Value Added Glass Products

AIS always believes in going over and above; we always strive to surpass our customers’ expectations in all that we do. Keeping in line with our legacy, AIS offers a host of value-added glass products in the automotive segment to make your driving experience safer and more convenient. From rain sensor windshield that helps reduce distraction while driving under a sudden downpour to heated windshield that automatically melts snow settling onto the glass’ surface, from PET windshield that reduces interior heat load to water-repellent glass that prevents water droplets from adhering to the glass’ surface, and much more, AIS’ premium range of value-added glass products will add value to your driving experience in particular and life in general.

AIS IR Shield
Acoustic Windscreen
AIS IR + Acoustic Shield
Head Up Display
Windscreen with ADAS
Antenna Printed Windscreen
Heated Windscreen
Windscreen with Rain Sensor
AIS IR + UV Shield
AIS Solar Shield
AIS UV Proteckt
AIS Privacy Shield
Water Repellent
Antenna Printed Backlite
Backlite with Defogger
Encapsulation Glass with Brightwork
Sliding Window Frame Assembly

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