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Solar Control Glass

Solar Control

Eco-friendly. Energy-efficient. Economical.

Energy efficiency is a critical aspect of contemporary architecture. As days go by, more and more developers and architects are increasingly looking at options that will help customers reduce energy costs as well as their carbon footprint.

AIS offers a host of glass and window solutions that greatly reduce energy consumption. Economically viable, energy-efficient and equipped with superior performance parameters, these specialised products are available in a wide range of shades and thicknesses.

  • Ecosense: The green standard in glass:  Ideal for solar and heat-control parameters, this is an exhaustive range of specialised Solar Control and Solar Control Low-E high performance glasses.
  • AIS Opal: A versatile product with excellent solar control properties, AIS Opal ensures that your building remains stylish while effectively cutting out the heat.
  • AIS SunShield: This high-performance glass with a superior protective coating gives you all-weather cooling comfort that’s truly unmatched.
  • AIS Supersilver: A heat-reflective glazing solution made using CVD technology; AIS Supersilver can be used in a laminated or double-glazed unit for providing solar and thermal insulation.