How the AIS Dark Green UV Cut Glass Prepares/Endows Your Car for Indian Conditions

India is a hot country with temperatures averaging 35 to 37 degrees and even crossing 45 degrees in some areas. It is no wonder then that car owners here desire attributes that ensure lesser heat inside the cabin. Apart from the thermal discomfort accentuated in tropical summers, the sunlight also transmits harmful UV radiation which is detrimental for our skin and the cause behind various skin-related disorders. Moreover, high temperatures also put a strain on the engine and battery and impede optimum functionality of the air conditioner.

In its penchant to offer better solutions for Indian conditions, AIS has worked extensively to develop a unique offering called Dark Green UV Cut glass. Apart from reducing the thermal load inside the cabin, it also eliminates the UV radiation by more than 80 percent. It perfectly complies with the Indian regulation for light transmission of 50 percent for side lights and provides a life-long solution, unlike sun-control films which have been banned for use in India.
Here are some product highlights –
1. The dark green glass combination is enabled to cut more than 82% UV rays entering the car, hence protecting people inside the car from a number of harmful skin diseases and ailments including sunburn, premature ageing of the skin, eye damage and skin cancer.
2. Unlike the normal green glass, this glass leads to a drop of close to 2 degrees in cabin temperature.
3. With its ability to curb down the heat accumulating inside the car, this UV protection glass can also reduce the usage of air-conditioning by 10-to-15%. This s decrease the load on the compressor and thereby the engine, which improves fuel efficiency and noticeably lowers your monthly fuel expenses. It helps in decreasing the carbon footprint as there are lesser carbon dioxide emissions.
4. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can tarnish the car’s upholstery besides other things of necessity in the car. With its ability to check the amount of heat getting into the interior of the vehicle, these glasses are better equipped to protect interiors of the car from repeated exposure to high temperatures.
Fully compliant with Indian rules regarding car glass, the Dark Green UV Cut glass is yet another product innovation by AIS that perfectly suits Indian climate.


4 Steps to Take If a Car Window Is Broken

Discovering that your car window is broken can be worrying. Whether it is a small crack or fully shattered, a broken glass must be fixed immediately. If not, it will give easy access to thieves to steal the valuables inside the car, make the car structurally feeble, and cause a whole host of problems. In an ideal situation, you must take the car immediately to an auto glass repair shop. But if you are not able to do that straightaway due to any reason, worry not. Here we have listed the steps that you can take to secure the car and protect it from any outdoor element until the broken glass is replaced.

1- Remove the broken pieces of glass: Start with removing as many pieces of broken glass as possible. Pick up large shards of toughened glass. Make sure you wear gloves while doing that. To clean the excess pieces use a shop vacuum. Place the hose close to the window seal. This will help remove any small pieces of glass stuck inside. Follow this procedure 2-3 times to ensure all pieces of glass are removed.
2- Wipe the frame area and window seal: Once all glass pieces are removed, use a cloth dipped in water to wipe down the frame area and window seal. The procedure may take time but it will help remove all the dirt and dust particles that may stick the area when sealing the window later. Dirt and dust may hinder your efforts of accurately sealing off the area, so make sure it is wiped off completely.
3- Seal the window: Once the area is wiped, use a packing tape to seal the window. Put stripes vertically across the window opening in a way that it touches the window frame. Then run another layer overlapping with the first one. Continue this until the entire area is covered.
Tip: Seal the window from the inside of the car to prevent peeling of the paint. You may also use cardboard in place of the packing tape, but the only problem with cardboard is that it will allow moisture to seep into the car.
4- Take the car to the service provider: The last thing to do is to take your care to a reputed service provider and get it fixed. You should not try to fix the window yourself and get it repaired only by experts.

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