3 Things to Consider While Choosing Windows for Bathrooms

The bathroom in your home should be the one place you feel completely relaxed and at peace with yourself. It is in the process of taking a shower or soaking in a bath that we allow the stress and madding pace of the day to fall away. The interiors of a bathroom should reflect this need for warmth, peace, and privacy. The windows of the bathroom are quite different in their function from the windows used elsewhere. Let us look at the 3 important things to consider when choosing windows for bathrooms –
In a country like India where apartments and buildings are built close together, privacy is a real concern. We tend to combat this with the use of curtains or drapes but the high moisture content inside the bathroom leaves them limp and moist all the time. Cleaning becomes an issue as well. Our frosted glass windows come in as the perfect solution to such a concern. These allow ample light to enter the bathroom without being transparent.

It goes without saying that the humidity levels of the bathroom are perhaps the highest. These make the bathrooms difficult to clean and susceptible to mould attacks. Removing moulds from window frames is a huge concern for home owners as well. It is best to opt for uPVC windows for bathrooms. These are resistant to rust, water damage, and stains. Also, they can be customized to fit the size and shape of your bathroom and look very attractive as well.
In India, most bathroom windows are quite small. This is often due to the high need for privacy. However, it means that the need for customizing windows is high as well. Again, unlike windows of other rooms, outward opening or inward opening windows take up too much of space making them ill efficient. For this challenge too, uPVC windows come up as the best solution. These can be customised according to the size and the sliding designs are perfect space savers.
Choosing the perfect bathroom window is always a fine balancing act between aesthetics, privacy, and functionality. Getting it right is the key to designing a great bathroom space.


3 Smart Ways To Incorporate Lacquered Glass In Your Home

Also known as back painted glass, lacquered glass is made by simply coating the back of the float glass using highly durable lacquer that is baked afterwards at a constant temperature in a furnace. As a result, the lacquer gets perfectly bonded to the surface of the smooth glass. Opaquely coloured in appearance, lacquered glass is a booming trend in the present time.  Incorporating all the features of float glass, lacquered glass has a wide range of applications. Be it renovating your kitchen or making your bathroom look more colourful yet sophisticated, lacquered glass is the perfect glass option for your varied requirements.
Here are 3 smart ways to incorporate lacquered glass in your home. Have a look –

  1. Wall Panels – When it comes to designing your house, lacquered glass is the perfect solution. Painting the walls is a repetitive process that costs more in the long run as well. Creating wall panels with coloured lacquered glass not only eliminates the need to paint but adds a creative look to the wall as well. Since they are durable, there are very little chances of breaking.


  1. Kitchen Cabinets – Adding lacquered glass to your kitchen cabinets will change the entire look of your kitchen. Versatile and easygoing, cabinets made using lacquered glass are definitely more practical than their traditional counterparts. A lot of house owners are usually worried that using glass in their kitchen cabinets would reveal all the contents of their kitchen and may appear cluttered. The best way to tackle this problem is to use coloured lacquered glass as it will not reveal the contents of your kitchen without compromising on the aesthetics. Moreover, you can use tuffen glass for the same purpose as well.

  1. FurnitureIf you are done with your boring furniture and want to give it a makeover, lacquered glass is just perfect for you. With superb finish and modern look, tabletops and other furniture made using lacquered glass are not only durable but also highly resistant to moisture, adding to its longevity.

Made using special manufacturing process, lacquered glass is also an environment-friendly alternative. Giving a new and fresh look to the interiors of your house, it exhibits brilliant properties like scratch resistance and colour adhesion. Furthermore, always buy this product from premium glass suppliers like AIS Glass who offer other types of glass like energy efficient glass, frosted glass etc. as well to ensure the quality.


4 Inspiring Ideas for Your Kitchen Space

The evolution of kitchens is quite significant. Today’s kitchens are required to be as aesthetically appealing as functional, and to blend with the overall design of the house while retaining its unique look as the heart of the home. This dynamic shift in the way we design kitchens has also a lot to do with the availability of multi-functional and innovative architectural materials such as processed glass.
Modern glass suppliers such as AIS are already leading the way in creating aesthetic glass variants such as AIS Décor lacquered glass and frosted glass which are aiding in the imagining of creative and functional kitchen spaces like never before.

