Hidh Performnace glass Can Build An Eco-Friendly Environment

Eco-friendly literally means earth-friendly. This term refers to products and practices that contribute to green living and help safeguard earth’s natural resources. In order to create a balance in the conservation and preservation of our resources and to minimize the size of our ecological footprints, this green lifestyle should be adapted by every individual.
What can one do to make this lifestyle a part of his daily life?
Invest in eco-friendly products and practices!
Glass-Your first step towards green living
One such product that has the capability of regenerating energy and maintaining sustainability is glass! This green product has been inspiring architects around the globe by its multitudinous benefits and its demand is increasing by the day!
Glass can be used to insulate interiors, in flooring & stairs, in doors & windows, walkways, cabins, balustrades, bathroom vanities, wardrobes, benches & table tops, pool fences and many more areas.
Each variant has its own unique benefits that will help you achieve your own comfort zone.
Best place to buy Glass products!
AIS is India’s leading integrated glass manufacturer. We offer myriad solutions depending on the need of your project and customized solutions to cater to every need in glass. We also provide you with customized solutions according to your requirements.
Our solutions will help you achieve a delicate balance between aesthetic appeal and functionality, provide natural lighting, control temperatures, endorse energy efficiency, cost effectiveness and promote a green lifestyle!
How can it be useful to create an eco-friendly environment?
With AIS glass, creating an eco-friendly environment is possible as the products can be recycled almost forever. Besides, they also come with a 5- start rating that consumes 40% less energy and last 10 times longer than traditional bulbs. With AIS products, you are guaranteed to keep your homes cooler during summer and warmer during winter. AIS glass also offers energy-efficient and at the same time also helps you increase the aesthetic value of your green structure. With us, you will also be able to leave in peace and help in reducing the carbon footprint.
At AIS, we incessantly strive to fortify our ecological commitment by expanding our offerings of eco-friendly glass and glass products each day. So choose AIS and make your offices and homes a greener place!


Privacy and beauty- Get both with Frosted Glass

Home and office owners are looking to make a style statement with the use of trendy and beautiful materials. They often make use of wood, ceramic, tiles and other products to beautify the interiors of their personal space. However, one material that is often overlooked is glass.
It is a highly versatile and flexible material that does not degrade in the long run and requires the least maintenance. Initially, glass was used to provide people with a view of the outside world. But now architects and designers can easily change the aesthetics and improve the overall look of any home or office.


How green buildings can help reduce electricity bills?

With the ever-changing environment around us, it’s important to be ecologically conscious and active. One way to contribute towards this is by building a green home. There is a vast difference in an emission-producing powerhouse and a greenhouse.
A greenhouse/building is far healthier to live in, provides improved indoor air quality, is more comfortable, yields high returns when it comes to energy savings, impacts positively on the environment, reduces the use of natural resources and definitely is cost-effective!
The concept
A green building/home, typically, is designed and constructed in a manner to enable resources to be used more efficiently. It is made with energy-efficient, cost-effective and sustainable materials.
One such material is glass! Usage of the right glass can reduce conservation of electricity in more ways than one.
AIS, India’s leading integrated glass manufacturer provides a range of energy-efficient glass products that serve the needs of new-age green buildings and help you reduce your electricity bills. Some of the products that they offer are:-
AIS Sunshield:
If building a green home is your goal, then using a sustainable material like AIS Sunshield is an apt choice. It reduces the impact of construction on the environment. Its advanced solar control technology effectively reduces glare and heat. This high-performance product offers you a host of unmatched benefits that improve the energy-efficiency of your homes and commercial spaces, reduces your electricity bills and helps you live green.
AIS Ecosense:
Ecosense from AIS offers countless benefits that will help you build a green home. This glass is custom made to reflect the sun’s UV rays, thereby keeping the interiors cool. It allows in as much day-light as possible, considerably reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day, thereby reducing electricity bills. This glass is energy-efficient and at the same time also helps you increase the aesthetic value of your green structure.
 AIS Opal:
Insulation is the biggest factor that you need to consider while building a green home. As you know heating and cooling account for 50% of your home’s energy consumption.
In this hot weather, wouldn’t it be nice if your windows reflected back the sun’s heat automatically? And in the winters helped heat from escaping? This is possible with AIS Opal glass range. AIS Opal’s solar control properties improve insulation minimizing the possibility of air leaks contributing to lesser energy consumption. Its solar control characteristic also prevents heat from entering the building making it the best choice for your green home.
Apart from using the materials listed above, you should also consider the location of your home/office, size, equipment, rainwater harvesting systems and eco-friendly lighting.
These materials and aspects will definitely reduce your electricity bills and contribute to a greener tomorrow.


