5 Stylish Ways to Use Window Glass in Your Offices

The fenestration system you choose for your office can significantly impact its utility costs and the overall aesthetic appeal. There are a wide variety of window types that can decorate the walls of your office, depending on how willing you are to explore your options. However, before choosing a particular type of window, it is important to know the most commonly used types of window glass.

Types of Window Glass

Windows are responsible for ushering in natural light. They can offer sunlight without any of the heat, glare or street noise if coupled with the right kind of glass. This quick reference guide will help you to understand the kinds of window glass available for your office.    

Laminated Safety Glass

This glass is extra strong and is manufactured by fusing two panes around an inner layer of PVB (Polyvinyl Butyral). This special inner layer does not allow the glass to shatter into sharp jagged panes. Laminated safety glass is tough and very hard to break. This type of glass is used in skyscrapers and high-rises where wind pressures can be torrid.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass, also called toughened safety glass is at least four to five times stronger than float glass. This type of window glass is manufactured through a heat tempering process that provides it with undulating strength and durability. Tempered glass is widely used in office windows, doors, partitions, etc.

Insulated Glass

Insulated glass is responsible for thermal comfort. It also makes an office building more energy-efficient providing it with superior sustainability. Insulated panes are a terrific choice for exterior window glass as they keep you warm in winters and cool during summers.

Acoustic Glass

This type of window glass is greatly helpful in muffling street noises that can otherwise cause anxiety and thwart productivity. Acoustic glass is great for soundproofing your windows and can reduce outside commotion by almost 90%.

5 Stylish Window Designs for Offices

Now that you know about the types of window glass on offer, it’s time to decide the design of your office windows. Choose one or more from this list of window designs that match your design sensibilities the most –

Fixed windows

These are one of the simplest yet most popular types of windows used to complete office structures. Fixed windows cannot be opened or closed. The glass panes are static and the ventilation for offices in such cases is done through air-conditioning vents. Since these windows do not open or close, they provide the office interiors exceptional energy-efficiency, when coupled with insulated glass. Fixed windows are also weather-proof since they do not allow rain, dust and humidity to pass through.

Sliding French Windows

These windows look great and provide a sense of openness to an office space. Sliding French windows can be opened and closed with ease, can be installed in various sizes and lengths. They will usher in more natural light into your workspace as opposed to fixed windows. If your office is small, you can save up on space by installing sliding windows that do not eat up extra room space when opened.

Pivoting Windows

A pivoting window rotates on a central fixed axis and allows the window to open from either side. These kinds of windows have an old-world charm to them and can bring the same old-world charm inside your office. Installing pivoting windows is a great idea, especially if you own an event management company, an advertising agency, or a design studio, where the aesthetics of your workplace play a key role in reeling in a client.

Bi-fold Windows

These windows hinge out and slide on a single track. They generally have two separate panes of glass partially folding into one another. Bi-fold windows allow you to create wider window frames, ushering in tonnes of natural light and fresh air. They provide an unobstructed view of the outside. If your office or boutique is on a quiet, tree-lined street; bi-fold windows are the perfect choice for you.  

Casement Windows

A classic casement window design never goes out of style. This type of window is hinged on one side and is mostly designed to open outwards. Casement windows are great at resisting rain and harsh winds. However, they cannot be installed on walls that open up passages or that face a corridor.   

Final Thoughts

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