Importance of Toughened Glass for Domestic Rooflights

We have always known windows to be essential elements that allow us to have a dialogue with the outdoors. However, these connective fixtures have reincarnated to become skylights or rooflights in closely-packed cities.

What’s that one thing that sets these windows apart from their standard counterparts? The fact that they do not come with menacing-looking, prison-like grilles that create a barrier of sorts to the gorgeous view outside, for starters. Kind of like an eye staring at the sky above, these mesmerising fenestrations let in fresh air, light, and a slice of the glorious heavens, of course.

Principal architect, Enamul Karim Nirjhar has some interesting words to say about rooflights’ standard circular shape, “The circular concept represents drops – of tears, light, and rain….It brings light, water, and drama into the living spaces.” Circular, rectangular, elliptical, or some eccentric shape, one common thing that unites all skylights designs is the type of glass used – toughened glass.

Why? Well, domestic rooflights must be able to handle these natural elements effortlessly.

Harmful UV RaysRooflights allow natural light to stream in 24×7, so they must be designed to handle harmful UV rays, especially in the summer months when the heat is unbearable. Not only can this lead to thermal liability, but also increased electricity bills.

Flying Debris Airborne debris can potentially crack your rooflight. Other substances such as heavy wind load, tree branches, dust storm, and more also have a poor impact. To avoid such debris-induced damage, install a highly sturdy rooflight.

Structural  RiskA rooflight is essentially a hole in your roof. If the support is not appropriate, it can compromise the structure of your roof. But in most cases, a roof can easily handle a rooflight. Nonetheless, homeowners should avoid big rooflights.

LeaksMake sure your rooflights are properly insulated or else, you can suffer from air and moisture leaks. Such leaks often cause drafts near the edges of the rooflight and compromise safety. They can also compromise your thermal comfort.

PrecipitationYour rooflight should be able to handle different precipitations, be it hail, sleet, snow, or rain. As these natural elements fall directly on the roof; they are potentially risky, especially when they fall with intense speed.

Besides, if such conditions persist, they can impact your energy costs poorly. Not to mention, they can potentially harm your roof structure. To make sure your rooflight can handle such conditions, always use toughened glass.

Why Use Toughened Glass for Rooflights

Also known as tempered or safety glass, toughened glass is the quintessential glazing option for various fenestration solutions. This is because it is 4-5 times stronger than standard glass or annealed glass. Toughened glass is also highly durable and sturdy.

What’s more, toughened glass can easily withstand temperature fluctuations with zero stress cracks. However, on rare occasions, the glass can break. But even when the glass breaks, it only shatters into tiny, round pieces instead of large shards. In this way, the risk of injury is minimised significantly.

Resilient to Heat and Humidity

Excessive exposure to sun rays can cause thermal stress to accumulate. Glass can sometimes crack or break due to uneven contractions and expansions. But you need not worry about excessive heat with toughened glass. This is because of its excellent heat and humidity-resistance properties.

As a result, toughened glass can easily overcome high-temperature differentials. You can avoid air ad moisture leaks to keep the thermal comfort optimal indoors. Toughened glass offers superior insulation for all weather conditions.

Highly Durable and Sturdy

One of the key features of toughened glass is durability. Because the glass is resilient to heat, moisture, and other harsh weather conditions, it can remain brand new for years. Even under extreme temperatures, it neither chips nor cracks.

Moreover, you need not fret the roof structure with toughened glass rooflight. Since toughened glass is highly durable and secure, it can withstand harsh weather conditions with minimal to zero damage. Your safety will not be compromised.

Secure against External Elements

Rooflights can fall victim to various harsh weather conditions such as torrential rain, sleet, hailstorm, dust storm, airborne debris, and more. If you use toughened glass for your rooflight, you can maintain utmost security against impact from such harsh elements.

This is because toughened glass has high compressive stress. As a result, they develop excellent impact-resistance qualities. They are highly sturdy and invulnerable to impacts from any external elements. Besides, toughened glass price is quite reasonable, so you do not pay a hefty sum.

Available in Different Shapes and Styles

You can easily avail toughened glass in varied shapes, colours, and styles to suit your décor needs. Get a frosted, tinted, clear, or translucent finish with no concession on functionality. Go for any thickness, shape, size, or edge you want – toughened glass is customisable.

Other than toughened glass, you can also use toughened-over-laminated in rooflights for additional support and heat resilience. Moreover, you can even add low-emissivity coatings to the glass and enhance its performance furthermore.

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