Tempered Glass Windows: Advantages and Installation Tips

Glass is an integral element in modern home design and construction. Large transparent surfaces allow more natural daylight to flow in, opening up views to enjoy. However, not all glass is made equal regarding resilience and safety performance. This is where toughened safety glass, known astempered glass, stands out from standard window panels.

In the section below, we’ll discuss the advantages and how to install tempered glass.

What is Tempered Glass?

Tempered or toughened glass is a kind of safety glass processed to be stronger and more shatter-resistant than regular annealed glass. It is made by heating float glass to over 600°C before rapidly cooling it to induce compressive stresses across the surfaces balanced by interior tension. This tempering process sees glass become over five [VG1] times more potent against impacts.

Instead of breaking into dangerous sharp shards, tempered glass fractures into small granular chunks. This helps minimize cutting and injury risks. Due to its durability and safety, building codes often mandate using tempered glass for windows in hazard-prone locations.

Key Benefits of Tempered Glass Windows

There are various benefits of tempered glass windows. Some of these advantages of tempered glass include:

1. Exceptionally Strong and Impact-Resistant

With up to five times the strength of standard glass, tempered windows resist damage from blunt forces much better. Sudden blows from winds, falling tree branches, hailstones, or even a child’s stray ball are less likely to cause fractures.

2. Safer Breakage Pattern With No Loose Shards

When tempered glass eventually does crack under extreme loads, it shatters in a particular cubic pattern. Fragments remain stuck together rather than breaking loose in dangerous flying shards that can cause lacerations.

3. Meets Safety Standards for Glass Near Flooring/Wet Areas

Building codes often require tempered glass for large windows close to floor level or wet zones like bathrooms. If broken, it reduces risks of injury near children’s reach or slippery surfaces.

4. Suitable For Large Unframed Glass Structures

Extra strength permits creating frameless glass dividers, walls, balcony barriers, and pool fences using large toughened glass expanses. Offers modern minimalist aesthetics without compromising safety.

Professional Installation Tips

a. Verify Required Glass Type

Before committing to a glass product for your project’s windows or glazing, it’s crucial to verify that it aligns with your specifications—whether it’s annealed, heat-strengthened, tempered, etc. Building requirements vary, so the right match guarantees optimal performance and safety. Take a moment to validate your choice, and you’ll be on the right track to meet the unique needs of your window or glazing application.

b. Carefully Inspect Condition

Examine all tempered glass panels before installation. Look for edge damage, surface scratches, delamination, or visible defects. Avoid using any compromised sheets.

c. Smooth Clean Cutting

Smooth, polished cut edges reduce stress accumulation zones. Manual scribing and breaking techniques should be used for something other than tempered glass. Clean mechanical cuts are a must.  

d. Use Non-Serrated Glazing Blocks

Upgrade your framing experience by swapping those old hard rubber blocks with modern, non-serrated, ultra-soft alternatives. These gentle supports safeguard your glass surfaces, preventing potential damage when you set them into frames. It’s a simple yet effective way to ensure your framed items stay pristine and protected.

e. Never Grind Or Drill Post-Tempering

Any modification like grinding, drilling holes, edge shaping performed after tempering destroys the protective surface compression layer, causing instability and breakage.

f. Handle With Care

Use clean gloves when handling tempered glass. Pointed impacts on surfaces or edges cause trigger instability. Store panels vertically in padded racks to prevent leaning point loads.


Properly installed tempered glass windows provide reliable, resilient performance for years for desirable strength, safety, and longevity. Avoid cutting corners during transportation, handling installation, or using aged deteriorating sets prone to heavy damage. With reasonable care taken, tempered products stand up reliably even in the most demanding residential or commercial settings with heavy foot traffic, extreme weather, and potential vandalism issues. Their fracture pattern also helps minimize injury risks during rare breakage events. Choose AIS Glass for expertly crafted tempered glass windows.


Tips for Choosing the Right Tempered Glass

Are you tired of navigating the maze of options when selecting the ideal tempered glass? You’re not alone. The challenge lies in finding that perfect balance between durability, clarity, and protection. But fret not, for in this article, we’re about to unravel the secrets of choosing the right  tempered glass.  

From residential to commercial applications, we’ll guide you through the process, providing valuable insights and tips to transform your selection from a daunting task into a confident choice. 

1. Supplier Reputation 

When selecting a tempered glass supplier, one of the paramount considerations is their reputation. Choosing a supplier with a reliable and trustworthy reputation is essential for ensuring the quality and durability of your tempered glass. A reputable supplier provides high-quality glass and adheres to safety standards, which is crucial for various applications. 

