Glass Partitions for Luxurious Home Interiors

Let’s face it! Nothing spruces up a space quite like glass. If you are looking to open up your home’s interior plan, installing glass partitions is the way to go. Whether you wish to liven up a dull passage or open up the space between the drawing and dining area, a glass divider is your best bet. There are numerous types of glass available, offering a wide range of functionalities. For instance, if you wish to install several glass partitions but have little kids scuttling around the house, choose toughened glass. Like glass, but want a hint of colour? Try a stained or etched glass partition. 

If you are having trouble figuring out the type of glass partition for your home, check out this list of designs to help you get started on your search.

Stained and Textured Glass Partitions

It often happens that countless homeowners wish to enjoy the benefits of diffused natural light without compromising on privacy. For them, a stained or textured glass partition comes in handy. Not only does it look sublime, but it also offers a great deal of privacy and light transmission.

Furthermore, you can also get a mix of stained and textured glass partitions, where a few panes are clear, while others are coloured. These partitions often find applications in foyers, shower enclosures, interior windows, etc.

Curved Glass Partitions

Imagine a striking and curved slab of transparent glass standing slightly short of kissing the ceiling. That is a curved partition for you! Indeed, most partitioning systems are either straight or angular, but curved glass dividers offer something softer and more elegant. What’s more, curved glass partitions are bespoke, in the sense that the degree of curve is flexible to quite an extent. 

You can talk to your expert for curved glass dividers if you have a special request or a challenging specification. Curved glass partitions come toughened, textured or in differing transparency levels.

Acoustic Glass Partitions

A common concern with taking down opaque walls and erecting glass partitions is that homes become noisier. But, this is entirely untrue! With modern advancements in glass technologies, you are likely to end up with calmer surroundings than with concrete walls. How? By using acoustic glass. As the name suggests, this glass type has noise-cancelling properties and is highly suitable around areas that are prone to significant levels of sound.

Acoustic glass usually has an inner PVB layer responsible for damping out unnecessary noises, thus allowing you to enjoy a sense of openness at your home, without trading-off peace. You can also club this type of glass partition with other properties like translucency, texture, etc. Acoustic glass partitions often find their applications in living and lounging room or study area at home. 

Switchable Glass Partitions

Sure, frosted or textured glass partitions can offer privacy without compromising natural light, but what when you wish to see the vistas around your home. Simply put, several homeowners might want privacy at certain times of day and transparency during other times. What can they do then? This is where smart or switchable glass partitions come into play. 

What is a smart glass partition? Partitions that use switchable glass alter light transmission properties when voltage or heat passes through them. These glass partitions go from transparent to translucent and vice versa at the flick of a switch. Furthermore, smart glass dividers can easily withstand heat and moisture for a prolonged period. Due to these benefits, smart glass dividers are a great addition to your bathrooms, and also bedrooms. Say you want an entire bedroom wall to be made of glass, but want privacy at certain times of the day. In such cases, smart glass partitions come to the rescue.

Frameless Glass Partitions

Don’t like the look of thick frames lacing your glass partitions? Don’t fret, for it can be easily arranged. Frameless glass partitions are readily available, and they make your homes noticeably edgier. Frameless does not mean, you can’t see where the glass is. It merely is a frameless pane of glass held together by metallic fittings. You will also notice a thin line running where two panes join to form the partition.

Frameless glass partitions are a great addition to separate your kitchen and dining area. They also work inside bathrooms or to open up cramped passages. 

The Bottom Line

Now that you have a host of options for glass partitions, it’s time to choose an absolute expert for execution. And, who better than India’s top manufacturer AIS Glass to step in and assist you with all your glass-related woes. Step into our showrooms, state your preferences and allow our experts to help you.

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