Durable and Trendy Coloured Glass Windows for Your Interior

Though often given the back-burner, doors and windows are the most crucial elements of any space. After all, can you even imagine what an architectural structure without proper fenestrations would look like? Soul-less, dull, perhaps even menacing.

Besides establishing a dialogue with the outdoors, these elements also act as entrances for fresh air, light, and whatnot. Now, let’s not forget the way they elevate the look of any space. However, maybe you’re one of those people for whom the window’s shape and design style does not make the cut? If yes, then go a step ahead and add a dash of colour!

Be it subtle pastels or juicy brights, adding a dash of colour to your windows means enlivening the surroundings. Wondering how you’re going to do that? Why with the help of coloured glass!

Now, What’s That?

Coloured glass is created by the addition of various metallic oxide powders when it is in its molten state. Different powders impart different colours. The effect of coloured glass is elevated by natural light, which creates a dazzling luminosity, giving rise to stunning reflections.

Diving deep into the pages of history, coloured or stained glass windows have enjoyed a superior position amidst Renaissance churches and other structures. President of Judson Studios in Kansas, also the creator of the one-of-its-kind fusion glass studio, says, “What strikes me is realising we are just scratching the surface with this – with what is possible with stained (coloured) glass.” So you see, the world of possibilities is larger than we’d expected when it comes to coloured glass.

It is no wonder that this timeless design has made a major urban comeback, especially in their use as fenestrations. Glass is a versatile material which can be used for several innovative interior applications. Coloured glass can be used for a variety of installations to add a touch of artistic elegance to your home. Cassandra LaValle, an American interior designer, says with respect to tinted glass windows, “The instant you frame these beautiful pieces with a fresh white, they become more like pieces of art.”

Today, architects and designers are widely using glass as a decorative element in contemporary homes and otherwise. Read on to know more about how coloured glass windows can transform your interiors.

Modern Interior Design Sans Coloured Glass? Unthinkable!

Coloured glass windows are not just used as windows, but they classify as wall art. With the right coloured glass design and frame, you can make your living room look like something out of an art gallery. If you are a fan of art and history, ornate and gothic-styled coloured glass windows will complement your home, especially if your windows look out to a garden or forested area.

Coloured glass designs are spectacular and intense, bringing together a combination of vintage and modern, stylish, and chic décor. Whether your home has a minimal and contemporary aesthetic or a baroque, ornamental aesthetic, stained glass windows are versatile enough to adorn both.

Modern homes usually focus on more negative space than clutter. The sanitized look of a modern home can be complemented by the elegant and colourful patterns of stained glass windows. The natural light reflected into colourful shapes and patterns on your walls is sure to add a magical feeling to your interiors. If your space is visually heavy or has too many elements in one room, the light and airy design of these windows can take attention away from the less flattering aspects (read clutter).

There’s a Design for Every Space

What makes a house a home? A personal touch. Every home is different in its style, utility, aesthetics, space, etc. Fortunately, coloured glass can be custom-designed in alliance with the look of your home. Its thickness, texture, shape, colour, etc. can bring about a look of architectural sophistication.

Moreover, coloured glass is not just limited to homes but can be used in commercial, educational, and professional spaces as well. The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision and the International Management Institute in Kolkata are wildly colourful glass buildings that are famous worldwide. Adding coloured glass to your building can make it dramatically beautiful and inviting. In a professional space, coloured glass windows can work wonders to remove monotony and improve the mood and productivity of occupants.

Playful yet Elegant Décor

If you are more inclined towards a classic style and apprehensive about installing coloured glass windows, you can begin by trying it out in a specially delegated space. For example, a homeowner with kids can get the coloured glass installed in their kids’ bedrooms and make them more awe-inspiring, colourful, and playful. If you are a professional space owner and do not want to tamper with the sanctity of the work environment, then you can try installing coloured glass windows in a lounge or de-stressing area of the office, as these spaces are meant to be relaxing.

Bring Your Interiors to Life with AIS Glass

AIS Glass is the leading glass solutions provider in the country. Selecting the right kind of coloured glass to match your style can be difficult, which is why AIS offers a virtual reality app – AIS World of Shades, using which you can visualise your interiors with different-coloured glass. Our durable and heat-resistant glass is of the best quality and also eco-friendly. A coloured glass window can transform both a residential or commercial space into a world of colourful splendour. If you are looking to remodel your interiors, AIS Glass is the best place to bring your coloured glass dreams to life. Get in touch today!

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