Experience the World of Innovative Glass with AIS World of Glass Mobile App

Glass is a stunning material which can enhance the aesthetic appeal of any place. With modern innovations, however, this exquisite material is no longer restricted to décor pieces and interior applications but can replace any traditional construction material.

Whether one is looking to conserve energy with naturally comfortable interiors, revel in peaceful interiors, minimize the harsh glare and optimize daylight, or relax and be comfortable with complete privacy and security – AIS has a solution for you. In addition, with unique customizable options, one no longer needs to be a mirror image of everyone but can stand out with their personal style statement.
However, for most people before investing in something new, a personal experience of the solutions is a must. Taking this concern into account, AIS has launched its very own mobile app – World of Glass, which allows consumers to experience these innovative solutions while also remaining informed on the latest products and trends.

Taking customer engagement to the next level

In true AIS fashion though, this app isn’t just an information centre for glass products but a revolutionary way for consumers to experience the benefits of these solutions. For ease of access the various glass solutions are segregated into key categories based on their benefits such as acoustic, privacy, safety, aesthetic and energy efficiency solutions.
With global warming and climatic change becoming a global concern, natural materials that offer sustainable solutions are becoming vital for every establishment. Modern and innovative glass solutions offer superior comfort while being extremely sensitive to the needs of the environment. Along with glass, AIS also offers stylistic and sustainable frames for various doors and window solutions. These include two primary materials – wood and uPVC which can further be customized and stylized to reflect the individual’s style and unique personality.

Going beyond the ordinary

Maintaining its innovative and pioneering spirit, AIS doesn’t just offer solutions for the everyday life but also certain specialized solutions that can be experienced in detail on the app. Modern glass can now be used for innovative solutions that go beyond the doors and windows. Experience a bright and stylistic glass staircase that can elevate the décor while also adding brightness and premier aesthetics to any space. When complemented with an artistic glass railing this specialized solution offers a modern vibe and style to space like no other. In addition, AIS has also been a pioneer in exquisite modern glass solutions like glass floorings, glass balconies, and several others.
Another notable innovative exploration of modern glass experienced in this app is an infinity swimming pool. Experience the feeling of floating in a pool without any limits or edges as you reach for the horizon. Modern glass, when used in this edgeless solution, can elevate the design and concept of this pool to a new height. Apart from these, there are several other solutions that individuals can experience and customize based on their needs. With state-of-the-art technology and superior manufacturing processes, AIS ensures that each solution is sturdy and resilient as per individualistic needs.
For those that still need convincing, AIS has created a special experience zone which allows individuals to personally experience the benefits of the glass solutions in two key categories – privacy and security. No longer is glass a fragile and transparent material but offers exquisite finishes and possess great strength to rival any traditional construction material.
With AIS solutions, one can be rest assured about the quality of the products and installation process. A dedicated and professional team is available to answer all your queries and even customise a glass solution based on your preference. For any information, connect with the AIS team through the app and join the glass revolution today.
The AIS app is available on both Android and iOS platforms and can be found at the following links:
Download the app from Google Play Store:
Download the app from App Store:

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