Glass is amongst the most extensively used materials in the architectural industry as it plays a crucial role in controlling the flow of heat and light in and out of your home. Glass should not be limited to a functional material or simply be an afterthought. It can also be used to enhance the decor of your interiors, which makes it one of the most versatile materials in architecture.
There are numerous window glass types and other specialized glass available today. Below, you’ll find one apt for each room in your home –
Double Glazing Glass
The double glazed glass comprises of two layers of glass with another layer of gas sandwiched between the two. This gives it the high thermal performance that doubled glazed glass is well-known for. It reflects away the infrared heat during the summer season, keeping your room cool, while in the winter season, it retains the heat, keeping the room warm.
Laminated Glass
For the highest degree of protection, opt for laminated glass. It is manufactured by bonding together two or more sheets of glass with a plastic interlayer, usually PVB. Owing to its toughness, the glass is used for reinforcing security as it can stop burglars from entering the house and is also available with multi-lock mechanisms.
Smart Glass & Integrated Blinds
There’s nothing better than more privacy in a bedroom, and smart glass like AIS Swytchglas, which switches from transparent to translucent at the press of a button, provides you exactly that. Having integrated glass blinds also offer a great modern solution for your windows.
Tempered Glass
This type of safety glass is well suited for the kids’ room. Its safety features ensure that little children stay away from harm’s way. Tempered glass is impact resistant, thereby reducing chances of injury. It is made out of ordinary annealed glass which is hardened considerably through the process of heating and rapid cooling. In case of heavy impact, the glass shatters into small pieces without sharp edges. The glass is 4-5 times stronger than regular glass, making it the ideal choice for the kids’ room.
Stained Glass and Clear Glass
This type of glass is widely used for aesthetic purposes, commonly spotted in the windows of old buildings. This coloured, decorative glass can be found in churches, funeral homes and museums. When installed at your house, it allows ample amount of light in while ensuring your privacy. For table-tops, you should use clear glasses.
Clear Glass
Lacquered Glass
An immensely popular decorative glass which you can utilize in your kitchen cabinet windows is lacquered glass. It’s stunning painted appearance, eco-friendliness, and heat and moisture resistance make it ideal for the conditions of a kitchen.
Frosted Glass
Frosted glass is subjected to a sandblasting technique that turns ordinary glass slightly opaque. This effect helps in maintaining privacy, and is a popular choice for bathrooms, glass partitions or walls. Moreover, the glass requires low maintenance as it does not allow dust to stick to its surface.

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