Enabling a future that sees more
AIS is India’s leading integrated glass company. Being a leader in glass solutions, AIS delivers top-of-the-line products and solutions through the 3 Strategic Business Units (SBUs) of Automotive Glass, Architectural Glass, and Consumer Glass.

To be able to provide the services we rightfully boast of, there needs to be an easily accessible forum for all kinds of glass solutions to suit your requirements. For this purpose alone, we have come up with our app, AIS World of Glass, specializing in ensuring that your buildings get the best, because they deserve the best. The best glass solutions for your homes & offices. We, through our app, offer customised solutions that meet functional needs of smart buildings with the latest technology. With products that provide the right blend of daylight and energy saving, visual comfort and thermal control, technology and eco-sensitivity, the app helps bring new ideas to life – enabling an age of Green Buildings and the dawn of a truly sustainable future.

Taking the versatility of glass to the next level, AIS today has unmatched glass processing capabilities, including the processing of value-added glass products. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, along with our well-serviced app, help us deliver products to the highest standards and never compromise on quality. This enables us to meet every need, and fulfil every requirement. At AIS, we strive to help you realise your dream construction with beautiful glass windows and doors. We also aim to provide optimum comfort while driving.

AIS World of Glass App

AIS World of Glass – Key Features:

Glass solutions
We have categorized our products into five sections: Acoustic, Privacy, Safety, Aesthetic & Energy Efficiency solutions. Each of these sections caters to varied needs for smart glasses.
Augmented Reality for Doors & Windows
  • Our uniquely designed AIS Windows & Doors visualizer makes it so much easier for you to choose the right doors and windows for your home.
  • You just need to select your space, frame, colour, glass, and hardware of your choice, and our app will visualise the placement of our products in your space.
  • Imagine your home before you set your frames. Download our app for free and witness the future of fenestration first hand.
Specialized applications
We showcase exquisite and innovative glass solutions such as glass staircases, infinity swimming pools, skylights, canopies, and much more.
Experience Zones
  • The privacy & security glass solutions available in the Experience Zones let you have the first-hand experience.
  • Glass solutions provide technology that allows the glass to switch from transparent to translucent at a click of a button, as and when the need arises.

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