Design the Perfect Room for Your Baby with Glass

As you get ready to welcome a new-born baby in your life and at your home, it is obvious that you must have given thought to how your baby’s room will look from the inside. The wallpapers, posters, paint, toys, and other accessories must be on the top of your list. However, while ensuring that the room’s interiors are spot on and infant-friendly, it should be noted that the architecture and exterior also plays a huge role in building the room’s ambience.
With the help of uPVC windows and modern day glass applications, you can provide a peaceful, healthy and friendly environment for your baby in his or her room where the child can play, sleep, and pretty much spend most of his nascent life. You should keep in mind various factors and attributes that make a great nursery room for your baby, such as safety, comfortable temperature, lack of solar radiation, proper lighting, and protection from outdoor noise. uPVC solutions help you put a check against all these parameters on the list.
uPVC Window
What is uPVC?
uPVC stands for unplasticized polyvinyl chloride, a versatile polymer that is one of the most preferred and beneficial window framing solutions in use. uPVC is available in degree of colours and is very low maintenance as compared to other traditional profiles, such as wood or aluminium. Also, it has very high shelf life, and is aesthetically extremely sound. What’s more, uPVC also offers other advantages necessary for a modern house, such as noise-cancellation, energy efficiency, safety, and security.
What are the various uPVC window solutions that are perfect for a new-born’s room?
With the right match of glass and uPVC profiles, you can create a highly functional living space for your baby.
You can install energy-saving uPVC windows which help you cut down on energy bills by keeping the interior of your baby’s room comfortable and cool in the harsh summers. Glass solutions, such as AIS Ecosense, can help you provide 40-50% protection from outside heat, and filter out the harmful UV radiation.
You can protect your baby from external noise and disturbances by installing noise-cancelling uPVC windows. Specialized acoustic glazing helps in trimming down noise levels by up to 42 dB.
With the help of impact-proof toughened glass solutions installed with robust uPVC framing, you can rest assured that your child will stay safe in his or her nursery. Even if toughened glass shatters, it breaks into harmless micro-granules that rarely cause injury.

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