Tempered Sidelites and Backlite (Temperlite -LT)

Safety and Strength
The tempered glass production starts with heating the glass to its softening point, approximately 680 Degree Celsius, and then rapidly cooling it. This process is called as Tempering. During the process of tempering the contours of the glass are also formed with specialized moulding techniques. Tempering induces stresses in the glass which makes it four to five times tougher than the float glass.

Temperlite-LT, a product from AIS – the leading glass manufacturing company in India, are used primarily in side door glasses and backlite of the car. These are toughened glasses, when breaks, shatter into blunt pieces that does not cause injury. This makes it much safer than annealed glass which breaks into long sharp shards that can cause serious injury. Among various types of glass used in a car, tempered glass extremely important to a vehicle’s safety, but it differs greatly in both form and function from any other type of glass.

Features and Benefits

  • Four times stronger than annealed glass
  • Tolerates higher temperature (200° F–300° F) that may crack annealed glass
  • Breaks into blunt round pieces ensuring enhanced safety
Tempered Sidelites Backlite Solution
Energy Sustainability to lower carbon footprints