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Switchable Smart Glass

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AIS Swytchglas - Smart Glass

AIS Swytchglas is revolutionary smart glass which gives flexibility to switch at click of button.  It offers a cutting edge glass technology that combines the power to control both transparency as well as heat transmission to make it the smartest glass around. With AIS Swytchglas, you can turn transparent glass to translucent glass to block visibility, at the switch of a button. This presents a view into a whole new world of opportunities with the smart glass.


Whether it is your home or a commercial space it is ideal solution for a wide variety of applications. AIS Swytchglas can help you strike the perfect balance between style and necessity. Reduce your lighting and air conditioning costs. Get smart with AIS smart glass solutions.

How it works?

The principle behind Swytchglas is the Suspended Particle technology that is very similar to the concept of artificial magnets. There is a smart film between the two Special Polymer films. The Smart Film is a suspension of liquid crystals in a polymer base that can be controlled using an electric charge. Under normal conditions the liquid crystals are randomly distributed and when light hits the glass, it is scattered by the liquid crystals. When an electric current is passed through the glass pane, the liquid crystals align themselves into straight lines allowing all the light to pass through without scattering.


Some of the key features of AIS Swytchglas are

· Normally made from extra clear glass  

· Wide variety of colour tints of glass are possible

· Works with a remote control device

· Activates in less than 10 microseconds

· Blocks off UV rays that are harmful

· Works in temperatures from 0° to 55°C

· Blocks up to 50% light in“Off”mode

· Lasts a minimum of 20,000 cycles


AIS Swytchglas – This switchable glass has varied applications in multiple verticals:

Swytchglas for homes:

            ·         Windows and Skylights

When you choose Swytchglas windows i.e smart glass windows , you benefit on multiple fronts – you have the flexibility of doing away with curtains and other obstructions to your view and also the comfort of blocking heat and the glare when you need to, saving air conditioning costs during summer.

Let the moonlight in at night and bathe your room in soft sunlight during the day – only with AIS Swytchglas.

·         Walls and Partitions

Get your transparent glass walls the AIS Swytchglas advantage. You can turn OFF for complete privacy and ON when you need visibility. AIS’ smart glass solutions are best for houses where transparent or translucent glass walls lend the décor a rich and suave feel. The Swytch mechanism is guaranteed to work for a minimum of 20,000 ON/OFF cycles, giving you a more long-lasting reason to switch to smart.

AIS Swytchglas for Commercial Spaces

             ·         Conference Rooms

Making an impression on your customers or even your own team was never as easy. Switching from transparent glass to translucent glass at the flick of a switch was only in the movies. Now you can have it with Swytchglas.

·         Façade Glass and Windows

As a business owner you would know all too well that air conditioning and lighting are amongst the biggest cost factors of maintaining commercial spaces. With switchable glass in India, AIS Swytchglas, you can control the amount of heat and light that is let in. Now you don’t have to shy away from having a brilliant glass façade to your office complex – you can choose it.

·         Hospitals, Salons and Spas

Selective privacy areas are crucial in many spaces. Have you been struggling here?

Blinds are cumbersome to use and curtains are not elegant. You need something smart. Swytchglas panels replace blinds and curtains quite elegantly and efficiently, letting you choose from transparent to translucent with the flick of a switch.

·         Hospitality

Swytchglas is also suited to the hospitality domain right from restaurants to pubs, bars and clubs, business centres and conference facilities alike. It can serve as a suave and high-tech replacement to traditional curtains, blinds and translucent walls.