Which uPVC Window Glass Design Is the Best Fit for Your Home

Planning to spruce up your home with new décor? Or perhaps, you’re redecorating to make your house more functional? No matter the reason, redesigning your house requires you to pay attention to detail and take every factor into consideration. And thanks to advancements in the architectural and interior landscape, you can actually turn your idea of a dream home into reality and that too with ease. To build the perfect home, however, you should leave no stone overturned – be it the brand of paint that you select to the kind of switches you wish to install, you must take all your decisions wisely because the right choices can truly transform your space into a uber-slick home.

Now, you may put in extensive efforts in creating a luxurious space replete with amenities but a bland entrance and dull exteriors can establish a gloomy vibe for your entire home irrespective of how chic your interiors are. The simplest yet most efficient way to tackle this issue is to ensure that your exteriors are just as vibrant and elegant as the rest of your home. Enter uPVC windows – the revolutionary window profile that is the epitome of sustainability, functionality and aesthetics. And choosing the perfect uPVC window design can instantly brighten up your exteriors and set the tone for a sophisticated space. 

Why uPVC Windows?

Now, you might think to yourself that window selection may be important for creating the picture-perfect home but why should I install uPVC windows? Well, there is no one-answer-suits-all to this question. Derived from PVC (polyvinyl chloride), uPVC (unplasticised polyvinyl chloride) has become a sensational hit in the fenestration industry. The reason for its popularity is the endless benefits that uPVC has to offer. In a bid to contribute to the ‘Go Green’ movement, uPVC is designed to be 100% recyclable, sustainable and non-toxic. In fact, it is even used in medical equipment such as dental gear, thereby ensuring that we do not leave behind any carbon footprint.

uPVC is an extremely flexible yet sturdy and durable material making it the perfect choice for constructing seamless window frames. Its rigidity even comes with the added benefit of being virtually maintenance-free as it does not face the problems of rotting, swelling, waterlogging, rattling or shrinking. Thanks to the versatility of uPVC, uPVC windows can also be designed in a wide variety with attractive shades, trendy designs and unique patterns to add the touch of elegance and sophistication your home deserves without compromising on functionality.

At AIS Glass, you can find world-class uPVC window design that offers excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. Our unique uPVC window designs are equipped with double-sealed mechanism and EPDM gasket which act as a shield against dust, rain and air infiltration. They do not require any painting, rendering it lead-free and are also easy to clean and operate. They are extremely durable and do not peel, pit, rot, corrode, dry out and are termite-proof. They are equipped with an excellent drainage system with internal water drain slots, raised tracks and gradient slope to prevent water stagnation and keep your windows s new a sever.

We even offer high-performance AIS glass along with our uPVC window design to enhance aesthetics and also increase the energy-efficiency of your home through the regulation of indoor temperature during summers and winters. At AIS Glass, we understand that family comes first. And so, our uPVC window designs are manufactured with galvanised steel reinforcements as well as multipoint locking systems to amp up your home’s security measures and ensure the safety of your loved ones.

Popular uPVC Window Designs

Now that you know about the endless benefits and wide varieties that uPVC windows offer, let’s take a peek at some of the hottest uPVC window design in the market to find one that matches your needs.

Slide & Fold Windows

Designed particularly for small spaces, the slide and fold windows breathe new life into your rooms with their elegant designs. They can even be used for terraces and balconies to create the illusion of bigger spaces. At AIS Glass, our uPVC slide and fold windows encompass excellent space utility through 100% opening and are suitable for covering large areas without compromising on aesthetics. They are also equipped with multipoint locking mechanisms and effective insulators to curb dust and pollution infiltration ensuring a clean home.

Twin Sash Casement Windows

For all those who’re aiming for a retro vibe, uPVC twin sash casement windows are the way to go. They combine the traditional fly mesh panels with conventional casement window design to exude timeless elegance. At AIS Glass, out twin sash uPVC casement windows are equipped with a friction-stay-compatible mesh panels for better functioning as well as grill provision for enhanced safety. They also do not rot, warp or require repainting, are low-maintenance and retain their original colour for years.

When choosing window designs, uPVC is the way to go and when paired with AIS Glass, you can truly transform your old home. As India’s leading integrated glass manufacturer, we believe in transcending the ordinary. So, get in touch with us to build the house of your dreams!

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