Glass – A Stylish Material

Architects and designers have always used glass to add that touch of marvel and class in homes and structures designed by them. Initially used only in window panels, this transparent and versatile building material is now also being used to replace wooden doors, brick walls and even facades. Initially, glass was just used to provide the people inside a structure with a view of the world outside. But now it is being used to make modern homes and buildings that are both eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing.



Your home is a place to relax and unwind. It keeps you away from all the hustle and bustle of daily life. It offers you and your family security and solace.
Hence, when it comes to the interiors of your home, one should be very careful in choosing the right products. The right products will help you create an atmosphere that is comfortable and safe. They will also enhance your lifestyle and keep your family secure.
So what should you invest in, in order to achieve the above?
The answer is a versatile and eco-friendly product- uPVC doors and windows.


Creative glass facades across the globe

Glass plays an important role when it comes to the construction of modern infrastructure. It is also used to build floor-to-ceiling windows that allow natural daylight. This versatile material has helped some of the world’s leading architects build beautiful and functional designs. By using glass, you can now design innovative, dynamic and stunning buildings with natural lighting.
Take a look at the four most creative glass buildings across the globe!


Unique applications of Tempered glass

Buildings and glass share a special relationship. The various properties of glass make it the perfect material to be used in a variety of applications and spaces. As a result, architects and designers can make use of glass that provides numerous advantages such as privacy, safety and more.  If safety and security are your main concern, make sure you opt for tempered glass, also known as toughened glass since it is stronger than ordinary glass.


International Women’s Day

As we all know, International Women’s Day is celebrated across the world on 8th March every year. In the year 1909, the earliest celebration was held as a socialist political event in New York. The celebration is to appreciate, respect and express love towards women. This day is celebrated in different regions to praise their economic, political and social achievements.
To celebrate the essence of womanhood, we decided to honour the successful women architects in our country for their contribution in our field. The concept was based on #BreakTheGlassCeiling where the focus was on all those women who have achieved remarkable success in their career. We spoke about sportswomen, CEOs, Prime Ministers and more. The idea was to show how a woman can have it all.
On the day of International Women’s day, we celebrated this day with exemplary women architects by felicitating them with ‘The Keystone Award’ in honour of their work, dedication and the progress in the field of architecture. Many women architects were felicitated with this prestigious award.
Update 04 - Copy
In honour of this award, we celebrated this occasion with them and their respective associations. Renowned architects like Ar. Kavita Talib from Soyuz Talib Architects, Ar. Alpa Shikre from Sandeep Shikre and Associates, Ar. Nina Puri from Sanjay Puri Architects and many more were felicitated with ‘The Keystone Award’. You can view the pictures here.
Update-1 (1)
We also shared the videos of women architects where they shared their journey of success and taught to face challenges in life,  encouraged to follow dreams  and achieve success in any field we want to. Their story is truly an inspiration of every woman out there!
To watch these videos, Click Here.
We celebrated this accomplishment with them which added an essence of contentment. Due to this, it was not just AIS but also all the firms were delighted by this moment on the occasion of women’s day was a memorable one for everyone.  To view the album, Click Here.
As quoted by Harriet Beecher Stowe, “Women are the real architects of the society.” We believe that women can achieve success in any field they step in as they not only have qualities like strength and courage, but also a thirst to prove themselves!


Use of glass in hospitality industry

Noise pollution is detrimental to health. It can cause psychological and physiological damage to a person. As a result, noise becomes hostile and can make your environment unpleasant.  By using the right glass, architects can decrease the amount of unwanted noise and make your surroundings pleasant. One such important commercial segment where noise pollution needs to be kept at bay is the hospitality industry. Besides noise pollution, high energy bills and excessive light are other major problems faced by players in the restaurant and hotel sector. As the industry focusses on the comfort of their guests, such issues need to be resolved effectively.
Why use glass?
Installing glass doors and windows can help create audacious designs and aesthetic environments. If privacy is what you are looking for, make sure you use frosted glass. Acoustic insulation glazing can be used to cancel the noise and create that tranquil setting you desire.  Glass has added benefits such as durability and high performance, and will assist in creating an aesthetic appearance. Therefore, architects who are working on a project should explore the option of using glass as it is a highly versatile building material.
Types of glass
In this competitive market, hoteliers often find it challenging to provide customers with the very best. The noise, poor glazing, and many other issues result in unsatisfactory conditions for guests. By making use of architectural, float, or annealed glass, you can create the right conditions for guests and make rooms look appealing, too. Architects are guaranteed to impress their clients / customers with these aesthetic layout designs that can keep the decibel levels
very low.
Take a look at our noise proof glass and energy-efficient solutions listed below:
Aesthetic: AIS Aesthetic glass in hotels not only gives an appealing look to the interiors, but it also adds a touch of modernity. Using attractive glass also enhances the beauty of the interiors.
Sound Insulation: The interlayers of AIS Acousticglas can reduce any kind of external sound. It is multifunctional and offers high-performance benefits. This glass can also be useful to preserve the aesthetic appearance of a structure. Besides reduction of noise pollution, there are many other options that provide an array of energy-saving solutions. Such solutions can be useful to reduce the energy consumption drastically.
Security: It is the perfect solution for contemporary living spaces. AIS Securityglas can provide level-2 and level-3 protection from burglar attacks. With such solutions architects can ensure that a building’s aesthetics are satisfactorily addressed, while taking care that occupants’ safety and security aspects are not compromised.
Privacy: The latest AIS Swytchglas is designed with modern technology that will help you maintain your privacy at just the click of a button. This unique glass technology enables the transformation of transparent glass to opaque glass with just the flick of a switch.
Energy Efficiency: With AIS Ecosense glass, one can achieve that subtle balance between the environment inside and outside the structure. Getting optimum daylight and energy efficiency in every sense is achieved by using this glass.
This green-standard glass is available in a variety of shades. They are classified further into three categories, as follows:

