A Guide to Different Types of Window Glass for Home & Office

When choosing new windows for your home or office, one of the most important decisions is the type of glass. The glass in your windows impacts aesthetics, insulation, noise reduction, security, and even functionality. In the section below, we’ll discuss the most popular window glass options to consider.

1. uPVC Windows 

uPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) is a popular low-cost synthetic material used for window frames and glass panels. uPVC windows offer exceptional insulation, soundproofing, and weather resistance. They require little maintenance, as the uPVC material is highly durable and resists corrosion and rotting over time.  

The glass itself is usually double-glazed or triple-glazed for enhanced thermal efficiency. Multiple layers trap air between them, acting as an insulator against heat transfer. This keeps your home or office warmer in winter and cooler in summer, saving significantly on energy bills. The gap between glass layers also reduces noise from outside traffic, construction, and other noise. 

2. Aluminium Windows   

Aluminium windows boast slim, sleek frames, allowing maximum light exposure. Structural aluminium delivers an incredibly strong yet lightweight frame that resists corrosion, rotting, and warping even in harsh weather conditions. This makes aluminium one of the most durable and longest-lasting window frame materials. 

Like uPVC windows, aluminium frames incorporate double or triple-layered glass for thermal insulation and noise reduction. Speciality glass like tinted or Low-E coatings can also be added further to augment insulation capabilities, visibility, or privacy. 

3. Casement Windows 

Casement windows are hinged vertically along one side of the frame so the window panel opens outward like a door. This allows full and unobstructed ventilation, which allows fresh exterior breezes inside. Casement windows can incorporate nearly any glass from double-glazed Low-E glass for insulation to speciality decorative window glass types

The outward swinging orientation does make casement windows prone to getting caught in heavy winds or storms. But minor drawback aside, casement windows lend an aesthetically appealing look with their large unbroken glass expanses while facilitating excellent ventilation flow. 

4. Sliding Windows  

Sliding windows move side-to-side on tracks within the window frame. This facilitates opening and closing in confined spaces where a swinging motion isn’t feasible. Sliding windows are popular for balconies, basements, attics, and above kitchen counters or sinks. 

Most sliding windows incorporate double or triple-layered glass. While they don’t facilitate ventilation as freely as swinging casement windows, sliding windows can still gap slightly open for moderate airflow. The sliding panes make them easy to open or close in small spaces. But they can jam occasionally or get knocked off noisy tracks. Proper installation is key for keeping sliding windows functioning smoothly long-term. 

5. French Windows 

French windows, open with double side-by-side swinging doors. They combine windows and doors into one beautiful portal linking indoor and outdoor spaces. The row of many full-length glass windowpanes provides a bright and welcoming flow of sunlight ideal for living rooms, dens, or master bedrooms. 

The French window style imparts elegance while facilitating easy passage to adjoining outdoor decks or patios. Their swinging side-by-side design adapts well to variable widths. And the materials can incorporate double pane glass or interesting decorative touches like curved transoms. Keeping the glass clean, hardware lubricated, and weatherstrips snug and French windows will be ultra-functional and stylish portals for decades. 


Deciding on the perfect glass windows for your home or office involves considering various factors like space, style, natural light, ventilation, and insulation. Whether you’re leaning towards cost-effective uPVC, sturdy aluminium, breezy casements, convenient sliders, or elegant French windows, each option has its advantages and disadvantages. Choosing based on your needs and lifestyle ensures comfort in any room and weather. AIS Glass experts provide the best quality glass windows that you must consider. 


Process to Maintain the Different Types of Window Glass Cracks

Knowing how to maintain cracked window glass is important for any homeowner. Different types of window glass have different properties, requiring a nuanced approach to care for them properly. This article will discuss the process for maintaining window glass cracks for various window glass types. Following this article’s advice, homeowners can ensure their window glass remains safe and sound. 

So, let’s take a look at these tips. 

1. Identify the Window Glass Type you Have: 

Not all window glasses are created equal, and the type of window glass you have will determine how to repair any cracks. Tempered glass and laminated glass are the two most common types of window glass currently in use. Tempered glass is a single pane strengthened with heat that fractures into small chunks when broken, whereas laminated window glass has a plastic interlayer that holds the window together if cracked. 

2. Understand the Differences Between Window Glass Types 

Window glass types vary greatly in terms of their composition and method of manufacture, which can significantly affect how window glass cracks are repaired or maintained. For instance, tempered window glass is heat-treated to make it stronger and more resistant to impact damage than regular window glass.  

Laminated window glass consists of two pieces bonded with a special interlayer that holds the windowpane together if it breaks. This type of window glass must be replaced when cracked instead of repaired due to its composite material. 

3. Gather the Necessary Supplies for Window Repair 

The supplies you need for window repair depend on the type of window glass. You will need a plastic or epoxy resin adhesive and primer for laminated window glass. For tempered window glass, you will need double-sided tape or acrylic window patching film. 

4. Prepare the Window for Repair 

Before attempting any window glass repair, you must prepare the window for repair. Depending on what type of window glass you have, there are different steps you will need to take before beginning a crack-repair project. 

For window glass types such as laminated window glass, you will first need to use a razor blade to remove any pieces of the window that have broken away from the main crack. This is important to ensure that the repair material has a clean surface to adhere to. 

For window glasses, it is not recommended that you attempt any repair due to the fragility of this type of glass and its inability to be repaired without special tools and equipment. 

5. Repair Window Cracks Using Appropriate Technique 

If the window is made of laminated window glass, then a DIY window crack kit can typically help seal the crack temporarily. On the other hand, tempered window glass typically has more severe cracks due to its hardening process and will require professional repair or replacement. 

6. Clean Window Glass and Inspect for any Additional Damage 

When cleaning window glass, it is important to be aware of the different types of glass and their respective levels of resilience. Tempered window glass can withstand a greater impact than annealed window glass and may require special equipment for repair or replacement. When inspecting window glass for additional damage, take note of any cracks that have already formed or any chips or dents.  

If there are any visible signs that the window glass has been compromised, contact a professional immediately to assess the severity of the damage before attempting to repair it yourself. 

The Bottom Line 

When it comes to preventing window glass cracks, the best approach is prevention. Proper window installation and regular maintenance can help protect window glass and minimize potential damage. Additionally, understanding the different window glass types and their associated properties will allow for the most effective process when cracks occur. 


Durable and Trendy Coloured Glass Windows for Your Interior

Though often given the back-burner, doors and windows are the most crucial elements of any space. After all, can you even imagine what an architectural structure without proper fenestrations would look like? Soul-less, dull, perhaps even menacing.

Besides establishing a dialogue with the outdoors, these elements also act as entrances for fresh air, light, and whatnot. Now, let’s not forget the way they elevate the look of any space. However, maybe you’re one of those people for whom the window’s shape and design style does not make the cut? If yes, then go a step ahead and add a dash of colour!

Be it subtle pastels or juicy brights, adding a dash of colour to your windows means enlivening the surroundings. Wondering how you’re going to do that? Why with the help of coloured glass!

Now, What’s That?

Coloured glass is created by the addition of various metallic oxide powders when it is in its molten state. Different powders impart different colours. The effect of coloured glass is elevated by natural light, which creates a dazzling luminosity, giving rise to stunning reflections.

Diving deep into the pages of history, coloured or stained glass windows have enjoyed a superior position amidst Renaissance churches and other structures. President of Judson Studios in Kansas, also the creator of the one-of-its-kind fusion glass studio, says, “What strikes me is realising we are just scratching the surface with this – with what is possible with stained (coloured) glass.” So you see, the world of possibilities is larger than we’d expected when it comes to coloured glass.

