Back Painted Glass – Perfect Solution for Kitchen Interior

“Kitchens should be designed around what’s really important: fun, food, and life,” said the famous French chef and restaurateur – David Boulud. The chef had it right; serious is one word that should be avoided entirely when it comes to kitchen designing. The sight of scrumptious delicacies and the aroma coming from the kitchen captivates the heart of residents and guests alike. A great way to enhance this beautiful aura is to give your kitchen’s interiors an overhaul – a stunning contemporary look maybe or some vintage vibes, whatever you please so that it truly becomes a place that brings people together.

Glass has been becoming increasingly popular among interior designers and architects – a material that is incorporated more and more in ambitious projects. Among other members of the glass family, it is back-painted glass that takes the trophy in terms of aesthetics with its colourful appearance and functional brilliance.

Let’s see how this glass can transform your kitchen from drab to fab, that too in a jiffy.

Happy Kitchen, Happy Home: Make it So Using Back-Painted Glass

Happiness is a small house with a big kitchen. Now, even if the heart of your home is not big in size, does that mean you can’t go big with your design? Of course not! In fact, with the simple addition of back-painted glass to your kitchen interiors, you can create the culinary zone of your dreams! And here’s how you can do it.

Don’t Let the Counter-tops Go Bland

While pure white or marbled kitchen counter-tops look classic, they are too old-school. Plus, people often complain of the time-consuming task of getting rid of all that mess from those counter-tops, especially the kitchen island. Thankfully, with back-painted glass, that is no longer the problem! Not only can you add some much-needed sheen and colour to your counter-tops but you can also allow your little ones to assist you in your baking sessions without worrying about the mess – back-painted glass is extraordinarily low-maintenance and gets spick-and-span with a simple wipe.

Will You Leave out the Backsplash?

Now, if there’s one area in your kitchen that holds tremendous possibilities in terms of design, it’s the kitchen backsplash. After all, we can all agree that even dull chores like washing the dishes becomes a delight when you’re facing a productivity-inspiring coloured wall and a wide casement window that opens up to a garden in full bloom. Suppose you’re afraid of sticking to a monochrome tone. In that case, you have plenty of scope to play around and experiment – choose glass sheets of different colours and sizes to create a funky geometric pattern or stick to two complementary tones for the entire backsplash – the choice is yours!

Plus, as back-painted glass is low-maintenance and moisture-resistant, you need not fear spillages or the fact that your kitchen can suffer a little too much from humidity.

Organise Your Cutlery in Style

Whether you’re going for a sleek, traditional, elegant, or modern look for your kitchen space, you can never go wrong with back-painted glass on the kitchen cabinets! You get to organise your cutlery and other pantry items in style with the availability of such diverse colour options. For the newfangled modular kitchens, back-painted glass cabinets are incredible. You can choose from a plethora of colour and design options – choose a colour that complements well with the backsplash or counter-tops or opt for contrasting tones. Also, its non-porous characteristic means more hygiene and less time spent on wiping the clutter.

Need a Classic Place to Write down Your Grandma’s Recipes?

Always fiddling with your to-do list? With so much to do every day, a back-painted glass magnetic board is just the thing you need. Simply hang a board in front of your cooking space and write &read for that sense of complete control over your daily tasks. Plus, coming to our main point – a back-painted glass magnetic board is that perfect area to write down your family’s traditional recipes, meal prep ideas for the entire week, and menu for upcoming family luncheons, among others. And what’s more; you can do all of this without breaking the continuity of design and style of your space.

Are you in a hunt for world-class back painted glass solutions? Well, end your search here because AIS Glass, India’s leading integrated glass manufacturer, provides top-of-the-line back painted glass for all your aesthetic and functional needs.  Known as AIS Décor, our back-painted glass is manufactured using premium-quality lacquer, is eco-friendly, durable and resistant to humidity and UV rays, and is ridiculously low-maintenance. Available in 34 striking shades, there’s a shade for everyone – vintage, royalty, classic, minimalistic, sophisticated, or whatever else your personal sensibilities may be.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today for premium back-painted glass solutions!


Decorative Glass – Customise to Suit Your Style

Don’t you think decorating a space with glass is a work of art and vision? The sheer joy of bringing your imagination and ambient fantasy into reality with this sublime material is exceedingly cathartic.

Sculpting and shaping designs with glass are already changing the way we style the spaces around us. Decorative glass never fails to add a charming sense of luxury and uniqueness. No wonder, contemporary designers and architects are borderline obsessed with the practice of using customised glass in different shapes, sizes, design as well as finish to bring a space to life.

Glass has always been an integral part of recreating luxe and chic expanses. But, today, having the ability to customise glass into desired shapes and sizes will let you go beyond the usual boundaries of creation. Here is why you must incorporate customised decorative glass designs into your structures.

Turn Structures Extraordinaire’ into Reality

Let your vision be free from the shackles and bonds of execution. With modern advancements in glass, a lot that was not possible a decade ago can be a reality today! So, recreate your vivid visualisations, explore your imagination and invent never-seen-before concepts.

Let every corner be unique, and every door be remarkable. Highlight your interiors with distinct designs and flow. With the ability to bring striking creation into existence, build the most exquisite of spaces and interiors with customised and decorative glass. Now glass may seem like a delicate element, but it has an immense ability to uplift any idea with layers of beauty encompassed into it. Therefore, don’t shy away from exploring glass’s ability to turn around any space into a masterpiece.

Keep Up with What’s Hot and What’s Not

The way architects created grand arenas, humble spaces, or even a compact corner has evolved over the years. Today, experts want to erect designs that move beyond the typical craft used over the last decade. And, including decorative glass in this new wave of designs makes the ambience merge with the modern and contemporary themes of the overall experience in any space.

The modified perspective of sophisticated structures has given birth to using customised glass to highlight ordinary things like doors, windows, elegant installations, and much more. This idea uplifts the space and the environment of the house to fit the right essence.

Set Yourself Apart with Statement Sections and Interiors

Using decorative glass to redefine spaces will set a distinct tone for your interiors. Customising glass that you will be using will allow you to set yourself apart. Make a statement by bringing extraordinary art to life with customisable decorative glass. Add an exciting touch to simple corners by filling the space with never-seen-before glass structures.

Recreate the doors with marvellous arches and fill your walls with seamless and expansive windows to dwell uniqueness in every corner. Maintain a balanced rhythm throughout the environment for a wholesome experience.

To Infinity and Beyond with Decorative Glass

Live through the world of extraordinary interiors with the help of customised decorative glass. Make the impossible come true with the wide range of customisable glass options at AIS Glass. Known for our brilliant craftsmanship, we strive to make the most unique and special creations that your imagination has to offer. We specialise in bringing even the most intrinsic and sleek designs to life for your homes and offices.

We at AIS Glass, understand the importance of your space and value the efforts you are willing to put in to make these spaces special. We provide a stunning dynamic of decorative glass for various purposes and utility. Tell us your concepts and designs for your homes, offices and other areas and watch them turn into reality. Our existing clientele speaks volumes about the work we do and its quick delivery.

We have created a legacy of luxury interiors and contemporary outlook. Allow us to extend this legacy by providing you with our high end and premium services. Avail our decorative glass and customise it to suit your style.

The world is continually looking at revolutionised ways of framing spaces and designs. Using decorative glass reflects the modern theme and palette of choice.

So, don’t wait any longer! Get in touch with us and expose your space to the expertise of AIS Glass today!


