Various Applications of Annealed Glass

Glass has the ability to reflect and refract natural light. All products made of glass, therefore, possess a natural sheen. And what’s even more fascinating is how easily it can be shaped and curved to suit different architectural needs. It is a truly versatile material that you can use to beautify your projects. Glass offers you a multipurpose functionality for both internal and external applications.

The most common and economical choice of glass is annealed glass. Due to its clear and smooth surface, it is often used for applications that require optical clarity. Annealed glass can transmit 87% of the light incident on it. This makes it an excellent choice for glazing solutions. Let us learn more about this glass.

What is Annealed Glass?

Annealed glass is also known as float or clear glass. It is a kind of glass that is not quenched after the heating process; it is allowed to cool slowly. Annealed glass is gently cooled in the ‘annealing lehr’ where the molten glass is subjected to a controlled cooling process that helps free it from internal stress. After this is done, annealed glass becomes ready to be cut and worked on.

Annealed glass can be used for further processing to obtain tempered glass, laminated glass, toughened glass, etc. Apart from processing, they can be coated with a metal oxide to make a tinted glass which is utilised in protection against solar glare.

Types of Annealed Glass

Clear glass- It is a kind of annealed glass which offers extreme transparency and clarity.

Tinted glass- Tinted glass is annealed glass that has a coating or a film that imparts its colour and reduces its light transmission properties.

Frosted glass- Frosted glass is a translucent annealed glass made by the process of sandblasting or acid etching. Its pitted, rough surface gives it a foggy appearance.

Following are some useful applications of annealed glass.

Internal Glazing Solutions


You can give a contemporary edge to your furniture with the use of annealed glass. Since the glass has a sparkling lustre to it, it makes for an excellent choice in stylising your furniture. Annealed glass can be used for making table-tops to infuse your room with a modern sensibility. A clear glass table-top will also help open the space in your room.


Annealed glass offers a 100 % distortion-free optical vision. This property of the glass is best suited in building showcases for your residence and businesses. The high-quality clarity of the glass has a brilliant lustre. Thus, it complements the purpose of a showcase supremely well.

Shower Screens and Bathroom Windows

Contemporary designs are all about sleek, elegant, and cool tones. A frosted type annealed glass for bathroom windows and shower screens is the best solution for balancing privacy with aesthetic appeal. The product obscures the view but allows light to pass through. AIS Krystal is a leading product in the market as India’s only branded frosted annealed glass. You can use it for both residential and commercial applications.

Diffused Lighting

Use of tinted annealed glass can aid you in reducing light transmission if you desire a diffused lighting setup. Such an ambience is ideal for a cosy bedroom, a quiet hallway, or a peaceful living space. Since it is available in a variety of colours, sizes, and thicknesses, you will have more options to choose from. Go for annealed glass windows to optimise your interior designs. It will also provide you with protection against harsh solar glare and UV rays. All in all, a good option for your lighting needs.

External glazing solutions


Glass façade is a rage today in architectural designs. Clear annealed glass can act as the perfect front for your building. It will allow optimal sunlight to pass through while giving a crystal-like clarity vision to the outsiders. It will also provide them with a satisfactory glimpse of the inside. In contemporary times, more and more importance is being paid to the appearance. You can make a great first impression on others with an attractive façade. AIS Float Glass is a high-quality clear annealed glass which offers you a smooth, uniform surface with distortion-free vision. Use it to create an exciting façade for your building.

External walls

An external wall, especially a sliding one, made up of annealed glass will instantly brighten your interiors. It can provide you with natural daylight and improve ventilation. It is also great for giving an extension to your interior space by connecting it with a patio or a garden. You can use AIS Tinted glass that can absorb 30-45% of the sun’s heat to enable greater comfort.

In Summation

Annealed glass is a favourable option for exciting architectural designs. Its ability to be curved, drilled, cut, and fabricated is widely useful in creating trendier styles of applications. A highly customisable choice, annealed glass is a must for your projects. AIS Glass uses a superior manufacturing process to make annealed glass. As a leading company in integrated glass manufacturing, we provide you with high-end products to satisfy all your architectural needs for residential as well as commercial purposes. Are you looking for the best-suited glass products for your project? AIS Glass has them all covered. Contact us today to learn more!

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