It is no wonder that this timeless design has made a major urban comeback, especially in their use as fenestrations. Glass is a versatile material which can be used for several innovative interior applications. Coloured glass can be used for a variety of installations to add a touch of artistic elegance to your home. Cassandra LaValle, an American interior designer, says with respect to tinted glass windows, “The instant you frame these beautiful pieces with a fresh white, they become more like pieces of art.”

Today, architects and designers are widely using glass as a decorative element in contemporary homes and otherwise. Read on to know more about how coloured glass windows can transform your interiors.

Modern Interior Design Sans Coloured Glass? Unthinkable!

Coloured glass windows are not just used as windows, but they classify as wall art. With the right coloured glass design and frame, you can make your living room look like something out of an art gallery. If you are a fan of art and history, ornate and gothic-styled coloured glass windows will complement your home, especially if your windows look out to a garden or forested area.

Coloured glass designs are spectacular and intense, bringing together a combination of vintage and modern, stylish, and chic décor. Whether your home has a minimal and contemporary aesthetic or a baroque, ornamental aesthetic, stained glass windows are versatile enough to adorn both.

Modern homes usually focus on more negative space than clutter. The sanitized look of a modern home can be complemented by the elegant and colourful patterns of stained glass windows. The natural light reflected into colourful shapes and patterns on your walls is sure to add a magical feeling to your interiors. If your space is visually heavy or has too many elements in one room, the light and airy design of these windows can take attention away from the less flattering aspects (read clutter).

There’s a Design for Every Space

What makes a house a home? A personal touch. Every home is different in its style, utility, aesthetics, space, etc. Fortunately, coloured glass can be custom-designed in alliance with the look of your home. Its thickness, texture, shape, colour, etc. can bring about a look of architectural sophistication.

Moreover, coloured glass is not just limited to homes but can be used in commercial, educational, and professional spaces as well. The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision and the International Management Institute in Kolkata are wildly colourful glass buildings that are famous worldwide. Adding coloured glass to your building can make it dramatically beautiful and inviting. In a professional space, coloured glass windows can work wonders to remove monotony and improve the mood and productivity of occupants.

Playful yet Elegant Décor

If you are more inclined towards a classic style and apprehensive about installing coloured glass windows, you can begin by trying it out in a specially delegated space. For example, a homeowner with kids can get the coloured glass installed in their kids’ bedrooms and make them more awe-inspiring, colourful, and playful. If you are a professional space owner and do not want to tamper with the sanctity of the work environment, then you can try installing coloured glass windows in a lounge or de-stressing area of the office, as these spaces are meant to be relaxing.

Bring Your Interiors to Life with AIS Glass

AIS Glass is the leading glass solutions provider in the country. Selecting the right kind of coloured glass to match your style can be difficult, which is why AIS offers a virtual reality app – AIS World of Shades, using which you can visualise your interiors with different-coloured glass. Our durable and heat-resistant glass is of the best quality and also eco-friendly. A coloured glass window can transform both a residential or commercial space into a world of colourful splendour. If you are looking to remodel your interiors, AIS Glass is the best place to bring your coloured glass dreams to life. Get in touch today!


Home Renovations: How to Choose A Trendy Window Glass Design

Be it a personal or commercial space, there is no room in the world that is complete without the right set of windows. Picking the right window glass design for your home, in particular, is one of the most important investments you’ll make in enhancing its appeal and liveability.

Planning to renovate your home for a modern, new-age facelift? Without changing much about your home, you can actually achieve the effect with trendy window glass designs custom-made for your spaces. Here’s how you can make your home renovation plans a dazzling success with stylish window designs and frames. 

Your House’s Architectural Style 

No two homes are built the same. The right window glass designs for your house will complement its architectural style – interiors, exteriors, outside view, HVAC, et al. For instance, French windows are generally a good idea for higher up apartments with an influx of pollution. But, this type of window may not be well-suited for any apartment style. So, when you pick a window design while renovating your interiors, do think about how well it will complement your house’s architecture.

Purpose of Windows

What do you need windows for? Is it to let natural light in? Ventilation? Or a confluence of reasons?

The purpose your windows fulfil in your space is another important thing you need to keep in mind when picking out the perfect window glass design. If the primary aim is to ventilate, a particular glass design could work far better than the others, for instance. In some cases, sliding windows may serve as a doorway as well, especially when they are floor to ceiling.

Interiors and Exteriors

Your windows are seen by two kinds of people – those who see it as part of your exteriors, and those who see it as part of the interiors. A trendy window glass design is one that works beautifully for both. In this, window frames can be of great assistance.

For example, homes with brick or stone exteriors often rely on mullions or frames to add colour to their surfaces. Conversely, a neutral frame can complement a brightly coloured interior. This means that the interiors and exteriors of your house are just as important a factor to your space as the window glass design you choose.

The View Outside

If your home boasts of a beautiful outside view, it only makes sense to keep it in mind when picking out the perfect window glass design. If you want a balance between visibility and privacy, choose uPVC Side Hung Windows by AIS Glass. This standard British design is specifically crafted for residential spaces, made from top-grade uPVC. This window glass design will offer a scenic view of your lovely garden as you lounge in your living room, while ensuring ample privacy for people occupying the space.

The Orientation of the Sun 

This might sound like an odd factor but the Sun’s position is essential when picking a trendy window glass design. If not planned well, you may find yourself in a home full of unwanted, late afternoon sunlight, or being jolted out of your sleep by scorching sun rays. Based on your interiors and the angle of your rooms, choose from a variety of options at AIS Glass when you’re renovating your house.

Custom Window Glass Solutions at AIS Glass

If you are looking to pick the trendiest window glass designs, there is no better way to do that than relying on an industry expert. AIS Glass brings you 360-degree window and glass solutions for your home renovation plans.

Our keen expertise in understanding your aesthetic and functionality needs comes from our deep involvement in the process of picking the right products for your homes and offices. After inspecting your space and understanding its architecture, AIS Glass recommends the perfect, trendiest window glass designs for your home. Our personalised services span the entire breadth of consultation, recommendation, installation, and after-sales support. The entire process is carried out by expert technicians and engineers, ensuring that your home or workspace has professional service from industry leaders.

Our glass products, in addition to being high on aesthetic value, are also infused with smart functionality. This means that you can rest assured of excellent quality, not just in the installation, but product quality as well. 

So, if you are looking to renovate, or have just picked up a new property, and want only the best for yourself, then reach out to AIS Glass today. No matter what your needs and requirements, you will find the latest and trendiest window glass designs and glass solutions at AIS Glass. 


Address these problems caused by improper window glass installation

If window glasses in your house or workspace are not installed correctly, you are inviting not just damage, but health hazards too. Not sure how windows and one’s health are connected?

Improper window glass installation is something that may go unnoticed until your windows are faced with extreme weather conditions. However, your spaces must always be protected, something that isn’t possible with improperly installed window glass.

Let’s take a look at some common problems caused by improperly installed window glasses and exactly how you can solve this issue.

Opening and Closing Windows

The most obvious one is difficulty in opening and closing the windows. It may not be very apparent during the winters, but as soon as the heat sets in, a window that does not open, is rusted, or has difficulty in closing it, becomes an immense inconvenience to all involved. It can also become a safety hazard if you ever need to make an emergency exit and the windows do not open as expected. 

