What are the Applications of Privacy Glass?

Privacy glass is an intelligently designed and technologically advanced glass solution that is making its way into almost every modern building that you can think of. Architects and designers are using it in such a way that it provides ample light for your room without compromising your privacy. Different types of privacy glasses have numerous applications in different industries ranging from home decor to hospitality. If you are new to architecture then given below are some of the best applications of privacy glass that you can find right now.

  • Walls and Partitions

  • One of the most popular applications of privacy glass is in walls and partitions. It can be used in homes as well as offices as these transparent or translucent glass walls lends a rich decor as well as a suave feel. Privacy glasses have replaced the wooden partitions in most offices with privacy glass office pods as these are easy to install, versatile and easy to clean. One of the most popular types of privacy glass for walls and partitions is Smart glass. Smart glass turns from regular transparent glass to opaque or translucent with just a push of a button.

  • Public Restrooms

  • This is one of the latest and most innovative uses of privacy glass are the public restrooms installed by the Nippon Foundation during the 2020 Olympics. Using glass for the walls and doors of a public restroom seems bizarre but once you look at it, you will be amazed by the creator’s innovation. The walls of these public restrooms are made from switchable privacy glass that is transparent when not in use so the people outside can check its cleanliness. Once the door is locked, the transparent walls immediately turn opaque, so people can do their business in private.

  • Diffused Lightings

  • Frosted glass is a type of privacy glass that is made by acid etching on one side making the clear glass sheet translucent on one side. Frosted glass (being translucent) diffuses the light that falls on it resulting in improved lighting without risking your privacy. You can buy frosted glass in different colours and give your house a new makeover without spending a ton of money. Frosted glass significantly decreases the number of UV rays entering your office or household while also aiding your house’s cooling making it one of the best glass solutions for house and office windows.

  • Windows and Skylight

  • Windows and skylight are the gateways for light to enter your house while keeping the extreme hot or cold winds from entering your household or office. One-way privacy glass is made by applying a thin reflective coating on one side making it transparent on one side (indoor) and reflective on the other (outside). Modern-day houses and offices are being installed with one-way privacy glass windows as these windows let you enjoy the outside view while also obscuring the insides of your house from any intruding gaze of outside people.

  • Hospitality

  • Privacy glass is extensively used in restaurants, bars, pubs, clubs, business centres and many other hospitality establishments. It adds to the place’s aesthetics and privacy by allowing light to pass through it. Switchable privacy glass is one of the most popular privacy glasses used in hospitality and has replaced blinds and curtains quite elegantly and efficiently. Frosted glass is another type of glass used in restaurants, bars, clubs and other hospitality establishments thanks to its ability to diffuse light giving the place a calm and aesthetic look. These glasses are not only hygienic and easy to clean but also attractive.

  • Conference Rooms

  • Conference rooms are another great application of privacy glasses. With privacy glass, you can make an impression on your clients as well as employees without spending a ton of money compared to regular glass. These glasses are used for the windows, doors and walls of the conference room. The two popular privacy glass choices are one-way glass and switchable glass as they provide ample lighting to your conference room while also providing privacy for all your important meetings and conferences. You can even get one that’s soundproof preventing sound leakage.

  • Home and Office Decoration

  • Last but not the least, home and office decor is another great application of privacy glasses. Textured glass, Smoked glass, Coloured glass and Etched glass are some of the most popular privacy glass choices for home and office doors. Sculptures made of painted glass are installed in offices to impress clients as well as boost the morale of your team. You can also see painted glass being used in churches and other public places to enhance the aesthetics and give the place a calm vibe.

Now that you know what privacy glass is and where it can be used, you are now ready to equip your home or office with it and enhance its lighting while also making sure everything inside your home or office is as secure and private as it can be.


What is Switchable Glass?

Switchable glass is also known as smart glass and has become one of the biggest trends in home construction because of the many benefits it offers. This type of glass has a special glazing that alters the light transmission properties of the glass when certain conditions are met. These conditions can be the application of voltage, light, or heat. In general. What this means is that when such conditions are met, the glass becomes either translucent or transparent. Due to this, it has become extremely popular as it can help with privacy needs. Switchable glass is therefore used in residential buildings as well as commercial buildings.

What are the applications of switchable glass?

Switchable glass or smart glass can help in many different ways. Some of the many benefits of this are:

  1. They make great partitions: Switchable glass or smart glass can be used to make partitions in bathrooms and shower cubicles, along with walls in offices. Using these types of glasses instead of standard walls can be a great idea as it can help the space look modern and more open. It’s a great way to bring a contemporary aesthetic into the same old office or home space.
  2. They can be used in retail buildings: Another great use of switchable glass is that they can be used to create partitions in retail buildings, ensuring that customers have a private and sleek-looking space to try on new clothes. Many traditional stores use curtains and these do not provide the level of privacy that is generally required when trying on clothes.
  3. They can be used in hospitals: A contemporary look is desired in multiple places, including hospitals. In order to make a hospital look more open and spacious, one can use switchable glass instead of traditional partitions like curtains and walls. Switchable glass can be used in the ERs to help patients have their own privacy when in the beds, in the XRay rooms, diagnostic labs, and other areas where privacy is needed.
  4. They can replace traditional glass partitions in offices: Another great way to use switchable glass is by using it to replace traditional glass partitions in offices. If you are building new office cubicles, media rooms, meeting rooms, and so on, then you can use switchable glass that can give you the privacy you need at the touch of a button. This makes the space look more modern.
  5. They can be used in skylights: If you have a skylight in your home, but do not always want the sunlight coming in, then you can use switchable glass to control when the light comes in and when it does not. By pressing a single button, you can make the glass transparent when you want the sun to come in, and translucent when you don’t want it to come in.

What are the advantages of switchable glass?

Switchable glass offers a wide range of advantages for both homeowners as well as people who own commercial buildings. Some of these advantages are as follows:

  1. They offer enhanced privacy without having to compromise on the aesthetic of the building. You can live in homes with large sliding doors and windows without worrying about people peeping in.
  2. They are stronger than regular glass, which means that they do not break as easily.
  3. They work as a great decor element in your home or office, and are not just there to block air from windows.

Where can you get switchable glass?

AIS Glass is the leading name in the country when it comes to high quality switchable glass or smart glass. You can meet a variety of needs by simply scheduling a meeting with our experts and explaining what you want. To know more, click here.


Window Glass Types for Commercial Spaces

The correct choice of window glass and frame (or worse, lack thereof) can make or break the entire look and feel of your workspace. Every commercial space needs to represent the business’ theme and idea in the most accurate way possible and it can be done by choosing the right type of window glasses and frames.

Before finalizing the window glasses for your commercial space you need to know about the different types of glasses available in the market. A little research will help you install glasses that can provide privacy, complement the interiors and fulfil all your requirements without costing you a fortune. To help you save some time and effort, here’s a list of different kinds of window glasses that you can invest in.

Based on Appearance

Depending on the looks and purpose of the glass, you can choose between the following glasses:

  • Clear or transparent glass

  • Windows not only increase the aesthetic value of a space but also make sure the space is well ventilated and bright. Transparent or clear glass not only allows natural light to come in but has several other benefits as well. It makes sure that the space remains naturally lit throughout the day and retains heat which can prove to be helpful during winters for keeping the area warm and comfortable. Moreover, it saves a lot on monthly electricity bills as you don’t need light fixtures during the daytime.

    Premium quality transparent glass is energy-efficient and can be recycled so you won’t have to worry about harming the environment or the carbon footprint.

  • Tinted or Coated Glass

  • Glasses that have a film coating to give them a different shade are known as tinted glasses. Tinted or coated glass comes in various shades which allows you to pick the shade that goes well with the overall theme of your office. These are effective in blocking harmful rays of the sun, blocking the view from outside and providing privacy. Some tinted glasses even come with specific SPF to make sure you aren’t exposed to UV radiation while sitting by the window.

    If purchased from an authentic seller, tinted glass can prove to be quite reliable and long-lasting so you won’t have to replace it quite often. Coated glass is energy-efficient as it helps with temperature regulation and reduces electricity bills by a significant amount.

  • Insulated glass

  • If the space is located in areas with extreme weather conditions then you can probably opt for insulated glass. Double glazing glass (multiple panes with air or gas in between) help in decreasing heat transfer. This helps with regulating the temperature inside and also provides sound insulation so your conversations aren’t overheard by anyone.

    The multiple layers make insulated glasses stronger, economical, robust and more durable than other alternatives.

  • Frosted Glass

  • Frosted glass has more or less the same properties as tinted glass. It adds to the elegance and style of space as it is aesthetically pleasing and can be a beautiful addition to any commercial space. Frosted glass is easy to clean and does not corrode or rust easily. Moreover, its textured surface prevents it from streaking and scratching.

    Frosted glass not only provides privacy without blocking out natural light but also prevents the harmful rays of the sun from passing so you won’t have to install additional equipment to block UV rays. If properly sealed, it can help regulate the room temperature and reduce monthly bills as you won’t have to use excessive lights or heating and cooling devices.