To evaluate a supplier’s reputation, turn to online customer reviews and ratings. These insights from previous customers offer valuable firsthand experiences. Positive reviews indicate a supplier’s reliability and the satisfaction of their customers. Conversely, negative reviews can be red flags, highlighting potential issues with the product or service. 

2. Aesthetics 

Tempered glass goes beyond mere strength and safety; it’s like a versatile artist’s canvas that can truly enhance the beauty of your surroundings. For residential or commercial projects, the aesthetics of tempered glass can significantly impact the overall ambience. Whether you aim for a sleek and modern look, a classic and timeless feel, or something entirely unique, your choice of tempered glass should harmonize seamlessly with your decor. 

3. Range of Products 

Consider a supplier offering a diverse range of tempered glass products. This versatility ensures you can find the perfect fit for your needs, whether for windows, doors, partitions, or other applications. Having options is advantageous. 

4. Safety Factor 

Tempered glass is prized for its safety features. When broken, it shatters into small, less hazardous pieces, minimizing injury risk. Prioritize tempered glass that complies with safety standards, especially in safety-critical areas like showers or glass balustrades. 

5. Integrated Services 

Assess whether your supplier provides integrated services, including installation. Collaborating with a supplier capable of managing the entire process, from purchase to installation, streamlines the experience. This saves time and ensures correct installation, enhancing glass functionality and longevity. 

6. Compare Quotes 

When making a significant investment, like hiring a service or buying a product, you must take your time accepting the initial quote you receive. Instead, take the opportunity to explore and collect quotes from various suppliers or contractors. By comparing quotes, you can evaluate the price and overall worth, considering aspects such as quality, reputation, and the range of services provided. 

7. Ask About Warranties 

Inquire about warranties and guarantees for the tempered glass products you’re considering. A reputable manufacturer or installer should stand behind their products and workmanship. 

8. Maintenance Requirements 

Lastly, consider the maintenance requirements of the tempered glass you choose. Some types may require more frequent cleaning or specialized care, so factor this into your decision-making process. 


Selecting the right tempered glass involves supplier reputation assessment, aesthetic alignment, product diversity exploration, safety feature confirmation, and consideration of integrated services. Armed with these insights, you can confidently choose tempered glass that not only meets your requirements but also enhances the style and safety of your space. 

AIS Glass is a trusted name in the industry, known for its commitment to quality and innovation. Choosing AIS to buy tempered glass ensures you get a reliable product backed by a reputable brand. Our expertise in glass solutions and dedication to customer satisfaction make us a top choice. 


Points to Consider While Buying Tempered Glass for Home

Be it for spaces as personal as homes or as professional as corporate workplaces, modern advancements in glass innovation technology have made it possible to create gemlike structures whose glistening bodies defy the traditional sense of space. As magnificent as they look outwardly, these do rouse sceptic thoughts like, “How exactly does glass support all this weight and provide an optimal level of protection?” Well, via tempered glass, that’s how!

Tempered glass is unlike its parent product in terms of safety – standard annealed glass; however, all of that still depends upon a couple of pointers, as discussed below.

The Safety Aspect

Also known as toughened safety glass, it is self-evident that safety and security are the features that render meaning to the existence of tempered glass. Therefore, it only makes sense to give it the centre stage. You’re looking to purchase tempered glass because ‘safety always comes first,’ so make sure the glass has also been designed keeping that in mind.

Normally, a premium-quality tempered glass is four to five times stronger than standard annealed glass. This makes it highly impact-resistant. However, if you’ve heard others in your circle complain of toughened glass breakage, it probably was a result of improper installation when minor chips or dings in the glass were neglected, and later snowballed into larger defects, ultimately shattering the glass. Enquire and ensure that the tempered glass you’ve decided on purchasing has been manufactured in compliance with BS 6206 norms for tempered glass impact resistance.

Balancing the Function with the Form

Of course, it’s about safety, but it’s not about it alone – the tempered glass you purchase must also satisfy your appetite for aesthetics. If you’re also among those who are under the impression that opting for tempered glass means going all bland, you’ve simply come across suppliers whose tempered glass solutions indeed offer no aesthetic rush. However, the good news is that tempered glass’ availability is not merely limited to its standard sandwiched-green colour or so it appears. You can find textured and enamel-painted toughened glass that dutifully offers a high degree of protection from break-ins and impacts while also serving decorative needs of architecture.