Drafts and Water Damage

Another concerning issue that can come up is drafts and water damage. A clumsily installed glass will allow in cold drafts, as well as give way to water damage around the window, in the form of chipped paint, discolouration, a yellowish tint as a result of oxidisation, and crinkling and tearing of wallpaper and wall décor. Thus, an incorrectly installed window glass can lead to immense property damage and risk the insulation of your house, especially if allowed to go unchecked for a long time.


Another issue that may come up is the discolouration of the glass itself. Being a result of water leakage by windows, discoloured glass is a challenging problem to solve unless one opts for complete replacement and re-installing a new window glass

HVAC Issues

Other than water damage to the walls and the glass, energy consumption becomes a severe issue. Heating or cooling does not take place as intended, takes longer to fulfil its purpose, and drives up energy bills. Gaps or uneven glass in windows can usually lead to this, which ends up consuming more energy than intended, with less than optimal results in your HVAC services. Also, if there are gaps and spaces either between the panes and the frame, the window glass becomes redundant. This is because it will allow not only drafts and water damage, but also pollution. 


A significant concern of today’s day and age, pollution is one of the leading causes of a host of health problems. It is especially dangerous for the already infirm, older people, children, and those who have breathing problems. Thus, an improperly installed window glass can have consequences on one’s health as well, and that makes it even more of a concern. Aside from fundamental issues, incorrectly installed window glass can also make a home invasion easier. 

Gaps in the glass or un-caulked glass can allow burglars to break in quickly, endangering not just your property, but also your family, especially if your home has sliding or French windows. Therefore, your window glass installation must be done appropriately. 

Solve Improper Installation Issues Today

Window glass installation is essential to a safe, pollution-free and comfortable home. As such, one should trust only professionals to do it for you.

With AIS Glass, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. We offer end-to-end consultation and customised solutions designed specifically for your interiors. A team of specialists observe and examine your space and then develop a comprehensive report and suggest specifications fit for the given space. In addition, we also provide custom-fit glass for your windows, in various frame options such as uPVC, wood, and aluminium. 

Our window glass solutions offer complete insulation from pollution, water and air. Being tempered and heat-strengthened, our window glass is also sound-proof, ensures privacy, conserves energy. In addition, some of our glass products are UV-resistant as well, offering protection against a potential health hazard. With additional features such as multiple glazing, multi-chambered profiles, as well as anti-leakage compression seals, our window glass solutions are designed to meet the aesthetic and functionality needs of modern home and office owners. 

Our window and glass products are not just high on visual appeal, they are also structurally functional, durable, and require minimal maintenance. As such, there is a plethora of options, frames, glasses, as well as materials on offer, that AIS Glass customises for you. In addition, we use only the highest quality of raw material for every individual product, ensuring that you face no problems even years down the road, as well as after-installation consultations.

All homes should have windows that fit in with space, do not compromise on safety and health, as well as keep rooms well insulated. Therefore, a seamless, personalised, and professional window glass installation experience, get in touch with AIS Glass today and experience custom-made, cutting edge architectural solutions.  


3 Ways Custom Window Glass Adds a Modern Flare to Your Home

Designing your own living space needs a fair amount of thought. You need to think about the floor plan, wall partitions, lighting fixtures, and furnishings to name a few elements. Apart from these, you also have to choose interior design styles that can reflect your character and charm. But to achieve this, you must not overlook fenestration designs or styles.

Interior Design: A Glimpse of Modern Style

The word ‘modern’ in terms of interior design is like loose change – used freely and without much notice. When you think of modern décor, there are a bunch of adjectives that come to mind. You think sleek, minimalistic, metallic, or urban – you think ‘modern’. When in truth, there’s no definitive way to define what the word encompasses.

Modern interior design has roots in Scandinavian and German architecture and design. Modern styles follow a minimalistic outlook while focussing on open and clutter-free spaces. Each decorative element of style is designed to perform a specific function while importance is given to form and aesthetics.

Primacy is lent to monochromatic palettes that utilise earthy hues and industrial elements to covey a rather clinical vibe. Modern design elements are all about a mix of natural materials like wood and stone with industrial elements like metal and concrete. They boast simple and clean lines with a touch of boldness and drama.

Why Use Custom Windows Glass?

Primarily, for two reasons: to personalise and to optimise. Unlike the stock-produced window glass, custom window glass can be designed according to your tastes. You don’t have to compromise on style as it provides you ample space for artistic additions. You can get the windows glass customised to the form and function that is best-suited to your décor needs.

Moreover, you can get value additions with custom window glass, a quality that stock windows lack. You can optimise your windows glass with enhanced strength, improved insulation, or reduced wind infiltration. Along with these additions, you can get high-performing security glass or efficient acoustics. Custom windows are designed with specific measurements because of which they can fit in your homes without patching or trimming. While for stock windows, it is the exact opposite.

To achieve a modern look, custom windows can be a great addition. Read more to know how.

A Plethora of Design Options

With custom window glass, you get the freedom of design. You can choose from a plethora of window styles to compliment your home’s modern décor. Add a flare of modernity to your home’s interior design by mismatching and combining natural and industrial elements.

Elements like corrugated metal and exposed wood are an interesting mix to achieve this. After all, modern sensibilities are all about sleek finishes, pattern-less elements, hardware styles, and minimal ornamentation; designs that can produce a sense of openness and comfort.

Add Value to Your Windows Glass

Modern interior designs put functionality before style. With custom window glass, you can enjoy the benefits of additional qualities like solar control, heat and noise insulation, along with qualities like pest resistance and structural stability. Such value additions enhance the functionality and increase the value of your window glass and in effect, the value of your home increases as well.

On the other hand, installing stock windows often requires patching and trimming work that can lead to gaps and drafts. Due to this, they also suffer from poor insulation capacities and can prove to be inefficient during harsh weather conditions.

For Special Requirements

Since custom window glass is – as evident – customisable, you have the advantage of adding your personal touch to it. There are no set rules for it; you can combine any elements that boast of modern charm and urban utility. Depending on the home’s structural and geographical needs, you can use specialised glass for multiple purposes.

Say, for instance, if you’re living in a tropical region, harsh sunlight and scorching heat can be an issue. In that case, you can opt for processed glass with insulating metallic frames that protect against harmful sunrays and prevent excessive heat from seeping inside. In this manner, you can personalise window glass to optimise the comfort level in your home.

In Summation

Usually, fenestrations are the most striking feature in your home. For spectators, fenestrations often become a sight that attracts the most attention. It is no surprise then that well-arranged and well-designed window glass can bring exquisiteness to your dwelling and enhance its charm furthermore.

More importantly, when window glass is customised using processed glass and value-additions, aesthetics and functionality are aligned perfectly. This combination of form and function is a characteristic of the modern interior design. This is why if you wish to add a modern flare to your home, custom window glass can be an excellent choice.

AIS Windows – SBU of India’s leading integrated glass company – offers unique glass window solutions with a host of offerings. Unlike the conventional windows, our glass fixtures are sound-proof, weather-proof, UV resistant, and energy-efficient as well. At AIS Windows, you also get a wide range of frame choices for your glass windows. We provide a fine balance between form and functionality for all your fenestration needs.

Looking for custom glass windows? We have a high-performance custom solution just for you. Give us a call at 1800-103-4805 to receive an expert consultation today!


Taking Care of Home Window Glass in Summer

Dishes getting scrubbed until they sparkle, clothes getting washed until they look brand new, and floors getting mopped to reflect as a mirror while windows receive the blind eye – this is the sad story of almost every home. No wonder, instead of giving a clear view of the gorgeous world outside, these vital openings display the layer of dirt that testify of negligence and lack of maintenance.

