High Performance Glass Applications that Everyone Should Know

In modern architecture, glass is a highly versatile component. It can be used for several internal as well as external glazing applications. Be it staircases, façade, balustrades, doors, windows, external walls, shower cubicles, or room dividers – glass is everywhere!

However, due to its high surface emissivity, glass can absorb and emit the solar energy to the inside of the building – causing indoor overheating.

To combat this, advanced glass technologies are used to manufacture high-performance glass. They possess solar control and thermal insulation abilities to provide enhanced energy-efficiency.

Presently, there are three primary high-performance glasses available in the market. They are:

Low-E Glass

Low-E or Low-Emissivity glass is a type of high-performance glass that blocks out harmful UV and infrared rays of the sun. It only allows visible light to pass through.

It offers thermal insulation as a result of its low emissivity that decreases the absorption and transmittance of solar radiation. Because of this, low-E glass reduces the amount of heat ingress from the outside.

At the same time, it traps the internal heat from escaping outside, making it ideal for the winter season. AIS Ecosense Essence is a perfect example of low-E glass.

Solar Control Glass

In solar-control glass, a special oxide coating is present that reflects away the harmful rays of the sun and prevents the heat from entering inside the structures. It also prevents solar glare, notorious for causing eye and skin infections.

However, the glass does allow natural light to filter through, providing optimal daylight management. And consequently, lowers the reliance on air-conditioning and heating appliances.

For single glazing applications, AIS Ecosense Edge is a solar-control glass with high insulation properties.

Solar Low-E Glass

As the name suggests, a solar low-E glass is a type of low-E glass that comes with solar control coating. In terms of performance, this glass possesses properties of both its parent glasses.

It prevents overheating of interiors by blocking out the solar radiation and offering thermal insulation. In this way, the heat entering inside isn’t trapped, so it promotes a relatively cooler atmosphere.

AIS Ecosense Excel has advanced solar control and double low-E coatings for best-in-class thermal insulation and solar control performance.

Applications of High-performance Glass

Normally, glass has a high surface emissivity. Because of this, it absorbs and emits a large percentage of the solar radiant heat energy incident on it. Hence, as architectural designs recorded increasing use of glass, the demand for energy-efficiency witnessed an increase as well.  

Here are some common high-performance glass applications that everyone should know about.

Building Façade

In contemporary building designs, façades made of glass are quite common because of their visual appeal. However, incessant exposure to direct sunlight can raise the building’s indoor temperature. This is why high-performance glass is often used in their construction.

There is a significant reduction in the heat ingress and consequently, in the use of cooling devices. Yet, the building continues to receive optimum day light, inducing a brighter ambience.

Skylights/Roof Windows

For daylighting purposes, if there’s no space for a window, you can install skylights in your homes and offices. They allow natural light to pass through while letting you enjoy the stunning outside views.

However, since skylights are exposed to solar rays 24×7, they can increase the temperature indoors. This is why skylights should be made using high-performance glass as it can block the heat from seeping in, offering a cooler ambience.

Internal Partitions

In commercial and retail spaces like showrooms, internal partitions made of high-performance glass can improve energy-efficiency. They look spectacular as the sunlight glimmers on their surfaces, adding to visual appeal.

Besides, the space will receive ample natural light, lowering the reliance on artificial lighting, thereby leading to reduced energy costs.

Glass Windows

Did you know that about 90% of the heat comes through the windows? It can be worse for those living in the tropical and sub-tropical climatic zones.

However, if your windows are outfitted using high-performance glass, you can lower this percentage significantly.

Moreover, lower heat ingress means lower energy consumption and consequently, lower electricity bills.

In Summation

There are no two ways about it – for sustainable development, structures must become energy-efficient. And one of the easiest ways to achieve this is through the application of high-performance glass.

It allows natural light to pass through while blocking out the harmful infrared and UV rays of the sun. At the same time, you receive enhanced thermal insulation that prevents the interiors from overheating. So, you get optimum daylighting without raking up energy costs.

About AIS Glass

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