Asahi India Glass Limited: A leading glass manufacturer in India

The glass industry is one of the largest growing industries in India. Several companies manufacture and supply glass products to various industries. Be it the building and construction industry, automobile industry, or other similar industries, there is quite a lot of importance for glass products like glass windows, glass windshields, glass roofs, and so on. This is why it becomes highly important to find a reliable and trusted glass supplier to supply good quality glass while also featuring a variety of glass products. This is exactly what you get with Asahi Glass Limited (AIS), and that is why it is considered to be a leading glass company in India. In this article, we are going to discuss in brief AIS and the different products and services that this company has to offer.

About Asahi India Glass Limited (AIS)

Asahi India Glass Limited or AIS is a well-established and reputed company for glass and windows solutions in India. The company is dominant in both national as well as international markets. AIS provides good-quality glass products to the automotive and building and construction industries. The company provides various types of glass products like back painted glass, soundproof glass, toughened glass, tinted glass, high-performance glass, and solar control glass. You will get the best-assured quality in the glass produced by AIS as the company strictly follows all the Indian and International quality standards and sticks to the quality norms of the global and domestic OEMs.

At AIS, we also offer specialised glass for security solutions (such as AIS Stronglas), aesthetic solutions (such as tinted glass, frosted glass, clear glass and more), acoustic solutions (such as AIS Acousticglas), privacy solutions (such as AIS Swytchglas) and even energy-efficiency solutions (such as AIS Ecosense, AIS Opal). Our specialized glass offerings from these collections are designed to meet the needs of all customers, no matter what the requirement is.

Asahi India Glass Limited or AIS Glass focuses greatly on developing the skills and talent of its employees by constantly upgrading the HR landscapes of the company. They make sure that the people hired are always well aware of the company’s vision and goals. They also provide innovative opportunities to the employees for upgrading their skills for the betterment of their careers as well as for the company.

Different Products Manufactured by Asahi India Glass Limited (AIS)

Asahi Glass Limited or AIS produces various glass products like glass for automotive,  glass for building and construction, glass for consumers and traders, and glass for industrial segments. Let’s have a brief look at each of them to understand a little better:

  1. Glass for Automotives
  2. These types of glass usually include windshield glass, glass windows of cars, trains, buses, and other automobiles. Glass for automotive is usually supplied to auto manufacturers (OEMs), After Market (ADSL), and car owners.

  3. Glass for building and construction
  4. These types of glass usually include the large glass windows of offices, apartment complexes, glass roofs, and much more. Glass for building and construction is usually supplied to influencers, developers, fabricators/processors, and government / industrial manufacturers.

  5. Glass for consumers and traders
  6. These types of glass usually include decorative glass in homes or offices, home windows, other glass products, etc. Glass for consumers and traders is usually supplied to residential areas, commercial areas, and dealers and distributors.

  7. Glass for the industrial segment
  8. The glass for the industrial segment is usually used in white goods (OEMs) and for construction or farm equipment.

Why Choose Asahi India Glass Limited (AIS)?

Asahi India Glass Limited or AIS is considered to be a leading glass company in India as it provides end-to-end solutions to consumers from manufacturing, processing, fabrication, and installation. They manufacture and supply various types of glass to different industries like the architectural industry, automobile industry, and many more. The company has made its name in the national as well as an international market which makes it one of the most reputed and reliable glass supplier companies in India. AIS is high on delivering the best quality glass to its consumers. So, the next time you need glass products, Asahi India Glass Limited or AIS is the way to go.


Asahi India Glass Limited has spread its business all across India by supplying all over the country. They have 13 manufacturing plants/sub-assembly units across the country to service customers and corporate office in Gurugram to overlook corporate operations.

Asahi India Glass Limited or AIS manufactures different types of glass including automotive glass, building and construction glass, consumer glass, and industrial glass.

The promoters of Asahi India Glass Limited or AIS are B.M Labroo and associates, Asahi Glass Co. ltd., and Japan Maruti Suzuki India Limited for the latest shareholding pattern of AIS.

The different verticals offered by Asahi India Glass Limited or AIS are AIS Windows, AIS Glasxperts, AIS Windshield Experts, and Car Fit Experts.

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