Regular maintenance of your home window glass will not only increase the efficiency and longevity of your windows but also spare you unnecessary hassle and costs.

Now, with summer rolling in, you need to make sure that your windows are in top-notch condition. Given below are a couple of ways in which you can take care of your home window glass this summer and beat the heat in style.

A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

A basic yet effective way of taking proper care of your home window glass is to conduct a visual inspection regularly. If you are proactive in inspecting your windows, you will be more likely to spot the signs of wear-and-tear, water damage, leakages, etc. that you need to take care of before the arrival of summer. This preventive measure especially becomes crucial if you have old windows in your home that might need a repair or replacement.

Keeping Unwanted Visitors where They Belong – Out!

Weatherstripping is a material that insulates the space between the home window glass pane and the sash. It is an essential part of your windows that stops moisture from getting into your homes and keeps the outside elements out. Over time, the weather stripping on your windows can wear out, become damaged, or loosen. This leads to hot, humid air seeping into your home during the summer and making the interiors extremely hot and uncomfortable. Besides this, it will also shoot up utility bills as you will be using more of your cooling systems. If you notice the weather stripping wearing out, make sure to take the necessary steps to get it fixed.

A Little Dirt Never Hurt? False!

Debris usually gets built up in the window sills and tracks, also in the sliding part of the window and clog easily. If there are debris, dust, and dirt in the tracks and sills, then the home window glass will not shut as tightly as it should, becoming less efficient. This is why you must make it a point to clean the tracks. Start by brushing out the dust followed by the use of soapy water to clear the tracks out. Removing the dirt and the debris will also enhance the appearance of your windows, naturally rendering your space a neater appearance. 

It is Thorough Cleanliness that is Next to Godliness

Your home window glass requires proper cleaning, failing which its lifespan could reduce. Windows smudged with dirt interfere with the view and make your home look unappealing. Over time, if the glass is not cleaned properly, it can appear permanently cloudy. Hence, thorough cleaning becomes extremely important.

While cleaning the windows, make sure to use a streak-free cleaning solution. Once cleaned, always remove the excess solution from your window panes. If you have windows that open from both directions, cleaning the exterior becomes simple. You can easily swing the window to clean the exterior as well as the interior. However, with fixed windows, especially on the second or third-storey, cleaning the exterior can be challenging. In such a situation, it is best to hire professional window cleaning services.

Cleaning both the interior and the exterior of the window also helps you inspect the home window glass better and allows you to notice if there are any issues with the glass. For instance, if you have a frame that is rotting or paint that is peeling, thoroughly cleaning the window will allow you to know if there is a need for a professional repair or not. 

Embrace Replacement

If your home windows are old, then summer is a good time to get them changed. While replacing your old home window glass, you can opt for low-E or low-emissivity glass windows that are sealed with special silicone sealants for heightened energy-efficiency. This Low-E glass allows ample natural light to pass through, which reduces your need for artificial lighting during the daytime. It also blocks out the unwanted heat and glare of the sun and keeps the interiors cooler during summers. Moreover, during winters, these windows trap heat inside to make the interiors warmer. Low-E glass will also prevent carpets, draperies, and other furnishings from getting damaged by sunlight exposure. Thus, opting for modern home window glass solutions can turn your home into an energy-efficient zone and help you save more on utility bills. 

In search of ideal home window glass solutions? Choose the largest integrated glass manufacturer of India, AIS Glass. We manufacture a range of high-end architectural glass products and are known to offer our customers 360-degree solutions for all their glass needs. Find in us the one-stop-source for needs of privacy (even privacy on-demand), security, energy-efficiency, and acoustic insulation.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today!


Reasons Why It Is Not Advised to Fix Glass Windows without a Professional

In case glass cracks or breaks, it is recommended that you call a professional to analyse the damage. Especially in the case of glass windows, the damaged glass can lead to a potential hazard. If there is a crack in the glass, it might expand and eventually break off. And if the glass is already broken, the shattered pieces, as well as the pieces stuck to the panes of the window, can injure a person. If you have children or pets with you, an immediate call for a professional fix is mandated.

Since glass windows are prone to external stresses, the occurrence of cracks is not rare. In such cases, you may feel tempted to do a quick DIY fix. Even if it seems like an easy option, it might not be the safest choice of repair. You are encouraged to seek an expert’s advice for a possible repair or replacement of a glass window. This is the simplest way to minimise any resultant hazards or injuries in the wake of a breakage.

If you’re still toying with the idea of a quick self-repair, you may want to rethink the option. And here’s why you should.

You Do Not Want to Deal With Breakage Cuts

It cannot be reiterated enough why you should not be fixing cracks or breaks in glass windows by yourself. If you do so, you will be putting many people in harm’s way. Broken glass pieces and shards are sharp objects that can injure you. They are safety hazards that must be gotten rid of at the earliest.

And handling broken glass windows is not child’s play. If the cracked glass isn’t removed with care, it will only cause more problems for you, especially if you’re living on higher floors. Hence, asking a professional’s help is highly recommended.    

A Permanent Fix is Better Than a Temporary One

A professional can inform you better about the kind of glass fix you should be opting for. You might consider temporarily fixing it with a tape or adhesive but it is bound to break sooner or later. Therefore, instead of doing a temporary fixing of the glass windows, you should call a professional. After a proper analysis of the crack or break in the window, he can suggest a repair or replacement depending on the feasibility of choice.

Also, if your glass windows break or crack more often than they should, a professional can tell you the possible reason behind it. There could be different forces impacting the glass for them to break. And if this is the matter, a professional can suggest the type of glass to be used for preventing frequent damages.

Glass Windows are Prone to Tensile Stress

If you’re living in a location where a temperature differential is common, glass windows will be affected negatively. Since the glass will be exposed to various amounts of loads and stresses, it can lead to cracks and eventual breakage. If you try to fix windows all by yourself, you might be increasing the danger of breakage since the main reason for cracks won’t be addressed.

In such a scenario, it is best to take the help of a professional who can advise the right specialised glass for replacement. Such glasses are processed to toughen them and even if they break, they break off into tiny, harmless pieces. Or you can see it as a great opportunity to replace glass windows with a more aesthetic alternative and transform your interiors.

Upgrade to a Better Quality Glass Window

A professional can help you in replacing broken glass windows with a better quality glass. Especially since there are a wide variety of processed glasses that are available now, you do not want to miss out on a type with high functionality. These glasses have better impact-resistance and stress endurance that makes them efficient for extreme weather conditions.

In case your glass windows break, instead of fixing them yourself, consult a professional for possible replacement recommendation. With the advancement in technology, glass has been made stronger to withstand a variety of stresses. The professional you consult can help you determine the right kind of specialised glass. In this way, you will be able to upgrade to a glass that will provide you with enhanced security and strength against breakage.

For high-end quality glass solutions, AIS Glass should be your top pick. We provide you with a variety of customisable glass options that are excellent for window installations. At AIS Glass, you will receive world-class, 360-degree services, from inspection, selection, installation to fittings and after-sales services.

Our team of experts can survey your home or office space to suggest the right type of glass you should be using for your windows. Are you looking for quality processed glass solutions? We can help! Get in touch with us today to avail the best glass window solutions!


What to Do If Window Glass Cracks?

A small crack can lead to big accidents; accidents, which can be prevented by making smart choices. Glass is no longer a fragile product. Through the years, it has undergone successful technological changes to become more resilient to external environmental pressures. If your glass window is bereft of these changes, you can reconsider replacing them with better alternatives.