Benefits of Green Building that Everyone Should Know

Let’s face it! Human actions and deeds have directly impacted the environment we live in. With the evolving times, we are getting more aware and conscious about how our decisions are taking a drastic toll on our community and surroundings. To adapt and overcome such alarming issues, people are opting for wiser alternatives like green building facilities and establishments. Eco-friendly structures are taking over construction spaces to benefit the environment.

What Does a Green Building Embody?

A green building is any structure or establishment that extends positive impacts especially, with respect to the environment. These buildings are erected with a consciousness to reduce and eliminate critical impacts on climate change and temperature inclination.

The world is coming together to adapt green buildings as a solution to raging issues like climate change, global temperatures, overpopulation and disruption, all addressed under concerning global problems. The current age designers are looking at green buildings as a holistic approach for creating sustainable and thriving communities, and driving economic growth.

Green buildings use energy and resource like heat and water in an efficient manner to enhance and reinforce optimal performance. They thrive on renewable sources of energy like solar power which makes them highly apt in a resource consuming juncture.

They also use pollution and resource limiting methodologies that reflect extreme advantages as well. Their overall design and structure is extremely considerate towards the changing environment in today’s world.

In a nut shell, the concept of green buildings has left an impact on society – economically, physically as well as socially. The idea supports the cause of a healthy, sustainable and smart future by all means.

The world is indicating green buildings in their infrastructure globally. Eco-friendly construction and green building include using resources that are efficient and environmentally friendly. The concept is gaining immense popularity because of its incredible benefits and advantages that are not only limited to environmental impact. Read through the jaw-dropping benefits of green buildings that everyone should know.

Awards a Significantly Uplifted Indoor Quality of Life

It is a given that a well-developed and beneficial infrastructure directly impacts the quality of life of its inhabitants. And, over the past several years, designers and architects have ensured optimal methods of invention to deliver the most beneficial quality of life.

Green buildings improve the same by multiple ways like efficient light input, thermal conductivity to suit healthy performance and improved air quality amongst many other such benefits. Statistics show a terrific health growth of the people who dwell in such establishments. A study report reflects a hundred and one percent increase in mental and physical productivity amongst the people who worked in establishments and offices insulating a green building architecture.

Reduces, Reuses and Replenishes Water

Sounds too good to be true? Well, it is! Green buildings allow efficient ways to consume water right from the very construction of the structure. Their plumbing layouts also help in saving and reusing water to a massive extent. These buildings are known for their effective water sharing installations as well.

Several architectures include specially designed and engineered technologies that ensure the constant reusability of water. In today’s world where water wars are surfacing everywhere, green buildings are erected with a serious focus of managing this vital resource efficiently.

Reduces Strain on Energy Resources

It is no secret that the World is growing rapidly in terms of population and infrastructure. In such cases, it is critical to come up with ways to preserve resources that are required to sustain this massively growing and increasing number.

Green buildings ensure preservation of energy resources by putting a limit on their usage. Ingenious architectures have been including qualified technology that assists the motive of energy preservation and sustenance through green building and establishments.

So Many Benefits, Can’t Come Cheap? Green buildings Do!

Green buildings are known for their ability to save a tonne of money over the longer run. Although the initial cost of creating a green structure can be high in comparison to traditional buildings, their maintenance over several years more than makes up for it.

Lastly, they aid in benefiting not just the makers but, a group of different people in totality. Right from when they are made, green buildings increase the property value for the developers. They also help the tenants that reside in them with utility bills. Don’t forget to remind yourselves that green buildings also help save a decent amount of money with your water and energy bills over the years.

Inculcates Natural and Renewable Resources as a Way of Life

An architect’s primary objective is to create a structure that uses maximum amount of natural and renewable resources like solar energy, wind energy and thermal energy to sustain. This practice helps in preserving our environment by leveraging the natural resources present around us.

Green buildings eliminate the use of toxic resources by vast lengths. What’s more, even the initiating process doesn’t require non-renewable resources like coal or crude oil. Traditional buildings emit large amount of pollution right in the beginning of construction process as they don’t shy away from using copious amounts of coal and petroleum.

Keeps Your Carbon Footprint in Check

Sure, we all want to protect the environment, but how often do we consciously find the time and inclination to do so?But, green buildings do!  Indeed, theyare known for significantly reducing carbon footprint in the environment.

A lot of multinational brands are opting for such structures for a greener future. The global carbon footprint accountability is crossing alarming levels on an everyday basis. The world needs to come together to reduce its contribution towards the overall carbon footprint. Green buildings are a fabulous solution to this worrisome issue.

 Ensures Reflection of a Cleaner Environment

Green buildings not only reduce carbon footprints and limit the usage of non-renewable resources but, also help in working towards cleaner air by eliminating toxic pollutants that revolve around us constantly. They are known for their ability to improve air quality.

With air quality index giving us a tough time, especially in metropolitan cities, opting for green infrastructure will ensure improved air quality and organic life around the city.

Lets You Upcycle Your Way Through Creation

Upcycling or recycling has become a saviour for innovation with a purpose. Architects and designers are on a constant lookout for ways to optimise their structures. Recycling has taken the architectural world by a storm because of its multiple benefits. Reusing existing and available raw materials to build a structure like green building helps in extremely productive ways.

Pitches Unmatched Durability for Owners

Green buildings are a no-brainer decision as they enclose such great deal of benefits. They are a wise investment that go a very long way. It is crucial to understand the profit green structures reel in over an extended period with low maintenance costs, healthy living environment and optimal lifestyle changes. Green materials ensure longer durability and strength as well.

One Step Closer Towards a Smarter Nation

Green buildings are a power packed opportunity for development in so many different ways. They are laying down a strong foundation for the future that is awaiting us. The development of green buildings demand more advanced, educated and skilled labour than just manually functional labours required for traditional building constructions. This is creating a necessity for more qualified professionals, allowing the community to educate themselves for rewarding job opportunities. The overall physical efforts that was being spent towards construction has reduced with the technological efficiency and new age construction.

Encourages Architects to Innovate Towards a Better Future

The world needs better solutions to make up for the constant distress that has been caused by human actions. Green buildings allow designers and architectures to explore boundaries of smart innovation. They extend optimum ways to utilise existing resources to reduce negative impacts on the environment.

Several benefits of green buildings show that it is possible for architects to design establishments that help in sustaining the human kind in effective ways. These green buildings require strong and premium quality resources to build the structure. It is important to approach brands that assist in delivering such high-end resources. One of the leading names is our service under AIS Glass.

At AIS Glass, we believe that green buildings have revolutionised the way we looked at sustainable development under the infrastructure sector. These structures reflect a healthy and beneficial lifestyle for today’s beings, and we want to do our part!

Therefore, at AIS Glass, we strive to deliver top-notch materials to build strong and sustainable structures in the country. Our clientele has appreciated our services and delivery of high-quality products and experiences. Associate with us to create a new sustaining green building that represents quality life filled with better future for its inhabitants.

Leverage the innovative idea of green building and reshape the way we plan our surroundings. Build a better future with efficient and beneficial outcomes.

To know all about our entire product line, log on to our website, or better yet, give us a call today!


5 Misconceptions about using Mirror Glass at Home

From the monumental Hall of Mirrors at Versaillesto the astronomic marvel Burj Khalifa in Dubai, few architectural elements can compete with the mirror blaze.

