Importance of Fire-Resistant glass

A home is what you come back to after a long day. A place tucked away from the chaos of the world. But this humble abode of yours is always at risk of damage from the various forces of Mother Nature. The most uncontrollable of these forces is undoubtedly fire. While the damage caused by fire is irreparable, how far it spreads is definitely something that can now be controlled. And the perfect tool for this job is the new fire-resistant range of glass from AIS.
We at AIS, have been trusted and relied on by builders, architects and designers for our glass solutions over the last several years. Our solutions are manufactured at high international standards and are perfected to serve customers with greater efficiency.
AIS fire-resistant glass range:
We have released a brand new range of fire-resistant glass that can be used in residential as well as commercial spaces. This range has been designed to withstand extreme heat and prevent the spread of fire to unaffected spaces of a structure.
fire rated glass - AIS glass
Mentioned below are the products that are a part of the range:
AIS Pyrobel:
AIS Pyrobel is a laminated glass range which comes with an intumescent layer. This glass is specially engineered to withstand extreme levels of heat and restrict its transfer.
This glass solution can be used in place of a brick wall while providing transparency as well as fire-resistance. In the event of a fire, the interlayers will expand and transform into a rigid, opaque and heat absorbing fire shield. AIS Pyrobel is available in three different types.
AIS Pyrobelite:
AIS Pyrobelite is another fire-resistant solution you can consider for your home or office. It is a laminated glass assembled with one clear intumescent interlayer. In times of a fire, the interlayer of this glass expands at around 120o C and transforms into a rigid fire shield. This helps to keep the heat radiation to a very low and safe level. This type of glass is available in twelve different types.
What makes the AIS fire-resistant glass range special and how can it help?
AIS fire-resistant glass range has the ability to act as an opaque and heat-absorbing fire guard. With this glass range, you can reduce the spread of fire and minimize the impact of heat. This ensures complete safety and well-being for your home or office.
Take a look at the three classifications at which the AIS fire-resistant glass range is manufactured.
E Class – Integrity
Normally used for internal applications, this type of special glass helps prevent the spread of flames to the unaffected side.
EW Class – Integrity and Low radiation
This type of glass is tempered and laminated. It can be used for various internal and external applications. It not only prevents the flame from entering the unaffected side but also helps control the radiation.
EI Class- Integrity and Insulation
This type of glass provides integrity and insulation. With this glass, the maximum temperature on the unaffected side will not exceed an average of 140o Celsius.
Applications of the AIS fire-resistant glass range:

  • Homes
  • Data Server Rooms
  • Refuge floors / Areas
  • Smoke Screens
  • Roofs / Overhead Applications
  • Facades Partitions
  • Doors & Windows

fire rated glass windows - AIS glass
But that’s not all our fireproof glass does, it offers amazing aesthetics and functionality. To know more about these solutions, do get in touch with our glass experts. We will provide you with all the details you need to make an informed decision. So don’t let your dreams go up in smoke. Install the AIS fire-resistant glass range and stay protected from fire.

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