Ideal Bathroom Renovation: 3 Types of Glasses You Should Go For

Among all the rooms and spaces in a home, bathrooms often undergo frequent renovations, be it changing of tiles or replacement of bath fittings. Today, more and more homeowners are trying to build sleek, stylish and airy modern bathrooms that becomes a salient feature of their home. And to aid them in this mission, glass as a material, whether in the form of toughened glass, laminated glass or any other glass, is coming in increasingly handy.

One might believe that the idea of using glass, which is often transparent in nature, in a bathing area, which is naturally considered to be a highly private space, is a contradictory one. However, thanks to advanced processing techniques, the field of glass manufacturing has been blessed with highly functional inventions that address issues such as safety and privacy of space quite deftly.
Looking for the best glass solutions for your bathroom renovation? Here are three types of glasses you should go for:
Tempered Glass for shower doors and partitions
One of the primary ways to renovate a bathroom is to separate the bathing area from the rest of the space. This can achieved by shower cubicles and enclosures that look sleek, modern and luxurious to say the least. They are made of highly impact resistant toughened glass, especially the doors, so as to provide adequate safety to occupants. After all, bathroom floors are often wet and slippery, which means that there is a high chance of slipping. In order to avoid harm to oneself or damage to bath installations, using tempered glass in shower doors, cubicles, partitions, etc. helps greatly.
Frosted Glass for windows and shower enclosures
To augment the privacy inside a bathroom without compromising on the looks, you should opt for frosted glass such as AIS Krystal which limits visibility through it without creating a dim environment. Frosted glass is created by the process of sandblasting or acid etching which leads to creation of a glass surface that is translucent and hazy. This makes frosted glass the ideal material for bathroom windows and partitions, and even shower enclosures!
Lacquered Glass for cabinets and shelves
Hoping to add some colour to your bathroom? If such is your primary requirement, then you can add colourful highlights to the space using lacquered glass such as AIS Décor. This is a type of coloured glass in which one surface of the glass is painted with a premium hue which is guaranteed to ensure a high quality and long-lasting finish. Using lacquered glass in cabinets, shelves and other minor installations will create a wonderful aesthetic for the bathroom. Also, AIS Décor is moisture and heat resistant, which means that it is ideal for the tough environment of the bathroom