Especially nowadays, mirrors have taken over modern décor like no other design element. Versatile and classy, they can spruce up your indoors to create a visual look you will want to flaunt.

You can use a large mirror to create a focal point or add depth to small rooms and dark corners. However, to create unmatched visual appeal, your best bet is to use mirrors as decorative elements. But unfortunately, not many know the myriad of benefits mirrors provide, because misinformation around them remain in circulation.

Below, we debunk five common misconceptions about using mirror glass at home.

#1 Mirror Glass Breaks Easily

Maybe a decade back, they did. But mirrors today are built more durable, thanks to the advancement in technology. Nonetheless, the longevity of mirror glass will depend mainly on the quality of the built, as well as how you maintain it over time. Good for you, mirrors do not require extreme care. You only need to wipe the mirror glass surface with a cleaning solution, to keep it looking brand new.

That said, mirrors can still break when met with force or impact. However, when installed securely, you can leave your worries to the wind!

#2 Mirror Glass Rusts Quickly

Mirrors with copper coating are usually the ones to rust over time. Primarily because copper oxidises when exposed to moisture and wears away.

This often causes a brownish stain or a thin layer of tarnish to appear on the mirror glass surface, mostly edges. As a result, the optical clarity of the mirror is compromised. However, if you use mirrors manufactured with protective coatings, you can avoid rusty mirror surfaces easily.

#3 Mirrors Are Inauspicious

A widely spread misbelief about mirror glass is how it invites negativity in homes, especially cracked or broken mirrors, which apparently symbolise “seven years of bad luck.” But in truth, Romans started the superstition only to make people take better care of their mirrors, which at the time were brittle but expensive.

In contrast, Vaastu Shastra – the Indian “Science of Architecture” – accords immense importance to the use of mirrors at homes. When placed strategically, mirror glass is said to become a source of positivity and better health. To that end, you should always use square or rectangular mirrors to improve the Vaastu component of your home naturally. 

#4 Mirrors Lack Style Flexibility 

Because mirrors are primarily used as looking glass, few know how to use them for décor purposes. However, you can use mirror glass in a host of creative ways to build visual interest. Play with shapes and sizes to find one which suits your taste; the market is full of ornately crafted mirror pieces ready for use.

Not only for minimalistic or contemporary styles, but mirrors will also be compatible with any aesthetic of your choice. Go for a mirror outlined with LED lights in bathrooms to mix premium aesthetics with functionality. Or else, rock a statement mirror in the old style to achieve a rustic, timeless ambience. In any case, mirrors will work significantly to alleviate your home décor. 

#5 Mirror Glass Reflects Too Much Light

Because mirrors reflect natural light, they are often used to make smaller spaces appear more expansive. However, some homeowners hesitate to use them in fears of increased indoor heat. While mirrors can increase the natural light cast inside, they only do so when placed in front of the light source.

The key is to position them in a way that amplifies the natural elements. Got a room without fenestrations? You can place mirror glass near a bulb or lamp source to double up the brightness naturally. Moreover, the reflective nature of mirrors can expand the space visually and add a sense of depth to any dark corners.

How to Spruce Up Your Home Décor with Mirror Glass

Now that we have debunked common misconceptions about mirrors, here are a few tips to help you make the most of them:

Always Complement Décor – Other than the light sources, you can use mirrors to reflect angular spaces in your homes. Mirrors can accentuate your home architecture to create excellent visual appeal.

Hang, But Not Too High – As a rule of thumb – always hang a mirror at eye level and use professional help to secure them safely in place. But if you do not want to hang the mirror glass, try propping up a statement mirror against a wall.

Ready to Buy?

As a market leader, AIS Glass delivers best-in-class mirror glass solutions to meet your project requirements. With the most extensive glass product portfolio in the country, we offer a diverse selection to suit your architectural needs. Our AIS Mirror is 100% distortion-free, crystal-clear in appearance, virtually maintenance-free, and eco-friendly.

For more details, head to our website – – now!


Points to Consider While Buying Tempered Glass for Home

Be it for spaces as personal as homes or as professional as corporate workplaces, modern advancements in glass innovation technology have made it possible to create gemlike structures whose glistening bodies defy the traditional sense of space. As magnificent as they look outwardly, these do rouse sceptic thoughts like, “How exactly does glass support all this weight and provide an optimal level of protection?” Well, via tempered glass, that’s how!

Tempered glass is unlike its parent product in terms of safety – standard annealed glass; however, all of that still depends upon a couple of pointers, as discussed below.

The Safety Aspect

Also known as toughened safety glass, it is self-evident that safety and security are the features that render meaning to the existence of tempered glass. Therefore, it only makes sense to give it the centre stage. You’re looking to purchase tempered glass because ‘safety always comes first,’ so make sure the glass has also been designed keeping that in mind.

Normally, a premium-quality tempered glass is four to five times stronger than standard annealed glass. This makes it highly impact-resistant. However, if you’ve heard others in your circle complain of toughened glass breakage, it probably was a result of improper installation when minor chips or dings in the glass were neglected, and later snowballed into larger defects, ultimately shattering the glass. Enquire and ensure that the tempered glass you’ve decided on purchasing has been manufactured in compliance with BS 6206 norms for tempered glass impact resistance.

Balancing the Function with the Form

Of course, it’s about safety, but it’s not about it alone – the tempered glass you purchase must also satisfy your appetite for aesthetics. If you’re also among those who are under the impression that opting for tempered glass means going all bland, you’ve simply come across suppliers whose tempered glass solutions indeed offer no aesthetic rush. However, the good news is that tempered glass’ availability is not merely limited to its standard sandwiched-green colour or so it appears. You can find textured and enamel-painted toughened glass that dutifully offers a high degree of protection from break-ins and impacts while also serving decorative needs of architecture.

Credibility of the Glass Supplier

Now, it is a no-brainer that your tempered glass will be as good as the supplier manufacturing it. Do your homework, and do it well before you zero in and commit to a toughened glass provider. Maybe ask your friends, colleagues, and family for guidance in this area. Do your individual research, shortlist a number

of suppliers you find credible, and go through reviews on their websites and even third-party websites, if you can find. It is when you compare between brands that you will not end up settling for a sub-par tempered glass supplier.

What you need to look for is a supplier with a proper brand reach and satisfied customers. Highly reputed brands can be trusted with their credibility, quality of tempered glass, and other allied services. Also, and this is perhaps the most important part; do not forget to quiz your tempered glass supplier on the safety tests they run to ensure that the glass they’re producing is in line with the impact resistance norms of BS 6206.

Integrated Services

Now, once the credibility of the tempered glass supplier has been checked off your list, another thing to ensure is whether or not you can avail integrated services. The process from the selection to the final installation of tempered glass is a highly complex and lengthy one, best done when you do not need to approach separate professionals – one for glass procurement, another for its installation, and so on. Your ambitious architectural projects, both commercial and residential, are best handled by a one-stop-solution company. For this, your best bet is to choose a brand with a broad reach as they are most likely to cover all steps involved from selection and purchase to installation and after-sales services. Also, such a supplier is more likely to house several varieties of the product.

Safety is paramount, be it on the road or within the four walls of a structure, and tempered glass with its highly impressive sturdiness and impact-resistance features has transformed the way people think about glass and its fragility. Perfect for doors and windows, room partitions, tabletops, kitchen cabinets and countertops, even skylights and glass canopies, this member of the glass family has become the go-to choice for those who value safety like their life depends upon it, because it does!