  • Enhance (Solar Control)
  • Exceed (Solar Control Low E0)
  • Essence (Low E) and Edge (Solar Control & Low E)

With these glass solutions, building the world closer to nature is easier. The glass can be useful to improve efficiency, aesthetics, and eco-sensitivity.
Hotels and restaurants built in certain parts of India require thermal insulation and better light transmission. These glass solutions can adequately meet such requirements. With the availability of this glass in different shades, implementing energy-efficient and aesthetic building designs has now become possible.


#FindYourPerfectMatch with AIS Glass

Have you watched our video to ‘Find Your Perfect Match’ yet? AIS decided to help you find your match in an interesting way, i.e. through a video. The video not only describes the characteristics but also the features of the different characters in an impressive style.

Meet the characters here and know more about them!

Mr. Stronglas is 5 times stronger than any other ordinary glass. He is strong and protective of everyone around him. He makes sure that people around him are always safe.
If at all it breaks, AIS Stronglas shatters into small blunt pieces and protects you from injuries. With it, you don’t need to worry about any danger as it will keep you safe, and injury free.
Stronglas can be used for different applications such as table tops, shelves, partition, facades, wash basins and many more. If you are concerned about keeping intruders out or have smaller kids in the house, AIS Stronglas is the perfect match for you!

Do you like to show-off your home to everyone? If yes, Mr. Aesthetic is the best match for you.  He is not just attractive but also charming. With him around, you are sure to grab attention.
AIS Aesthetic glass is used in interiors and gives it a fresh and an innovative look. It can make any space look stylish and classy.
AIS Aesthetic Glass is used for interior applications. It is available in different shades and patterns to beautify your spaces.  Wide range includes Frosted Glass, Patterned Glass, Fabric Laminated Glass and much more.

EcosenseAIS Ecosense is cool as well as charming. When it comes to protection from heat, Ecosense is the best choice! He knows how to keep you comfortable in your home or office.
Ecosense aims to provide a cool or warm environment as per your needs. It is eco-friendly and maintains the perfect balance between the indoors and the outdoors. It can fit in any climatic condition and is a mix of architectural, aesthetic, economic, energy efficiency and environment sense.
Ecosense is used for exterior glass applications like facades, and windows in homes and offices.

AcousticAre you tired of all the noise around you? Mr. Acousticglas is perfect for you!
He is silent, peaceful and calm. You can trust him with all your secrets because he will never let them out. You can blindly trust him with all your information.
Stay calm with AIS Acousticglas- it will not only ensure that your words are not overheard by anyone, but also keep outside unwanted noise out.
AIS Acousticglas can be used in board room or office cabin partitions, windows in houses, facades, shop -fronts etc.

SwytchglasMr. Swytchglas is the perfect blend of latest technologies, modern innovation and focuses on the current need for privacy. He is smart and knows when to provide you privacy when most needed. He is very flexible and easy to be with.
With AIS Swytchglas, you can turn transparent glass opaque with just the click of a button. It strikes the perfect balance between style and necessity, and blocks visibility at the switch of a button.
AIS Swytchglas can be used in varied applications in multiple verticals like windows, walls and partitions, conference rooms, hospitals, salons and many more places where you need to ensure privacy.
With AIS, you can get a variety of different options as per your needs and requirements. So with all these bachelors around you, did you #FindYourPerfectMatch? Watch this video to know more:


Glass- a versatile material for construction and architecture

The glorious past of glass
Be it the National Grand Theater of China or the Bloch Building at The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, history has in its pages that the world’s most astounding structures are carved in glass.
With the development of technology man has learnt to optimize this versatile material to its maximum potential. Glass nowadays is being used for glazing, tiling, housing and buildings, packaging, tableware, interior design and decoration, furniture, appliances, automobiles and much more.
Uses of Glass in construction and architecture
Over the years glass has characterized modern architecture like no other material. Glass materials not only distinguish the look and feel of facades but also have a crucial involvement in the energy efficiency of buildings.
The usage of glass in the commercial and residential sector is increasing by leaps and bounds. This adaptable material is now being considered as a symbol of affluence and luxury and is gradually becoming an architect’s favorite.
 Types of glass used in architecture
When it comes to architecture and design, glass offers an array of styles to choose from such as tinted, float, double-glazed, solar control etc. Each possessing qualities of its own.
Advantages of glass in architecture
Glass has the ability to make infrastructure look more stunning and sophisticated. It goes without saying that usage of glass in construction adds beauty to the building. Its use achieves the architectural view for external decoration. When used in the interiors, glass saves space too.
Glass cladding in building carry out the utilitarian requirement of heat retention, lighting and energy saving. It also adds a sense of ingenuousness and harmony to any surrounding.
How are AIS glass solutions different from the rest?
We offer myriad solutions depending on the need of your project and offer customized solutions to cater to your every need in glass. We have products which are five times stronger than ordinary glass in the market. They allow architects and contractors to build the best architectural designs.
Why should you choose AIS?
Design and durability:
By opting for AIS glass solutions, you are guaranteed to get designs that are durable, aesthetically pleasing and flexible in nature.
Safety and Security:
Our glass solutions offer better safety and security that make them the best option for use in high-security places.
Noise reduction:
Our solutions can also be used to control sound levels and act as an effective insulator. If your office or home is situated near a busy market, railway station or an airport, these solutions can be vital in keeping the sound out.
Energy Saving:
With AIS glass, you can not only create supreme aesthetic designs, but also save energy costs. Our solutions also help in saving energy and keeping your building cool.
Our thermal insulating glass is the ultimate product when it comes to conserving the heat inside any structure. Our Float Glass produces a wide range of value-added varieties of glass such as solar control glass — opal and ecosense range of glass and many more that are best for your construction needs.
With us on board, you are guaranteed to get access to a wide range of glass solutions that suit all your requirements, be it for commercial use or residential. If you are looking to provide your clients/employees/family members with a place of complete bliss and aesthetic glory, opt for AIS glass solutions.


Glass and Sustainability

When it comes to building homes and offices, glass is considered the material of choice by architects and designers across the globe. It has numerous advantages and various properties which makes it ideal to use in most places in interiors and exteriors. Modern reflective glass offers a high amount of flexibility and it can be used to make green buildings that help save on your energy bills, which is why it’s the preferred choice of architects.
For an architect, glass solutions are vital when it comes to building ‘smart’ and eco-friendly houses and business areas.  AIS provides a wide range of products that will help you find the ideal glass based on where you desire to use it as well as the functionality required. For an all in one glass solution while designing a home or office, reflective glass can be a smart choice. Our glass solutions come along with advanced coatings that can filter heat and radiation from sunlight, letting in pure light and no heat. Architects and designers find it a lot easier to work with modern glass as its endless benefits can be used to create elegant designs that are not only eco-friendly but also bring with them a contemporary feel.


When it comes to building homes and offices, glass is considered the material of choice by architects and designers across the globe. It has numerous advantages and various properties which makes it ideal to use in most places in interiors and exteriors. Modern reflective glass offers a high amount of flexibility and it can be used to make green buildings that help save on your energy bills, which is why it’s the preferred choice of architects.
For an architect, glass solutions are vital when it comes to building ‘smart’ and eco-friendly houses and business areas.  AIS provides a wide range of products that will help you find the ideal glass based on where you desire to use it as well as the functionality required. For an all in one glass solution while designing a home or office, reflective glass can be a smart choice. Our glass solutions come along with advanced coatings that can filter heat and radiation from sunlight, letting in pure light and no heat. Architects and designers find it a lot easier to work with modern glass as its endless benefits can be used to create elegant designs that are not only eco-friendly but also bring with them a contemporary feel.
Solar glass works in three distinct mechanisms namely reflectance, absorbance and transmittance. As a result, such glass can reflect, absorb and transmit solar energy and prevent it from entering your homes and office spaces. Replacing the glass in your homes can guarantee protection from (IR) Infrared and (UV) Ultraviolent wavelengths. By reflecting these wavelengths the amount of heat can be reduced within your home and even in an office building.
You can choose from a wide array of our solar control glass products such AIS Ecosense glass, AIS Sunshield, AIS Opal glass and many others that have different properties that come in use in various situations and for various structures. Overall, architects have at their disposal different types of glass that can be used to build comfortable and better living facilities. Companies who are looking to reduce their carbon footprint should opt for AIS energy efficiency solutions. Those looking for customized solutions can get in touch with our experts. They are well informed about all the types of glass that we provide and will guide you to the right solution. If you are an architect and are looking to provide clients with something extra ordinary, look no further than us and our glass solutions.


