Blog | December 16, 2022

Types of Glass Ideal for Building Facade

What is a glass façade? Simply put, glass wrapping the exterior of the building is a glass façade. These building façades are regularly used in modern-day building designs due to their simplicity and the length and breadth of design applications. These building façades add glamour and enhance the style quotient of the whole building. However, […]

Blog | November 4, 2022

Understanding Soundproof Glass: Manufacturing Properties and Applications

There are various types of glass used for windows in residential as well as commercial areas. These glasses have different properties and are installed for different purposes. Among them is soundproof glass which has become highly popular in both homes and offices as it helps to reduce the surrounding noise and gives you complete peace […]

Blog | October 18, 2022


In the age of Big Data and shifting cultural trends, architecture is changing at an alarming pace. Over the last few decades, the architecture design market has undergone dramatic changes, paving the way for a future that includes spatial concepts. Today, architects are leveraging technological advancements to bring sustainability concepts to life. For instance, compost […]

Blog | October 9, 2022

Helpful tips for finding the Best Glass Manufacturer in India

Being enthusiastic about new or replacement glass window installation for the office or homes sounds great. But you need to employ significant knowledge, skill, and expertise when picking the right glass. Picking the right one involves several facets besides the cost like ensuring that the window glass offers proper insulation to help with energy conservation […]

Blog | September 16, 2022

Stunning Interior Glass Decor Ideas for Commercial Spaces

Everyone in the world visits the office every day, which is obviously a dull place to be. It can sometimes seem boring to work every day in the same spot while seated in a corner. However, imagine how great the office setting would be if there were fascinating decorations everywhere. Customers and staff both value […]

Blog | September 16, 2022

Everything You Need To Know About Eco-Friendly Glass

We all know that the idea of sustainability is more important than ever at a time when environmental issues are high on the global agenda. Sustainability in ecology refers to the ability to persist; it describes how biological systems can continue to be diversified and productive indefinitely. We as human beings should try adopting methods […]

Blog | August 28, 2022

Building Facade: Why is it Crucial in Commercial Architecture

Did you know that the front side of a building’s project is usually referred to as its façade. As it gives the building a distinctive personality and character, it is one of the most essential aspects of the overall design of the building. A building’s façade can take on a variety of shapes and sizes; […]

Blog | August 11, 2022

Essential Tips for Selecting the Right Glass Type for Workplaces

The thermal effectiveness and energy effectiveness of a workplace can be made or broken by its windows. Window frames with the wrong kind of glass will make rooms boil in the summertime and release heat like a sieve in the winter. This could increase your yearly heating and cooling expenses and make working in your […]

Blog | July 26, 2022

Checklist to Hire Best Tempered Glass Manufacturing Company

Looking to hire the best tempered glass manufacturing company? First, you must know about tempered glass, its benefits, and its uses of this glass and the most important thing that what things you should keep in mind when you going to hire the best tempered glass manufacturing Company. So, let’s start with tempered glass. Tempered […]

Blog | July 22, 2022

Green Building: The Smart Use of Glass in Sustainable Buildings

Did you know that regular glass lets in at least 80% of visible light, ultraviolet radiation and heat? This means that if your home or office building has large beautiful windows (as many buildings do today), the constant influx of heat would cause the AC to be less efficient than it normally is. As a […]

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