Based on functionality

If you are more focused on the value that the glass provides, then here’s a list of glass that caters to specific needs like privacy, sound and heat insulation so your meeting rooms, cabin and office spaces are protected against break-ins, extreme weather conditions and other challenges without any hassles.

  • Safety Glass

  • The top-most priority is to ensure that your space is secure and safety glasses focus exactly on that. You won’t have to worry about break-ins after installing safety glass in your windows as this is toughened glass that is designed to withstand heat and intrusion.

    Safety glass is four to five times stronger than normal glass and the main reason why it’s called safety glass is that even when it breaks, the pieces aren’t sharp. They are blunt, small and pebble-like so no one is harmed.

  • Privacy Glass

  • Every commercial space needs a conference or meeting room that can be used to discuss crucial business-related matters without the fear of being overheard or any information being leaked out. Privacy glass aims to fulfil this need quite efficiently as it can partially or completely block out the interiors from the outsider’s view.

    Tinted and frosted glass are categorised under privacy glass and they also add to the beauty of the interiors, thus killing two birds with one stone.

    You can even opt for smart glass that allows you to switch between transparent and opaque glass with a single press of a button and enjoy privacy on demand!

  • Heat-Reflective Glass

  • Heat-reflective glass helps in the conservation of energy and light. This eco-friendly and economical glass allows light to pass through and only prevents UV rays from entering through the window so you can enjoy the sunlight without any worries. It also helps with the regulation of temperature so the air conditioner or central heating system doesn’t have to work overtime to ensure that the desired room temperature is maintained at all times. This reduces the power consumption, electricity bills and carbon footprint significantly.

There are countless types of glass that are available in the market in present times but all of these can be categorised into the above categories. The rapid advancement in technology is helping in eliminating the weakness that has been observed in the glass.

Be it tinted glass or smart glass, you can pick the glass that combines and addresses all your needs without burning a hole in your pocket!

Make sure to buy the window glass and frames from authentic sellers so you aren’t duped and don’t end up spending your hard-earned money on cheap imitations that can break easily and need constant replacement.


What is Smart Glass and How Does It Help?

Smart glass or switchable glass is a relatively new type of glass that can be turned translucent/opaque and vice versa with a press of a button or with a tap on the application. All of this is possible thanks to the magic of PDLC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystals) that consists of microscopic droplets of liquid crystal, which are suspended in a polymer. In general, the glass changes from opaque to transparent or translucent when some voltage, heat or light is applied to it. Its ability to change the intensity to light transmission makes it a fad in most modern commercial as well as residential buildings out there.

How do smart glass windows work?

Smart glass windows are made with a PDLC layer (polymer dispersed liquid crystal) that consists of microscopic droplets of liquid crystal, which are suspended in a polymer. Naturally in PDLC, without the electrical current, all the molecules are arranged in a random direction to refract and reflect light away from it, thus giving it a frosted look. This is done by having a glass electrode sandwich, an electrochemical layer which is usually made from tungsten oxide, and an electrolyte containing lithium ions. When a particular voltage is applied across the setup, it makes the molecules move into the electrochromic material, changing it from opaque to transparent or translucent depending on the type of glass you are dealing with. Apart from all that, these windows also require an additional anti reflective coating on their exterior to increase the transparency of the window otherwise it can get quite dark.

Benefits of smart glass windows

There are numerous benefits associated with replacing your everyday glass windows with smart glass windows. Some of the major advantages of using smart glass windows in office as well residential environments are:

  • Low maintenance

  • People believe that smart glass windows are a complicated piece of hardware that requires heavy maintenance and they can’t be more wrong. Smart glass windows work on a simple on/off mechanism which can be activated by a flick of a switch, a tap on an application or a simple voice command which makes them not only easy to use but also low maintenance.

  • Better aesthetics

  • Smart glass windows’ ability to change their opacity with the push of a button invites loads of opportunities in residential as well as official places. Apart from its applications as a traditional window, people also use it to increase the aesthetics of their room by placing them smartly and you can do the same with the help of an experienced professional.

  • Enhanced privacy

  • Smart glass is the latest technological marvel in the glass industry thanks to its ability to turn completely opaque from transparent and vice versa. This property of smart glass windows enhances the privacy of a house, office or room without restricting other benefits of a traditional glass window like natural light transmittance or the ability to let the user enjoy the outside world from the comfort and safety of his home.

  • Light transmittance

  • The most important and probably the only job of a traditional glass window is to transmit light to your office or residential building. Smart glass windows transmit as much light as the traditional window but it also provides your house or office with various other benefits that the traditional windows lack. With these windows, you will be able to bask in the sunshine and enjoy the outside view whenever you want and you can change the light transmittance with just the push of a button.

  • Highly Versatile

  • Smart glass windows are known for their highly versatile nature. There was a time when people were sceptical of them and hesitated to equip their houses or offices with them but it’s not the case anymore. It has made its way into almost every place you can think of thanks to the numerous benefits it brings to the table.

Applications of smart glass

There are a number of places in which smart glass windows are being used but you might not have noticed because it’s hard to differentiate a smart glass window from a traditional window. So here are some places where you might have seen smart glass windows in use:

  • Smart glasses are most commonly used as an electric curtain for maintaining the temperature inside your house by controlling the amount of sunlight coming inside.
  • It is used as the glass enclosure of conference halls to enhance privacy. It gets cloudy when the conference hall is being used and gets transparent when it’s idle.
  • One another innovative way of using smart glasses is in the form of advertising. When the glass is opaque an advertisement can be displayed on it.
  • In some countries, it is being used as the walls of a restroom which turns cloudy when it is occupied.

Why should you find the perfect glass manufacturing companies in India?

Glass is one of the most common things that we see in our lives, however, making it is not as easy as we may think. There are a lot of detailed processes that must be taken into account, and a slip-up in even one of these processes can cause the glass to be an inferior product that breaks too easily. This is why it is essential to find highly competent glass manufacturing companies in India if you are planning on embarking on building your new home or an office building.

How is glass manufacturing done?

Glass is made of naturally occurring raw materials such as sand, limestone, clarifying agents and, at times, colouring. These items are placed in a furnace and they come together to produce glass as you know it. Typically, the following process is used to make float glass, which is the normal glass that you see in your everyday life:

  • Raw materials such as silica sand, soda, calcium oxide, and magnesium, are weighed properly and then mixed with cut glass (or recycled glass). The reason why most modern glass manufacturing companies in India use cut glass is because it reduces the overall thermal energy that is required to make the glass.
  • Once all the raw materials are mixed and placed in batches, they are pushed into a five-chambered furnace where they are exposed to very high levels of heat. The heat can be as high as 1600-degrees celsius in this furnace, and this allows all the raw materials to melt together and form molten glass.
  • This molten glass is then poured over molten tin. The process of doing so is known as floating, as the molten glass floats over the tin. As it does so, it forms a ribbon that can have a thickness of 5-mm-6-mm.
  • Rolling machines are then used to press the glass and reduce the thickness down to 1.9-mm. The rollers can also be used to create glass as thick as 19-mm.
  • When the glass is placed on the molten tin, it has a temperature of around 1000-degrees celsius. It is allowed to cool down to 600-degrees celsius for the next step.
  • Once it has cooled down, it is placed in an annealing chamber. Here, the internal structure of the glass is strengthened ensuring that it can be cut into panels of different sizes later.
  • The final step at AIS Glass is to conduct quality checks to make sure that each pane of glass is absolutely perfect.

As you have no doubt surmised, manufacturing glass is a very precise process. This is why you should only trust the best glass manufacturing companies in India, like AIS Glass.

What can our glass be used for?

At AIS Glass, we manufacture a variety of glass that can be used for:

As one of the leading glass manufacturing companies in India, we can always assure you of the highest quality. To know more, get in touch today.


What is solar glass and how does it help?

In these times, when energy efficiency has become a dire need, most builders and developers are striving to make their commercial and residential spaces as energy efficient as possible. A key way to achieve that is by using solar glass in all the windows.

Solar glass refers to a specially coated glass that prevents heat from entering a building. This can be very beneficial for homes with large windows as it can prevent the indoor space from heating up to the point where it becomes uncomfortable to sit. When compared to regular glass (also known as float glass) solar glass lets in a fraction of the heat, without compromising on the level of light that enters the room. As a result, your home or office can look brightly lit, without becoming hot.

What are the benefits of solar glass?

