Back Painted Glass by AIS: Uses and Applications

Have you ever wondered why certain homes, lobbies, kitchens and bathrooms look more slick, colourful and modern than the others? Check again, back painted glass might be the answer. Imagine a perfectly smooth-coloured wall with an impeccable finish and sheen that lasts for years on end. That is back painted glass for you.     

What Is Back Painted Glass?

Back painted glass refers to panes that are painted or coated on one side, rendering the glass’ surface opaque. It is installed with the unpainted side facing outside. Back painted glass looks great and is rapidly gaining popularity. Try back painted glass instead of distempering or wallpapering to create an elegant and contemporary look. Back painted glass boasts a seamless finish that lasts much longer than other wall colouring or cladding materials.

Applications of Back Painted Glass

A surface that looks as beautiful as this is bound to have a diverse set of applications. Back painted glasses provide an upscale look to any place they are installed in. If you are looking to renovate your home or office, back-painted glass walls are a good starting point.

Back Painted Glass for Your Kitchen

Cooks love back painted glass in kitchens because they do not get stained due to spills or splatters. You can simply wipe these glass walls off with a damp cloth and there will be no residual sign of a stain left. Distempered walls, especially inside kitchens tend to get splotchy fast and need a fresh lick of paint now and then. Back painted glass in kitchens can rid you of maintenance woes completely. These glass panes are resistant to moisture and steam and can maintain their finish for a very long time. You can choose back painted glass for cladding kitchen walls, kitchen island tops, etc.

Back Painted Glass for Your Bathrooms

Nothing freshens-up dated bathroom interiors like back painted glass. Bathrooms are moist, wet and humid, which is why they are harder to maintain than other parts of your home. Back painted glass withstands moisture comfortably, is easy to clean and looks phenomenal. You can use back painted glass for shower wall panels, bathroom walls, washbasin tops, etc. Integrating back painted glass into your bathroom can completely alter its ambience and make it noticeably edgier.

Back Painted Glass for Commercial Structures

In commercial spaces, back painted glass can be used to make conference room tables, wall claddings, room partitions, etc. Back painted glass has a clean, crisp and sharp finish. These qualities blend very well with the formal or semi-formal demeanour you may want to set in an office space. Moreover, since back painted glass is available in a universe of colours, you can fashion it to match the colours of your company’s logo to enhance branding. Back painted glass is also popularly used in shopping malls, stores, entertainment venues, restaurants, etc.

Back Painted Glass for Marker Boards

A white-coloured back painted glass when placed on a wall instantly becomes an easy to clean whiteboard. This application also works wonderfully inside meeting rooms, waiting areas, and other office corners where you may want to otherwise install a notice board.   

 Advantages of Back Painted Glass

Back painted glass is predominantly installed for enhancing the aesthetics of any space, but its list of benefits doesn’t end there. It has many more unsung benefits that are listed below for your reference –

Colour and Pattern Diversity

Back painted glass is available in a vast variety of colours and patterns. You will surely be spoilt for choice! There is a colour available to set the tone and mood for every room of the home. You can choose striking yellows or oranges for your kids’ room, or go for sombre pastels for the lounging or living areas of your home or office. The chromatic assortment is simply mind-blowing!

Durable and Low on Maintenance

While the outer surface of back painted glass can endure heat, humidity and moisture routinely, the inner coated side is comfortably tucked away, always looking good as new. This quality makes back painted glass pretty much maintenance-free. This surface is very easy to wipe clean in case any dirt or grime settles on it. It also receives multiple coatings of paint which structurally strengthens it, thus increasing overall durability.

Can Withstand Heat and Moisture

Back painted glass panes look fresh even after years of installation. The paint never gets chipped or distorted, which is why it is great for bathrooms and kitchens. A hot splash of water or curry splutter is nothing this glass cannot handle. Unlike wall paint or paper that start showing wear, back painted glass looks brand new every single day.  

The Bottom Line

Looking for back painted glass solutions near you? Turn to AIS Glass for back painted panes and take the benefit of our 34 striking colours that range from sombre earthy pastels to metallic shades to pure placid colours. Give your living room wall a touch of Terracotta or jazz up your bathroom with a punch of Sparkling Coral, or light up your kitchen walls with Miami Blue, we have them all! Our team of trained technicians is fully equipped to address all your glass-related woes. AIS Glass has been a leader in glazing solutions for over three decades. Contact us today!

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