Tempered Sidelites and Backlite

Another member of the glass family, tempered glass, offers unprecedented levels of safety. It is manufactured by subjecting float glass sheets to high temperatures, close to 680°C, in a long heated furnace wherein they are either pressed by force or naturally via gravity. This heating process is immediately followed by ‘quenching’ the glass sheets with strong blasts of cool air. It is this heating and rapid cooling which creates stress points in the glass, thereby making it super-strong – nearly four to five times stronger than float glass.
AIS offers premium Temperlite-LT, a highly strong and durable tempered glass that can be used in a car’s side windows and rear windshield. Despite mirroring normal glass in terms of thickness, our tempered glass is strong enough to withstand high-force external impacts and even on rare occasions of breakage, it does not shatter into sharp shards, but rather into blunt cube-like chunks that do not cause any injuries. This makes it an ideal fit for automobiles.

Tempered Sidelites and Backlite (Temperlite -LT)
Value Added Sidelite and Backlite

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