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AIS Opal - Solar Control Glass

AIS Opal - Solar Control Glass

See more comfortand colour with AIS Opal Solar Control Glass

Cut out the heat from your buildings – in the colour of your choice – with AIS Opal. A popular choice for Heat Reflective Glass, AIS Opal’s solar control properties make it the best choice for exterior glass. So while your buildings stay cool, they also look stylish.

Features and Benefits:

  • AIS Opal is an economical range of solar control glass that provides value for money.
  • Solar control characteristics prevents heat from entering the building.
  • Available in a range of shades to meet every need and fit every design.
  • A wide range of sizes and thicknesses for more choice.
Opal Range

: Royal Blue, Cool Green, Golden Bronze, Pearl Grey, White Gold, Aqua Blue

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: Olive Green
Thickness: 3.5mm, 4mm, 5mm
Sizes: Available in a number of sizes


Opal Trendz

Opal Trendz is a new variant of the Opal series of solar control glass (patterned reflective glass) that combines vibrant shades with vivid patterns for a delightful play of light and colour. A unique solution for external glazing applications, Opal Trendz presents architects and designers with the opportunity to combine form and function, for the creation of beautiful facades that will set new benchmarks in style and sensitivity.

Opal Trendz is available in the following patterns: Bubble Mist, Mini Squares, Box Stripes, Cross Hatch and T-Weave

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