Given the fact that kitchens are usually smaller in size than other spaces and areas in most homes and apartments, using a material such as glass in cabinets, shelves or even countertops helps in adding the illusion of space. Glass’s inherent property of reflecting light helps in creating a well-lit, airy and lively environment in a kitchen, thus allowing inhabitants to experience more joy in cooking.
In this blog, we take a look at four inspiring ideas powered by glass to design or recreate your dream kitchen space:

  1. Create window cabinets

If you’re wondering what they are, then prepare to be excited. If your kitchen wall space is majorly covered with windows, then you can elevate the look of your entire space while also adding more storage to the kitchen with the help of window cabinets. As the name suggests, these cabinets are constructed on top of existing windows, thus providing them with two walls of glass. This can be a unique addition to your kitchen without preventing the external scenery or natural daylight getting obstructed!

  1. Install frosted glass shelves and lacquered glass panel pantry doors

For heightened aesthetics, why stick to simple clear glass? Visually appealing glass types such as frosted privacy glass can add style to your kitchen cabinets while also concealing what they store – if you wish so! On the other hand, if your kitchen has a pantry door, then you can install lacquered glass panels on it to compliment the wall colour or the theme of the kitchen.

  1. Turn your kitchen island into a glass base cabinet

If you have a modular kitchen with a counter in the middle of the floor space, called the island, why not experiment by adding a glass cabinet to its sides? This can be the perfect location to store collectibles, cookbooks or fancy kitchenware. Since this is a base cabinet prone to impact by foot, we recommend opting for tempered security glass for the same.

  1. Add colour to your countertops and backsplashes

Glass kitchen countertops have become very popular, offering a lot in terms of colour, size, and shape. Combining countertops with lacquered glass backsplashes and cabinets creates a stylish and colourful ambience for a kitchen.
Apart from the aesthetic reasons, using glass in kitchens is beneficial since it is a material that it is stain-resistant, easy to clean and maintain, and easy to replace. Time to give your cooking space a well-deserved glass makeover!


Ideal Bathroom Renovation: 3 Types of Glasses You Should Go For

Among all the rooms and spaces in a home, bathrooms often undergo frequent renovations, be it changing of tiles or replacement of bath fittings. Today, more and more homeowners are trying to build sleek, stylish and airy modern bathrooms that becomes a salient feature of their home. And to aid them in this mission, glass as a material, whether in the form of toughened glass, laminated glass or any other glass, is coming in increasingly handy.

One might believe that the idea of using glass, which is often transparent in nature, in a bathing area, which is naturally considered to be a highly private space, is a contradictory one. However, thanks to advanced processing techniques, the field of glass manufacturing has been blessed with highly functional inventions that address issues such as safety and privacy of space quite deftly.
Looking for the best glass solutions for your bathroom renovation? Here are three types of glasses you should go for:
Tempered Glass for shower doors and partitions
One of the primary ways to renovate a bathroom is to separate the bathing area from the rest of the space. This can achieved by shower cubicles and enclosures that look sleek, modern and luxurious to say the least. They are made of highly impact resistant toughened glass, especially the doors, so as to provide adequate safety to occupants. After all, bathroom floors are often wet and slippery, which means that there is a high chance of slipping. In order to avoid harm to oneself or damage to bath installations, using tempered glass in shower doors, cubicles, partitions, etc. helps greatly.
Frosted Glass for windows and shower enclosures
To augment the privacy inside a bathroom without compromising on the looks, you should opt for frosted glass such as AIS Krystal which limits visibility through it without creating a dim environment. Frosted glass is created by the process of sandblasting or acid etching which leads to creation of a glass surface that is translucent and hazy. This makes frosted glass the ideal material for bathroom windows and partitions, and even shower enclosures!
Lacquered Glass for cabinets and shelves
Hoping to add some colour to your bathroom? If such is your primary requirement, then you can add colourful highlights to the space using lacquered glass such as AIS Décor. This is a type of coloured glass in which one surface of the glass is painted with a premium hue which is guaranteed to ensure a high quality and long-lasting finish. Using lacquered glass in cabinets, shelves and other minor installations will create a wonderful aesthetic for the bathroom. Also, AIS Décor is moisture and heat resistant, which means that it is ideal for the tough environment of the bathroom


Privacy and beauty- Get both with Frosted Glass

Home and office owners are looking to make a style statement with the use of trendy and beautiful materials. They often make use of wood, ceramic, tiles and other products to beautify the interiors of their personal space. However, one material that is often overlooked is glass.
It is a highly versatile and flexible material that does not degrade in the long run and requires the least maintenance. Initially, glass was used to provide people with a view of the outside world. But now architects and designers can easily change the aesthetics and improve the overall look of any home or office.

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