Credibility of the Glass Supplier

Now, it is a no-brainer that your tempered glass will be as good as the supplier manufacturing it. Do your homework, and do it well before you zero in and commit to a toughened glass provider. Maybe ask your friends, colleagues, and family for guidance in this area. Do your individual research, shortlist a number

of suppliers you find credible, and go through reviews on their websites and even third-party websites, if you can find. It is when you compare between brands that you will not end up settling for a sub-par tempered glass supplier.

What you need to look for is a supplier with a proper brand reach and satisfied customers. Highly reputed brands can be trusted with their credibility, quality of tempered glass, and other allied services. Also, and this is perhaps the most important part; do not forget to quiz your tempered glass supplier on the safety tests they run to ensure that the glass they’re producing is in line with the impact resistance norms of BS 6206.

Integrated Services

Now, once the credibility of the tempered glass supplier has been checked off your list, another thing to ensure is whether or not you can avail integrated services. The process from the selection to the final installation of tempered glass is a highly complex and lengthy one, best done when you do not need to approach separate professionals – one for glass procurement, another for its installation, and so on. Your ambitious architectural projects, both commercial and residential, are best handled by a one-stop-solution company. For this, your best bet is to choose a brand with a broad reach as they are most likely to cover all steps involved from selection and purchase to installation and after-sales services. Also, such a supplier is more likely to house several varieties of the product.

Safety is paramount, be it on the road or within the four walls of a structure, and tempered glass with its highly impressive sturdiness and impact-resistance features has transformed the way people think about glass and its fragility. Perfect for doors and windows, room partitions, tabletops, kitchen cabinets and countertops, even skylights and glass canopies, this member of the glass family has become the go-to choice for those who value safety like their life depends upon it, because it does!

Looking for premium-quality tempered glass to serve your aesthetic and functional needs? Then get in touch with AIS Glass – India’s largest integrated glass manufacturer in both the architectural and automotive segments. Our tempered glass – AIS Stronglas – is durable, four to five times more impact-resistant than standard annealed glass, and available even for decorative purposes under the name AIS Ceramic Fit. Get in touch with our experts today to know more about our specialised glass solutions!


Tempered Glass: Why They are Great for Your Office?

Is there anything more splendid than an uncomplicated and placid pane of glass? It is indeed a stellar material for uplifting your office’s décor and awarding it with an exuberant sense of space. But, often people worry whether glass can offer more than just delightful aesthetics. Is it a truly functional and long-lasting material? The answer is a resounding, yes! Enter tempered glass for its exceptional range of operational benefits.

What is Tempered Glass?

Tempered glass is made from annealed glass panes that undergo a unique process of heat tempering. Due to heat tempering, this surface becomes at least four to five times stronger than standard glass – a highly valuable quality for an interior construction material at an office.

The Science behind Tempered Glass

Before we get into how this glass type comes to life, you must know that once the glass is tempered, it cannot be cut or drilled. If you are looking for tempered glass, make sure the sandblasting or acid etching is done before heat tempering. All manufacturers prepare standard glass beforehand by shaping and frosting it as per the customer’s dimensions. After this, the glass pane undergoes heat treatment.

During this process, the surface travels through a tempering oven responsible for heating the glass to a high temperature of about 600 to 620 degrees Celsius. The glass then rolls out to undergo high-pressure cooling called “quenching.”

The process of quenching rapidly cools down the outer surface while the inner surface of glass remains hot. All of this creates tension within the entire pane, and by the time the inner surface of the glass cools down, you get a strong and robust tempered glass surface.

What Makes it a Great Choice for Your Office?

Investing in the undulating strength of tempered glass is a no-brainer. Sure, it enhances aesthetics but also offers ease of movement and incredible functionality to your office. But, is that all? Far from it! Check out other benefits tempered glass surfaces provide your office with.

Never Compromises on Safety

Apart from incredible strength, tempered glass is a fantastic choice to keep your office safe. How? It rarely breaks, and when it does, it never shatters into sharp jagged shards. Even upon massive impact, tempered glass develops multiple cracks and shatters into blunt, nugget-like pieces incapable of hurting the office staff scuttling around.

A standard annealed glass pane can indeed break into sharp pieces that may cause severe injuries to people working around and is also harder to clean. So, if you are considering glass dividers, cabins, walls, or doors for your office, go for tempered glass.

Resists Scratches and Other Damage

Of course, you want your office décor to maintain its sheen and lightness for years on end. And, tempered glass makes it possible. This surface does not deal damage the same way other décor materials would. Since tempered glass is incredibly durable, it can comfortably withstand daily wear-and-tear.

Let’s face it! Most offices experience significant footfall from both staff and clients, which makes this space prone to ageing early. But not if you use tempered glass. Given its resistance to scratches, chips, cracks, dings and dents, tempered glass keeps your office looking brand spanking new for years on end.

