Low-E Glass for Energy-Efficiency

Being eco-sensitive today is more important than ever. With the rise in global warming, our environment has taken a turn for the worse. We are consuming more and more energy every single day. It is, therefore, our collective responsibility to safeguard the planet with all our might. But, how can we achieve this?

Smart choices must be made while creating architectural designs for our houses and buildings to achieve eco-sustainability. With the advancement in green technology and innovations, we can now reduce our energy consumption rates dramatically. One such technological innovation is Low Emissivity or low-E glass. You can utilise this glass to make your haven a lively and bright place while receiving protection against harmful solar rays and excessive heating.

What is low-E Glass?

Naturally, glass has a high surface emissivity. Emissivity is the relative ability of a surface to absorb and emit energy in the form of radiation.  A Low emissivity coating on the glass surface reduces this ability. Low-E glass has an invisible coating that reflects long-wave infra-red radiations towards the interior of the building. This is the reason why low-E glass can reflect away most of the heat.

Thus, low-E glass windows have high energy-efficiency and are capable of good solar control. They also allow natural sunlight to pass through to help you receive optimal daylight. This happens without direct sunlight heating the space. They keep the interiors cooler in summer and warmer in winter months; effectively decreasing the use of energy appliances by controlling the indoor temperature.

Following are some energy-efficient benefits you get with low-E glass.

Putting a Full Stop on That Glare

A brightly sunlit room is always very comforting. Your living space needs to be bright for you to feel energetic and productive. However, too much exposure to sunlight can result in skin and vision problems. Solar glare can also disturb the temperature of your living space and cause discomfort.

Low-E glass windows can help you find a good balance between getting a daily dose of daylight and keeping away health hazards. It can reflect, absorb, and transmit the harmful UV rays for better solar control. You can experience a consistent indoor temperature, which will provide you with an enhanced visual and thermal comfort. Low-E glass is a highly effective innovation for your architectural designs.

Optimisation of Thermal Insulation

You cannot control the weather but you can take steps to control the temperature of the interiors. If you live in a place where temperature differential is high, you need to invest in low-E glass. It will ensure that your windows are well insulated to withstand changes in weather conditions. Excessive heat will be blocked from entering your space and prevent the indoors from getting warmer; especially, during the long gruelling months of Indian summer. You will not be putting too much load on your air-conditioners, thereby saving energy.

Alternatively, low-E glass will preserve heat indoors during the winter season. The clear glass will allow sunlight to permeate your indoors and offer warmth. Proper insulation will also keep your house plants happier and minimise the harsh effects of direct sunlight. Low-E glass can be used in single as well as double glazing solutions depending on your needs. AIS’ Ecosense Excel can provide you with excellent thermal insulation and advanced solar control to enhance energy-efficiency.

Reduction of Bills, Conservation of the Planet!

For an economical and effective glass choice, low-E glass is a world-class option. As mentioned earlier, it provides enhanced solar control and thermal insulation because of which you do not experience vast temperature differentials. You do not have to constantly adjust the room’s cooling and heating devices for comfort. This also helps you in reducing your energy consumption and reliance on electrical appliances.

In a sense, when you are saving money on reduced energy bills, you are contributing to a sustainable future. Relying on natural daylight instead of electric bulbs is a better choice for our planet, and; low-E glass helps you to achieve it without compromising on your health. You receive protection against harmful infrared radiation and can contribute to protecting the planet in return. Installing low-E glass is a win-win investment in all aspects.

In Summation

Keeping in mind the urgency for green initiatives, go for low-E glass windows that are great alternatives to ordinary widows. You can avail all the aforementioned benefits when you install it. AIS Glass has been offering such green glass solutions with their unique products.

A leading brand in integrated glass manufacturing, AIS Glass has been in the market for over thirty years. We provide outstanding glass solutions from selection to installation; you can get all kinds of processing done as per your requirements. We offer customisable, high-end quality products and services for all your glass needs. Our high performing glass products are available in a wide range of variety to complement your structural designs and security requirements. If you need glass consultations for your projects, AIS Glass must be your top pick. Get in touch with us today to receive top-quality assistance and products!

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