Your window glass can get cracked in many ways. Stress, temperature fluctuations, pressure differentials, the impact from an object, etc. are different factors responsible for causing a crack in your window glass. Ideally, in case of a crack in window glass, you must get a quick replacement. The crack will increase and eventually break the glass if immediate safety measures are not taken to care for it. This poses a serious problem if you have children around. They can get wounded from potential glass breakage. Therefore, it is better to utilise window glass products that are built to handle such crack pressures.

However, for some safety precautions, you can keep the following tips in mind if your window glass cracks.

Deal With It!

If you witness a crack in your window glass, check for its length. Whether a crack is small or big can make a whole lot of difference to the measures you need to take. Be careful to observe the crack from a distance and avoid touching it. You can, however, use rubber hand gloves to keep yourself unharmed from the crack in your window glass. This can help you identify the possible reason for the crack as well. Once identified, you can pay more attention to reducing the factors that caused it and make more informed window glass choices for your house and workspace.

Prevention over cure

Do not break it out. Unless the crack is caused due to an impact, you must leave the window glass in that state. You can get professional help for your glass replacement. Make sure to cover up the window glass crack with a plastic or cardboard to prevent bugs and heat from entering into your space till the replacement is done.

You cannot fix window glass crack. A crack can potentially increase over time and cause damage. It is smarter to prevent such cracks by understanding the factors that cause them. Know your weather conditions well. That way, you can take steps to minimise such damage from recurring. For instance, if your area receives direct sunlight, it can directly impact your window glass. If your glass does not have heat-reflecting or absorbing properties, it will get stressed under the harsh solar glare and consequently, crack. In some cases, cracks are caused in window glass due to high air pressure impacts. A glass designed to handle such impact can withstand it but ordinary glass will break under such stress. Thus, you must invest in high-quality window glass for improved functionality and strength.

Secure the Crack with Adhesive

If the crack is relatively small, you can secure it with the use of tape or industrial adhesives. Such cracks are usually caused due to stress and can be found near the edges of window glass. In India, where thunderstorm and rainstorm are frequent occurrences, stress cracks are commonplace. AIS Glass products are processed through a unique toughening process which makes them invulnerable to tensile stress. This also lowers the risk of impact-related breakage and provides enhanced safety.

However, if you want to deliberate more over the right replacement for your window glass instead of making a hasty decision, taping the crack will do. This is true for small cracks only. Larger cracks will require an immediate replacement to prevent any potential hazard. Tapes and adhesives can only provide a temporary fix for the crack.

Find a Better Replacement

You must not compromise on safety for aesthetic pleasure. Always check for high-quality window glass before making an installation. Since structures are prone to many safety hazards, you can potentially reduce the risk if you go for specialised glass options. Trendy window glass options are also available in the market with enhanced strength to meet your aesthetic and safety needs.

In case of window glass crack, it is better to find an immediate replacement than to try fixing it. Your homes and offices can be made resilient very easily with the use of window glass that is processed to withstand high-temperature differences, reduce heat ingress, enhance safety, and lower the risk of breakage. Ensure that you are getting the value for your money before making a replacement choice.

In Summation

You cannot change the weather conditions of your place; however, you can potentially reduce the risk of glass breakage by using high-quality safety glass. AIS Glass’ Stronglas is a specialised glass solution to provide greater impact resistance and strength. It is manufactured through a unique toughening process that enables it to withstand great tensile stress while meeting all your décor needs at the same time.

You can avoid such short-term fixes by opting for AIS Glass products. Our products can cater to a wide variety of needs; from safety parameters to trendy style palettes, we offer them all. Get in touch with us today!


5 Stylish Ways to Use Window Glass in Your Offices

The fenestration system you choose for your office can significantly impact its utility costs and the overall aesthetic appeal. There are a wide variety of window types that can decorate the walls of your office, depending on how willing you are to explore your options. However, before choosing a particular type of window, it is important to know the most commonly used types of window glass.

Types of Window Glass

Windows are responsible for ushering in natural light. They can offer sunlight without any of the heat, glare or street noise if coupled with the right kind of glass. This quick reference guide will help you to understand the kinds of window glass available for your office.    

Laminated Safety Glass

This glass is extra strong and is manufactured by fusing two panes around an inner layer of PVB (Polyvinyl Butyral). This special inner layer does not allow the glass to shatter into sharp jagged panes. Laminated safety glass is tough and very hard to break. This type of glass is used in skyscrapers and high-rises where wind pressures can be torrid.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass, also called toughened safety glass is at least four to five times stronger than float glass. This type of window glass is manufactured through a heat tempering process that provides it with undulating strength and durability. Tempered glass is widely used in office windows, doors, partitions, etc.

Insulated Glass

Insulated glass is responsible for thermal comfort. It also makes an office building more energy-efficient providing it with superior sustainability. Insulated panes are a terrific choice for exterior window glass as they keep you warm in winters and cool during summers.

Acoustic Glass

This type of window glass is greatly helpful in muffling street noises that can otherwise cause anxiety and thwart productivity. Acoustic glass is great for soundproofing your windows and can reduce outside commotion by almost 90%.

5 Stylish Window Designs for Offices

Now that you know about the types of window glass on offer, it’s time to decide the design of your office windows. Choose one or more from this list of window designs that match your design sensibilities the most –

Fixed windows

These are one of the simplest yet most popular types of windows used to complete office structures. Fixed windows cannot be opened or closed. The glass panes are static and the ventilation for offices in such cases is done through air-conditioning vents. Since these windows do not open or close, they provide the office interiors exceptional energy-efficiency, when coupled with insulated glass. Fixed windows are also weather-proof since they do not allow rain, dust and humidity to pass through.

Sliding French Windows

These windows look great and provide a sense of openness to an office space. Sliding French windows can be opened and closed with ease, can be installed in various sizes and lengths. They will usher in more natural light into your workspace as opposed to fixed windows. If your office is small, you can save up on space by installing sliding windows that do not eat up extra room space when opened.

Pivoting Windows

A pivoting window rotates on a central fixed axis and allows the window to open from either side. These kinds of windows have an old-world charm to them and can bring the same old-world charm inside your office. Installing pivoting windows is a great idea, especially if you own an event management company, an advertising agency, or a design studio, where the aesthetics of your workplace play a key role in reeling in a client.

Bi-fold Windows

These windows hinge out and slide on a single track. They generally have two separate panes of glass partially folding into one another. Bi-fold windows allow you to create wider window frames, ushering in tonnes of natural light and fresh air. They provide an unobstructed view of the outside. If your office or boutique is on a quiet, tree-lined street; bi-fold windows are the perfect choice for you.  

Casement Windows

A classic casement window design never goes out of style. This type of window is hinged on one side and is mostly designed to open outwards. Casement windows are great at resisting rain and harsh winds. However, they cannot be installed on walls that open up passages or that face a corridor.   

Final Thoughts

Can’t decide which type of window to pair with which type of window glass? Turn to AIS Glass for all your glass needs. We provide end-to-end innovative window glass solutions with quick turnaround time. AIS Glass has been around for over three decades and is India’s leading integrated glass manufacturer. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today!


Tips to Select Window Glass for Your New Home

Countless studies have concluded that humans have an unrelenting need to expose themselves to ample amounts of natural light on a routine basis. This helps them stay productive, whether at the office or at home. People spend the majority of their time indoors these days, which is why daylight management is accomplished through glass windows. Whether you want to design an ideal workspace or your new home whose interiors reflect your personality, windows with the right type of glass are at the core of any building. A cheery and conducive atmosphere can be achieved through them, but how do you decide on the type of glass these windows should contain? Here are a few tips and tricks that can help you figure out the type of glass better-suited for your home’s windows.