Spoils You for Choice

Tempered glass comes in such a wide variety of designs and patterns that you are bound to find something that suits the mood you want to set in your office. From clear to engraved to coloured, there is a lot you can do with this office décor material.

Tempered glass is also great for office washroom partitions and doors. In a nutshell, this glass type offers you heaps of applications that go far beyond the usual.

Belongs to the Fit-and-Forget Category

One of the primary points of worry at offices is related to maintenance. But, not if you have tempered glass covering the majority of expanse. This glass type requires bare minimum maintenance. Given its strength, durability, and resistance to scratches, there is not much to maintain.

Tempered glass also does not collect dust, grime, or debris easily. Therefore, all that your janitorial staff needs to do with tempered glass is clean it once a week with a damp fibre cloth.

The Bottom Line

It is not that hard to figure out that tempered glass is indeed the top choice for your office space. But, finding a true-blue glass expert to help out with the best quality of tempered glass may be a challenge in its own right.

Are you looking for tempered glass for your office? If so, then rely on AIS Glass – India’s leading glass manufacturing company. We offer a vast spectrum of glass solutions that also include top-notch quality of heat tempered panes. Our expert squad provides a quick turn-around time and end-to-end services, from selection to installation to incredible after-sales support.

To know more, get in touch with us today!


Why Incorporating Tempered glass in Bathroom is a Good Choice?

Who doesn’t want their bathroom, their safest space to be a luxurious retreat? A custom-designed bathroom full of pristine structures and surfaces – marble tiles, tubs, sinks, etc. – is one that is ideal for long soaks. Are you also among those who wish to renovate their bathroom from a run-of-the-mill bath to a truly safe haven? Then, your best bet is to choose a material that is exclusively designed with safety in mind – tempered glass.

Ever heard of staying safe in style? Well, now, you did! Tempered glass is that one product that will let you make a statement in a safe and effective way.

So, What Exactly is Tempered Glass?

Popularly known as toughened glass, tempered glass is a type of safety glass which has been processed with monitored thermal treatments for enhanced strength. It is “tempered” via rapid heating and cooling process. Once processed, the glass cannot be cut or moulded into shape.

Moreover, tempered glass offers a host of benefits for architectural applications, from enhanced durability to safety.

Strength Like No Other

Come what may – winds, torrential rain, impacts, bumps, or more do not affect tempered glass at all. In fact, tempered glass is renowned for its unmatched strength. Did you know it is four times stronger than standard glass?

Tempered glass does wear down over time. It does not even break from direct flames or a sharp blow. Hence, the name “safety glass.”

All-Weather Resistance

In the bathroom, moisture and heat are common causes of stains and rots. To receive optimal protection for all weather conditions, rely on tempered glass applications. You benefit from superior insulation, heat resistance, air leaks, condensation, and more for spotless bathroom interiors.

Get a comfortable and cosy bathroom space with ample daylight and ventilation; start your day with a smile on. For quality fenestration, do consider tempered glass windows and doors for your bathroom remodels.

Spick-and-Span without Hassles

Nobody likes unclean bathrooms, but nobody likes to scrub hard water stains either. If cleanliness is a primary concern for you, invest in tempered glass which is easy to clean and upkeep. You only need to wipe the glass with a cleaning solution and damp cloth to make it look anew.

Moreover, tempered glass is scratchproof. Even normal wear-and-tear does not affect its surface. It can retain its shine like it is brand new, for decades on end.

Safety: From External Impact, from Self

While tempered glass is mostly safe, it is still prone to accidents. In unfortunate cases, if the glass does break on impact, you need not worry about injury risks. This is because tempered glass does not break into large shards and splinters when it breaks.

Instead, the glass breaks off and crumbles into smaller, tiny, cube-like pieces which can be cleaned with a broom. It does not fly off as it breaks, so you need not fret the risk of injury.

Use Tempered Glass and Toughen up Your Interiors

Undoubtedly, tempered glass comes with a host of benefits. But for most homeowners, bathroom décor can be quite difficult – Where to use? How to use? What style to choose?

If you are confused over such aspects too, take inspiration from here. Check out the different ways you can install tempered glass in your bathroom to level up its décor and utility.

Glass Shower Enclosures: For that Relaxing Bath-time

With tempered glass, you no longer need to shy away from ‘glass’ over fears of safety. However, with tempered glass, you can ensure both safety and aesthetics. These enclosures are also easier to clean and upkeep since the glass does not stain. You need not worry about the wet floor as the water does not seep out.