Looking for premium-quality tempered glass to serve your aesthetic and functional needs? Then get in touch with AIS Glass – India’s largest integrated glass manufacturer in both the architectural and automotive segments. Our tempered glass – AIS Stronglas – is durable, four to five times more impact-resistant than standard annealed glass, and available even for decorative purposes under the name AIS Ceramic Fit. Get in touch with our experts today to know more about our specialised glass solutions!


4 Glass Types that Make Exterior Windows & Doors More Secure

From the standpoint of safety, both windows and doors are the weakest entry points in any architectural unit. As a result, they are more susceptible to security attacks and intrusions. Not to mention, numerous glass manufacturers in the market promise unmatched quality and premier service life but hardly deliver any.

Especially nowadays, when intrusions and thefts have become more commonplace, fears over security have become paramount. Therefore, the type of glass we use to make our exterior doors and windows has become crucial in keeping our indoors safe from security breaches.

And speaking of enhanced security in residential and commercial space, here are the glasses which work the best.

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass comprises two sheets of standard annealed glass fused together with a special interlayer of Poly Vinyl Butyral (PVB) in between. The thick glass formed, as a result, can easily resist impacts by absorbing impact shocks and resisting extreme degrees of penetration.

Consequently, any forced intrusions will be quite challenging to execute; this reduces theft attempts tremendously. In addition to improved security, laminated glass also offers additional advantages, as discussed below.

Acoustic Comfort – Given the levels of noise pollution in urban centers, the need for noise cancellation has become paramount. Fortunately, laminated glass can dampen outside noise for better noise reduction. Moreover, you can even request your glass manufacturers to include sound reduction interlayers in your fenestrations for additional soundproofing.

Solar Control – Combined with a heat-absorbing tint or low-E coating, laminated glass can reduce heat gain and bring down energy costs tremendously. Additionally, it also acts as a shield against solar glare. Based on the thickness of the glass, laminated glass can even resist harmful UV rays effectively.

Enhanced Visibility – Laminated glass surface usually has low visual distortions, so it appears virtually invisible. This allows the glass to reflect sharp images for greater clarity. Because of the enhanced visibility, laminated glass works exceptionally well for bay or picture windows, which many homebuyers shy away from over safety concerns.

Tempered Glass

Also known as toughened or safety glass, tempered glass is highly suitable for external windows and doors. Because of a quick-cooling manufacturing process, the glass is highly durable and resilient to impact, making it less likely to shatter upon breakage.

As a result, the glass is the perfect choice for regions that experience heavy wind loads or thermal stress. Moreover, other than excellent impact resilience, tempered glass also offers benefits.

Heat Resistance – In comparison to ordinary glass, tempered glass offers up to five times better heat resistance. It can withstand high temperatures quickly, showing excellent heat control properties. As a result, you can enjoy greater heat insulation, as well as reduced energy costs.

Protection from UV Rays – Windows and doors manufactured with tempered glass can protect against harmful UV rays since it can absorb around 65% of the UV rays which fall on its surface. Additionally, you can also use window tints to improve the solar control properties of tempered glass furthermore.

Reduced Risk of Injury – Generally, tempered glass shows high resilience against impact, which is why many reinforced windows in both commercial and residential spaces use it. However, in case the glass ever breaks, the risk of injury is minimum as it breaks away in small, tiny pieces.

Heat Strengthened Glass

Heat-strengthened glass is a type of processed glass which offers better thermal resistance and is twice as tough as standard glass. Consequently, it befits security needs perfectly. Heat-strengthened glass also provides numerous advantages.

Unique Breakage System – Unlike other glasses, heat-strengthened glass cracks radially, from the breakage point to the edges of the glass into large and sharp fragments. This creates a support system for the cracked pieces. As a result, the pieces remain intact and do not fall off, reducing the risk of injury.

Ability to Handle Thermal Shocks – Heat-strengthened glass can resist extreme thermal shocks and stress, which will typically break the standard glass. The glass can easily withstand thermal differentials of up to 130-degree Celsius.

Fire Resistant Glass

A type of laminated glass with a layer of intumescence, fire-resistant glass can easily withstand an extreme level of heat and prevent heat transfer. Primarily built to contain the spread of fire, the glass becomes a shield in unfortunate cases of fire breakouts. Fire-resistant glass also shows high resilience to impact and thermal stress.

To Sum Up

While these four glasses can minimise safety threats efficiently, investing in window locks, sensors, or bars is an excellent way to score additional security. Designed especially for safety concerns, these can lay down your worries over the home and office security to proper rest.

Nonetheless, to secure superior-quality glazing solutions for your windows and doors, opt for established glass manufacturers such as AIS Glass. We offer end-to-end solutions from product selection to installation, even after-sales support. Our specialised solutions, such as AIS Securityglas and AIS Valuglas are for both safety and aesthetic comfort. For further information, get in touch with us today!


Tempered Glass: Why They are Great for Your Office?

Is there anything more splendid than an uncomplicated and placid pane of glass? It is indeed a stellar material for uplifting your office’s décor and awarding it with an exuberant sense of space. But, often people worry whether glass can offer more than just delightful aesthetics. Is it a truly functional and long-lasting material? The answer is a resounding, yes! Enter tempered glass for its exceptional range of operational benefits.

What is Tempered Glass?

Tempered glass is made from annealed glass panes that undergo a unique process of heat tempering. Due to heat tempering, this surface becomes at least four to five times stronger than standard glass – a highly valuable quality for an interior construction material at an office.

The Science behind Tempered Glass

Before we get into how this glass type comes to life, you must know that once the glass is tempered, it cannot be cut or drilled. If you are looking for tempered glass, make sure the sandblasting or acid etching is done before heat tempering. All manufacturers prepare standard glass beforehand by shaping and frosting it as per the customer’s dimensions. After this, the glass pane undergoes heat treatment.

During this process, the surface travels through a tempering oven responsible for heating the glass to a high temperature of about 600 to 620 degrees Celsius. The glass then rolls out to undergo high-pressure cooling called “quenching.”

The process of quenching rapidly cools down the outer surface while the inner surface of glass remains hot. All of this creates tension within the entire pane, and by the time the inner surface of the glass cools down, you get a strong and robust tempered glass surface.

What Makes it a Great Choice for Your Office?

Investing in the undulating strength of tempered glass is a no-brainer. Sure, it enhances aesthetics but also offers ease of movement and incredible functionality to your office. But, is that all? Far from it! Check out other benefits tempered glass surfaces provide your office with.

Never Compromises on Safety

Apart from incredible strength, tempered glass is a fantastic choice to keep your office safe. How? It rarely breaks, and when it does, it never shatters into sharp jagged shards. Even upon massive impact, tempered glass develops multiple cracks and shatters into blunt, nugget-like pieces incapable of hurting the office staff scuttling around.

A standard annealed glass pane can indeed break into sharp pieces that may cause severe injuries to people working around and is also harder to clean. So, if you are considering glass dividers, cabins, walls, or doors for your office, go for tempered glass.

Resists Scratches and Other Damage

Of course, you want your office décor to maintain its sheen and lightness for years on end. And, tempered glass makes it possible. This surface does not deal damage the same way other décor materials would. Since tempered glass is incredibly durable, it can comfortably withstand daily wear-and-tear.

Let’s face it! Most offices experience significant footfall from both staff and clients, which makes this space prone to ageing early. But not if you use tempered glass. Given its resistance to scratches, chips, cracks, dings and dents, tempered glass keeps your office looking brand spanking new for years on end.