Importance of Selecting the Right Window Glass

Windows will be responsible for thermal comfort inside your home. Inefficient management of heat moving through windows can dramatically reduce your home’s energy-efficiency. As a result, your home’s interiors will be overly hot during summers and freezing cold during winters. This will spike up the usage of heating and cooling devices and, in turn, energy bills. The type of window glass used for your spaces should disallow heat loss during winter and heat gain during summer. Energy-inefficient glass can burden your air-conditioning system, while too much glare can make sitting inside a room uncomfortable. The good news is that with the advent of high-performance window glass solutions, windows have been able to overcome the problems related to thermal discomfiture. 

Modern-day homes lay a lot of emphasis on the aesthetic exteriors as well as interiors. This is often achieved through gorgeous, sizable glass windows. While consulting with a window glass dealer, inquire about the basic glass performance indicators namely, the R-values and the U-values. These values are a measurement of heat loss. Windows that have a high R-value or low U-value will provide the best thermal comfort for your home without compromising on the glamour.

Consider These Factors Before Choosing Window Glass

Before zeroing-in on a particular type of glass for your windows, ask the following three questions to gain a deeper understanding of what you want – What is the nature of my safety requirements (especially if there are kids around)?, how noisy is my neighbourhood (is it located in a busy part of town or on the main street)?, what is the climate of my city around the year?

Firstly, if your new home is situated in a very busy part of the city, security concerns should take precedence. You will need to choose a type of window glass that is strong and can withstand any unfortunate incidents, like a break-in. Also, if you have children running and playing around your home, you need windows and doors made of safety glass. Laminated glass or toughened glass would be ideal in both of these scenarios. Both of these glasses are stronger than normal glass and can resist heavy external impact. Moreover, each of these glasses is designed in a manner that on the rare event of breakage, they do not shatter into sharp shards, unlike regular glass. Instead, toughened glass breaks into small, blunt, pebble-like pieces and laminated glass pieces remain stuck to the special PVB interlayer – used to bind the two glass sheets into a single, strong layer.

Secondly, if your home is in an especially noisy neighbourhood with reduced privacy then installing soundproof or frosted window glass will work best for you. These types of glass are a variant of laminated glass so they are very strong. Acoustic insulation can have you living comfortably in one of the busiest neighbourhoods without the menace of traffic noise, whereas, frosted glass can address your privacy concerns. Too much noise can leave you stressed as well as fatigued, whereas, reduced privacy can lead to safety concerns.

Thirdly, if you live in a particularly hot or cold city or near the ocean then window glass that provides thermal comfort is imperative. Low-E and insulated glass panes are strong, energy-efficient and will work best in this situation. Low E-glass has an invisible metallic coating that blocks excessive solar heat transfer and also keeps humidity at bay. This does not only maintain comfortable internal temperatures but also prevents the solar glare from fading your interior furnishings such as carpets, rugs, etc. Low-E window glass absorbs the majority of UV rays from the sun and provides for a better dwelling experience, especially during the warmer months. During winters, this type of window glass allows the sunlight to stream through and naturally keeps your home warmer.

Another thing to keep in mind going forward with your decision is that panes today are available in both double as well as triple-glazing. Singular-paned glass in residential windows is fast becoming a thing of the past. Double-glazed windows made from any of the aforementioned types of window glass are great for thermal comfort, security and sound-resistance. However, if you live in an extremely cold city then going for triple-glazing might work better when it comes to increased thermal comfort.

The Bottom Line

Choosing the right kind of glass may seem like an afterthought while installing windows, but this decision will have major repercussions on the comfort, safety, security and the privacy of your family members. No matter which type of window glass you zero-in on from the list above or otherwise, AIS Glass will provide you end-to-end solutions for all your window glass needs. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today!


Points to Keep in Mind Before Looking for a Window Glass Installation Company

Contemporary homes feature exciting décor both interior and exterior. One of the most prominent features defining the exterior of your dream house is windows. They instantly add life to your home and make your stylistic choice more pronounced. Today, there is a range of different window types available in the market. Different glass makers regularly come out with innovative and pragmatic solutions for window glass, widening your pool of choices.

Since windows are an integral part of your home for both aesthetic and practical reasons, you cannot be careless while choosing a window glass installation provider. Here are some qualities that you should seek in your window glass installation company –

Licensing and Reputation

Even before seeing the kind of products and services your window glass provider offers, you must be aware of their legal and reputational details.

Typically, there exist various forms of company licensing for glassmaking corporations. While the government better defines these requirements, almost all companies are required to make their licensing details public. While choosing a window glass provider, verify their licensing information and see if their presence in the market is valid.

Another element you must inspect before choosing a company is its reputation with its regular consumers. To find out how well the company is performing, you can check reviews both online and consult friends and family to find out their quality of work. Remember to check the website of your window glass provider for testimonials and previous projects they may have undertaken.

Product Quality

The second most apparent thing to seek in your new window glass provider is delivery of quality. High-quality window glass is necessary for a sustainable and aesthetically-pleasing home. There is no point in getting new windows installed if you have to replace them every few years owing to their low quality.

The best window glass providers in the market will deliver high-quality products that are long-lasting. They will also not hesitate to provide you with details about the quality standards they follow while manufacturing their glass solutions.

Product Types

With the evolution of glassmaking technology, many different types of window glass have been designed to suit the needs of modern homeowners. No longer do you have to satisfy yourself with brittle window glass that does not fit in with your stylistic choices. Glass usually comes in a wide range of shades and supports varied applications.

Some common types of glass preferred in homes and offices today include

Toughened Glass: Traditionally, having glass windows and doors meant compromising on the safety features of your building. Nowadays, however, toughened glass is preferred over regular glass. Such glass is more difficult to break than regular glass. Moreover, it has fireproof and impact-proof features.

Acoustic Glass: Living in a metropolitan area can be troublesome because of the persistent noise that invades your personal space on a consistent basis. People usually go to great lengths to soundproof their buildings, whether residential or commercial. With acoustic glass windows, however, your place of work or residence becomes a quiet sanctuary. No additional soundproofing is required if you use high-quality acoustic window glass in your home.

Energy-Efficient Glass: People nowadays are sensitive to the environmental conditions around them. They want to have a home or office that is not harsh on the environment yet does not compromise on the aesthetics. With energy-efficient glass windows, building an eco-conscious building is extremely simple. Such glass usually provides heat insulation and reduces energy consumption in homes and offices.

When you start looking for a window glass installation company, ensure that they manufacture all the different kinds of glasses that you might need for your home or office.

360-Degree Support

While your window glass provider might offer full installation, remember that shopping for window glass is complicated, mainly when your home features unique stylistic choices. It is always better to choose a window glass company that not only offers installation but also supports you during the shopping process and advises you with aftercare for your windows. Not only will you not waste your money on unnecessary glass products, but also know what exactly you should do to keep your windows looking as good as new post-installation.

The AIS Advantage

AIS Glass is India’s leading integrated glass management company. We pride ourselves in offering customized glass solutions to our revered clients’ unique requirements. We also keep all our licensing and registration details public on our website. All our staff and technicians are highly trained to observe international safety standards, both while manufacturing and during the installation of window glass. The finesse with which we execute the manufacturing of different glass solutions including toughened glass, back-painted glass, acoustic glass, and energy-efficient glass is undoubtedly unpatrolled. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today!