Solar glass offers a range of benefits that make it a great option for anyone:

  • Heat control: As stated earlier, solar glass prevents excess heat from entering the interiors of the building. Due to this, the interiors remain cooler for longer. You do not have to rely on air conditioning to make sure that the space you are in is comfortable.
  • Sustainability: One of the best things about solar glass is that it is an eco-friendly and sustainable solution. Since it lets in a lot of light, you can cut down the need for artificial lighting. Additionally, you don’t have to use the AC as often as you do. As a result, the carbon dioxide emissions from your home will be much lesser, making this very good for the environment. You can do your part in saving the earth.
  • Privacy: Solar glass can be made reflective. If you have a home with lots of large windows and are concerned about people looking inside, then note that this type of glass can go a long way in enhancing your privacy. It is due to this reason that many people use solar glasses in corporate buildings (and why such buildings look reflective when you see them).
  • Multi-functional glazes: The glazes used on a glass can determine the way it works. Solar glass is extremely versatile, and you can use a variety of glazings to suit your needs. For instance, you can use glazing for noise reduction, glass strengthening and even thermal insulation, as per your needs.
  • Better comfort: Finally, solar glass enhances the overall comfort of your home by keeping the interiors highly pleasant. In a country like India, this is very important as the summer seasons can be quite scorching!

Where can you get solar glass?

AIS Glass is one of the leading names in the country when it comes to manufacturing high-quality, innovative glass for corporate and residential purposes. If you’re planning to build your dream home, or are a builder looking for great solutions for commercial projects, then look no further! All you need to do is get in touch with our team today!


What Are The Benefits of Green Tinted Glass?

A little thought towards what goes in the windows can go a long way when it comes to building sustainable and comforting commercial or office spaces. If you have often felt like drawing the curtains during the daytime to reduce the amount of light pouring in but don’t want to darken the room, then you might want to read and acquire some information about green tinted glass.

So before you decide on the material and design of your glass windows, take some time to see you’ve zeroed in on the most energy-efficient, affordable and best-suited glass for your space.

If you are having second thoughts about green tinted glasses, then skim through the list of advantages attached below to know why they have an edge over other alternatives.

Benefits of green-tinted glass

Made by adding a small amount of metal oxide, tinted glass can not only enhance the look and feel of any space but also provide the following benefits:

  1. Energy Efficiency

  2. Do you know your electricity bill can vary depending on the quality of your doors and windows? The answer is yes and tinted glasses can prove to be a great help in lowering these bills. The green-tinted glass helps by lowering the heat gain and traps the warm or cool air and prevents it from escaping. This helps in better regulation of temperature so appliances like heaters or air conditioners don’t overwork and lead to an increase in power consumption.

  3. Sun Protection

  4. Certain rays of the sun can prove to be harmful and these UV rays can even cause skin cancer if you are left exposed for a significant amount of time. Green tinted glass acts as a layer of protection and prevents these UV rays from entering your house so you can enjoy the sunlight during the morning without any concerns. Research shows that it can block 99% of the ultraviolet radiation and has SPF 1000 which enables it to protect you and your family from the harmful rays of the sun.

  5. Improved Security

  6. These tinted glasses are made from premium quality material so they aren’t easy to break and are quite durable. The glass has a shatterproof film to prevent easy break-ins and shattering of the glass. Their sturdy build ensures enhanced security and deters the intruders from easily breaking in or peeping inside your house in your absence.

  7. Low maintenance

  8. Most of us have a full-time job or plenty of chores so we don’t have time to spend hours cleaning and wiping the windows to make them squeaky clean. Green tinted glasses can prove to be a blessing in disguise as these are very low-maintenance and scratch-resistant. All you need to invest in is a simple cleaning agent and a good wipe and you will be ready to flaunt your pretty windows to your guests!

  9. Increased Privacy

  10. The most important thing that tinted glasses offer is privacy. These glasses can be a perfect fit for restrooms, homes, meeting rooms or bedrooms. They don’t allow outsiders to see what’s going inside and help you keep things under wraps. The fact that they can manage this while looking beautiful acts like a cherry on the cake!

  11. Reducing Glare in the room

  12. Another reason why green tinted glasses can be a good choice is that they help reduce the temperature as well as the glare that is eliminated by excessive lights. This reduction in the glare can create a soothing ambience and help you focus and work for longer hours without any strain or headaches.

  13. Consistent climate

  14. The green tinted glass also helps in keeping the temperature in check and can even reject solar heat (it can reject 35% to 65% of the heat depending on the film). This allows you to regulate the temperature of the room more efficiently without putting a load on the heater or the air conditioner.

  15. Pleasing appearance

  16. The last benefit that we would like to list is that these green tinted glasses are pleasing to the eye and have an attractive appearance. These not only help in saving energy but also enhance the feel and look of the space without costing a fortune. They add a modern touch to your place and make it look more spacious and bright.

Now that you have tons of reasons to invest in green tinted glasses and install them in your window panes, don’t delay and start choosing the best ones for your home or office! Go ahead and pick your favourite designs from the AIS Glass as we offer premium quality glasses

that will last for years to come. So, put your trust in our products and get ready to beautify your home and office space like never before!



Can Glass manufacturers in India help you reduce your carbon footprint?

With every country racing to decrease their carbon footprint, it’s important to do your part and help save the planet you are living on. There are numerous ways through which you can reduce your carbon footprint like carpooling, using public transport, switching off appliances when not in use and using eco-friendly materials in your house and office.

In a recent study, it was found that glass manufacturing has a major hand in increasing the carbon footprint. Unlike glass used in beverage bottles and jars, most glasses used in windows and doors of houses and offices are not recyclable and produce a lot of carbon dioxide while manufacturing. So, you can substantially reduce your carbon footprint simply by switching the glasses in your house and office. For this, you need to find glass manufacturers in India who offer an eco-friendly line of glasses for residential and commercial use.

Anatomy of glass

Before knowing about how glass manufacturers in India can help reduce the carbon footprint, it’s important to know the manufacturing process behind making glass. So read on to know more about the process involving the manufacturing of glass.

  • What are the Raw materials used to manufacture glass?

  • The primary raw materials required to manufacture glass are sand, soda, limestone, clearing agents, colouring and glistening glass. Out of the following materials, glass sand is 75% of the entire composition of the glass.

  • How is glass made?

  • Believe it or not but glass is made from liquid sand. If you are looking to make glass just by heating sand in your backyard then let me tell you that it isn’t as easy as it sounds. To make the sand melt, you will need to heat glass at an extraordinarily high temperature somewhere around 1700-degree Celsius (3090-degree Fahrenheit). The glass manufacturing process involves the following five common steps:

  • Batching of raw materials
  • Melting the raw materials in the furnace
  • Drawing the molten glass onto the tip bath
  • Cooling of the molten glass in the annealing lehr
  • Quality checks, automatic cutting and proper storage

At AIS Glass, we only use high-quality materials to ensure that all our products are durable and aesthetically pleasing. Now, you’re probably wondering how glass manufacturers in India can help with reducing your carbon footprint. Here’s how!

Role of glass manufacturers in India in reducing carbon footprint!

If you are wondering how glass manufacturers in India can help reduce your carbon footprint then the answer to this question is simple. All you need to do is get uPVC frames for your house and offices, and fit them with high-quality, specially designed glass that helps you reduce your energy consumption.

If you are thinking that finding such types of glasses will be hard, then you don’t need to fret a lot as leading glass manufacturers in India such as Asahi India Glass LTD (AIS Glass) have introduced glasses with Low E-range that are better than conventional glasses.

The AIS Ecosense is a low-E, high-performance glass that is energy-efficient. This eco-friendly glass strikes the right balance between aesthetics and durability. It can block solar radiation and excessive light by reflecting infrared rays of the sun so the interiors are cool during the summer season. When coupled with eco-friendly frames made of uPVC it can significantly lower your electricity bills and reduce your carbon footprint also.

So, if you are keen on preserving the environment then glass manufacturing companies like AIS Glass can help you achieve your goals in no time!


What are the different types of glasses for residential use?

If you have ever taken a walk around your neighbourhood in an area where modern buildings are being constructed, you would have noticed one common element across them all. Modern residential homes use a lot of glass to make the homes look great. You would have probably spotted large windows, glass balconies, and even sliding doors with glass being used in such buildings. In all likelihood, if you decide to remodel your home or build a new home, you will end up leveraging similar design elements to make your home look great. With this in mind, it’s essential to understand the different types of glasses that you should explore to end up with the best possible home.

What are the different types of glasses for residential use?

While looking at the beautifully constructed modern homes in your locality, you may not necessarily notice any difference in the glass used in such homes, and the glass used in older homes. However, there’s more to the glass than what meets the eye! Modern homes use high-performance glass and these are very different from the plain panes of glass that you see in older homes. High-performance glass is designed in a special way to meet the needs of the homeowners. Where regular glass can shatter easily, high-performance glass is strong and resilient.

When it comes to the different types of glasses you should browse, here are a few high-performance options that you definitely cannot ignore.