Spoils You for Choice

Tempered glass comes in such a wide variety of designs and patterns that you are bound to find something that suits the mood you want to set in your office. From clear to engraved to coloured, there is a lot you can do with this office décor material.

Tempered glass is also great for office washroom partitions and doors. In a nutshell, this glass type offers you heaps of applications that go far beyond the usual.

Belongs to the Fit-and-Forget Category

One of the primary points of worry at offices is related to maintenance. But, not if you have tempered glass covering the majority of expanse. This glass type requires bare minimum maintenance. Given its strength, durability, and resistance to scratches, there is not much to maintain.

Tempered glass also does not collect dust, grime, or debris easily. Therefore, all that your janitorial staff needs to do with tempered glass is clean it once a week with a damp fibre cloth.

The Bottom Line

It is not that hard to figure out that tempered glass is indeed the top choice for your office space. But, finding a true-blue glass expert to help out with the best quality of tempered glass may be a challenge in its own right.

Are you looking for tempered glass for your office? If so, then rely on AIS Glass – India’s leading glass manufacturing company. We offer a vast spectrum of glass solutions that also include top-notch quality of heat tempered panes. Our expert squad provides a quick turn-around time and end-to-end services, from selection to installation to incredible after-sales support.

To know more, get in touch with us today!


Myths about Reflective Glass

The fascinating tales of unicorns and mermaids are often the highlights of our childhood, where such stories continuously played with our imaginations. However, as we grew up, reality taught us that they were nothing but myths. But who can blame this? What cannot be explained often turns into conspiracies and myths. As a renowned author and poet, John J. Geddes had said, “Myths aren’t fairy tales or legends – they’re an honest attempt to explain mysteries.”

Myths aren’t just about magical creatures or a dystopian life, as you can hear about them even today, especially when anything new arrives to break the norm. In architecture, innovations happen every day, but as these new products arrive in the market, they’re often waved off with myths and disbeliefs due to the lack of usage. In modern-day architecture, one such product that has a lot of myths circulating the market is reflective glass.

Reflective Glass: Popularity and Misconceptions Go Hand-in-Hand

Contemporary spaces are all about creating the right blend of style and practicality, and glass is integral to this. Today, glass is not about fragility but rather about smart engineering and efficient usage, as glass structures can be designed for offering a sense of luxury while simultaneously providing benefits such as privacy, temperature regulation, security, etc.

Modern homeowners often opt for glass panels, doors, chambers, sliders, etc. to give their space a minimal yet luxurious tone. A significant part of this is reflective glass, with its numerous benefits and sleek design. Its practicality and wide availability have made reflective glass a go-to for many vehicles, businesses, and homeowners as well, especially since renovators or architects themselves often recommend it. However, since it is still relatively new, several myths surround it and its implementation in modern spaces. However, it is time to bust these myths, so let’s take a look at what they are and why they aren’t true.

The Myths Debunked

Reflective Glass is an Unworthy Investment

One of the most common myths about reflective glass is how it is an utter waste of money since it often turns purple, bubbles are spread throughout the film, or simply because they haven’t been built to last forever. However, we’ve all heard the adage, “nothing lasts forever,” which obviously applies to this as well. However, such claims about this glass can only be true when they’re installed without professional help. When installed properly, reflective glass can last almost two decades while providing you with numerous benefits such as maintaining privacy, low-maintenance, controlling the sun’s glare that enters your space, and more.

Age is a Reflective Glass’ Enemy

People usually prefer to purchase long-lasting, durable materials when decorating or establishing their space. While this applies to almost every material, many completely disband reflective glass of being the same and blatantly blame it for not being long-lasting. It’s the opposite, as a professionally-installed, high-quality one will actually last you quite long, and it will even continue to be sleek and beautiful, rather than its colours fading away. 

All Show and No Go

Another common myth about reflective glass that is quite common among many homeowners is how it is just for cosmetic purposes and only adds to the appearance of a space. That is largely untrue because reflective glasses provide several benefits that make them a necessary choice for many modern homes. Firstly, reflective glasses are the perfect solution for maintaining privacy since those on the outside cannot see through them. Secondly, they reduce the amount of glare that enters your space, blocking out the harmful UV rays. Thirdly, they’re also available with a low-E coating, which will help your space earn Energy Star and LEED credits as well. These are just a few of the many benefits of installing reflective glass.

Reflective Glasses are Tough to Clean

Many also consider reflective glass to be problematic when it comes to maintenance and cleaning. That’s yet another myth that makes no sense, as they can be cleaned the same way as other glasses. The only thing to be kept in mind is to check the specifications of the film for detailed instructions. Other than that, your cleaning routine will be the same, irrespective of the installed reflective glass.

AIS Glass for Expert Glass Solutions

Now that the myths are done and dusted, it is pretty clear how good reflective glass really is. If you wish to purchase it, then AIS Glass is here to provide you with best-in-class products and expert solutions. As India’s leading integrated glass manufacturer, our team of experts at AIS Glass offers unrivalled 360-degree solutions in glass products and allied services. Our AIS SunShield is a premium-quality heat-reflective glass ideal for a wide variety of architectural applications and available in varying shades, sizes, and thicknesses. So, contact us today for a hassle-free purchase!


Myths About Green Building That Everyone Should Know

“A green building should create delight when entered, serenity and health when occupied, and regret when departed.”

Conceptually speaking, a green building is any building designed to eliminate or lower the negative impacts, on both the built and natural environment. Green buildings typically use non-toxic building materials, while the building designs are in response to the specific climatic needs.

Most importantly, green buildings are designed to have a positive impact on the natural environment as well. Even in construction and operation, these buildings focus on improving the quality of life by harnessing natural elements. Put simply – sustainability is at the heart of green building concept.

Origins of Green Building Concept

Besides, sustainability was a significant part of architectural designs in ancient India. The Vedic philosophy even lists five methods which can maximise the use of Panch Mahabhuta or the five basic elements of nature, including – Agni (Fire), Vayu (Air), Avkash (Space), Jal (Water), and Prithvi (Earth)– without causing any harm to nature.

Our ancient builders tried to create a harmony between the five elements when planning buildings and construction, a science they called Vastushastra. The science emphasised open spaces in the centre of the building to promote daylighting and cross-ventilation. Builders usually constructed kitchens in the south-east portion, which received a lower degree of sunrays to avoid high temperatures.

At the same time, ancient builders did not compromise on aesthetics or style, as evident from our rich architectural heritage. Incidentally, the forgotten traditions have witnessed a surprising revival in the emergence of ‘green’ buildings recently. But awareness around green buildings is relatively inadequate while the myths remain in abundance.

Below, we look at six myths about green buildings that you should not believe in.

Myth #1 Green Buildings Are Inefficient in Comparison to Traditional Buildings

Contrary to popular belief, ‘green’ buildings are as efficient as traditional buildings. They are made with far superior technologies and modern practices to ensure sustainable, reliable, and efficient design. Occupants also enjoy comparatively better energy-efficiency and healthier living environment in green buildings.

Moreover, the building materials and techniques employed in construction focus on optimised resource allocation and reduced construction waste. As a result, green buildings cut down operation costs significantly.

Myth #2 Green Buildings are Expensive

Perhaps the most common myth about green buildings, especially amongst the common man. But in truth, sustainability is achievable and affordable. If you consider the overall life-cycle costs, a green building does not cost more than a traditional building.

