Glass: The Most Eco-friendly Glass Material For Buildings

With the presence of global warming and ecological problems becoming a huge problem over the last few decades, every industry is trying to use materials that will lessen the effects of the same. With the use of sustainable material increasing by the day in the world, property developers and real estate companies are also doing their bit in improving the environment for a better future. This has led to the rise of green buildings. One of the most important materials in the construction of a green building is glass whose specialized energy efficient and eco-friendly varieties like solar control and tinted glass are used.
Green Buildings
The development of green buildings is a start towards that direction. Green buildings are buildings which use less water, optimize energy efficiency, conserve natural resources, generate less waste and provide healthier spaces for occupants, as compared to a conventional building. They are also beneficial for the environment as most buildings use recycled and environmental friendly building materials and provide effective building management systems.
Use of Glass in Architecture of Green Buildings
To achieve all of this, developers use glass as a major component during the construction. Glass is known to be an excellent green material. Types of glasses like solar control glasses and low-e glass can reflect heat or UV rays to maintain optimal temperature inside the building. Glass in buildings also substantially reduces the need for artificial lighting and allows daylight to make the interiors airier and more open.
From design, appearance, thermal performance and comfort, to simple aesthetics, selecting the right glass is inevitably important for constructing a green building.
Glasses such as AIS Ecosense, a low-E high performance energy efficient glass helps a green building achieve great balance between all the parameters, and blocks a high amount of solar radiation by reflecting away the infrared part of sunlight. This helps building remain invariably cool in summers and cuts down on the energy bills and air conditioning usage.
Impact on Environment
The biggest advantage that makes glass a major component in green buildings is the fact that it is recyclable and also does not have a huge impact on the environment itself. Glass can play a role in accomplishing greater indoor environmental quality and when used carefully, can also improve energy efficiency. Along with tangible benefits, glass can also provide enhanced air quality, excellent day lighting and general health & well-being of the occupants. Through a global point of view, conservation of scarce national resources is also a huge advantage while its widespread acceptance and enhanced marketability for the project makes it a viable option for the industry too.

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