What to Do If Window Glass Cracks?

A small crack can lead to big accidents; accidents, which can be prevented by making smart choices. Glass is no longer a fragile product. Through the years, it has undergone successful technological changes to become more resilient to external environmental pressures. If your glass window is bereft of these changes, you can reconsider replacing them with better alternatives.

Your window glass can get cracked in many ways. Stress, temperature fluctuations, pressure differentials, the impact from an object, etc. are different factors responsible for causing a crack in your window glass. Ideally, in case of a crack in window glass, you must get a quick replacement. The crack will increase and eventually break the glass if immediate safety measures are not taken to care for it. This poses a serious problem if you have children around. They can get wounded from potential glass breakage. Therefore, it is better to utilise window glass products that are built to handle such crack pressures.

However, for some safety precautions, you can keep the following tips in mind if your window glass cracks.

Deal With It!

If you witness a crack in your window glass, check for its length. Whether a crack is small or big can make a whole lot of difference to the measures you need to take. Be careful to observe the crack from a distance and avoid touching it. You can, however, use rubber hand gloves to keep yourself unharmed from the crack in your window glass. This can help you identify the possible reason for the crack as well. Once identified, you can pay more attention to reducing the factors that caused it and make more informed window glass choices for your house and workspace.

Prevention over cure

Do not break it out. Unless the crack is caused due to an impact, you must leave the window glass in that state. You can get professional help for your glass replacement. Make sure to cover up the window glass crack with a plastic or cardboard to prevent bugs and heat from entering into your space till the replacement is done.

You cannot fix window glass crack. A crack can potentially increase over time and cause damage. It is smarter to prevent such cracks by understanding the factors that cause them. Know your weather conditions well. That way, you can take steps to minimise such damage from recurring. For instance, if your area receives direct sunlight, it can directly impact your window glass. If your glass does not have heat-reflecting or absorbing properties, it will get stressed under the harsh solar glare and consequently, crack. In some cases, cracks are caused in window glass due to high air pressure impacts. A glass designed to handle such impact can withstand it but ordinary glass will break under such stress. Thus, you must invest in high-quality window glass for improved functionality and strength.

Secure the Crack with Adhesive

If the crack is relatively small, you can secure it with the use of tape or industrial adhesives. Such cracks are usually caused due to stress and can be found near the edges of window glass. In India, where thunderstorm and rainstorm are frequent occurrences, stress cracks are commonplace. AIS Glass products are processed through a unique toughening process which makes them invulnerable to tensile stress. This also lowers the risk of impact-related breakage and provides enhanced safety.

However, if you want to deliberate more over the right replacement for your window glass instead of making a hasty decision, taping the crack will do. This is true for small cracks only. Larger cracks will require an immediate replacement to prevent any potential hazard. Tapes and adhesives can only provide a temporary fix for the crack.

Find a Better Replacement

You must not compromise on safety for aesthetic pleasure. Always check for high-quality window glass before making an installation. Since structures are prone to many safety hazards, you can potentially reduce the risk if you go for specialised glass options. Trendy window glass options are also available in the market with enhanced strength to meet your aesthetic and safety needs.

In case of window glass crack, it is better to find an immediate replacement than to try fixing it. Your homes and offices can be made resilient very easily with the use of window glass that is processed to withstand high-temperature differences, reduce heat ingress, enhance safety, and lower the risk of breakage. Ensure that you are getting the value for your money before making a replacement choice.

In Summation

You cannot change the weather conditions of your place; however, you can potentially reduce the risk of glass breakage by using high-quality safety glass. AIS Glass’ Stronglas is a specialised glass solution to provide greater impact resistance and strength. It is manufactured through a unique toughening process that enables it to withstand great tensile stress while meeting all your décor needs at the same time.

You can avoid such short-term fixes by opting for AIS Glass products. Our products can cater to a wide variety of needs; from safety parameters to trendy style palettes, we offer them all. Get in touch with us today!

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