3 Things to Consider While Choosing Windows for Bathrooms

The bathroom in your home should be the one place you feel completely relaxed and at peace with yourself. It is in the process of taking a shower or soaking in a bath that we allow the stress and madding pace of the day to fall away. The interiors of a bathroom should reflect this need for warmth, peace, and privacy. The windows of the bathroom are quite different in their function from the windows used elsewhere. Let us look at the 3 important things to consider when choosing windows for bathrooms –
In a country like India where apartments and buildings are built close together, privacy is a real concern. We tend to combat this with the use of curtains or drapes but the high moisture content inside the bathroom leaves them limp and moist all the time. Cleaning becomes an issue as well. Our frosted glass windows come in as the perfect solution to such a concern. These allow ample light to enter the bathroom without being transparent.

It goes without saying that the humidity levels of the bathroom are perhaps the highest. These make the bathrooms difficult to clean and susceptible to mould attacks. Removing moulds from window frames is a huge concern for home owners as well. It is best to opt for uPVC windows for bathrooms. These are resistant to rust, water damage, and stains. Also, they can be customized to fit the size and shape of your bathroom and look very attractive as well.
In India, most bathroom windows are quite small. This is often due to the high need for privacy. However, it means that the need for customizing windows is high as well. Again, unlike windows of other rooms, outward opening or inward opening windows take up too much of space making them ill efficient. For this challenge too, uPVC windows come up as the best solution. These can be customised according to the size and the sliding designs are perfect space savers.
Choosing the perfect bathroom window is always a fine balancing act between aesthetics, privacy, and functionality. Getting it right is the key to designing a great bathroom space.


Importance of Sound Proof Glass Solutions in Offices

Noise-free interiors are a priority for offices since they are usually located on busy streets bustling with activities. Loud noises seep into the office space through doors and windows causing disturbances. This results in low productivity and efficiency of the employees and disrupts the daily operations of the business. Hence, cutting out noise pollution in office space is crucial.

Besides dampening the outside noise, ensuring sound insulation indoors is also essential. It is very important to keep the confidentiality of cabin discussions and conference room decisions. This is why installing sound insulating glass indoors is just as crucial. One of the top glass manufacturers, AIS Glass, offers high-quality soundproof glass to maintain privacy and ensure the peace and tranquillity of the office space.
Laminated glass has become an increasingly popular glass choice, both in offices and homes, for sound insulation. It is manufactured by attaching two or more glass sheets together with a layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) in between them. This unique manufacturing process imparts various beneficial features to the glass. Together, the multiple glass panes and the resin sandwiched in-between prevent noise from seeping through, unlike ordinary glasses. Once installed in office, you can have clear and effective communication in meetings and conferences.
For maximum sound insulation, AIS Acousticglas is the ideal glass solution. This laminated glass type is meticulously designed to reduce noise pollution at offices and homes. The specialised PVB layer reduces noise pollution by up to 90% and hence, the glass type is widely used in boardrooms, partitions, and facades. For homes, offices, and shops in high traffic zones or near railway-lines and airports, AIS Acousticglas is very effective in minimising noise pollution.
Besides noise reduction, laminated glass is very sturdy and provides safety from theft and burglary. The PVB layer acts as an adhesive and holds the glass together when shattered, and prevents injuries from glass shards. Hence, it is widely used for security purposes. When laminated glass is installed in doors and windows, gaining access to indoors is very difficult for burglars. Additionally, when this window glass type is incorporated with uPVC frames, it enhances the aesthetic appeal of the space by adding a stylish and contemporary touch to the indoors.
Unlike the conventional wooden or steel doors and windows, laminated glass doors and windows allow sufficient light indoors and maintain peace and serenity of the office space.
In short, if you are looking for a multifunctional and economical option to reduce noise pollution at the office, installing sound proof glass is the ideal decision.


Incorporating Privacy with Smart Glass

Glass is an incredible material used widely in the automotive and architectural industry. In the architectural industry, it also allows light and heat to enter the rooms and living spaces. However, this exposure to the outer-world can be unwanted, especially for those who value their privacy more than others.