AIS Launches Ecosense – EDGE

Creating a perfect amalgamation of energy efficient and day-lighting buildings and homes is quite challenging for architects and designers. If you happen to be an architect, it is important to keep yourself updated with the latest products in the market. When you come across Ecosense, you are guaranteed to get a range of high-performance glass solutions. Glass such as Ecosense Enhance (solar control),  Ecosense Exceed (Solar control glass Low-E), Ecosense Essence (Low – E) and Ecosense Edge (solar control glass & thermal insulation – Low E) are some of the latest products available today from house of AIS.  Considering the climatic conditions of India, the new range of products offer many advantages and can be useful in creating an ‘abode’ that you have always desired. Cutting unnecessary cost on artificial lightening, building maintenance, and air conditioning can be easily reduced by using AIS solutions.


After taking a closer look at the glass product portfolio online, you will be convinced that providing customized solutions according to client’s requirements is possible. The Reflective glass and other types of glass offer consumers the best in class eco-friendly features. It could be used for structural glazing, windows, skylights and even facades for that matter. Edge series is available in three different shades such as Clear (Natura), Blue (Electra) and Green (Chroma). This new range of product guarantees to fulfil all your requirements.
If you are looking to create the perfect balance between indoors and outdoors, then Solar control glass is a must. With the weather in the country, people often find it hard to keep their indoors cooler. However, by using such kind of glass, you can keep your indoors brighter (natural light) as well as cooler. The glass is also useful when it comes to absorbing, radiating and reflecting a large amount of infrared heat. By installing such products in your homes, offices and other venues, you can create an aesthetic as well as economic sense. Those of you looking to install single or double glazed glass can also opt to purchase such glass at affordable rates.
You will learn that the ongoing shift towards the green revolution is offering a lot of opportunities for those who are looking for ‘superior energy solutions’. So if you are in the market and are completely unaware about such kind of technology, make sure you check our website. With such glass, you can create a comfortable and pleasant environment for your homes without the hassle. Upon use, you will find that the glass is very easy to install and maintain.
Those looking to replace the glass in their buildings and homes should certainly consider installing the modern range of glass by AIS. This attractive feature can reduce your electricity bills that can save a lot of energy in the long run. To learn more, make sure to call the company experts as they are very helpful and can clear any doubts you may have.
People who are looking to create an eco-friendly future for themselves should definitely consider opting solar control glass or reflective glass. So if you are looking for such eco-friendly and reliable solution, AIS glass is the way to go!


Energy Efficient Building with Reflective Glass

For those people who are eco-friendly and believe in energy efficiency, opting for solar control glass or reflective glass can be the best choice! There are many benefits and advantages of using these types of glass.
Buildings and glass have a special relation. The magic it can create has no limits. It’s easy to work with glass due to the many properties that it has to offer. With solar control glass, architects can come up with designs and possibilities that are safe and last longer. Over conventional glass, modern glass is affordable and easy when it comes to maintenance.
In case you are looking for a specific application to control the amount of heat, reflective glass will be a superior choice. Reflective glass has a special kind of metallic coating that makes it possible to see outside while inhibiting people from seeing in. such features can be useful if you are looking for privacy during the day. This kind of glass can be used indoors as well as outdoor for endless applications. If you are looking for a solution to reduce heat gain or loss, reflective glass can be very easy to work with and extremely beneficial.
Those of you looking for the dual effect, i.e. of allowing sunlight in, while repelling solar heat, solar control glass would be the right option. The glass permits only sunlight to pass into your homes/offices resulting in a brighter environment indoors. However, it prevents the passage of sun heat by reflecting and radiating it to a large degree, leading to a cooler space. It also blocks the entry of UV rays and reduces the exposure to zero.
If you are looking for a solution for hot summers in the country, installing solar control glass is a must. Those of you living in temperate conditions can make use of solar control glass to balance the high levels of natural light. Such glass also helps reduce the amount of air conditioning required, which will help you save money.  Making use of solar control glass or reflective glass can effectively reduce the heat build-up in your homes, apartments, offices and other places with ease. Creating an elegant and smart design that changes to reflect the color of the sky can be achieved by AIS glass solutions.
Tailor-made solutions can also be achieved from AIS.  You can get the desired thickness, size, and customized solutions. By installing such kind of glass, you do not have to worry about glass cracking or breaking into small shards. Such kind of glass can be used for other schools, malls, hospitals and other places. So make use of the right type of glass for your specific need and get the results you desire with AIS. Installing reflective glass can offer varying levels of reflectivity that can be useful in creating the ideal environment that you desire.


