Common Uses of Smart Glass

The market for smart glass has been growing slowly but steadily over the past few years. Rising demand for energy efficiency, light and heat control, privacy, automated shading and design innovation are the major reasons for it. Smart glass, also known as electronically switchable glass, opens an array of possibilities for architects and interior designers to control light, glare and UV radiation. It is highly durable, , and offers  privacy at the flick of a switch. The above properties make it perfect for venues like restaurants, bars and business centers.
Here we have listed some common applications of this cutting edge glass technology:

Windows and Doors

The ability of controlling the amount of light and privacy makes smart glass/switchable glass an ideal choice for windows and skylights. It allows one to enjoy clear view or privacy as per the need of the person.

Walls and Partitions

Of all the glass types available in the market, smart glass is the only glass that ensures privacy at the flick of a switch. By installing it in partitions  in homes and offices, one can toggle between clear to translucent by simply pressing a button, and thus ensure higher privacy. So if you wish to make an impression on your clients in office, all you need to do is install this switchable glass in conference rooms and click the button to make the glass transparent or translucent as and when required.

Hospital Interiors

Privacy is of prime importance in places like hospitals. Hospital suppliers often use switchable glass for areas like patient rooms, testing laboratories, operation theaters, external doors and windows. It not only ensures privacy of patients, but also allows the hospital staff to safely review the well-being of patients. Since smart glass surfaces are easy to clean, they help in creating hygienic interiors.

Hotels and Restaurants

Hotels widely use this glass technology for privacy screens between guest bedrooms and bathrooms, external doors and windows, toilets and shower cubicles etc. Smart glass from top glass manufacturers helps hoteliers design their interiors better and thus offer a luxurious experience to their customers.

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