If your home is located in a crowded area, which is usually the case with big cities, you learn to appreciate even the littlest space and privacy that can be mustered. For such a situation, instruct your chosen glass manufacturer to install smart glasses to solve all the issues of violation of privacy. Along with that, smart glasses are available in a variety of colour tints. Hence, it will help to uplift the aesthetics of your house.
Smart glass can be used in partition screens, uPVC windows, roof-lights and doors, along with security and teller screens. They can even work as HD projection screens! As this material is so flexible, architects and designers are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to use them.
Smart glasses have many applications:

  1. Commercial usage

The electronic properties allow smart glass to ensure transparency and privacy at the same time. One can switch between an open and connected office space to a private meeting room simply by flicking a switch.

  1. Residential areas

With smart glass, you can add an element of personalization in your home. It gives people an option to choose regarding where they want privacy and where they don’t.

  1. Hospitals and Clinics

Smart glass is perfect for the medical sector. Hospitals and clinics incorporate smart glass to ensure both transparency and privacy in the open spaces, and prevent the use of unhygienic curtains.

  1. Security

Since smart glass has a property that allows it to reduce noise, it can make any environment peaceful. There are many circumstances where we need this kind of technology in all spaces. Additionally, the ability to switch from transparent to opaque glass and vice versa is essential for security purposes. It helps by acting as a barrier against forced entry and can even protect from blasts and fires to an extent as well.
Hence, smart glass is a great alternative because it offers privacy without any drawbacks and adds to the aesthetic appeal of the place.


Casement uPVC Windows: The Perfect Choice for Homes

If you are a fan of classic architecture, then you surely prefer casement windows above other types. These windows are hinged on one side, which can also be top (awning) or bottom (hopper).
While other window variants have their distinct features and advantages, casement windows have been quite a popular choice in the country for a very long time. And as window manufacturing technology has advanced over the years, so has the construction and functionality of casement windows. This is where the wonderful material called uPVC comes into the picture.
While aluminium and wood have been common window and door profiling materials, uPVC doors and windows have emerged, of late, as the perfect blend of form, finesse and functionality. uPVC is an industrial polymer that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also lightweight, strong and durable. And when uPVC, specialized glass, and casement windows come together, they form an unbeatable combination for your home. Let’s find out why:
Weather-proofing and longevity
Unlike wood or aluminium, uPVC can withstand moisture, heat, cold, rain, winds, etc. This makes casement windows made from uPVC resistant to corrosion, chipping, flaking, pitting, or peeling. They are also fire-resistant. All these factors make uPVC casement windows very durable and long-lasting.
Increased ventilation
Compared to sash windows, uPVC casement windows have an open-out hinge that allows them to open completely. This enables air to enter the building even if the flow angle is acute.
Low maintenance
Since uPVC is weather-proof, it requires very little maintenance. uPVC casement windows can be cleaned quite easily and the frequency of maintenance is also quiet low.
Heightened safety and security
uPVC casement windows feature security hooks and compression rollers for added safety. Also, the internal glazing prevents removal of window glass from outside. These windows often have a double glazing, thus making them intruder and breakage resistant while simultaneously minimizing heat loss. These security features are very difficult to find in other ordinary windows.
Heat, sound and dust resistance
Another advantage uPVC casement windows have over other windows made from aluminium or wood is that they do not develop gaps or leakages after a period of use. uPVC is an exceptional insulating material and provides an able barrier to external heat, wind, pollution, dust particles, etc. This can be further bolstered by selecting adequate glass for the window.
While selecting your favourite uPVC casement windows, do keep in mind the kind of window glass you are opting for. This will depend upon any specific functionality you desire from the windows, such as protection against heat, energy efficiency, noise-cancellation, or privacy.


4 Types of uPVC Window Designs to Give Your Home an Enticing Look

The trend of using uPVC material in doors and windows has been on the rise, all thanks to the plethora of benefits it offers. uPVC material showcases a perfect blend of modernity and advanced features. It is a tough and durable material which is rot, heat and noise-resistant. It doesn’t require any high maintenance and can be easily cleaned using water and detergent. uPVC doors and windows have a huge success rate as apart from being durable and long lasting, they are reinforced with galvanized steel which makes them withstand adverse conditions easily.
The wonderful thing about uPVC is that it can be customized to suit a wide variety of window shapes and designs. If you want to impart your house that ethereal and awe-inspiring bespoke look, then selecting the right type of windows is critical.