AIS for Road Safety and Pollution Prevention.

Following road safety rules while driving in India can make driving less stressed out. But often people break rules just to reach their destination quickly. Putting their lives at risk, people indulge in rash driving that sometimes lead to accidents. Besides glass, there are numerous other things that can be done to reduce the car traffic and pollution issues. Some of the rules are listed below:
Educate your loved ones:
Making your children and your loved ones aware of road safety can bring about a great impact to their lives. Make sure you let them know about rules of crossing the road, traffic signs and so on.
Drive/ride at economical pace:
Driving or riding the vehicle at a constant speed will increase the overall fuel efficiency by at least 30%. This can be done by maintaining a steady pace in your driving style. By doing so, one can reduce the amount of greenhouse gases and other pollutants. Make sure to also service the car regularly to keep the engine tuned.
Avoid peak hours:
Peak hours is the worst time to commute as the street is crowded with people heading to work, school and other venues. Often people are stuck in heavy traffic. This causes stress and doubles the traveling time to your destination. To cut down on this issue, one needs to schedule their errands and travelling to avoid peak hours. This helps to save time and gets the task done as well.
 Follow traffic rules:
Following traffic rules ensures road safety and smooth flow of traffic system. Traffic rules also ensure that one does not have to deal with speeding tickets or any other fines given by traffic officials.  These rules also imply to pedestrians who are looking to cross the road without any risk.
Carpooling/Public transport:
For some people, avoiding peak hour traffic might not be possible. During such times, carpooling or using public transport can be the smarter choice. It can help contributing to less traffic, prevents you from getting stressed and can save a lot on money. In a country like India, one also worries about parking in major cities like Mumbai and Delhi! This will be less of an issue with carpooling.
Those people who are looking for a healthier way to commute, can opt to walk or cycle their way to work. In case if the destination is closer, bicycling or walking can be a good decision. So stay safe on the road and help the environment by reducing your carbon footprint!
We at AIS have been offering automotive glass for over 30 years. AIS Auto Glass is seen in India’s best vehicles, commanding a market share of over 70% offering high quality automotive glasses for the best in safety, comfort & style.


AIS’s Innovative Solutions showcased at ACETECH 2015

ACE Tech is  a leading trade fair in Asia for architecture, construction, building materials, engineering, innovation, interior and design and only third-of-it’s kind in the world.  This profound platform offers ample opportunities for brands to not just exhibit their products, but also to create top of the mind recall value on the decision makers of the architecture, construction and design industry. Top shot personalities from politics, business, and entertainment have graced the event with their presence over the years.
This year AIS – India’s leading integrated glass company was also a part of this unique forum. AIS stall showcased its solutions in glass and uPVC doors and windows at ACETECH 2015 held at Pragati Maidan, Delhi.


 Innovative Glass solutions are a delight to watch because of their aesthetic appeal that never fail to grab eyeballs.   Sliding door by AIS VUE convinced onlookers to walk in to our stall at ACETECH also on showcase was glass products that deliver – aesthetic and decorative, energy-efficient, strength and safety, privacy and acoustic solutions.
People crossing the stall had their eyes fixated on the glass walkway. Some came in but were too scared to walk on it. It was our moment of fun to actually break the existing myth about glass being a fragile building material.
We also showcased various applications of glass for homes and commercial spaces.
AIS also showcased various types of glasses used for application in interiors and exteriors like acid etched glass, fabric laminated glass, lacquered glass, frosted glass, colored laminated glass, mirrors, high-performance energy efficient glasses to name a few.
Besides these, there was AIS Swytchglas – which stole the show. This solution attracted a large crowd curious to know more about the technology behind it. AIS Swytchglas offers Privacy –i.e. transparent to opaque at a click of button.
Another major attraction was a sample piece of AIS Securityglas kept with a baseball bat for people to come experience the power of unbreakable glass.
We received audiences of all age groups- architectural students, professionals, interior designers and architects.
Overall ACE Tech 2015 was an amazing experience for not just the brand to exhibit their solutions but also for all those who visited the AIS stall and got acquainted with the brand and its innovative offerings!


