Address these problems caused by improper window glass installation

If window glasses in your house or workspace are not installed correctly, you are inviting not just damage, but health hazards too. Not sure how windows and one’s health are connected?

Improper window glass installation is something that may go unnoticed until your windows are faced with extreme weather conditions. However, your spaces must always be protected, something that isn’t possible with improperly installed window glass.

Let’s take a look at some common problems caused by improperly installed window glasses and exactly how you can solve this issue.

Opening and Closing Windows

The most obvious one is difficulty in opening and closing the windows. It may not be very apparent during the winters, but as soon as the heat sets in, a window that does not open, is rusted, or has difficulty in closing it, becomes an immense inconvenience to all involved. It can also become a safety hazard if you ever need to make an emergency exit and the windows do not open as expected. 

Drafts and Water Damage

Another concerning issue that can come up is drafts and water damage. A clumsily installed glass will allow in cold drafts, as well as give way to water damage around the window, in the form of chipped paint, discolouration, a yellowish tint as a result of oxidisation, and crinkling and tearing of wallpaper and wall décor. Thus, an incorrectly installed window glass can lead to immense property damage and risk the insulation of your house, especially if allowed to go unchecked for a long time.


Another issue that may come up is the discolouration of the glass itself. Being a result of water leakage by windows, discoloured glass is a challenging problem to solve unless one opts for complete replacement and re-installing a new window glass

HVAC Issues

Other than water damage to the walls and the glass, energy consumption becomes a severe issue. Heating or cooling does not take place as intended, takes longer to fulfil its purpose, and drives up energy bills. Gaps or uneven glass in windows can usually lead to this, which ends up consuming more energy than intended, with less than optimal results in your HVAC services. Also, if there are gaps and spaces either between the panes and the frame, the window glass becomes redundant. This is because it will allow not only drafts and water damage, but also pollution. 


A significant concern of today’s day and age, pollution is one of the leading causes of a host of health problems. It is especially dangerous for the already infirm, older people, children, and those who have breathing problems. Thus, an improperly installed window glass can have consequences on one’s health as well, and that makes it even more of a concern. Aside from fundamental issues, incorrectly installed window glass can also make a home invasion easier. 

Gaps in the glass or un-caulked glass can allow burglars to break in quickly, endangering not just your property, but also your family, especially if your home has sliding or French windows. Therefore, your window glass installation must be done appropriately. 

Solve Improper Installation Issues Today

Window glass installation is essential to a safe, pollution-free and comfortable home. As such, one should trust only professionals to do it for you.

With AIS Glass, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. We offer end-to-end consultation and customised solutions designed specifically for your interiors. A team of specialists observe and examine your space and then develop a comprehensive report and suggest specifications fit for the given space. In addition, we also provide custom-fit glass for your windows, in various frame options such as uPVC, wood, and aluminium. 

Our window glass solutions offer complete insulation from pollution, water and air. Being tempered and heat-strengthened, our window glass is also sound-proof, ensures privacy, conserves energy. In addition, some of our glass products are UV-resistant as well, offering protection against a potential health hazard. With additional features such as multiple glazing, multi-chambered profiles, as well as anti-leakage compression seals, our window glass solutions are designed to meet the aesthetic and functionality needs of modern home and office owners. 

Our window and glass products are not just high on visual appeal, they are also structurally functional, durable, and require minimal maintenance. As such, there is a plethora of options, frames, glasses, as well as materials on offer, that AIS Glass customises for you. In addition, we use only the highest quality of raw material for every individual product, ensuring that you face no problems even years down the road, as well as after-installation consultations.

All homes should have windows that fit in with space, do not compromise on safety and health, as well as keep rooms well insulated. Therefore, a seamless, personalised, and professional window glass installation experience, get in touch with AIS Glass today and experience custom-made, cutting edge architectural solutions.  

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