Here are 4 types of uPVC window designs you can consider for the same:
Sliding Windows: –
Sliding windows are horizontal opening windows which provide great cross-ventilation and lighting options. They are easy to operate and provide unobstructed view of the outside world. They are also energy efficient, since they effectively block airflow from inside to outside and vice versa. Sliding windows aid in saving space too as they don’t occupy vertical space as in the case of normal windows. Your room will automatically appear larger if you choose them for your house.
French Windows :-
One sure shot advantage of French windows is ample lighting in your room. French windows usually have a frame that features window glass running through its entire length. Apart from lighting, they also make your house look spacious. They are most suitable for outer walls since they provide magnificent view of the outside lawns, gardens, pool or patio. They can be decorated with deluxe curtains and blinds to give your home a luxurious look.
Casement Windows :-
Casement windows are vertical opening windows fixed with side mounted hinges. They are one of the most widely preferred window designs. They can be opened widely and provide better ventilation as compared to fixed windows. Casement windows also provide high security since they are very difficult to break and their hook shaped locks are embedded within the frame making them untouchable from outside.
Two Sash Windows :-
These are made up of movable panels known as sashes. Two sash windows have been in use since ages and still continue to be one of the most popular choices especially in traditional homes. It offers a perfect blend of utility and attractiveness .It provides double ventilation benefit as when both the sashes are opened, it provides a way for fresh, cool air to come inside while letting the warm air to exit the room from top.


Design the Perfect Room for Your Baby with Glass

As you get ready to welcome a new-born baby in your life and at your home, it is obvious that you must have given thought to how your baby’s room will look from the inside. The wallpapers, posters, paint, toys, and other accessories must be on the top of your list. However, while ensuring that the room’s interiors are spot on and infant-friendly, it should be noted that the architecture and exterior also plays a huge role in building the room’s ambience.
With the help of uPVC windows and modern day glass applications, you can provide a peaceful, healthy and friendly environment for your baby in his or her room where the child can play, sleep, and pretty much spend most of his nascent life. You should keep in mind various factors and attributes that make a great nursery room for your baby, such as safety, comfortable temperature, lack of solar radiation, proper lighting, and protection from outdoor noise. uPVC solutions help you put a check against all these parameters on the list.
uPVC Window
What is uPVC?
uPVC stands for unplasticized polyvinyl chloride, a versatile polymer that is one of the most preferred and beneficial window framing solutions in use. uPVC is available in degree of colours and is very low maintenance as compared to other traditional profiles, such as wood or aluminium. Also, it has very high shelf life, and is aesthetically extremely sound. What’s more, uPVC also offers other advantages necessary for a modern house, such as noise-cancellation, energy efficiency, safety, and security.
What are the various uPVC window solutions that are perfect for a new-born’s room?
With the right match of glass and uPVC profiles, you can create a highly functional living space for your baby.
You can install energy-saving uPVC windows which help you cut down on energy bills by keeping the interior of your baby’s room comfortable and cool in the harsh summers. Glass solutions, such as AIS Ecosense, can help you provide 40-50% protection from outside heat, and filter out the harmful UV radiation.
You can protect your baby from external noise and disturbances by installing noise-cancelling uPVC windows. Specialized acoustic glazing helps in trimming down noise levels by up to 42 dB.
With the help of impact-proof toughened glass solutions installed with robust uPVC framing, you can rest assured that your child will stay safe in his or her nursery. Even if toughened glass shatters, it breaks into harmless micro-granules that rarely cause injury.


Ways to save money with uPVC doors and windows

As quoted by Hazrat Inayat Khan, “Some people look for a beautiful place while others make their place beautiful.”
If you happen to be one of the latter types you truly know the value of every tiny thing you invest in making your house a home. From the smallest photo frame to the largest window; each element of your home matters. And one doesn’t need a huge budget to add charm to it.
Today we are going to help you build the perfect windows with minimum effort and less cost!

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