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Clear Float Glass

AIS Clear Float Glass

See more clearlywith AIS Clear Float Glass

Clear Float Glass from AIS, one of the leading glass manufacturing companies in India, is the highest quality clear glass with high precision flatness (surface smoothness) compared to other types of glass. Characterised by its uniform thickness, AIS Clear Float, of all the glass types, is highly popular in the construction of architectural exteriors and interiors, shop windows, showcases, mirrors, furniture, tabletops, automobiles and so on.

Features and Benefits:

  • AIS Clear Float Glass is a high-quality glass with precise surface flatness which ensures 100% distortion-free vision owing to its superior glass manufacturing.
  • It has a crystal clear finish which ensures perfect clarity of vision, with both true and reflected images appearing very bright and clear with thistype of glass.
  • Due to its superior quality of manufacturing of glass, AIS Clear Float Glass has a sparkling and brilliant luster.
  • All processing techniques during glass production like insulating, glazing, laminating, thermal toughening, enameling, silk-screen printing, sandblasting, acid-etching, bending, etc., can be easily carried out on AIS Clear Float Glass.
SizesAvailable in a number of sizes up to 4.88 m x 2.44 m i.e. 16’ x 8’. Larger sizes can also be produced, as per customer’s requirement.

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