  • Low-e glass: You must have learnt about the harmful rays of the sun in school. UV rays and infrared rays both can lead to the development of skin cancer and other health concerns, which is why it is essential to minimise your exposure to them. One way to do that is by installing low-e glass or low emission glass in your windows and sliding doors. This type of glass only allows visible light to pass through it and enter your home. In other words, it blocks UV rays and infrared rays, ensuring that you are safe. This is one of the different types of glasses that many homeowners are using today.
  • Solar control glass: While light entering certain parts of the home can be a boon, light in other parts can be a curse as it can make it difficult to sit in that room when it gets too hot. In such cases, the best course of action is to get solar control glass. This is a special type of glass that has an oxide coating. The coating ensures that the rays of the sun bounce off the surface of the glass, and do not enter your home. Natural light will still enter your home, and you won’t have to worry about a dimly lit environment. The primary function is to prevent the buildup of heat. The biggest benefit of this is that you won’t have to rely on the AC all the time.
  • Solar Low-E Glass: When it comes to different types of glasses that offer dual functions, you cannot go wrong with solar low-e glass. This glass has the same solar coating as solar control glass, and also has the properties of low-e glass. This means that it will ensure that the sun’s heat bounces off the surface and does not lead to heat accumulation indoors. It will also ensure that the UV rays and infrared rays do not enter your home. Such glass is a good option for areas in your home that need to be well-lit and are in constant use.

Where can you use different types of glasses in your home?

High-performance glass has many applications, and you can use it to beautify your home quite easily. Some of the common ways to use these different types of glasses in your home are:

Where can you get these different types of glasses?

AIS Glass is a part of AIS, which is the largest integrated glass manufacturing company in India. With decades of experience, we ensure that the different types of glasses we offer are of the highest quality. When you’re building your dream home, get in touch with us for the best solutions that are designed for the Indian climate.


How can fire resistant glass improve the safety of your building?

Natural calamities such as fire cannot be predicted, and they leave behind a lot of damage for homeowners and businesses in commercial buildings. While you cannot gauge the likelihood of a fire breaking out, you can certainly do your bit to minimise damage caused by the same. A great solution is using fire resistant glass in buildings – and these can be beneficial for both residential and commercial spaces. Such glass can be installed while the property is being constructed, or during a simple remodel – this means it’s never too late to upgrade the glass and thereby your safety!

What is fire resistant glass?

Fire resistant glass is a specially laminated glass that helps the product withstand high amounts of heat. As a result, they can prevent fire from spreading from one side of the glass to another. The logic is that you should be able to call for help while the fire is contained within a specific location. This type of glass can also help prevent the spread of smoke. As you may know, smoke caused by fire is quite dangerous, as excessive smoke inhalation can be fatal. Thus, installing fire resistant glass can be viewed as a measure that can help save lives.

What are the benefits of using fire resistant glass?

Fire resistant glass offers a broad range of benefits that should inspire you to choose it while constructing your next building. Some of these benefits include:

  • As stated earlier, fire resistant glass can help prevent the spread of fire and smoke. It can also help prevent the spread of heat.
  • Fire resistant glass can also be used to prevent radiation from spreading from one area to another, making it a good option for research and development facilities.
  • As the fire resistant coating is placed on both sides of the glass, the glass can prevent fire from spreading from both sides.
  • Fire resistant glass panes are quite versatile. They can be used with aluminium, wooden, and steel frames without any compromise on the features.
  • You can also use fire resistant glass in frameless systems if you opt for AIS’s PYROBEL VISION LINE.
  • Fire resistant glass can also help with noise isolation. In fact, AIS’s PYROBEL glass line can cut up to 49dB of noise. As a result, if you’re using this glass in your server room, you can rest assured that you won’t be disturbed by the constant humming of the machines.
  • Finally, this glass also resists high pressure loads which makes it fairly unbreakable. This should help enhance your overall security.

What are the different fire resistant glass that AIS offers?

Some of the different fire resistant glass options that AIS offers under its PYROBEL line are:

  • E Class Integrity: This is the most basic form of fire resistant glass. It can help prevent the spread of fire and heat from one side to another. However, it does not help with radiation. This makes it the most suitable option for homeowners and for commercial spaces where there are lots of offices and restaurants.
  • EW Class Integrity and Low Radiation: These are laminated and tempered glass that are designed to prevent the spread of radiation. They also help with minimising the spread of heat and fire. While this glass can be used in internal and external spaces, one of the most common applications of this glass is to use it in server rooms to prevent radiation from harming employees in other spaces.
  • EI Class Integrity and Insulation: This type of glass can help with noise insulation, and is therefore quite popular when it comes to indoor use in commercial spaces. One of the most common applications of this glass is to use it in cabins and conference rooms as no one outside the space will be able to eavesdrop on the conversation inside.

What are the various applications of fire resistant glass?

Fire resistant glass is suitable for indoor and outdoor use (based on the variant you choose). These glasses are compatible with steel, aluminium and wooden frames, thereby being quite versatile as far as decor and aesthetics are concerned. They can even be used without a frame.

Some of the various applications of fire resistant glass include:

  • Lift doors and enclosures
  • Fully glazed fire doors
  • Partitions in an office space
  • Data storage and server rooms
  • Floors
  • Stair enclosures

Where can you get fire resistant glass?

At AIS, we have a wide array of fire resistant glass options that you can choose from based on your needs. Our PYROBEL line has been certified to be safe and reliable by the relevant authorities, which means that you can place your trust in us. With decades of experience under our belt, we can help you with all your glass solutions with ease.


Why do today’s builders need to know about energy efficient glass?

Did you know that nearly 40% of energy-related greenhouse gas emissions come from buildings? Climate change is as real as it can get, and it is high time we tackle it as a global threat. Since buildings account for almost half of the global energy-related greenhouse gas emissions, builders must adopt certain sustainable development techniques to cut emissions. One such technique is shifting to energy-efficient glass.

In case you are not aware, energy-efficient glass can help in reducing carbon emissions by providing better insulation and natural light. It ultimately reduces our over-reliance on air conditioners, heaters, and artificial lighting, helping in saving a lot on energy bills. In the long haul, the energy-efficient glass would assist in reducing the carbon footprint, making sure the building is as sustainable as it can be. In terms of build, it is pretty sturdy, which helps ensure it can sustain for a long time.

If you plan to shift to energy-efficient glass, we have compiled a complete list of its benefits. Here is all you need to know about these glasses:

1. Energy-efficient glass gives better insulation

Most of the structures that use ordinary glass have poor insulation. Why? Well, generic glass allows the flow of energy to and from the building. This translates to lower retention of cool or warm air. On the other hand, energy-efficient glass can keep the interiors cool during the summers and warm during the winters. With better insulation, energy-efficient glass paves the way for lower dependency on air conditioners or heaters, further leading to energy savings! Hence, this glass makes sure that it is both environmentally and cost-friendly.

2. Energy-efficient glass saves money in the long run

When air conditioners and heaters work round the clock, your energy bills would inevitably be high. But there is an alternative through which you can keep a check on the electricity bills without having to compromise on comfort. This alternative is energy-efficient glass!

As this glass has been explicitly made to provide robust insulation, the cold air from the air conditioners or the warm air from the heaters would remain confined within the structure. This means coolness or warmth for longer durations and lower runtimes of electricals. So, if you want to save money in the long run, these glasses are the best way to go!

3. Energy-efficient glass brightens up the interiors with natural light

As a builder, you must already know the immense benefits of natural light. It doesn’t only enhance the quality of a space but also makes it look roomier and alluring. Moreover, apart from improving the structure’s aesthetics, it also has numerous physiological and psychological benefits. This includes reducing stress as well anxiety, and depression. Energy-efficient glass specializes in improving the natural light in a structure. It allows optimal light to pass through it without any hindrance, ensuring every corner is properly lit up. This reduces the need for artificial lighting, hence, also contributing towards the conservation of energy.

4. Energy-efficient glass lowers the demand of artificial lighting

If you take air conditioners and heaters out of the picture, the next biggest energy consumer is artificial lighting. Yes, they make up a considerable chunk of your energy bills and might also be one of the biggest causes of greenhouse emissions. But this problem can be easily solved with energy-efficient glass. They allow up to 99% of natural light to pass through and can effortlessly light up the interiors, so much so that you won’t even feel the need for artificial lighting! Thus, this type of glass can significantly lower the demand for artificial lighting.

5. Energy-efficient glass shields the furniture from UV damage

Yes, natural light has a ton of benefits. However, since it comes along with ultraviolet radiation, it can also impose a lot of damage to your interiors, especially your furniture and curtains. The UV content of natural light can cause discolouration, resulting in permanent damage. Ordinary glasses don’t offer any protection against UV damage as they don’t have any special filter. On the contrary, energy-efficient glass features a special coating that filters out the harmful UV content and ensures it doesn’t cause any damage to the furniture. So, apart from saving energy and money, it can also protect your furniture.

6. Energy-efficient glass helps in reducing noise

Be it residential or commercial buildings, structures that are constructed near busy roads have to take certain measures to minimize the noise. But most soundproofing materials are expensive and won’t guarantee noise reduction. In comparison to traditional and ordinary glass, energy-efficient glass has a thicker and better build. Thanks to its composition, it can act as an effective soundproofing element. It can filter out most of the loud noises of car horns and the hustle and bustle of the streets, making sure the residents of the structure can relax or work in a pleasant environment.

