3 Smart Ways To Incorporate Lacquered Glass In Your Home

Also known as back painted glass, lacquered glass is made by simply coating the back of the float glass using highly durable lacquer that is baked afterwards at a constant temperature in a furnace. As a result, the lacquer gets perfectly bonded to the surface of the smooth glass. Opaquely coloured in appearance, lacquered glass is a booming trend in the present time.  Incorporating all the features of float glass, lacquered glass has a wide range of applications. Be it renovating your kitchen or making your bathroom look more colourful yet sophisticated, lacquered glass is the perfect glass option for your varied requirements.
Here are 3 smart ways to incorporate lacquered glass in your home. Have a look –

  1. Wall Panels – When it comes to designing your house, lacquered glass is the perfect solution. Painting the walls is a repetitive process that costs more in the long run as well. Creating wall panels with coloured lacquered glass not only eliminates the need to paint but adds a creative look to the wall as well. Since they are durable, there are very little chances of breaking.


  1. Kitchen Cabinets – Adding lacquered glass to your kitchen cabinets will change the entire look of your kitchen. Versatile and easygoing, cabinets made using lacquered glass are definitely more practical than their traditional counterparts. A lot of house owners are usually worried that using glass in their kitchen cabinets would reveal all the contents of their kitchen and may appear cluttered. The best way to tackle this problem is to use coloured lacquered glass as it will not reveal the contents of your kitchen without compromising on the aesthetics. Moreover, you can use tuffen glass for the same purpose as well.

  1. FurnitureIf you are done with your boring furniture and want to give it a makeover, lacquered glass is just perfect for you. With superb finish and modern look, tabletops and other furniture made using lacquered glass are not only durable but also highly resistant to moisture, adding to its longevity.

Made using special manufacturing process, lacquered glass is also an environment-friendly alternative. Giving a new and fresh look to the interiors of your house, it exhibits brilliant properties like scratch resistance and colour adhesion. Furthermore, always buy this product from premium glass suppliers like AIS Glass who offer other types of glass like energy efficient glass, frosted glass etc. as well to ensure the quality.


Smart Glass: Uses In The Commercial Space

Glass is among the few things that has reaped the benefits of advancements in science & technology. The classic float glass used in display cases is paving way for toughened glass. Simultaneously, commercial and residential spaces are seeing a rising demand for installation of smart glass – a result of the technological prowess that has emerged since the turn of the millennium. Smart Glass is a commonly used term for an electronically switchable glass. From a clear, see-through glass surface to a murky translucent, and opaque perfection, this glass can change its visibility at the touch of a button.Float Glass
This feature has made smart glass extremely desirable in commercial spaces. With the benefit of controlling both privacy and energy savings, this is among the most popular types of glass for commercial interiors. Some of the ways to incorporate this glass include:
1.Walls & Partitions:
More light in a room makes it look bigger, while adding walls and partitions may cut out on that light source and make the space look smaller. Using Smart Glass to create partitions in a room is a smart move indeed. The transparent walls lend the room a suave feel, and in case one needs privacy, they may simply switch on the button, and in an instant, one gets cool walls around them. This works well for private cabins and conference rooms – regular transparent walls during the day, block opacity during meetings.
2.Building Façade
Many offices in India are moving towards maintaining a glass façade for a superior looking finish to the architecture. However, building owners know the serious costs of lighting and air-conditioning that are shelled out for regular day-to-day functioning within. Installing Smart Glass would be instrumental in controlling the light and heat travelling through the glass, thereby cutting down on costs considerably.
3.Restaurants, Salons & Spas
The hospitality sector can use this type of glass as privacy screen between areas, external windows etc. They are a suitable replacement for traditional partitions such as curtains, blinders or even wooden partitions. The neat finish and utility makes them a much-preferred installation.
The medical sector is also opening up to using Smart Glass as part of its interiors. They are more hygienic and easier to maintain than traditional blinds and curtains. The option of changing the opacity levels on demand is extremely lucrative since it allows practitioners to make the glass opaque during examination and maintain a transparent to translucent visibility during other times for regular monitoring.

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