Which uPVC Window Glass Design Is the Best Fit for Your Home

Planning to spruce up your home with new décor? Or perhaps, you’re redecorating to make your house more functional? No matter the reason, redesigning your house requires you to pay attention to detail and take every factor into consideration. And thanks to advancements in the architectural and interior landscape, you can actually turn your idea of a dream home into reality and that too with ease. To build the perfect home, however, you should leave no stone overturned – be it the brand of paint that you select to the kind of switches you wish to install, you must take all your decisions wisely because the right choices can truly transform your space into a uber-slick home.

Now, you may put in extensive efforts in creating a luxurious space replete with amenities but a bland entrance and dull exteriors can establish a gloomy vibe for your entire home irrespective of how chic your interiors are. The simplest yet most efficient way to tackle this issue is to ensure that your exteriors are just as vibrant and elegant as the rest of your home. Enter uPVC windows – the revolutionary window profile that is the epitome of sustainability, functionality and aesthetics. And choosing the perfect uPVC window design can instantly brighten up your exteriors and set the tone for a sophisticated space. 

Why uPVC Windows?

Now, you might think to yourself that window selection may be important for creating the picture-perfect home but why should I install uPVC windows? Well, there is no one-answer-suits-all to this question. Derived from PVC (polyvinyl chloride), uPVC (unplasticised polyvinyl chloride) has become a sensational hit in the fenestration industry. The reason for its popularity is the endless benefits that uPVC has to offer. In a bid to contribute to the ‘Go Green’ movement, uPVC is designed to be 100% recyclable, sustainable and non-toxic. In fact, it is even used in medical equipment such as dental gear, thereby ensuring that we do not leave behind any carbon footprint.

uPVC is an extremely flexible yet sturdy and durable material making it the perfect choice for constructing seamless window frames. Its rigidity even comes with the added benefit of being virtually maintenance-free as it does not face the problems of rotting, swelling, waterlogging, rattling or shrinking. Thanks to the versatility of uPVC, uPVC windows can also be designed in a wide variety with attractive shades, trendy designs and unique patterns to add the touch of elegance and sophistication your home deserves without compromising on functionality.

At AIS Glass, you can find world-class uPVC window design that offers excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. Our unique uPVC window designs are equipped with double-sealed mechanism and EPDM gasket which act as a shield against dust, rain and air infiltration. They do not require any painting, rendering it lead-free and are also easy to clean and operate. They are extremely durable and do not peel, pit, rot, corrode, dry out and are termite-proof. They are equipped with an excellent drainage system with internal water drain slots, raised tracks and gradient slope to prevent water stagnation and keep your windows s new a sever.

We even offer high-performance AIS glass along with our uPVC window design to enhance aesthetics and also increase the energy-efficiency of your home through the regulation of indoor temperature during summers and winters. At AIS Glass, we understand that family comes first. And so, our uPVC window designs are manufactured with galvanised steel reinforcements as well as multipoint locking systems to amp up your home’s security measures and ensure the safety of your loved ones.

Popular uPVC Window Designs

Now that you know about the endless benefits and wide varieties that uPVC windows offer, let’s take a peek at some of the hottest uPVC window design in the market to find one that matches your needs.

Slide & Fold Windows

Designed particularly for small spaces, the slide and fold windows breathe new life into your rooms with their elegant designs. They can even be used for terraces and balconies to create the illusion of bigger spaces. At AIS Glass, our uPVC slide and fold windows encompass excellent space utility through 100% opening and are suitable for covering large areas without compromising on aesthetics. They are also equipped with multipoint locking mechanisms and effective insulators to curb dust and pollution infiltration ensuring a clean home.

Twin Sash Casement Windows

For all those who’re aiming for a retro vibe, uPVC twin sash casement windows are the way to go. They combine the traditional fly mesh panels with conventional casement window design to exude timeless elegance. At AIS Glass, out twin sash uPVC casement windows are equipped with a friction-stay-compatible mesh panels for better functioning as well as grill provision for enhanced safety. They also do not rot, warp or require repainting, are low-maintenance and retain their original colour for years.

When choosing window designs, uPVC is the way to go and when paired with AIS Glass, you can truly transform your old home. As India’s leading integrated glass manufacturer, we believe in transcending the ordinary. So, get in touch with us to build the house of your dreams!


Tips to Choose the Perfect Window Glass for Your Office

An ideal workspace should create an atmosphere conducive to concentration and productivity. An airy, cheerful, and lively environment is contagious and will directly reflect in the vigour and output of those working inside. It goes without saying that nature has healing properties and its intrusion, especially while one is working is a must. Not only does it have calming effects on the human brain but is also responsible for enhancing productivity. And the best way to connect to nature optimally is windows. And when it comes to installing the right windows for your workspace, the type of glass that is used will have a lot to do with it. We provide you with a few tips to ease the confusion of choosing the right window glass for your office –

What Should I Keep in Mind?

When you are choosing a window glass for your office, the main factors that you should ideally consider are the need for security, a focused and silent workspace, the average temperature of the location where your office is situated, and the overall aesthetics of the workplace. If possible, you can add energy-saving to the list too.

It is largely the purpose of your office that will determine the type of glass you should use. For example -A financial office would not use low-emissivity energy-saving glass – instead, it would be more focused on secure forms of windows like those made with laminated or tempered glass. The right type of window glass can save you both money and headaches in the future.

Consider the Need for Security

If your office deals in jewellery or other high-value and high-risk items, chances are that you are looking for safety above everything else. Laminated glass is made under pressure by rolling a layer of polyvinyl butyral between two panes of glass. It does not have to be made of just three layers – the number can extend upto nine sheets at a time.

The biggest advantage of laminated glass is that the stickiness of the PVB layer and the hydrogen bonds formed between this layer and the glass make it extremely hard to break. Even if you manage to break it, it will not fall out of the window frame and will make it extremely difficult for any intruders to enter the office.

Apart from safety and security, laminated glass provides you with sound insulation as well, creating a quiet and focused working environment inside the office.

Assess if Your Office Needs Privacy

If your office requires some privacy while still letting in natural sunlight, frosted glass is the best choice. This type of window glass might be used to give a sense of security without making the office seem suffocating.

A lawyer’s office, for example, can benefit from frosted glass windows since they cannot be seen through easily, so they make clients feel at ease about their privacy. At the same time, the office also does not look dark and stuffy since light still filters in from the outside.

Consider the Need for Peace and Silence

Noise distractions can be a major hindrance to concentration and productivity and in today’s day and age, noise pollution is constantly on the rise. Hence, every workspace ought to have provisions for acoustic insulation This can be achieved by installing soundproof windows.

Keep the Temperature in Mind

Uncomfortably high temperatures can make even the most diligent employee reluctant to work. If your office is situated in a particularly hot region, you may want to consider using tinted window glass to reduce excessive heat from entering into the building.

The darkened panes provide some privacy while also cooling down the interior of the office. This means that not only can you use them to give some colour to the building; you can also save up on electricity since air-conditioners will not be required to make the working environment comfortable.

Take Care of the Environment

Today, it is as much the responsibility of the corporate world to take care of the environment as it is the responsibility of every individual, so Low-E is a modern type of window glass you might want to consider.

Low-E or Low-Emissivity glass is the ideal option if you are environmentally-conscious. It helps conserve energy by not allowing the heat from inside the office to flow outside and similarly stopping heat from the outside from flowing in. The result is that your office is naturally kept warm in the winters and stays cooler during the summers.

Keep Your Office Looking Fresh

Although decorative glass is mostly used as a way to spice up the interior of a building, you may want to use it for a few external windows of your office if you want to give it a more unique appearance. Decorative glass is usually painted on one of the surfaces, so it will not allow any natural light to come in – it is not a functional but an aesthetic choice of glass.