7. Energy-efficient glass requires minimal maintenance

Most of the ordinary glasses out there require a lot of maintenance. They need to be scrubbed from time to time, and once dust or condensation accumulates on them, you have to spend hours cleaning them. But the story gets a little bit different with energy-efficient glass.

Since they ensure minimal transfer of energy, the pesky problem of condensation is significantly reduced. This comes of great relief as condensation can pave the way for water puddles, further leading to other severe problems, ranging from mould to mildew. These glasses also prevent the collection of dust on their surface. Considering these factors, we can say that energy-efficient glass significantly reduces the cleaning time, making them low-maintenance glasses.

8. Energy-efficient glass provides greater comfort

As you already know that these glasses maintain the optimal temperature inside a structure; they can provide greater comfort to its inhabitants. How? First things first, through its insulation. These types of glasses make sure that the coolness from air conditioners or warmth from heaters remains confined, giving no medium for escape. Second, they eliminate the cold or hot spots that make you feel warm or cool at different corners of the room. Hence, with energy-efficient glass, people would feel the ultimate comfort!

9. Energy-efficient glass improves the value of the property

Since these glasses dispense both long-term and short-term benefits to the residents, they would improve the property’s value. Moreover, as they are considered among the best additions to a modern home or office, they would give the property an edge over others, making sure you are a cut above your competitors.

Get Energy-efficient glass from AIS Glass!

By now, you must be aware of what energy-efficient glass is and what its benefits are. Not only would it help in giving a structure better insulation, but it would also assist in brightening it up with natural lighting. It would play a significant role in saving a lot of money as it requires minimal maintenance and reduces the dependency on artificial lighting and air conditioners. To know how our products can help act as a noise-cancelling element, protect the furniture from UV damage, and improve the property’s value, get in touch today!


How can solar control glass help homeowners?

Did you know that an ordinary glass can allow up to 80% of the light to pass through? This unfiltered light doesn’t only carry unbearable heat but also ultraviolet radiation. This combination paves the way for higher energy costs, unpleasant living conditions, and worse, discolouration of furniture! If you are a homeowner and want to put an end to the unfiltered light, you must consider taking a look at a solar control glass.

Don’t know what solar control glass is? Well, in simple terms, a solar control glass has a layer of a special coating that reflects the UV rays of the sun along with the unbearable heat while allowing the natural light to pass through. This results in optimal natural daylight, significant energy savings, and a pleasant home environment. If you want to find out more about the benefits of solar control glass in a home, we have shortlisted its top five benefits. So, without any further ado, let’s begin with the first benefit:

1. A solar control glass prevents the discolouration of furniture

While natural light does make an interior space look more spacious and appealing, its UV content can discolour the furniture. Since an ordinary glass cannot reflect UV rays, there would be no barrier between your furniture and the light. On the contrary, with solar control glass, the sun’s harmful UV rays would get reflected. This means filtered natural light would pass through the glass that would eventually prevent the discolouration of your furniture.

2. A solar control glass lower energy bills

Another vital benefit of this glass is that it helps in lowering energy bills in the long run. Since solar control glass cuts down the transmission of heat from the sun and prevents the interiors from heating up, it makes sure your home is always cool. This, in turn, lowers your dependency on air conditioners, giving way to reduce costs. Moreover, since they also have robust insulation properties, they won’t allow the heat to escape from your home, ensuring every corner remains heated. Hence, these types of glasses would undoubtedly help you in lowering your energy bills!

3. A solar control glass gives optimal daylight

As you can tell, natural light has many benefits to its name, such as improving the aesthetics of your home and décor. Moreover, it also has several psychological benefits, ranging from boosting your mood to reducing stress and anxiety.

Solar control glass makes sure your entire home brightens up with natural light. Once this glass filters out the harmful UV radiation and heat from the sunlight, your home receives refined natural light. Moreover, it would also reduce the need for artificial lighting, allowing you to further save a lot on energy bills!

4. A solar control glass prevents solar glare

Solar glare occurs when a mirror-like object causes a direct reflection of the sun. While these solar glares might not sound to be a great deal, they can stir a bit of trouble ranging from headaches to even eye infections.

An ordinary glass might become a source of these glares, thanks to its uncoated and plain surface. But a solar control glass can prevent these glares as they come equipped with a special coating. Thus, this glass can also help by preventing solar rays.

5. A solar control glass helps in creating a pleasant home environment

During the scorching summers, your home can become a burning furnace. Similarly, amid winters, your home can become extremely cold. This takes place because your home does not have proper insulation. The primary reason behind poor insulation in most homes is ordinary glasses.

However, through solar control glass, your home would get proper insulation. It would act as a barrier and prevent cold air from the outside slipping into your home and warm air from escaping. This would lead to creating a pleasant home environment, where you could relax comfortably, even in the most extreme of weather. Hence, these types of glasses help in creating a lovely home environment.

Why should you get solar control glass from AIS Glass?

Overall, a solar control glass from AIS Glass offers many benefits that can help any homeowner. Featuring a special coating that filters out UV radiation, these glasses prevent the UV rays from entering your home, protecting your furniture and curtains from any possible discolouration. Moreover, its insulation properties prevent the hot or cold air inside of your home from escaping to the outside. This leads to lower dependency on air conditioners and heaters and a lot of energy savings! Allowing natural light to brighten up your home in the most refined way possible, a solar control glass also makes sure you don’t need artificial lighting during the day.


Types of glasses to use while building a commercial space

Every organisation wants to provide a contemporary and inspiring space for their employees to work in. This is why modern commercial spaces are high in demand. One of the main elements that can help create a professional ambience is the types of glasses you use on the exteriors of the building, as well as in the interior. Don’t let yourself believe that there is only one type of glass suitable for commercial spaces! There are many feature-rich ones that you can choose from to transform any commercial space into a modern one.

Types of glasses you should know of!

  1.  Energy efficient glass

    These days, many companies strive to minimise their carbon footprint. Efforts taken to reduce their energy are also often touted as CSR activities, which is why offering commercial spaces with built-in solutions for energy efficiency can be an excellent idea for builders and developers. Energy-efficient glass is one of the best types of glasses that you can use for this. 

    On the other hand, one of the most basic expectations that any employee has is a cool ambience in which to work. This is where solar control glass comes into play. Solar control glass is designed with double glazing to ensure that the room’s heat is minimised. As a result, the space will not heat up as quickly, which will play a significant role in creating a cool ambience for employees.

    Solar control glass can be used throughout the building, in any window. Three different types of glasses are offered by AIS within the heat control range. These are:

    • Low-E – Also known as low emissivity glass, this ensures that the UV and IR rays do not enter the space. As a result, while light can heat, heat is not allowed to enter. This keeps the space cool.
    • Solar control glass – As discussed above, solar control glass is one of the most popular types of glasses used in commercial spaces to reduce heat infiltration.
    • Solar control Low-E glass – This is one of the types of glasses that block solar radiation and ensures that the interiors do not heat up. This is the most appropriate for areas that face a lot of solar glare daily. 

    On a similar note, you can also use such types of glasses on windows in malls, stand-alone stores, or restaurants to ensure that the consumers inside can enjoy a cool ambience. These types of glasses are pretty versatile and can be used anywhere. 

  2. Glass for privacy

    When you’re creating a commercial space, you need to think about the interiors as much as you think about the exteriors. Offices require a certain degree of privacy both from the outside world and within their four walls. Here are some types of glasses that you can use to enhance the privacy of your buyers:

    • View control glass – View control glass is designed in a way that it obstructs the view from certain angles. This is one of the types of glass ideal for placing on large windows that look out into shared spaces. 
    • Glass with Polymer Dispersed Crystal – This is one of the best types of glasses that can be used in the interiors of the building, especially in private cabins or conference rooms. With the touch of a single button, the glass will become opaque, thereby ensuring that people cannot look into the cabin or conference room.

    Back painted glass – Back painted glass is one of the types of glasses used to add a pop of colour. Since different organisations have their corporate colours, such types of glasses are most appropriate for common areas such as the lobby, terraces, balcony and canteen. This type of glass is not see-through and can be used to create a partition to enhance privacy.

Where can you get these types of glasses?

At AIS Glass, we offer a range of stunning and high-quality glasses that are suitable for commercial spaces. Whether you’re constructing a modern office building, building a restaurant hub, or a mall, our different types of glasses can be used to enhance the space easily. Get in touch to know more about all our various types of glasses today!


Can High Performance Glass Lead to a More Productive Workforce?

Workforce productivity and motivation have become the most heard buzzwords at high-performing organisations – and rightly so! With the market becoming increasingly competitive, most companies need to evaluate how they can increase workforce productivity. Did you know that you can make a massive difference to your employees’ motivation and productivity levels just by ensuring a comfortable ambience? 

Wondering how you can ensure a comfortable ambience? The answer lies in the high-performance glass

What is high-performance glass?

