Importance of Sound Proof Glass Solutions in Offices

Noise-free interiors are a priority for offices since they are usually located on busy streets bustling with activities. Loud noises seep into the office space through doors and windows causing disturbances. This results in low productivity and efficiency of the employees and disrupts the daily operations of the business. Hence, cutting out noise pollution in office space is crucial.

Besides dampening the outside noise, ensuring sound insulation indoors is also essential. It is very important to keep the confidentiality of cabin discussions and conference room decisions. This is why installing sound insulating glass indoors is just as crucial. One of the top glass manufacturers, AIS Glass, offers high-quality soundproof glass to maintain privacy and ensure the peace and tranquillity of the office space.
Laminated glass has become an increasingly popular glass choice, both in offices and homes, for sound insulation. It is manufactured by attaching two or more glass sheets together with a layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) in between them. This unique manufacturing process imparts various beneficial features to the glass. Together, the multiple glass panes and the resin sandwiched in-between prevent noise from seeping through, unlike ordinary glasses. Once installed in office, you can have clear and effective communication in meetings and conferences.
For maximum sound insulation, AIS Acousticglas is the ideal glass solution. This laminated glass type is meticulously designed to reduce noise pollution at offices and homes. The specialised PVB layer reduces noise pollution by up to 90% and hence, the glass type is widely used in boardrooms, partitions, and facades. For homes, offices, and shops in high traffic zones or near railway-lines and airports, AIS Acousticglas is very effective in minimising noise pollution.
Besides noise reduction, laminated glass is very sturdy and provides safety from theft and burglary. The PVB layer acts as an adhesive and holds the glass together when shattered, and prevents injuries from glass shards. Hence, it is widely used for security purposes. When laminated glass is installed in doors and windows, gaining access to indoors is very difficult for burglars. Additionally, when this window glass type is incorporated with uPVC frames, it enhances the aesthetic appeal of the space by adding a stylish and contemporary touch to the indoors.
Unlike the conventional wooden or steel doors and windows, laminated glass doors and windows allow sufficient light indoors and maintain peace and serenity of the office space.
In short, if you are looking for a multifunctional and economical option to reduce noise pollution at the office, installing sound proof glass is the ideal decision.


Make Your Retail Store More Secure With These 2 Window Glass Types

In the present scenario, where competition is cut-throat, brands often find themselves in a rat-race to make their presence felt. This they can very well achieve by making their outlets aesthetically appealing. But with aesthetics, security too plays an important role.

Sometimes a pane of glass is the only thing standing between a burglar and your valuable inventory. Upgrading the security of your store is very much achievable by adding security features to your glass. Owing to the new construction techniques and value additions, glass today isn’t fragile. It has many advanced features to ensure strength, durability and sturdiness to fulfill safety requisites in retail outlets.

  • High- Grade Tempered Glass-

Tempered glasses are always stronger and safer. Hence, they are less resistant to breakage. Although, like clear glasses, they are also scratch resistant and can withstand normal wear and tear. But the major difference lies when they are subject to force. While a regular clear glass shatters in such a scenario, tempered glass is extremely tough and impact resistant. Even when the tempered glass does break down, it does so in the form of granules, thus reducing chances of injury inside your store. Therefore, they make for a great option to secure your displays and cabinets.

  • Laminated Glasses-

When we talk about burglary, laminated glass is always the first choice. The three layered structure of laminated glasses (the middle layer being usually a polyvinyl butyral interlayer which acts like a glue) makes them strong enough to resist penetration and gives you the ability to see more without compromising on the safety factor. Owing to its strength and other safety features, laminated glass is used in a number of applications, most typically for your storefront, facades and windows. High-grade laminated glass typically offers:

  • Protection against broken glass or forced entry
  • Bullet resistance

When used in the retail sector, breaking into the building with laminated glass isn’t that easy, usually involving a lot of efforts, a lot of time and a lot of noise. Hence, the use of laminated glass as a security feature has increased over the past few years. It also offers noise protection in noisy areas and areas involving a lot of traffic. In case of breakage, laminated glass tends to remain in its frame and hence minimizes the risk of injury. This is because of the interlayer which is made up of polyvinyl butyral ( PVB) or ethylene-vinyl acetate(EVA) that holds the pane in place. The chances of attracting the customers to your store increases significantly when you have security glasses to enhance the safety of your retail outlet.
Hence, out of all the window glass types, tempered and laminated are the ones that can enhance the safety feature of your retail outlet



Glass is amongst the most extensively used materials in the architectural industry as it plays a crucial role in controlling the flow of heat and light in and out of your home. Glass should not be limited to a functional material or simply be an afterthought. It can also be used to enhance the decor of your interiors, which makes it one of the most versatile materials in architecture.
There are numerous window glass types and other specialized glass available today. Below, you’ll find one apt for each room in your home –
Double Glazing Glass
The double glazed glass comprises of two layers of glass with another layer of gas sandwiched between the two. This gives it the high thermal performance that doubled glazed glass is well-known for. It reflects away the infrared heat during the summer season, keeping your room cool, while in the winter season, it retains the heat, keeping the room warm.
Laminated Glass
For the highest degree of protection, opt for laminated glass. It is manufactured by bonding together two or more sheets of glass with a plastic interlayer, usually PVB. Owing to its toughness, the glass is used for reinforcing security as it can stop burglars from entering the house and is also available with multi-lock mechanisms.
Smart Glass & Integrated Blinds
There’s nothing better than more privacy in a bedroom, and smart glass like AIS Swytchglas, which switches from transparent to translucent at the press of a button, provides you exactly that. Having integrated glass blinds also offer a great modern solution for your windows.
Tempered Glass
This type of safety glass is well suited for the kids’ room. Its safety features ensure that little children stay away from harm’s way. Tempered glass is impact resistant, thereby reducing chances of injury. It is made out of ordinary annealed glass which is hardened considerably through the process of heating and rapid cooling. In case of heavy impact, the glass shatters into small pieces without sharp edges. The glass is 4-5 times stronger than regular glass, making it the ideal choice for the kids’ room.
Stained Glass and Clear Glass
This type of glass is widely used for aesthetic purposes, commonly spotted in the windows of old buildings. This coloured, decorative glass can be found in churches, funeral homes and museums. When installed at your house, it allows ample amount of light in while ensuring your privacy. For table-tops, you should use clear glasses.
Clear Glass
Lacquered Glass
An immensely popular decorative glass which you can utilize in your kitchen cabinet windows is lacquered glass. It’s stunning painted appearance, eco-friendliness, and heat and moisture resistance make it ideal for the conditions of a kitchen.
Frosted Glass
Frosted glass is subjected to a sandblasting technique that turns ordinary glass slightly opaque. This effect helps in maintaining privacy, and is a popular choice for bathrooms, glass partitions or walls. Moreover, the glass requires low maintenance as it does not allow dust to stick to its surface.