AIS VUE Stole the Spotlight at ACETech with Trendy and Innovative uPVC Solutions

‘The Economic Times Presents Acetech2016’ is a premier trade fair in Asia for architecture, building materials, innovation and design, and is eagerly awaited by architectural veterans and the general public every year. The event was held from 15th to 18th December at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.
Returning this year, AIS – India’s leading integrated glass company, showcased some of its exemplary innovations that added both style and charm to a décor while bringing in multiple elements of functionality. However, it was the new-age uPVC frames that garnered the most attention at the AIS VUE stall, a vertical by AIS.

ais vue - upvc frames
Our sliding and folding uPVC doors with DGU glass became a major crowd puller, with a majority of onlookers attracted by the visual appeal of our glass range combined with new-age automated technology. We also displayed some of our trademark window frames such as Tilt and Turn frames, Top Hung windows and so on.
ais vue- upvc frames
The versatile nature of glass makes it an exquisite addition to any space, but combined with modern technology, these solutions can be revolutionary. The adjustable transparency of the AIS Swytchglas was a major attraction for onlookers. With just a click of a button, the transparent glass turned translucent, shielding the inner space from prying eyes without compromising on the aesthetic appeal.
ais vue - smart glass
Another solution that caught the interest of passers-by was SilentVUE – a noise-cancelling sound proof glass solution. Surrounded by constant noise, individuals are constantly on the lookout for new means to retain the serenity of their space while keeping up with modern trends. This was demonstrated by keeping a loud music system inside an acoustic room which allowed substantially less sound from inside to outside.
ais vue - sound proof glass
Other glass solutions that were well-received by leading architects and designers were our range of EcoVUE and GuardVUE solutions. These glass windows act as temperature control system by reflecting solar heat waves and as a personal security guard by being extremely strong and burglar resistant, respectively.
ais vue - energy efficient glass
Our prime focus element, uPVC, received a tremendous response due to its unprecedented ability to be customised and fitted in any installation. Weather-resistant, fire-resistant, termite-resistant and visually stunning – are just some of its factors which had the public wanting more of this element.
But this was just the start. As we shared some of the massive benefits that uPVC frames can bring to one’s space, the visitors that came to our stall didn’t want to leave without complete information on how they could incorporate this wonderful solution. Being non-conducive, recyclable, rot and erosion resistant and highly secure, were some of the features that left almost everyone that came to us ecstatic and amazed.
We also had a window displaying various ways to open the system such as casement, tilt & slide, top hung, and sliding & folding, among others, to offer visitors a clear picture of how these glass solutions can be applied to their space and enhance their décor.
All in all, the AIS VUE stall at ACETech 2016 was well-received and lauded by numerous visitors and several key personnel of the industry. Our brand was able to exhibit cutting-edge solutions that complement every space while also connecting with various customers and visitors looking for an innovative solution for their space.
ais vue
Being a part of this trademark exhibition was a wonderful experience, with various individuals stunned at the aesthetics and functionality of uPVC frames. ACETech supports innovative solutions in the industry and provides leading manufacturers with the perfect platform to showcase their products and create a long-lasting impression on the key influencers of this industry, making it the perfect destination for AIS VUE.

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