Essential Guide to Cleaning your Windshield

Cleaning a car windshield without the right knowledge can be a challenging job. Using the wrong equipment and method can cause a lot of scratches on your windshield. Here is windshield cleaning guide that we feel can be used to clean different types of glass windshields. Having a clean, dirt and grease-free windshield can offer a safer ride, especially in poor weather conditions.  Without making use of an expensive cleanser, it is possible to get rid of bird droppings, dirt, tree sap and other interference.
Take a look at a detailed guide that can be useful to achieve a spotless and sparkling windshield.
Choosing the ideal cleaning solution:
With numerous cleaning solutions on the market, choosing the ideal one can be a daunting task. Besides, the variety of ammonia-based, auto glass cleaners, all-purpose cleaners has catalysed the confusion by several folds.  As a result, people simply pick any solution for window glass types without thinking. I was one of them too, but after several trial and error, I realised that ammonia is harmful and so are the household cleaning solutions.  Hence, make sure you use a cleaner intended for automotive glass that can give the best results.  Such solutions offer a clean streak free windshield that is free from any obstructions.
Choosing other material:
Make sure you use a microfiber cloth to clean the windshield with the ideal cleaning solution. The cloth is made from the tiny wedge-shaped fibres that are 100 times finer than a human hair. As a result, cleaning any kind of dirt can be done easily. Besides, they are also long lasting and can be reused several times to clean different types of glass windshield.
Right way to clean any windshield:
Choosing the right kind of cleaning solution and microfiber cloth is not the end. Implying the right technique is equally important when it comes to cleaning any window glass types. Start of by cleaning the glass with water. Only then make use of the cleaning solution. Scrub water off the windshield in straight lines. Invest in a soft brush and use horizontal and vertical motion without scrubbing too hard. This is done only to loosen the grime.
Glass cleaning solution:
Spray the cleaning solution on the microfiber cloth and begin cleaning. Make sure you work from one side to another to get the best result. After the first clean, the residue is likely to remain. Repeat the procedure until you get it right. Once done, let the glass dry naturally.
By following the above-mentioned guides, you are certain to get a clean windshield.


Windshields through the ages

A car’s windshield is sometimes the only thing better the driver and the dirt from the road; dirt that contains stones among its various things. But suppose a stone comes flying in and hits the windshield, the glass does not break apart, but remains there with a spider web crack. It has taken a long time for the glass to get here and many types of glass have been experimented on and you should be thankful for it.
Needless to say, the first car invented went pretty slow and didn’t need a windshield, it was only later when powerful engines began powering cars, that windshield became necessary. Even then, float glass was used for windshields thereby keeping the costs low. But when the windows broke, they injured the driver and passenger. French scientist Edouard Benedictus then proposed the use of a glass that was made with cellulose nitrate, which didn’t shatter when it broke. But the high production cost of the glass meant that car manufacturers refused to use it.
World War 1:
During WW1, safety glass was used to make the eyepiece in gas masks. Automakers saw that the glass worked well to protect the soldiers. They debated the use of such glass in vehicles arguing that while it would be much safer, it would also send the cost of the vehicles up, thereby risking sales. However, many of them decided to risk it and safety glass was considered being used to make windshields for cars.
USe in cars
Use in Cars:
In the decade that followed the war, windshields were still not used as much in cars. But when they were used, they still injured many passengers. Resulting in the injuries that followed and the public losing their trust in vehicles, the first use of safety glass in cars was in 1927, leading to its popularity in the years to come.
In 1928, Duplate glass was introduced by the American company Pittsburgh Plate Glass company. Designs were improved upon and safety glass became a common feature in vehicles. By 1966, safety glass could be found in all passenger cars in the country and is now an important safety feature in all cars.

Laminated glass

Laminated glass is usually used in Windshields as it is a safety glass that holds together when impacted. It is made by sandwiching between two or more slices of glass, which helps the glass form breaking is called poly vinyl butyral (PVB). This kind of glass for cars keeps you safe and protects you from sudden accident this glass will stay together, and not shatter.
Use of glass
The use of glass as a windshield has evolved from not being used to becoming an important safety measure. From regular glass that injured the passengers to safety glass, windshields have come a long way from simply protecting the passenger from wind to becoming a lifesaver.
Nowadays windshields continue to grow in complexity and sophistication. Windshields are larger and often more raked. Some provide increased visibility with a windshield that extends up into the roof above the driver or one that wraps into the side of the car. Modern windshields can filter 95-99% of UV rays. Since the 90s a hybrid film with dye to absorb heat and metal to ban sun rays has provided significant reduction in infrared (IR) rays and consequent internal heat gain.


How are laminated windshields better?

With 50,000 cars on our roads, safety plays a crucial role. Accidents have been on the rise due to the tremendous increase in the number of vehicles on the road. The rise in accidents has led to new developments in safety, particularly in the field of windshields. Laminated glass is safety glass that doesn’t shatter after an impact, no matter big or small. It is supposed to be one the most strong and sturdy type of glass used in the fields of automobiles, architecture and places that need high security like jewellery stores, bank etc.


