compression of about 10,000 lbs per square inch. Its strength reduces the risk of the glass breakage. Even if the glass does break, it shatters into small pebble like pieces as opposed to annealed glass’ razor-sharp shards, thereby reducing the risk of injury.

Moreover, glass is a lightweight building material which reduces the load of the building

Installing toughened glass in your office space is a beautiful and useful addition. It can be made available in a number of different variants – backpainted glass, laminated glass (normal, coloured, or fabricated), frosted glass – post-tempering to enhance the aesthetics of the space. You can also decide where to install the glass to make optimal use of natural light, transforming your office into a brighter and more welcoming space.

Applications of Toughened Glass

In a lot of countries worldwide, the government has mandated the use of toughened glass in high rise buildings as they can handle the air pressure and are lightweight. This glass is preferably installed in areas that experience heavy wind, snow and thermal loads. Normal annealed glass would succumb in such pressure areas. Due to its structural strength, it is used in architectural applications such as glass doors, partition walls and windows on the side of buildings.

In office spaces, toughened glass can enhance the environment when used in glass doors, desks and partitions. Toughened glass is also low-maintenance and can be easily cleaned using a high-quality glass cleaner and a tidy, damp cloth. Moreover, using glass partitions creates the illusion of a more spacious workplace by making the area seem bigger than it really is.

Table tops and shelves made of toughened glass help you store your belongings without worrying about the weight.  It doesn’t just end here, toughened glass is also effectively used in wash basins, canopies and even your mobile screens!

From Durability to Aesthetics: The Journey of Toughened Glass

Now that we’ve discussed the wide range of functionalities that are intrinsic to toughened glass, let us delve a little deeper into how it can even enhance the visual appeal of your work area. Firstly, you have the option of using toughened glass with frames or frameless depending upon where it is to be installed. For example – framed toughened glass can be used for walls of conference or board rooms and frameless ones can be used for a cabin entrance door.

Moreover, toughened glass can be transformed post-tempering to serve other functionalities and enhance the aesthetics. If you want more privacy, toughened glass can be made to undergo the process of sand blazing or acid-etching to produce frosted glass. Or, if your privacy needs come and go; you can opt for switchable glass – a glass whose privacy you can control with the push of a button. Switchable glass or smart glass can be produced using the PDLC technology on toughened glass.

Furthermore, toughened glass can be backpainted to add a pop of colour to your workplace and even to segregate different spaces. Backpainted glass is especially popular as room dividers and partitions. Backpainted glass panels are a fun way to break up large, plain walls and fill other empty spaces. You can even use backpainted toughened glass as marker boards. Toughened glass can even be laminated (normal, coloured, or fabric laminated) depending upon your needs.

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