A complete guide on lacquered glass designs

As a staple element in modern architecture, glass is widely used by revered architects and designers to add life to their projects – be it residential or commercial. After all, its natural clear colour renders refinement and simplicity to a structure. Moreover, modern glass is processed to provide several other useful functionalities – acoustic insulation, energy-efficiency, extreme durability, to name just a few. And when functionality meets aesthetics, one cannot help but be awestruck. 

Today’s glass designs have gone even a step further and are not limited to the classic standard colour and transparency of glass. Their opacity levels can be enhanced via a process of colour coating that can take the aesthetics of your space to the next level. Welcome this picturesque member of the glass family – lacquered glass.

What is Lacquered Glass?

Lacquered glass is a type of decorative glass that possesses a layer of colour coating on one of its surfaces. Hence, it is also known as back-painted glass.  Made from a highly durable and opaque lacquer, this lacquered glass coating is baked and cured in the oven. This helps the lacquer bond correctly with the glass and ensures a smooth finish. Since the glass is back painted, lacquered glass possesses an opaque coloured appearance to enhance the aesthetic brilliance of your homes and offices. And although typically used for achieving stylish interiors, lacquered glass can now be processed to acquire durable properties as well.

Lacquered glass is highly sustainable and helps to maintain clean environmental surroundings. The manufacturing of back painted glass complies with the strictest regulations regarding the control of formaldehyde emissions and other volatile organic compounds commonly known as VOCs; for the conservation of the environment. And just like every other glass, lacquered glass is 100% recyclable and non-toxic.

At AIS Glass, we possess the ultimate AIS Décor Glass – a high-quality back painted glass that is oven-cured through a superior process to achieve its lustrous finish and opaque colour appearance. At AIS Glass, our processing procedure goes through a few extra premium steps to ensure world-class lacquered glass designs for our clients. Once the coat of lacquer has bonded, the final product can be cut, edge-finished, drilled, grounded, bevelled, and even polished to achieve the desired look requested by the customer.

Thus, our specially designed AIS Décor Glass offers users the opportunity to decorate their spaces with endless choices of lacquered glass designs. They are available in a wide range of attractive shades – 16 to be precise, namely Venetian Red, Black Pearl, Sterling Silver, Snow White, Chrome Yellow, Stone Grey, Turquoise Green, Hazel Brown, Sparkling Beige, Azure Blue, Earthy Brown, Sparkling Snow White, Nile Blue, Spring Green, Autumn Orange and lastly Sparkling Regal Gold and can be customised in a thickness of 4mm, 5mm and 6mm depending upon the customer’s requirements.

Ways to Use Lacquered Glass

Now that we’ve seen the wide variety of lacquered glass designs that can be created through customisation, let’s take a look at few smart ways to incorporate lacquered glass in residential as well as commercial spaces.

Wall Panels

Enduring daily wear and tear, your wall panels deserve a makeover from time to time. But after a few makeovers, repainting the walls can start feeling like a tedious process. Moreover, the toxic fumes from the lead-based paints can have adverse effects on your family and employees. And that’s precisely why you need to use lacquered glass – the revolutionary glass design to redefine your home and office environment with smart aesthetics.  Be it the decorative panels in your drawing rooms or the partitions for your personal cabin; you can choose from a wide variety of lacquered glass designs to brighten up your space with their attractive hues. Furthermore, AIS Glass’ AIS Décor section possesses supreme quality back lacquered glass designs that are extremely attractive and durable, and their beautiful shades do not fade despite regular wear-and-tear.

Cupboards and Cabinets

Many-a-times, you may wonder whether your home and office are starting to look dull and dreary. You may go through multiple home design catalogues for redecorating your spaces only to realise that all you need is a splash of colour to brighten up the room. Whether it’s the bedroom cupboards at home or filing cabinets in the office, you can highlight the beauty of your interiors with vibrant lacquered glass designs from the AIS Décor collection. Designed to be heat and moisture-resistant, they work great in kitchens and bathrooms as they hold a heating capacity of up to 65 degrees Celsius. They are also perfect for spaces that receive much sunlight as its UV-resistant features prevent discolouration of the glass.

Stylish Marker Boards

When appealing aesthetics marries smart functionality, you get the magnetic glass marker board. Trending in the interior designing space, these magnetic markerboards created by applying a hard-wearing coating of lacquer followed by a metal plate that can serve multiple purposes – ideal for magnetizing photos to personalise the space or to directly write down your grocery list or office agenda-for-the-day – these marker boards are a perfect example of lacquered glass’ utility.

Installing lacquered glass designs can enliven your spaces in an instant, and AIS Glass provides you with the 360-degree aesthetic solution range of back-painted glass – AIS Décor. Available in an exclusive palette of 16 striking shades, the premium finish of our lacquered glass has been achieved through a world-class manufacturing process to ensure the colour stands the test of time. Furthermore, AIS Décor is humidity, scratch, thermal, and UV-resistant and is available in a variety of processing options – you can get AIS Décor cut, drilled, ground, polished, bevelled, or edge-finished as per your desire. So, transform your interiors both aesthetically and practically with AIS Décor! Get in touch today.