In fact, green buildings typically have a payback period of one or two years. Your initial investments will let you enjoy reduced energy costs, better indoor air quality, enhanced durability, and healthier indoors. Best of all, green buildings usually have a comparatively higher resale value.

Myth #3 Green Buildings Lack Visual Appeal

The idea of ‘green’ architecture is merely limited to building practices, principles, and methodologies. There is no specific ‘look’ or ‘feel’ to a green building. Nonetheless, most people assume green buildings look wacky and lack visual appeal.

On the contrary, occupants can choose any style or aesthetic they wish to incorporate in the building design. Like any conventional building, green buildings can be absolute head-turners, from both the outside and inside.

Myth #4 “Green” Materials are Not Easily Accessible

Unlike popular opinion, green building materials are available in abundance. Easily accessible, these materials are also affordable, costing no more than the typical building materials. Green products mostly comprise recycled materials and Agri-based products, which can cut down construction costs considerably.

However, such misconceptions continue to arise because of misinformation about green buildings. But with more awareness, the development and demand for ‘green’ raw materials will only increase. Markets for recycled content and sustainable materials will increase steadily.

Myth #5 Green Buildings are Only Trends, Not the Future

Many consider green buildings to be mere trends which arose in response to increasing environmental concerns, primarily because, green buildings became a part of the mainstream quite recently. However, the practice of building ‘green’ has been around for centuries, as exemplified by the introduction to this article.

Presently, as builders face acute resource and waste management crisis, the necessity for green buildings has only grown. Especially as the need for sustainability has increased, green buildings are gaining fast traction in India. Most importantly, as green materials become readily available in local markets, green buildings are sure to take precedence over conventional ones.

To Sum Up

Today, green buildings are becoming popular, sustainable alternatives to conventional ones and residential spaces are no exception. If you are looking for green solutions for your home or office remodels, AIS Glass should be your top pick.

We offer a wide variety of glazing solutions for energy-efficiency and premier aesthetics. Get our unique range of high-performance glass solutions, which are equally secure, stylish, and durable.

Contact us to avail an expert consultation today!


What Makes Glass Flooring So Appealing?

“Design is a constant challenge to balance comfort with luxe, the practical with the desirable’-Donna Karan. Offering this ideal blend of form and function is one interior structure that has become popular in both residential and commercial structures – glass floors. It is with the evolution of interior design over the years that glass floors have shifted from a commercial to housing concept, and they have been incorporated in modern homes for a plush and classy look.

The appeal of a glass floor lies in its visually pleasing design and practicality. Glass floors add a tint of elegance to the space and their mere addition elevates the space to a whole new level of royal. If you are looking to transform your property without comprising with functionality and style, glass floor is a modern architectural focal point that is a must-have in your space.

Discussed below are the reasons why glass flooring is so appealing.

Visual Appeal – Unlike Any Other!

Glass flooring is an integrant of modern architecture. It has gained great traction in recent times due to its attractive look and classy touch. Corporate offices have incorporated glass floor as it fits well with the professional and chic tone of the building and the line of work.

Restaurants and other commercial spaces also prefer glass flooring to due to its enticing feel. Glass flooring is installed at entrances to make the guests feel invited into a luxe and sophisticated place. Interior designers customise glass floors to place it under seating areas and lobbies, making smooth transitions from one space to another.

The way these seemingly minimalistic structures transform the visual appeal of any space is by reflecting natural light in such angles that it creates an illusion of a larger area. And what’s more is that to take it up a notch, all that needs to be done is the installation of some LED lights around the perimeter of the structure and voila! The entire ambience will take a 180-degree turn in an instance.

Easy Maintenance

Upkeep and maintenance of interiors is not an easy task, and the glass floor saves a lot of time and trouble in this sector. Glass floors are scratch-proof and dust-resistant, so wear-and-tear is minimised. Also, the cleaning process is not tedious for these floors as they do not catch dust or mould easily. All you need is a clean damp cloth dipped in a solution of baking soda and water, and your glass floor will be spic-and-span in a jiffy. Glass floors do not get stained easily and cleaning these floors is quick and effortless.

Durability and Built

The merits of glass floor go beyond aesthetics and beauty. It is the perfect mix of function and form. All misconceptions about the fragility and brittleness of glass flooring can be warded off as it is strong and durable. Glass floorings are incredibly safe to walk on and come with an anti-slip surface.

Toughened glass – a highly sturdy type of glass which is four to five times stronger than standard annealed glass – is used for the construction of glass floors. The tensile strength of this glass is high, and it can easily resist considerable amount of impact without breaking.

Inflow of Light

Plenty of natural light is ushered in by glass floors. This cuts down the need for artificial lighting during the daytime and allows sunlight to penetrate the work or residential space. A well-lit space is more inviting and productive for individuals, and they can complete their tasks with zest. It is a sustainable and environmentally-sound alternative, creating a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere.

Wide Customisation Options

Glass floors can be tailor-made to suit your needs and preferences. Architects can choose to transform the entire floor area of a room to glass flooring, or simply convert a small section of the entire space to make it stand out or illuminate its beauty. You can choose from a variety of designs, shapes, and sizes to create a personalised glass floor compatible with your décor style and personal tastes. 

Restaurants might choose more colourful patterns while corporate spaces might go for simpler and minimalistic designs, as glass floors come in wide varieties to choose from.

A ‘Glass-y’ Appeal

Glass floors are mesmerising due to their look and feel, but also due to their functional advantages. They have revamped flooring and design techniques, giving architectural advancements a whole new meaning. 

Want to adorn your residential and commercial structures with glass flooring? AIS Glass provides superior-quality glass floor solutions to beautify your home or office space, and give your floor the oomph factor it needs. There is a wide range of premium-grade, high-performance, strong and stylish glass floors to choose from so that you can satisfy all your architectural needs.

Make customised configurations based on personal requirements and usher style and functionality to the forefront with glass floors from AIS Glass.

Contact us for more information and make your dream décor come true today!


Tips and Tricks for uPVC Doors Maintenance

One of the golden rules of design is to live with what you love because that never goes out of style. So, if you have chosen uPVC doors as part of your home or office improvement project, make sure to shine them up like a new penny, else risk falling out of love with them.

uPVC or un-plasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride doors are roaring in popularity, and with good reason. These structures are light yet sturdy, easy-to-customise, non-toxic, secure, and ridiculously easy to maintain. But, even the best of materials demand their share of care. And, uPVC is no different in that regard!

So, if you are considering installing uPVC doors and are trying to ensure that maintaining them won’t be a hassle, learn all about the tips and tricks to show your uPVC structures some love.

Tip #1 Gather the Right Tools and Materials before Setting to Work

You can bring no deed to fruition without the right tools to aid the process. And, uPVC door cleaning is much the same. Here is what you need to care for your uPVC doors – a cleaning solution, dry and soft non-abrasive cloth, grease for lubrication, and some talcum powder for the gaskets. You can also use liquid soap or mild detergent solution instead of a cleaning solution.

As for the cleaning solution, all you need is some white vinegar mixed with water in a 2:1 ratio. Also, add some liquid soap or utensil cleaner to the vinegar-water mix, and your cleaning solution is ready. Equipped with all the raw materials mentioned above, it is now time to motor through the second step.

