All You Need To Know About AIS Ecosense Glass Range

Imagining a building or modern architectural structure without any glass is nearly impossible. Glass windows have been vital in creating light-filled interiors. Along with a sense of space, they also provide a great view, lots of daylight, and ventilation. Glass windows give shape to ideal interiors, creating a positive and energetic environment.
AIS Ecosense is a high-performance glass manufactured by India’s largest integrated glass manufacturer AIS. It strikes the perfect balance between indoors and outdoors, aesthetics and economics, function as well as finesse. It is designed primarily to suit the requirements of the Indian consumers who prefer maintaining cooler indoors due to the overall warm climate of the subcontinent.
It is widely used on exterior facades of the building to keep indoors brighter and cooler. The glass optimizes the inflow of daylight through the facade, creating naturally controlled indoor temperature and improving energy efficiency indoors.
AIS Ecosense nails the amalgamation between intelligent design, utility, and economy, encompassing every aspect considered by an architect before making the final choice of glass solutions for the project undertaken. Also offering practical features like thermal insulation, solar control, safety and security and acoustic insulation, this glass simply sets up higher standards of green architecture.
AIS Ecosense is a unique range of high performance glass in natural shades available in below range —

  1. The Ecosense Enhance Solar Control Glass
  2. The Ecosense Exceed Solar Control Low-E Glass
  3. The Ecosense Essence Low-E
  4. The Ecosense Edge Solar control Glass & Thermal Insulation – Low-E
  5. Ecosense Excel Solar Control Double Low-E

By addressing various needs of a façade and offering multiple solutions under one common brand, AIS Ecosense is the most energy efficient glass and an architect’s first choice towards eco-friendly designs.

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