Reasons Why You Need Toughened Glass

Many of the most iconic structures in the contemporary world have glass as the primary building material and rightfully so. The horde of benefits that modern-day glass solutions offer have made glass the favourite building material of renowned architects and visionary interior designers. But, a major reason glass is revered so is not just for its fluid-like, delicate aesthetics. Innovative glass solutions are all about keeping function abreast with form. Toughened glass is one such member of the glass family, especially made to provide safety and security in style.

Science Behind Toughened Glass

Toughened glass panes are made from standard annealed glass that undergoes a heat tempering or thermal tempering process. Annealed glass is passed through a 680°C preheated furnace on a roller table. This takes the glass beyond its transmission temperature and softens it. The outer surface of the glass cools rapidly while the innards remain hot. This creates “center tension” in the glass which alters its physical characteristics. 

The end product is a sheet of glass that is heat tempered, can withstand much higher temperatures, and is four to five times stronger than annealed glass. The annealed glass must be cut to size or pressed into the desired shape before heat tempering. Once the glass has undergone the toughening process, it cannot be re-worked on.  

Benefits of Toughened Glass

Toughened glass offers a great deal of improvement over the standard type of glass, especially when it comes to constructing buildings that have glass exteriors. Let us look at why you need to choose toughened glass if you are considering building a modern structure which involves countless glass panes.

Strong and Safe

One of the most important reasons behind tempering glass is to provide it with the strength to combat rigorous environmental conditions. Since it is far less likely to break, a lot of high-rise buildings, skyscrapers, and stand-alone glass partitions, etc. are built using this type of glass. Furthermore, even if it breaks due to exposure to very harsh conditions, it never shatters. When standard glass shatters into sharp shards, it can seriously hurt people standing close by. Toughened glass develops countless cracks and breaks into blunt bits that are incapable of causing any serious injuries. This makes this glass very safe for use even around kids.


Toughened glass is immune to daily wear and tear. It does not get damaged easily and maintains its sheen and finish for years on end. It is ideal for glass partitions, residential as well as commercial doors and windows. No cricket ball will be able to shatter your windows as it used to in the 90s if they are built using toughened glass.


When the annealed glass is exposed to high temperatures continually, it can shatter causing sharp shards of glass to sprawl all across your floor. This can be perilous, especially for children. However, toughened glass is manufactured using heat tempering and is highly capable of enduring uncomfortably warm and humid temperatures. This is why using them in your bathrooms makes a lot of sense. For instance, a shower stall made from toughened glass gladly endures really hot water without incurring any damages.

Versatile Applications

Toughened glass can be moulded in varied creative ways due to its incredible strength and the capability to withstand trying temperatures. This is why it finds its applications ranging from cookware to commercial buildings. Other applications include frameless glass doors, table-tops, mobile phone screens, laboratory equipment, etc. Toughened glass is also amalgamated with laminated glass to manufacture bulletproof windows for vehicles.

Several Design Options

Toughened glass comes in several patterns and designs to address your varied requirements. For instance, choose from a range of frosted, translucent, coloured, clear and engraved options for different rooms that serve different purposes in your home or office. These diversities ensure that you achieve a keenly-designed, yet safe glass option.

Resists Damage from Sunlight

Sunlight heats up exterior glass surfaces unevenly. Sometimes the direction of the building is such that one side sees more sun than the other. Direct sunlight expands and contracts glass surfaces. Unevenly absorbing direct sunlight makes the surface expand and contract unevenly. This difference may create stress in glass that may lead to damage or even breakage. Toughened glass can easily withstand this temperature differential up to 250°C.  

Enhance Your Spaces’ Safety with AIS Stronglas

With so many legit advantages, toughened glass should be the ideal choice for offices, homes, schools and other commercial enclaves. To experience the best of toughened glass, always trust AIS Stronglas. AIS Stronglas is a very high-grade toughened glass that is tough, durable, can withstand harsh conditions, and does not crack or break easily upon impact. Since it is several orders of magnitude stronger than ordinary glass, it has a wide variety of applications such as table-tops, balustrades, shelves, facades, shower enclosures, partitions, and washbasins. Consult with our team of experts and be rest assured of high-quality products, delivered and installed professionally. Get in touch with us today.

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