Tip #2 Say Good Riddance to Dry Dust Flailing on the Surface

Even before getting down to using the liquid cleaner, remove the dry dust and debris stuck to the uPVC frame and glass pane. No point dousing the door with a solution only to find dry debris scratch the surface. Take a dry and soft cloth and gently wipe the entire surface. Once it looks rid of dust and debris, it is time for the showstopper – our home-made cleaning solution!

Take the prepped solution and pour it into a spray bottle. If you don’t have a spray bottle, fill up any old shampoo bottle that has a pump nozzle. A pumping or spraying mechanism evenly distributes the solution in the right quantity and prevents overuse.

Tip #3 Start Spraying from the Top and Work Your Way Downwards

UPVC doors are so robust that the cleaning solution will only restore their old charm without hurting the surface polish. Spray the liquid from the top and let it spill towards the bottom and this is also the direction in which you will go about cleaning. The vinegar, soap, and water solution is suitable for both uPVC frame and the glass on the door if any.  

Make sure to look for grime in every nook and cranny of your door frame and spray on it twice or thrice. Once you are satisfied that the liquid is in all the right places, it is time to wipe the door clean. Here you must be careful to use a dry and soft microfiber cloth. Do not use a wet abrasive fabric or steel wool to scrub the surface clean as that may irreversibly damage the door’s finish. Once you have sprayed and wiped the uPVC door clean, take another bottle or a mug with clean water and splash some of it onto the door frame. You could skip this step if you did not use a lot of soap in your vinegar solution.

Tip #4 Grease the Right Parts and Ensure Smooth Operability for Years

Even though the main components on uPVC doors include glass and frame, one must not forget caring for the hinges, locks, and joints. After all, what good is your uPVC door if it cannot operate smoothly, right? Therefore, no maintenance of windows and doors is complete without greasing and oiling them.

All moving parts like hinges and other metallic components of your uPVC door must be greased and lubricated at least twice a year or each time you clean the entire structure. Avoid using cooking oil and use petroleum jelly instead. If you live in a particularly humid city, invest in store-bought grease. Do not lubricate wheels and cylinder if you have uPVC sliding doors. Doing this will cause them to malfunction. If there are gaskets holding the structure securely, sprinkle some talcum powder on them to ensure they don’t stick or malfunction. Any powder at home will do. 

And, That’s All Folks!

So, as you can see, maintaining uPVC doors is no rocket science. Instead, these structures belong to the ‘fit and forget’ category. Are you looking to invest in uPVC doors, but are confused about the glazing options at your disposal? Fret not! Reach out to AIS Glass for all your glass lifestyle needs. We are India’s leading glass solutions provider, offering glass solutions for a variety of needs – aesthetic, privacy, safety, energy-efficiency, and acoustic insulation.

Our team of experts is eager to help you with selecting the right glass, installing it onto the door, and proving excellent after-sales service. So, don’t wait before it’s too late! Get in touch with us today to know more about our entire range of products and services!


5 Design Tips to Use Mirrors for Interior Design

Isn’t it astounding how a mirror entirely amps up a space by providing it dimension and depth? From energy to luxury to the visual tricks, mirrors with bespoke designs can make a massive difference in the overall appearance of any room. Besides, given the handiness of mirrors, we take the liberty to say — mirrors are highly underrated interior decor pieces.

Below are five of our top design tips to put mirror glass to use for accentuating the beauty of your space while making the most out of them.

Placement is Key

When decorating your home with mirror glass, you don’t wish to miss any opportunity to squeeze the maximum out of this sparkly and one-of-its-kind décor piece. So, it all comes down to where and how you place a mirror.

The height at which the mirror is installed in conjunction with what it reflects, greatly influence the visual appeal of the space. If the mirror glass, for example, reflects a sloping ceiling, it is not the most flattering sight to behold. So, use mirrors to deflect attention away from any awkward or unpleasing spot of the room. Place it thoughtfully at a height to emphasise more on the plus points of the room. When placed strategically, they can become statement fillers in small but significant places that are too tiny for a piece of furniture.

Let There be Space!

For those of you looking for space and light, mirror glass turns out to be of use when installed in a small room or a narrow corridor. Go with oversize mirrors or other large wall mirrors to capture as much light as possible to give an expansive illusion to the room. In fact, mirrors can be placed as windows in a windowless room to make it brighter and instantly bigger.

Adding mirrors make light and images bounce off from different angles them and thus, imparting a sense of space in the interiors. A mirror distributes space and light in a way that contributes to the depth and energy of the room. This makes rooms look bigger and more spacious than they actually are.

Make the Mirror the Centre of All Attention

Without a shiny console or opulent furniture, a room tends to look dull and uninteresting. So, an essentially bare room can benefit from mirror glass as its architectural focal point.

A large mirror with an extensive frame can offer drama and playfulness to the room. While a more modern and distinct look can be achieved with a round mirror, for example, having golden or metallic detailing giving off that vintage vibe. Also, if the room has some focal point, a well-placed mirror can exaggerate its effect. Nonetheless, it is for you to decide how you wish to style the space to balance out all the elements of the room.

Besides, when it comes to decorative art, mirrors with unique and eccentric frames can well substitute paintings. Invest in lavish and fancy-framed mirrors to exude elegance, luxury, and style.

Breathe Life into Those Dingy Corners

Most of us have a room in our house or office that has windows brightening up the entire room, except for one particular corner of the room. This is where you can bring mirrors into the picture. See the light bouncing in the room when you install mirror glass behind a lamp or with mirrored wall art/furniture.

Besides, you can not only make use of artificial lights but can also exploit natural lighting with mirrors. Positioning a mirror opposite the window enables the outdoor scenery to reflect on the mirror, which illuminates the space while producing a scenic viewpoint. However, to ensure the longevity of the reflective surface of the mirror, make sure sunlight doesn’t dawn upon it directly.

With the thoughtful placement of mirrors, you can achieve a luminous and warm ambience. Invest in a frameless polished mirror or a sizable vintage-styled mirror glass, and you can thank us later.

Play around with Geometric Shapes

Traditional rectangular mirror glass is an all-time classic. But you must not shy away from experimenting with different shapes, sizes, and colours of mirrors.

The decor of your space is a representation of your unique taste and personality. So, if sobriety is your calling, go with a bevelled mirror or a large round unframed mirror.  On the other hand, if you like going overboard with your interiors, then help yourself with opulent and eccentric mirrors in unusual shapes. The point is — mirrors are not bound to have practical use always. Enhancing your house or office with eccentric mirrors can be the aesthetic highlight of the space as well.

Apart from using mirror glass to reflect our faces, there are more than a few ways to decorate and utilise any space with them. Contact AIS Glass today and design your room with mirrors that align with the interiors of the room to complement its decor. Our AIS Mirror is 100% distortion-free, eco-friendly, and incredibly long-lasting with a high precision flatness for true-to-size images.

So, get in touch with us today!


Sparkling Mirror Glass Ideas for Your Living Space

“Look in thy glass and tell the face thou viewest.” Since the time of Shakespeare, mirrors or reflective glass surfaces have enjoyed a unique pedestal – that of being the centre of sonnets and lyrical verses. Perhaps what must have fascinated these poets and literary artists is the shimmer and shine of these important vanity pieces wherein one can see themselves crystal-clear.

Important as they have been in their role of letting many a maiden know whether they’re the “fairest of them all,” contemporary mirror glass’ usage is not merely limited to the realm of vanity. Today, mirrors are crucial architectural and interior design focal points, which, when used strategically, can render an other-worldly charm to a space.

