Acoustic Solutions

THE SOUND-RESISTANT GLASS If there is one place where the probability of injury is high, it’s the road. And the car’s windscreen is the frontline warrior that has to bear the brunt of it all – accidents, hailstones, debris and twigs, and more. To ensure maximum impact-resistance and the well-being of the car’s occupants, windscreens are made of laminated safety glass, wherein two sheets of float glass are sandwiched together using a special PVB interlayer. This interlayer prevents the shattering of glass pieces upon breakage; they simply remain stuck to the PVB interlayer. Such glass is even used in the construction of side and rear windshields of high-end cars.
AIS offers premium laminated safety glass – Lamisafe-LT – for usage in car windscreens. Our Lamisafe-LT is manufactured in the most advanced way, undergoing stringent quality checks to ensure that it keeps the car’s occupants unharmed from external impact and offers adequate structural support to the car’s roof, two very important functions from the safety viewpoint.

AIS Acousticglas™ is essentially a laminated glass, featuring a PVB interlayer with excellent sound-absorption properties. It reduces external noise by up to 90%, an extra 60% when compared to ordinary 5 mm glass. Available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses, AIS Acousticglas™ is the ideal solution for both commercial and living spaces, an effective means to secure privacy and the most efficient way to claim your share of peace, at work and home.

AIS AcousticGlas
(Noise Cancellation Solution)
AIS Double Glazed Unit (IGU)