Advantages of Tuffen Glass

“Broken rules are better than broken glass.”

For a long time, people stayed away from experimenting with glass. They feared that it would not complement their existing décor or that it is not reliable enough to offer safety and security. The image of glass in our minds has always been a delicate and risky substance. While earlier, it was most often used for commercial purposes, such as to give some personality to high-end restaurants or in offices that wanted to go for a modern look. Today, times have changed, and so have people.

Brave is the new normal. And why would it not be? Prioritising safety and aesthetics, today, décor glass is created using advanced technology that is capable of serving our unmet needs, just like tuffen glass!

Tuffen glass has been the town’s talk for a while now for its strength, which makes it resistant to shattering compared to standard glass. But even if it breaks, unlike the latter where the glass gets shattered into sharp shards, tuffen glass disintegrates into harmless, cube-like pieces rendering it easy to manage. This is because these glasses are heated above 600 degrees Celsius and quickly cooled to give it their nature – four to five times more impact-resistance than normal annealed glass. Most often referred to as toughened glass, over the years it has acquired a modern name – ‘Tuffen glass.’

Now let’s take a look at why tuffen glass might just be what you need to adorn your interiors with strength in style.

Damage Resistant

They say, “If soot stains your tunic, dye it black.”

But why let soot stain your tunic, when it can stay stain-free! One of the oldest quibbles on glass windows has been that they get stained quickly and are high-maintenance. Well, with tuffen glass, you can let go of your wiping woes because these glasses are, for most parts, resistant to scratches and stains. On the rare occasions that they do catch stains, you can wipe them off easily using a clean microfiber cloth and some glass-cleaning agent.

Tuffen glass is also wear-and-tear resistant, which makes it excellent for regular use. These glasses have also been able to stand up to the forces of nature, such as strong winds or hailstorms.

Heat Resistant

A hot shower after a tiring day can uplift your mood instantly. But is your glass-covered restroom fit to resist the heat?

Normal glass can get damaged when it comes in direct contact to heat. A slight temperature change can heat the glass to the extent of producing horrible cracks on it and rendering it unfit for your regular use. But not tuffen glass!

Tuffen glass can withstand high temperatures because of its compression-tension balance between its inner and outer layers. Therefore, these glasses can withstand high temperatures all year round and still look brand new. So, go ahead and give your kitchen and bathrooms strength in style with tuffen glass!


Well, isn’t it better to be safe than sorry?

So, keep your sorrys in the past with tuffen glass. Gone are the days when glasses were a vulnerable part of the décor, and therefore, needed to be protected. Adding glass to your décor isn’t just a showcase anymore’ it safeguards your habitat from break-ins, mishaps, and the impact of raging storms. Plus, its nature of breaking also offers much-needed protection from injuries. So, go ahead and be guilt-free to decorate your space with tuffen glass wherever you feel like.

Varied Designs

Gone are the days when glasses were plain and boring. Take, for example, tuffen glass, which comes in numerous colors, textures, and sizes. Just as your needs may vary, these glasses adapt to your utilities by coming in different types. For some looking for privacy, there is soundproof or frosted tuffen glass. For others looking to add a bit of colour to their life with glass décor, they can go for coloured or patterned glass.

The fact that tuffen glass can be customised according to your needs is just what you might need to stand out. Moreover, every space reflects the people living in them, so why go for standardised décor solutions?

Embrace the grandeur by building your palace of glass with AIS Glass. With our AIS Stronglas, you can create that perfect and safe ambience in every corner of your home or office. Our AIS Stronglas is four to five times more impact-resistant than normal annealed glass and is highly durable and low-maintenance. It finds several use cases such as in table-tops, balustrades, facades, shelves, shower enclosures, and more!

Plus, you can have our AIS Stronglas customised – in terms of its size, design, and colour – to suit your design sensibilities and the rest of your space’s décor. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with our experts today!

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