We straighten out and accelerate the buying process by segmenting our offerings based on the type of user. As such, AIS Glass caters to five different types of customer groups –

Influencers From its modest origins as a window pane in the luxury homes of Pompeii to advanced, structural members in new-age buildings, glass has come a long way. Over the centuries, glass has evolved to become the choicest construction material in many an architect’s books.
For all your construction and renovation needs of residential and commercial buildings, AIS has the right glass solution. From canopies and walkways to fenestration and facades, AIS’ wide range of premium glass solutions will support the most ambitious of architectural projects.
After all, buildings are responsible for around one-third of the total CO2 emissions. Plus, let’s not forget the amount of energy consumed via artificial lighting, heating, and cooling systems, especially in towering corporate structures.
AIS, with its supremacy as a thought leader, is dedicated to fulfilling such customised demands. In the majority of government documents, AIS appears as approve make list in glass, processing as well as windows.
Dealers and distributors
Whether you’re a distributor, distributing to resellers, or a dealer responsible for ensuring that our glass products reach the right customer at the right time, AIS Glass offers the option of bulk purchase.