Unlike normal glass, laminated glass is made by sandwiching a glass sheet between two or more portions of glass. This sheet is known as poly vinyl butyral (PVB) which is what helps to keep the glass from breaking.

Casualties in accidents were on a steep rise due to windshields not being strong and sturdy. Often, due to the impact of the crash, drivers would get seriously injured as windshield would shatter since it couldn’t withstand the impact. It is then when manufacturers realised the need for a stronger and more durable glass that could stand tough in such situations. And thus, in 1919 they made a glass that was strong enough to take the brute force of such impacts. Even after breaking and being punctured, the laminated glass will stay together because of the chemical PVB. Laminated glass was first used in 1927 in automobiles as a windshield.

Usually the side and rear windows are made of tempered glass, so they shatter into small pieces after breaking. As the tempered glass breaks into small particles it is less harmful than breaking into sharp pieces. Thus, windshields are made of laminated glass to protect the driver and the co-driver. The laminated glass in the car has two main functions. Firstly, it helps the co driver’s air bag to open up properly. The air bag at the driver’s side usually pops up to the drivers face. But when the passenger’s air bag opens up, it bounces off the windshield and then lands in the required position to safeguard the passenger. The second function it provides is that the driver is saved from deep cuts that would have been caused by the breaking of the windshield on impact. Often while driving, there are many objects like stone, metal etc. that hit the vehicle out of nowhere. Hence this glass very well plays its role in avoiding accidents regarding the same.

So to conclude, laminated glass may just look like any other ordinary glass, but it really has some extra-ordinary features.


How Are We Going to Driving in year 2020? Futuristic cars

Unless you’re an entrenched walker or a regular customer for public transport, you probably spend more time in your car than anywhere except your sweet home and workplace.
Driving can sometimes can be an ordeal and is not always pleasant. Hours stuck in a traffic jam, futile search for a parking space or negligent fellow drivers can antagonize any driver.
But things are going to get better. A chain of innovative ideas, from various car makers and automotive-tech companies, is going to turn around the way we drive and revolutionize the way we know cars. Cutting edge engineering solutions and on-board computers, our cars are becoming smarter, safer and more fun to drive.
Cars capable of driving themselves are just round the corner. Technologies in near future will help cars to park themselves and to avoid collisions to will even talk to each other! Tomorrow’s cars will be studded with long-range headlights and will see extensive use of hydrogen fuel that not only keeps the air clean but also emits water, which might replace traditional petrol and diesel too.
How about a windshield that is also your dashboard? Wouldn’t it be cool if you could view your navigation information sharp and clear on your windshield itself? Here is ‘Head-up Display for Windshields’. The dashboard information is projected right on the windshield through an in-built projector in the car’s console. The glass is built with a wedge shaped PVB film that is thin towards the bottom and thick on the top. This provides better clarity and avoids a blurred image that usually occurs in a standard windshield.
Key Benefits:

  • Provides better display clarity than standard PVB.
  • Allows the driver to stay focused on the road at the same time check their dashboard information (speed, fuel, navigation, etc.)
  • Improves driver comfort and enhances safety.

To make car travel much more eventful, a leading car manufacturer is providing 4G internet access embedded, so you can surf and stream without buffering. Another car manufacturer is deploying compressed air power to turn its axle.  A hydraulic pump/motor unit stores air generated by the engine, braking, and deceleration in a compressed air energy storage unit. This will increase the efficiency of the engine by combing this compressed air with gasoline to produce more power. Furthermore, we have internet surge radio and much awaited self-driving or driver-less car which will totally wipe out road accident and leave passenger in car with nothing to do other than just sit, enjoy and chill.
When we talk about the future of cars, it’s not just about the technologies incorporated to make our driving experience delightful and safer, but also how are those cars going to look like. For past decades, cars have not only revolutionized in their functionality but also in their looks and edges. And when it comes to making a car look more aesthetic, things that jump out of our mind are more curves and edges, more streamlines and glassy exteriors, after all people like thing that are transparent.
Glass should not be limited to just windshields, windows and mirrors, it has much more potential. For say, a American car manufacturer recently displayed a concept car fully made out of glass, and not only it looked glamorous but also didn’t compromise with efficiency of performance. Further, we think it’s time to move on from same old tin roof. How about moon light in your car instead of mood light, how about stars peeping through when you drive at night and sparkling sunshine during daytime. This all can be accomplished by shifting to glass roof instead of existing ones that we have presently.
All in all, when we look at the future of cars, not only it is bright, but also it is transparent, because it has glass.