Taking Care of Home Window Glass in Summer

Dishes getting scrubbed until they sparkle, clothes getting washed until they look brand new, and floors getting mopped to reflect as a mirror while windows receive the blind eye – this is the sad story of almost every home. No wonder, instead of giving a clear view of the gorgeous world outside, these vital openings display the layer of dirt that testify of negligence and lack of maintenance.

Regular maintenance of your home window glass will not only increase the efficiency and longevity of your windows but also spare you unnecessary hassle and costs.

Now, with summer rolling in, you need to make sure that your windows are in top-notch condition. Given below are a couple of ways in which you can take care of your home window glass this summer and beat the heat in style.

A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

A basic yet effective way of taking proper care of your home window glass is to conduct a visual inspection regularly. If you are proactive in inspecting your windows, you will be more likely to spot the signs of wear-and-tear, water damage, leakages, etc. that you need to take care of before the arrival of summer. This preventive measure especially becomes crucial if you have old windows in your home that might need a repair or replacement.

Keeping Unwanted Visitors where They Belong – Out!

Weatherstripping is a material that insulates the space between the home window glass pane and the sash. It is an essential part of your windows that stops moisture from getting into your homes and keeps the outside elements out. Over time, the weather stripping on your windows can wear out, become damaged, or loosen. This leads to hot, humid air seeping into your home during the summer and making the interiors extremely hot and uncomfortable. Besides this, it will also shoot up utility bills as you will be using more of your cooling systems. If you notice the weather stripping wearing out, make sure to take the necessary steps to get it fixed.

A Little Dirt Never Hurt? False!

Debris usually gets built up in the window sills and tracks, also in the sliding part of the window and clog easily. If there are debris, dust, and dirt in the tracks and sills, then the home window glass will not shut as tightly as it should, becoming less efficient. This is why you must make it a point to clean the tracks. Start by brushing out the dust followed by the use of soapy water to clear the tracks out. Removing the dirt and the debris will also enhance the appearance of your windows, naturally rendering your space a neater appearance. 

It is Thorough Cleanliness that is Next to Godliness

Your home window glass requires proper cleaning, failing which its lifespan could reduce. Windows smudged with dirt interfere with the view and make your home look unappealing. Over time, if the glass is not cleaned properly, it can appear permanently cloudy. Hence, thorough cleaning becomes extremely important.

While cleaning the windows, make sure to use a streak-free cleaning solution. Once cleaned, always remove the excess solution from your window panes. If you have windows that open from both directions, cleaning the exterior becomes simple. You can easily swing the window to clean the exterior as well as the interior. However, with fixed windows, especially on the second or third-storey, cleaning the exterior can be challenging. In such a situation, it is best to hire professional window cleaning services.

Cleaning both the interior and the exterior of the window also helps you inspect the home window glass better and allows you to notice if there are any issues with the glass. For instance, if you have a frame that is rotting or paint that is peeling, thoroughly cleaning the window will allow you to know if there is a need for a professional repair or not. 

Embrace Replacement

If your home windows are old, then summer is a good time to get them changed. While replacing your old home window glass, you can opt for low-E or low-emissivity glass windows that are sealed with special silicone sealants for heightened energy-efficiency. This Low-E glass allows ample natural light to pass through, which reduces your need for artificial lighting during the daytime. It also blocks out the unwanted heat and glare of the sun and keeps the interiors cooler during summers. Moreover, during winters, these windows trap heat inside to make the interiors warmer. Low-E glass will also prevent carpets, draperies, and other furnishings from getting damaged by sunlight exposure. Thus, opting for modern home window glass solutions can turn your home into an energy-efficient zone and help you save more on utility bills. 

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