The contemporary architecture uses a lot of glass and metal designs to bring about an imposing structure. While such buildings look great, they can pose one big problem – the glass can allow a lot of sunlight to enter the building, leading to heat being trapped and people feeling hot. For companies, this can mean higher electricity bills due to a greater effort that goes into cooling the space. It can also mean that your employees frequently feel too hot and bothered to concentrate on their work properly. 

You can prevent these issues by using high-performance glass. 

high-performance glass refers to glass that uses modern technologies to provide an energy-efficient performance. What does this mean? It means that the glass can help with solar or thermal insulation, which can help provide an excellent ambience for your employees to work in. 

What are the different types of high-performance glass?

At AIS, we offer an exciting range of high-performance glass for you to choose from. These include: 

  • Low-E Glass: Low-E Glass stands for low-emissivity glass, and it is known for blocking solar rays (including infrared rays and UV rays) from entering the room. Light can still pass through the glass, so you will be able to enjoy the aesthetic benefits of sunlight. One of the advantages of this type of glass is that it’s handy in the winter, too, as it does not allow heat from within the room to escape!
  • Solar Control Glass: Solar Control Glass is a high-performance glass that’s known for lowering your overall reliance on air conditioners, thereby decreasing your carbon footprint. This type of glass has a special oxide coating, which does not allow the sunlight’s heat to enter the room. It does, however, let the light enter the room. 
  • Solar Low-E Glass: Another high-performance glass, the solar Low-E glass, combines the qualities of both solar control glass and Low-E glass. It can prevent heat from entering the room during the summer months and keep the heat trapped indoors during the winter months. 

High-performance glass helps create the perfect ambience for working professionals who cannot afford to be distracted by anything.

How can high-performance glass help you ensure better productivity? 

Now that you know what high-performance glass, it’s crucial to understand how it can help you. 

Employee productivity is driven by motivation, which comes from feeling heard and seen by employers. When employers fail to ensure even the most basic requirements – such as a comfortable ambience – employees can start to become disgruntled. This can affect their productivity to a considerable extent.

High-performance glass can help you meet that need. Creating an environment that allows employees to feel as though their basic needs are met can ensure better productivity. 

Additionally, a cool environment can also help with better concentration as people won’t be too busy feeling sweaty or hot. When the office is cool, employees do not venture outside to take as many breaks. This can help you minimise the amount of time wasted in the form of short walks outside. 

High-performance glass can be used in a lot of different ways. The entire facade of the office building can be built using such types of glasses. On the other hand, you can also use them on windows, skylights, internal partitions, and more.

Where can you get high-performance glass?

At AIS Glass, we are the leading name when it comes to high-performance glass that’s apt for both commercial and residential spaces. Our glass is made using the finest materials to ensure that the coating is durable and practical for as long as possible. Therefore, you do not have to worry about periodic maintenance. 

To know more about high-performance glass, get in touch with us today!


How to use ultra-transparent clear glass for high functionality and design for Office Spaces?

With the Covid-19 pandemic leading to a widespread acceptance of working from home, most companies are now looking at the same as a norm. This means that most experts are expecting a reduction in office sizes moving forward

As a result, one of the biggest challenges that most companies will face is having a cramped or crowded office space. Modern companies strive to give employees a creative ambience to enhance productivity, which is why navigating this challenge is quite crucial. One of the best ways that you can bring high-functionality and stunning design to your office space is by installing clear glass all over. 

Why (and how) should you use clear glass as a design element to enhance your office space? 

It’s hard to imagine clear glass acting as a decor or design element, right? However, the truth is that it can actually transform your entire space. Here are 5 indisputable reasons why you should use clear glass to improve the way your office looks: 

1. Clear glass partitions can help spread more light!

Most companies spend an exorbitant amount of money on electricity bills. After all, they need a lot of light to ensure that employees can see well and work hard. When you install clear glass partitions in your office, you can cut your electricity bill by a significant amount as you won’t have to switch on as many lights.

If you have a single source of light in your office, it can be leveraged and used to spread light all over the space by using clear glass partitions. This concept can also be used if your office faces the sun. Having an office space that’s lit beautifully by natural light can be a huge boon, and even boost your employees’ morale! 

2. Clear glass partitions can help managers do their job better!

Whether you’re a start-up or an older, established organisation, you know that your managers have to ensure that different teams of people are working correctly. This can sometimes be harder to do when employees are working in a silo, behind closed doors. 

Clear glass partitions can help your managers keep an eye on everyone, all at once. If you use these partitions to ensure that employees of the same team sit together, all you have to do is glance in their direction to check how things are going. 

3. Clear glass partitions create an open space!

Open concept designs are trending however, not all buildings support this design. This is especially true if you’re going for a small office space. Fortunately, you can create the same vibe of an open office design by using clear glass partitions. 

When you walk into an office that has clear glass partitions, the space always looks less claustrophobic than a similar space with regular walls. Clear glass partitions are the best way to create an ambience that your employees can enjoy every day. You can also impress prospective clients with the way your office looks when you use clear glass partitions. 

4. Clear glass partitions offer more value for money!

Let’s say you’ve rented out an open office and you want to distribute the space in a way that creates hubs for teams. Building walls made of brick and concrete can take a lot of time, and the labour cost can sometimes be quite high. On the other hand, installing clear glass partitions can help you achieve the same goal at a lower cost. 

More often than not, clear glass partitions are easy to install once the interior designer has the right measurements. They don’t take very long, and come at a lower cost than most other office partition materials. As a result, they offer a higher value for money. 

5. Clear glass partitions look great!

One of the main reasons why clear glass partitions are so popular is because they simply look great. When you go for a minimalist aesthetic and choose clear glass partitions with a dark frame, you can end up with a stunning office. When going for this aesthetic, choose wrought-iron tables and comfortable office chairs for the perfect blend of professional and trendy looks

You can even add a pop of colour to the overall aesthetic by using our stunning back painted glasses, to break the clear look every now and then. Using your corporate colours would be a great idea as it can build a strong sense of connection with the workplace. 

6. Clear glass partitions can help with sound insulation!

Now, you may not think this is the case but clear glass partitions with Acoustic PVB can help with sound insulation. As a result, you can ensure that all the meetings that take place in your conference room are private. 

Clear glass partitions can also help with sound insulation throughout the office, ensuring that when your teams are brainstorming new strategies, the sound does not travel from one section of the office to another. This way, you can ensure that the office itself has a calm and quiet environment. 

7. Clear glass partitions can help with temperature control!

Another great feature of clear glass partitions is that they can help with temperature control to a certain extent. This is because they will not allow heat from outside to come inside. Thus, the ACs in your office can be switched on at a moderate temperature instead of a very cool one. This should ensure that you don’t have to pay high electricity bills!

Are Clear Glass Partitions Durable? 

One of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to clear glass partitions is whether they are durable. When you get ultra-transparent clear glass from experts like us, we ensure that the glass has just the right thickness to ensure its durability. As a result, you don’t have to worry about the glass shattering at the slightest impact. 

Clear glass partitions are designed for office use, which means that they pass through numerous quality checks that confirm their overall durability. As they are transparent, they also enhance the professional aesthetic of the workplace. 

Where can you get the best clear glass for partitions?


At AIS Limited, we take pride in ourselves in offering our clients high-quality, ultra-transparent glass. Our company was established in 1984, and since then, we have grown into India’s largest glass company within the architectural and automotive segment. Thus, if you’re looking for the right name to turn to for all your clear glass needs, then rest assured that everything you get from us will be absolutely perfect. 

Additionally, if you are remodelling or designing your office, you should speak to our experts about the types of glass that you can use to make the design stand out. We offer highly-durable clear glass along with back painted glass, and you can use a combination of the two to create an office ambience that is truly unique. 

To enhance your office decor and create a space that inspires creativity and high productivity, all you need to do is get in touch with us today!


Make your interiors pop with stunning back painted glasses!

Your home is a reflection of your personality, and there’s absolutely no way you should compromise on décor while building the perfect abode. Using back painted glasses is the ideal way to add colour to your home, while also maintaining your aesthetic. 

Advantages of using back painted glasses in your interiors!

Back painted glasses offer a broad range of advantages:

  • Durability: Our high-quality back painted glasses range in width from 4-6-mm, which means that they provide the perfect opacity, while also being durable. This means that you don’t have to worry about the glass breaking due to a mishap.
  • Low maintenance: When you paint a wall to add colours to your interiors, you fall into the trap of regular upkeeps. This isn’t the case when you use back painted glasses as they look as good as new forever. These glass walls do not get stained or faded, which means that you don’t need to spend time and effort to maintain their sheen. 
  • Easy to clean: Glass is incredibly easy to clean – all you need is a cleaning solution and a cloth to get the job done. On the other hand, once a wall’s marred with dirt, you’ve got no choice but to re-paint. 

How can you use our back painted glasses to make your interiors pop? 

Whether you’re remodelling your old home or are constructing a new home, back painted glass can be the perfect way to breathe life into your home decor. Not sure how back painted glasses can fit in with every décor style? Here are a few suggestions that show you how versatile our collection is!