If, for example, your office runs a start-up full of young people, you may want to reflect their energy in the appearance of the office. This can be achieved by using decorative glass on some windows to give the space a more modern and refreshing look.

No matter what type of window glass you are looking for, AIS Windows is your one-stop end-to-end solution for reliable glass products. Our glass windows look sleek and modern while providing you with all the benefits of glass technology such as energy-efficiency and security. For easy installation of a variety of window glass, contact AIS Windows today!


Here’s the Simplest Way of Determining the Energy Efficiency of Your Building

Times are changing, and so is the environment consciousness level of people. Today, when it comes to architecture and interior design, the facet of energy efficiency is taking a front seat. Home and office owners are beginning to imagine and create functional, future-proof and environment-proof spaces that do not have a high dependency on artificial energy. And, in their mission to reduce the carbon footprint of their buildings, glass plays a huge role since doors, windows and facades are the primary barriers separating the external environment from the internal environment.

Now, the first step towards making your building energy efficient lies in determining its present efficiency. Only then will you be able to select the right glass glazing in accordance with the results of your building’s energy efficiency determination. So, how does a layman do it?
You might imagine that calculating something such as energy efficiency is beyond your expertise and well within the grasp of only a professional architect, engineer, builder, or an interior designer. Yet, there’s an easier, quicker and extremely reliable way out – carrying out a virtual simulation of your building in the palm of your hands.
Being one of the most innovative glass manufacturers and glass suppliers in the country, AIS also offers an interesting portfolio of architectural mobile applications helpful to the layman. One of them is the AIS Glass Simulator – an app that lets you analyse your building for energy efficiency based on a wide range of parameters. Moreover, the app also recommends the best-suited high-performance glass products from AIS’ extensive portfolio depending upon the analysis of your building.
Easy, right?
With such an innovative application on your phone, you can take an informed decision about choosing the right glass glazing for your home or new project by carrying out a quick simulation anywhere, anytime. All you need to do is input a few details about your building, such as location, shape, orientation, wind-load, etc. On the basis of these parameters, the app will scrutinize your building to create an energy performance profile while also suggesting the most apt glass solution to turn your building energy efficient.
Add to that the extensive Product Catalog with different glass types manufactured by AIS and their details, along with a Project Showcase which features many buildings and projects from all over the country which have different AIS glazing installed, and you have the complete package on your fingertips.
Here are all the benefits of the app in brief:
• Easily analyse your building’s energy performance
• Get an intelligent analysis report
• Save time, energy and money spent on finding the right glazing
• Discover the entire high performance energy efficient glass range by AIS – AIS Ecosense
• Visualize how your chosen glass solution will look in real life
Easy-to-use, informative and helpful! Who knew energy simulation of a building could be this fun?


Tackling Common Glass Window and Door Issues in Winter

In India, most parts of the country, that is, the season of winter usually comes as a relief. With the long, scorching summer heat giving way to cooler climes, shorter days and cosy afternoons, winters are usually very well received all over the country. Yet, such a change in the season and the weather is not without its own set of complications, especially for your glass doors and windows.

Bear in mind that glass, aluminium, wood, and uPVC are merely materials that respond to changes in the external environment – temperature being a huge factor. Most materials compress and shrink in the cold, and there is also the issue of dew and condensation that accompanies chilly temperatures. Therefore, preparing your glass window or door before-hand will go a long way in ensuring their longevity and performance during the winters.
Let’s take a look at a few common issues that might plague your glass door or window in the cold, and how you can tackle them expertly:

  1. Condensation

Condensation mainly arises due to a drastic temperature difference around a particular surface. In winters, while the external environment is often cold and dry, our home and office interiors run on conditioned air which is usually warm and, thus, humid. This temperature difference leads to condensation on the surface of the cold window and door glass, thus fogging your view. While some condensation is absolutely normal, if you notice persisting condensation for long periods or some moisture in your window glazing, then it means that moisture might have entered your glass by way of some gap or leakage. This can hamper the insulation of your home. We recommend getting your windows and doors checked for gaps and weather insulation before winter reaches its height.

  1. Leakages

Building on from the previous point, leakages and gaps in your glass door and window can also create drafts, or passages for air flow from outside to inside. If cold air leaks inside your home from the outside, then your home’s energy efficiency and comfort can be compromised. Such drafts are usually signs of old, non-insulating glass which you can replace easily with modern energy-efficient glass and insulated glass units.

  1. Insulation

Apart from cold air, the inability of your door or window glass to retain internal heat can lead to massive heat loss. Such an insulation problem is directly opposite to the one faced by buildings in summer when the desired functionality from glass doors and windows is reflecting solar heat. You can tackle this situation by installing retrofitted insulating glass in over your existing glass doors and windows.

  1. Moisture and rotting

Finally, condensation can also occur on the frames of doors and windows, thus causing deterioration. Humid and warm internal climate during winters can also contribute to moisture entering your old window and door frames, especially if they are made from old wood. The solution for you could be switching to weather- resistant uPVC doors and windows. uPVC is a modern framing material that does not rot or get affected by temperature and climate changes, thus keeping your doors and windows in the healthiest state possible throughout the year.
Take note of the above-mentioned issues and tackle them swiftly for happy winters – both for you and your glass windows and doors!


Make Your Retail Store More Secure With These 2 Window Glass Types

In the present scenario, where competition is cut-throat, brands often find themselves in a rat-race to make their presence felt. This they can very well achieve by making their outlets aesthetically appealing. But with aesthetics, security too plays an important role.

Sometimes a pane of glass is the only thing standing between a burglar and your valuable inventory. Upgrading the security of your store is very much achievable by adding security features to your glass. Owing to the new construction techniques and value additions, glass today isn’t fragile. It has many advanced features to ensure strength, durability and sturdiness to fulfill safety requisites in retail outlets.

  • High- Grade Tempered Glass-

Tempered glasses are always stronger and safer. Hence, they are less resistant to breakage. Although, like clear glasses, they are also scratch resistant and can withstand normal wear and tear. But the major difference lies when they are subject to force. While a regular clear glass shatters in such a scenario, tempered glass is extremely tough and impact resistant. Even when the tempered glass does break down, it does so in the form of granules, thus reducing chances of injury inside your store. Therefore, they make for a great option to secure your displays and cabinets.

  • Laminated Glasses-

When we talk about burglary, laminated glass is always the first choice. The three layered structure of laminated glasses (the middle layer being usually a polyvinyl butyral interlayer which acts like a glue) makes them strong enough to resist penetration and gives you the ability to see more without compromising on the safety factor. Owing to its strength and other safety features, laminated glass is used in a number of applications, most typically for your storefront, facades and windows. High-grade laminated glass typically offers:

  • Protection against broken glass or forced entry
  • Bullet resistance

When used in the retail sector, breaking into the building with laminated glass isn’t that easy, usually involving a lot of efforts, a lot of time and a lot of noise. Hence, the use of laminated glass as a security feature has increased over the past few years. It also offers noise protection in noisy areas and areas involving a lot of traffic. In case of breakage, laminated glass tends to remain in its frame and hence minimizes the risk of injury. This is because of the interlayer which is made up of polyvinyl butyral ( PVB) or ethylene-vinyl acetate(EVA) that holds the pane in place. The chances of attracting the customers to your store increases significantly when you have security glasses to enhance the safety of your retail outlet.
Hence, out of all the window glass types, tempered and laminated are the ones that can enhance the safety feature of your retail outlet