So, what does it take to transform your living space from drab to fab? In this case, some sparkling mirror glass, an expert designer at-hand, and a few fun ideas as those mentioned below. Take a look.

Oh Vanity of Vanities, Desire!

Dear vanity, we know you’re a deceptive friend and a faithful foe, yet what would we do without you! Before you dread hearing about a vanity mirror, first things first – nobody’s asking you to go bland and uninspiring with your vanity mirror décor! Go for classic round mirrors to soften sharp angles or highlight the sparkle of your mirror glass with a gilded frame. However, if you wish to go all out with your vanity mirror décor, the ideal option is to opt for an eye-catching sculptural frame that can double as art or antique vintage mirrors that may transport you back to the time of the Victorian aristocrats, the lucky few to enjoy staring at their reflections all day long. Finally, maybe you’re among those who do not shy away from some drama. If yes, then install some LED or marquee lights around the vanity setup for a significant luxe-contemporary vibe. Plus, with such a setup, you can apply your makeup better!

Ah! Let a Sparkling Mirror Greet the Guests

Depending on the orientation, placement, design, shape and size, a mirror can be used for various purposes, the primary of which is opening up spaces and creating the illusion of a larger surface area. Does your living area open up to a narrow hallway? There’s no need to starve for space when you can mock-create more with the help of sparkling mirror glass! Incline a tall mirror, perhaps, floor-to-ceiling against the wall that directly faces the hallway entrance. However, in case you need a little more edge, how about installing various small mirrors along the entire length of the hallway? 

Moreover, sparkling mirrors for such fixtures would go best with accompaniments like a tall flower vase, matching analogue clock, indoor plants, etc. You can also go for a set of oblong or misshapen mirrors to create a lasting first impression on the visitor. Smart placement of unconventionally-shaped mirrors with multiple eccentric edges can go a long way in elevating your hallway space and making it more enticing.

Let Your Bedroom Come to Life!

You do not want your most intimate space to be the one where you’re the only one that’s alive; let your bedroom come to life and have a mind and personality of its own! By placing a mirror in unconventional spots, you can give a quick overhaul to your bedroom’s appearance. Not only does this facilitate productivity but also creates a positive environment where all your chakras can function at their optimal.

One way to do this can be by using a long rectangular sparkling mirror glass to reflect light. Do not be afraid of innovation, as you can often be pleasantly surprised by the results. By pointing the oversized mirror glass towards an open window, you can bring in more natural light, making the space brighter, more cheery and pleasant in general. You can also install a sparkling mirror glass backed by LED lights to act as a soothing replacement for a night light and give a surreal vibe to your room.

Take a 180° Turn on Style

Want to make your house stand apart in terms of décor? How about installing sparkling mirror glass just above the fireplace? Too eccentric? Then, play it safe by incorporating mirror glass along the full-length of doors. Use mirrored table-tops or maybe get a custom-made cabinet or stand made purely of mirror glass. Words simply can’t create the magic that you will feel in-person!

No matter what you do, don’t be afraid of going a little overboard or unconventional as mirror glass provides plenty of room for creativity.

Choose AIS Mirror for One-of-its-Kind Designing Needs

To help you create the most stunning living space, AIS Glass is here at your rescue! Our AIS Mirror is a 100% distortion-free glass with an even surface for the best reflections. It is eco-friendly and sturdy enough to last you for generations. Get custom-cut mirror glass for all your designing needs! Get in touch with AIS Glass today.


Challenges Faced While Selecting a Right Smart Glass Supplier

Innovation is not merely limited to the realm of data science and electronics. The same has seeped into every nook and cranny of modern society; even the architectural industry is being disrupted by one-of-their-kind, marvellous technological advancements that were unheard of even a decade ago.

One such advancement is termed as ‘smart or switchable glass.’ This glass solution uses electricity to change its opacity levels. This dynamic, multi-functional glass type focuses on serving the on-demand privacy needs of the buyer.

Though a relatively new solution, smart glass is already being showered by loads of love and appreciation, the fact that it is becoming so popular among Indian architects, interior designers, and homeowners bears testimony. However, one may face challenges in choosing the right smart glass supplier. Read more to find out.

How Does Smart Glass Work?

Switchable or smart glass works by using active light control technology called the PDLC or Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal technology. It comprises a smart film interlayer that consists of randomly dispersed particles. In the absence of an electric current, the electrons lie scattered, thus blocking the passage of light, but when an electric current is passed, the particles get polarized and arrange themselves in a straight line. This facilitates the passage of light. Thus, the glass turns from opaque to transparent on the flick of a switch.

Challenges in Selecting the Right Smart Glass Supplier

While buying smart glass, customers face a lot of challenges as this is still an upcoming technology and is yet to become popular in the mainstream. Due to its obscurity, customers – especially the ones buying for personal needs – can be hesitant in trusting the smart glass supplier. Here are some of the most common challenges faced by customers while looking for the right smart glass supplier.

Being Clueless about the Product

This is the most common hurdle faced by customers, especially when it comes to smart glass. The smart glass market is relatively new in India, and there is a pressing need to educate more people about the availability of such an innovative and functional glass solution. 

The first and foremost thing that you need to do as a potential smart glass buyer is to develop a basic understanding of the pros and cons of the product. Lack of awareness in a niche technological product can become a setback later on. You should consider hiring experts or taking assistance from the company to understand the product fully.

So, the first checkbox to tick is to keep an eye for a smart glass supplier that does not shy away from giving you a thorough knowledge of the product they’re selling.

Ambiguities Regarding the ‘Value-for-Money’ Aspect

While we understand that money may not be an issue, but ensuring that the product you’re purchasing gives full value for the money you’re investing, is crucial. To get fair prices, you should be aware of the market price and do your research well. However, do not make the mistake of equating value-for-money with the lowest price around, but the right balance of quality, reliability, and the money that goes into procuring the product.

Half-Baked Knowledge about the Chosen Supplier

It is crucial to have a clear understanding of the services, reputation, and other aspects of the supplying company in detail. In addition to this, customers should create specific, detailed, in-depth criteria regarding their needs to get the best out of the supplier. Inadequate information can lead to misunderstandings and bad business relations.

Further, smart glass is manufactured in a variety of ways; it is imperative that you ask your supplier regarding their manufacturing processes, usage, number of working cycles, and more so that you do not end up causing any defects with your product. Also, this undoubtedly helps in knowing your smart glass supplier and their practices better.

Besides those mentioned above, it is also important to quiz your smart glass supplier on the variety of shades and sizes in which they offer their product. As important as it is to derive the best of smart glass functionality, it is equally essential to get the aesthetic rush you’re looking for. Choose a smart glass supplier who has a wide brand reach, positive reviews, and testimonies, offers customisable services, and end-to-end support.

End Your Search for the Best Smart Glass Supplier with AIS Glass!

Looking for a reliable and experienced smart glass supplier? Look no further than AIS Glass! We are the industry leaders in supplying architectural glass for all your aesthetic and functional needs – privacy (on-demand), security, energy-efficiency, and acoustic insulation. Our smart AIS Swytchglas turns from transparent to opaque and vice-versa in just less than 10 microseconds, blocks up to 50% light in its ‘Off Mode,’ and lasts for a minimum of 20,000 cycles.

Our expert team will assist you every step of the way, right from the time of product choice up until installation, even with post-installation services. And what’s more, is that we will thoroughly educate you on our smart glass and its operation. For bespoke smart glass solutions, contact us today!