Minimalist Décor

Minimalism is all about the subtleties. The idea is to have a few elements of decor that stand out, rather than using many different pieces. When it comes to the colour palette, minimalist decor uses neutrals and pastels. 

A  great way to draw attention to a specific part of your home is by adding colour. Back painted glasses can be the perfect backdrop to a minimalist living room. Be sure to pick light pastels like mint green, coral, powder blue, light grey, custard yellow and so on. This way, the wall of colour won’t look out of place. 

So, make sure you choose from our serene series to add just the right splash of colour without overpowering the rest of your home. 

Rustic Décor

Rustic décor celebrates nature, with décor pieces that are a bit rough-around-the-edges. If you’re wondering what back painted glasses can fit into your rustic living room, then look no further than earth tones. Deep browns, greens, and terracotta are the right colours for you. Mix in fabrics like jute, wool and pure cotton to create a home that’s incredibly cosy. 

Have a look at our Earthy collection to find the perfect shade! 

Retro/Mid-century Décor

Both retro and mid-century styles do not shy away from vibrant colours. There is a fair amount of overlap in both their palettes, however one way to truly know which way your style leans is by asking yourself whether most of your furniture has clean contemporary lines (often a hallmark of mid-century decor) or fluid lines.

Based on your furniture and upholstery, you can pick suitable back painted glasses from our Vibrant Series. Pick a fun colour like sparkling coral for a home that’s totally unmatched. 


Finally, if your style is heavily influenced by Instagram, then you’re probably looking to go for a neo-glam aesthetic. This aesthetic celebrates luxury above all else, and there’s a thin line between neo-glam and gaudy so you’ve got to be really careful with the items you pick.

Neo-glam is all about metallic décor, so go in for a statement gold or silver wall that’s made of back painted glass. Offset the wall with a chesterfield couch in a muted shade so that the two work in tandem to make your living room even more enviable! 

As you can see, using back painted glasses to amplify your decor is quite simple. All you need to do is select colours that highlight your style, rather than simply playing it safe. 

Remember that back painted glasses can even be used to create partitions between rooms or to section-off a particular area in your home. Another great application would be to create a back painted glass wall in your children’s room, and let them enjoy having a wall they can draw on.  The bottom line is that you really can get quite creative with your decor and overall floor plan. 

At AIS Limited, we offer 34 stunning shades of back painted glasses for you to choose from. So bid those dull walls goodbye, and say hello to a home that truly reflects who you are.


Things to look out for when Choosing a Glass Manufacturer for your Architectural Needs

Glass windows and doors are essential in new home construction. After all, they are responsible for the overall appearance of your new house. Although their average lifetime is 15-20 years, a high-quality window will last 20 years or more with proper care. This means that the choices regarding windows and doors are long-term investments that should be made with caution. And so should the choice of your glass manufacturer!

There are obvious factors to consider, such as consistency, performance, and cost, while choosing a glass manufacturer for your home. However, guarantees, delivery, and whether the glass manufacturer has any included services such as free consultations, design review, or the ability to work with the designer or architect of your new home are all essential considerations.

The glass manufacturer you choose eventually decides the range of glass available to you. This article will help you select a glass manufacturer for your new high-end home.

Does your glass manufacturer offer customisation?

A good glass manufacturer should be able to adjust the size of your windows and supply custom-made units. Although standard-sized windows are available, chances are they will not sufficiently meet the design and structural needs of your new home, so being able to customize the size and shape of your windows based on the openings is critical. When choosing a glass manufacturer, schedule an in-person meeting to go through your home’s architectural plans so that you can get advice on the customisation capabilities of your glass manufacturer.

Does your glass manufacturer provide a warranty?

A good warranty should always be included with new glass by your glass manufacturer. A good warranty can protect you from flaws in materials and workmanship. Look for available warranties that last at least five years. This provides you with more detail about which window sections are covered, for how long and under what conditions (i.e. weather, workmanship). Warranties should also be transferable to new homeowners if you sell your current house. If any work is needed during the warranty years, your glass manufacturer should not charge you.

Is your glass manufacturer stable as a firm?

As customers, we all make the simple assumption that the companies we buy products and services from will continue to operate for the near future. That way, if we need additional guidance, products, or services from the company – or after-purchase treatment such as follow-up work, repairs, or warranty replacement – we know we can contact the company and continue as necessary.

However, all companies operate in a competitive environment, and several factors contribute to their financial health and, as a result, their ability to continue trading. You should always consider this before choosing your glass manufacturer as these stay with you for a long time and require after-services.

What Code of Conduct does your glass manufacturer follow?

When you invite professionals from your glass manufacturer into your home to quote, survey, and install, it is natural to expect them to behave professionally and provide excellent customer service at all times.

However, unless you have already worked with that glass manufacturer, it is challenging to know what to expect. When it comes to crucial buying decisions for their homes, most homeowners rely on the experience and advice of industry experts.

Check for a glass manufacturer that follows a robust and straightforward consumer code for added reassurance that a company’s recommendations and decisions are always in your best interests.

This code specifies how the business can conduct itself in the following areas:

– how they sell glass goods to you

– the survey of your home

– the products they sell you

– the installations they carry out in your home

– the assurances they provide you

Does your glass manufacturer offer a simple cancellation policy?

It’s always good to thoroughly read every contract you’re about to sign to make sure you agree with all of the terms and conditions. When it comes to home needs, take careful notice of the cancellation terms for the goods and services to be offered by your glass manufacturer. You should have the option to cancel your orders without penalties. The glass manufacturer should also have a clause for the exchange of faulty goods.

Does your glass manufacturer offer good customer care services?

As the homeowner, you should have simple machinery to lodge your complaint through the existing complaints resolution process of your glass manufacturer. The problem should be addressed quickly.

What product quality does your glass manufacturer offer?

Quality glass can last up to thirty years or more, while low-quality will usually last five to ten years or less. The consistency of the materials used to make the glass is the most noticeable difference between good and bad quality.

Look for the place of origin where the parts are produced and the materials used by your glass manufacturer. Look for a glass manufacturer that has a good reputation. Examine the product’s overall construction, efficiency, and environmental condition. Looking for the U-factor or the thermal efficiency of a window is an essential factor in its overall quality.

What certifications does your glass manufacturer have?

An essential tool in determining which firm to choose is to look for engineering certifications and endorsements; it means that each component was independently tested to meet high-quality industry standards. But having certificates for merely the products is not enough. Your glass manufacturer must ensure that a certified installer is allotted for installing windows and doors in your house.

Does your glass manufacturer provide you variety?

The market is brimming with choices when it comes to choosing glass for your home. You can choose from different kinds of glass like frosted glass, colored opaque glass, clear glass, etc. Not only this, you can also choose between various designs and colors.

You might also want to get ornate glass-cut designs for your home. You should only select a glass manufacturer if they provide you with all these options so that you can make the best possible decision for your home.

How many referrals does your glass manufacturer have?

Referrals and repeat business are important measures of service and product quality. Check out a list of previous customers and their referral list. You can also check for customer feedback on websites. Previous customer reviews will give you a clear idea of what you should expect from the company you select.

Final Thoughts

Selecting a competent glass manufacturer for your new home is no child’s play. You need to look at the apparent factors like quality and variety, but there are other important factors too.

These factors include a warranty, referrals, stability of the company, the customer grievance redressal, code of conduct, prices, certifications, cancellation policy, and customisation. Only after you have checked all of these can you be sure that you have chosen a competent glass manufacturer for your home.

We, at AIS, are eager to assist you with all your glass needs. With more than three decades of services as a glass manufacturer, we can assure you of the widest variety in the country. We observe all the quality measures to ensure the durability of our products. Reach out to us today to adorn your house with the best quality glass!


5 Spaces Ideal for the Use of Frosted Glass in your Home

Have you ever come across an attractive glass surface whose surface is not entirely transparent but somewhat translucent? frosted glass has a different appearance than clear glass. It can be used in a variety of applications to improve the aesthetic appeal of a room. Let’s take a closer look.

What is Frosted Glass?

frosted glass is created by taking a sheet of glass and sandblasting or chemical etching it to make it transparent or opaque. frosted glass panes mask visibility and provide plenty of privacy without sacrificing natural light. It is an excellent alternative to curtains or blinds and takes no upkeep. The glass appears transparent due to light scattering during transmission, obscuring vision even as it transmits light. frosted glass can also be made by applying a vinyl film that serves as a stencil to the surface of the glass or by using canned frosted glass sprays.

There are 2 types of frosted glass-

  • Sandblasted frosted glass
  • Acid Etched frosted glass

Using frosted glass in bathrooms

Bathrooms provide you with moments of solitude. We often think of it as a haven where one can think and reflect, often for hours on end. Adding frosted glass windows and shower stalls to your bathrooms is a perfect way to let in a lot of natural light and obscure the outside view.

