Tips to Choose the Perfect Window Glass for Your Office

An ideal workspace should create an atmosphere conducive to concentration and productivity. An airy, cheerful, and lively environment is contagious and will directly reflect in the vigour and output of those working inside. It goes without saying that nature has healing properties and its intrusion, especially while one is working is a must. Not only does it have calming effects on the human brain but is also responsible for enhancing productivity. And the best way to connect to nature optimally is windows. And when it comes to installing the right windows for your workspace, the type of glass that is used will have a lot to do with it. We provide you with a few tips to ease the confusion of choosing the right window glass for your office –

What Should I Keep in Mind?

When you are choosing a window glass for your office, the main factors that you should ideally consider are the need for security, a focused and silent workspace, the average temperature of the location where your office is situated, and the overall aesthetics of the workplace. If possible, you can add energy-saving to the list too.

It is largely the purpose of your office that will determine the type of glass you should use. For example -A financial office would not use low-emissivity energy-saving glass – instead, it would be more focused on secure forms of windows like those made with laminated or tempered glass. The right type of window glass can save you both money and headaches in the future.

Consider the Need for Security

If your office deals in jewellery or other high-value and high-risk items, chances are that you are looking for safety above everything else. Laminated glass is made under pressure by rolling a layer of polyvinyl butyral between two panes of glass. It does not have to be made of just three layers – the number can extend upto nine sheets at a time.

The biggest advantage of laminated glass is that the stickiness of the PVB layer and the hydrogen bonds formed between this layer and the glass make it extremely hard to break. Even if you manage to break it, it will not fall out of the window frame and will make it extremely difficult for any intruders to enter the office.

Apart from safety and security, laminated glass provides you with sound insulation as well, creating a quiet and focused working environment inside the office.

Assess if Your Office Needs Privacy

If your office requires some privacy while still letting in natural sunlight, frosted glass is the best choice. This type of window glass might be used to give a sense of security without making the office seem suffocating.

A lawyer’s office, for example, can benefit from frosted glass windows since they cannot be seen through easily, so they make clients feel at ease about their privacy. At the same time, the office also does not look dark and stuffy since light still filters in from the outside.

Consider the Need for Peace and Silence

Noise distractions can be a major hindrance to concentration and productivity and in today’s day and age, noise pollution is constantly on the rise. Hence, every workspace ought to have provisions for acoustic insulation This can be achieved by installing soundproof windows.

Keep the Temperature in Mind

Uncomfortably high temperatures can make even the most diligent employee reluctant to work. If your office is situated in a particularly hot region, you may want to consider using tinted window glass to reduce excessive heat from entering into the building.

The darkened panes provide some privacy while also cooling down the interior of the office. This means that not only can you use them to give some colour to the building; you can also save up on electricity since air-conditioners will not be required to make the working environment comfortable.

Take Care of the Environment

Today, it is as much the responsibility of the corporate world to take care of the environment as it is the responsibility of every individual, so Low-E is a modern type of window glass you might want to consider.

Low-E or Low-Emissivity glass is the ideal option if you are environmentally-conscious. It helps conserve energy by not allowing the heat from inside the office to flow outside and similarly stopping heat from the outside from flowing in. The result is that your office is naturally kept warm in the winters and stays cooler during the summers.

Keep Your Office Looking Fresh

Although decorative glass is mostly used as a way to spice up the interior of a building, you may want to use it for a few external windows of your office if you want to give it a more unique appearance. Decorative glass is usually painted on one of the surfaces, so it will not allow any natural light to come in – it is not a functional but an aesthetic choice of glass.

If, for example, your office runs a start-up full of young people, you may want to reflect their energy in the appearance of the office. This can be achieved by using decorative glass on some windows to give the space a more modern and refreshing look.

No matter what type of window glass you are looking for, AIS Windows is your one-stop end-to-end solution for reliable glass products. Our glass windows look sleek and modern while providing you with all the benefits of glass technology such as energy-efficiency and security. For easy installation of a variety of window glass, contact AIS Windows today!

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