Furthermore, since bathrooms deal with moisture, you need material like frosted glass that is non-corrosive and resistant to mildew. frosted glass panes are perfect in such situations because they comfortably withstand moisture. 

Using frosted glass in bedrooms

One may use customised frosted glass designs to spruce up old closets. Bedroom wardrobes are an essential part of home décor. Stylish cabinets can brighten up a room, while sloppy-styled closets can make the room appear unkempt.

To cover up your closet doors with frosted glass, choose a design that complements the rest of your bedroom. You might also go for partially frosted glass doors. This design feedback can enhance the sense of space in your bedroom, mainly if it is small in size.

Using frosted glass for skylight windows

The majority of windows let in natural light from the front, but skylights let in light through the roof. This invention floods homes with natural light during the day. Furthermore, your home is not subjected to sun glare, which is not always the case for conventional windows. Install a skylight with frosted glass in your roof for a long-lasting diffused light effect.

Using frosted glass for partitions in your living room

Install frosted glass partitions to open up your living room. These components are usually made of wood, but frosted glass panels have recently gained popularity. Frosted glass partitions have both privacy and an open feeling. frosted glass panels are an excellent addition to a small living space.

Using frosted glass for doors or windows of the study

Suppose you intend on constructing a small study or home office. In that case, frosted glass windows and doors will provide much-needed privacy as well as plenty of natural light. Furthermore, since frosted glass is easy to clean, it is an excellent option for corner doors and windows that may be susceptible to dust accumulation.

Final Thoughts

Frosted glass is the trendiest home decor option with a lot of utility. It offers a way for natural sunlight to enter the rooms while obscuring the view from outside, providing much-desired privacy. It is corrosion resistant and is a perfect partner for your washroom, which deals with a lot of moisture.

You can use it to spruce up the bedroom closets. Frosted glass can be used in small living rooms as partitions to open them up. Since it is effortless to clean, they make ideal choices for corner doors like in a study susceptible to dust collection. They can also prove beneficial for skylights to provide a diffused light effect and prevent glare in the room.

Making glass panes perfectly opaque or transparent is a work of art. So, you must choose a highly competent glass manufacturer for all of your home or office glass requirements. AIS Windows is the place to go for high-quality frosted glass panes with a variety of design choices. Our team of experts will help you with every step, from product selection to installation and even after-sales assistance.


How the right automotive glass can make your drive safer?

As the name suggests, a windshield or windscreen shields the people inside the car from multiple hazards while driving. But did you know, one of its crucial features is to contribute towards the car’s aerodynamics and aesthetic?

Introduced in the early 19th century, windscreens were direct mounting in front of the driver to improve visibility. Previously made from window glass, it became necessary to upgrade windscreen quality as the roads and engine performances evolved.

Today, modern windscreens are manufactured by sandwiching a layer of PVB adhesive in between two sheets of tempered glass or commonly called laminated glass. They are made more impact resistant and safety qualified than any regular glass, that even if it does break, it won’t shatter into pieces to harm the passengers around.

Given this, it is quite understandable that the quality of glass used in the windshield is vital. Let’s look into the characteristics of a quality-grade windscreen.

Built-in strength

It is crucial to acknowledge that the fixed windscreen in the front is retaining the car’s maximum structure. According to the experts, a windscreensignificantly contributes to strengthening the structural support of a car cabin. The automotive screen accommodates up to 45% of the structural integrity of the vehicle.

Thus, the quality of this product will determine the strength and rigidity of the vehicle overall. If any damage to the windscreen or its surroundings occurs, it will absorb the significant impact and protect the passengers.

Support/ safety during an accident

A windscreen is the most impacted during an accident. In case of accidents/collision, the windshield enables the airbag to function correctly. It allows the airbags to unfold in the correct position to cushion passengers and prevent people inside the car from being ejected in case of a severe collision. If a car rolls over, it is the quality windscreen that upholds the car’s structure and prevents the roof from collapsing and crushing in on the passengers and driver.

A good quality windshield would retain passengers inside the car during such a mishap and absorb more than half the force of a collision which is noteworthy in decreasing fatalities.

Resistance to Shattering

There is a massive difference between high and low-quality windshields. Both are manufactured using different types of products, thus demonstrating different qualities during collisions. The former one will deliver notable strength, thus exhibiting high resistance to cracking. They are durable, strong and don’t break under any circumstances. In contrast, a low-quality windscreen would easily show chips and cracks even with minor accidents.

A windshield shatter is reasonably preventable if one takes proactive steps to fix the automotive glass when it shows early signs of damages. Thus, opt for professional experts that provide a customized solution according to your need.

Sound Proofing

An efficient windshield tackles noise penetration by the sound of the car’s engine, air, and other external factors. It optimizes the sound quality leading to a reduction in the external traffic noise heard while driving. The high-quality windshield means that the driver will be less distracted by outside noises, especially a loud one, to lose his/her focus from the driving.

Finding the Right windshield

AIS Glass offers the latest innovation in windscreen products. Our unique distinction of being the only glass products and solutions provider in the country has been conferred the prestigious Deming Application Prize, which sets us apart from the rest. Our windshields ensure comfortable driving under all conditions with a clear and undistorted view of the road and the surroundings. Our automotive glass reduces the overall temperature of your car’s interior, giving you a refreshingly cooler environment inside, regardless of
where or how long you drive. Apart from that, AIS Glass offers higher safety and durability.


These are some of the many reasons why the right car glass can make your drive safer. As technology is getting advanced, more designs are being applied to make transportation more safe and secure.

A windshield is an important aspect of your car because it impacts your and fellow passengers safety. Thus, when opting for windshield repair and/or replacement, choose the professionals with experience and expertise in the industry.

AIS offers better quality glass with a range of products and provides a service quality with a team of experts that will find a suitable solution for all your concerns.


Your guide to a safer lead-free mirror glass

Today’s consumers (or customers) are always on the lookout for environment- friendly options in the market. They are aware of the long-term benefits of embracing environment-friendly products vis-à-vis their counterparts. What if you can give back to the environment by selecting a copper-free mirror glass for your brand new home?

The mirror is one of the essential accessories when you upgrade to your bathroom, wardrobes, or cupboards. When using the mirror, you would always want a distortion-free image. How do you find the perfect environment-friendly mirror for your home? Though there are different types of glasses available in the market, none can beat the offerings of copper-free or lead-free mirrors. Here’s everything you want to know about this lead-free glass alternative.

What is a lead-free mirror?

Ordinary mirrors manufactured using copper or lead are non-environment-friendly products and tend to produce distorted images. Copper-free or Lead-free mirrors are the most-modern mirrors that are manufactured without using copper or lead.

As there is no copper usage in the manufacturing process, copper-free mirror glass is resistant to humidity and corrosion.

Conventional glass mirror vs Lead-free glass mirror

Corrosion in conventional mirrors begins typically from the mirror’s edges and spreads inside like an infection. The corrosion factor is more prevalent when glass mirrors are used in bathrooms. On the other hand, lead-free glass mirrors are resistant to corrosion and ageing.

Environment-friendliness and humidity resistance are the two most important factors for choosing lead-free glass mirrors over other options for glass mirrors. A lead-free glass mirror is more durable than a conventional mirror since its surface is resistant to harsh cleaning products.

Lead-free glass mirrors from AIS are known to last up to three times longer than conventional mirrors.

If you are looking to bid farewell to the distorted reflections from ordinary mirrors, you should opt for lead-free glass mirrors. 

Critical Applications of lead-free glass mirrors

Lead-free or Copper-free glass mirrors can be used in a wide range of applications. Here are some of the standard applications of these environment-friendly glass mirrors:

  • Showrooms that are looking for a more spacious appearance
  • Display cases
  • Bathrooms
  • Sliding doors for cupboards, wardrobes, etc.

In a nutshell, bathrooms, homes, offices, retail spaces, restaurants, etc. are ideal places for lead-free mirrors. 

Why choose lead-free glass mirrors from AIS

Copper-free mirrors from AIS are crafted to perfection using superior materials and state-of-the-art technology. The mirrors are manufactured using advanced Belgian technology from Glaverbel. Distorted images would be a thing of the passé with AIS mirrors that deliver high optical clarity.

Mirrors from AIS, equipped with copper-free coatings, make the mirror look new even after years of usage. With improved resistance to harsh cleaning products, lead-free mirrors from AIS last three-times longer than conventional mirrors.

Mirrors manufactured by AIS adhere to IS 3438, EN 1036, and ASTM C 1503 manufacturing standards. Irrespective of where they need to be installed, you have the option to choose from a wide range of colours – Clear, Bronze, Grey, and Aqua Blue.


When you plan to pick up new mirrors for your home or business, you should choose environment-friendly options free from lead and copper. Copper-free mirrors are not only better for the environment but are also corrosion-free and resistant to humidity.

Unlike conventional mirrors that produce distorted images, lead-free mirrors are best known to deliver crystal clear images. Lead-free glass mirrors from AIS are best-suited for usage in bathrooms, showrooms, display cases, and more.