Get framed or frameless enclosures based on your preference and enhance the visual appeal of your bathroom. You receive a comfortable ambience to wash away a bad day or start a new one in your gorgeous shower enclosure.

Bathroom Windows: To Withstand the Heat and Moisture Generated

In a country like India, heat and moisture are some common concerns for homeowners. These factors often increase indoor heat and disrupt interior comfort. Moreover, did you know that windows cause 90% of the indoor heat?

But with tempered glass windows, you can prevent excessive heat and still receive ample natural light to create cheerful interiors. Get rid of the dark and gloomy ambience and start each new day on a positive note!

Custom Glass Doors: To Reflect Your Unique Personality

An easy way to modify the look of your bathroom is to install a customised tempered glass door. Both safe and stylish, you can easily amplify the space. Choose from different styles – French doors, by-pass doors, Dutch doors, and more.

Moreover, custom glass doors will fit your space to the T, unlike stock doors. You also receive flexibility of style and design. Best of all, you can find diverse tempered glass style options in the market.

Want to remodel your bathroom? Get premium quality tempered glass from AIS Glass. Our AIS Stronglas is tough, durable, highly impact-resistant, and can be easily used for balustrades, facades, shelves, partitions, canopies, and more. We will guide you, right from the stage of product selection, up until installation, even after-sales support.

For more details, contact us today!


Adding Aesthetic View to Your Office Spaces with Tempered Glass

A workplace’s aesthetics have a big role to play in how employees feel when coming in to work every day, and how productive and positive they stay through the day. A visually appealing office space is, also, a good way to leave a killer impression on your customers.

In short, how an office is designed says a lot about the business and its priorities. Naturally, it only makes sense to invest in how beautiful your office space looks, so your customers are impressed and your employees motivated.

One great way to do this is to add tempered glass in the interiors – cabins, hallways, meeting rooms, you name it.

Design Your Office with Tempered Glass

Tempered glass, also popularly known as toughened glass (or Tuffen Glass in modern terminology), is actually used for many purposes – commercial, industrial, and architectural. What makes this glass so tough, you ask? Well, it’s heated to more than 600 degree Celsius and then quickly cooled, which really toughens it up. The best part is, tempered glass is harmless. Even if it happens to break, you will not hurt yourself; the glass breaks into pebble-shaped, blunt pieces.

So, how exactly does tempered glass give offices a modern look? What makes tempered glass doors and panels the perfect addition to a productive and cheery work environment? Keep reading to find out.

Light and Space

You don’t want your workers to suffer through the day in a cramped workstation. Even if your office doesn’t boast of being high on space and natural light, you can actually make up for it with the right interior design choices. In fact, the fenestration materials you use can make or break the work environment.

Tempered glass, though processed, retains the light and energy transmission properties of the base product. Use tempered glass partitions in an open space or in windows to allow more natural light in. If you’ve decked up your entire space in concrete and brick walls, it may make some people feel a tad bit claustrophobic. To counter the sobering effect of your regular office fixtures, use boundaries or partitions made of tempered glass and create the impression of more space.

Team Co-ordination

The usage of tempered glass in office walls promotes transparency, quite literally! The absence of walls will make team co-ordination easier and increase a sense of belonging. How so? When co-workers can enjoy their solitude because of a literal partition and feel connected to their peers because of the properties of glass, they are literally getting the best of both worlds.


When you’re working, privacy is sometimes a non-negotiable. You need your own space to come up with ideas and solutions. Sometimes, workers need to have a confidential discussion or meeting and must feel like they have their own private space. Tempered glass, while sturdy, is also adaptable to your needs and concerns. If you want certain spaces of your office to enjoy privacy, use tempered glass doors and partitions to create the effect while not blocking visibility.


Just as your home should be a reflection of you, your office should be a reflection of your brand. Using tempered glass in your décor will give you the flexibility to design your interiors in a way that convey the right message to your customers, through the use of tinted tempered glass.

Tempered Glass for Ages

Durability and versatility make tempered glass appropriate for a variety of purposes- you can use it in the staircase, for table- tops, shelves, for wall panelling and of course as walls too! You can choose between framed and un-framed tempered glass depending on your needs and get it tinted in multiple colours to fit your brand’s aesthetic.

When designing your offices you need to consider a number of factors, first and foremost is of course your brand- your office should speak for your brand. The first criteria, when choosing the right décor should be your brand aesthetic. Another important thing to consider is the work environment- if it promotes productivity. Your team will be productive only when it is content, especially with their work- space’s looks. The final thing to consider is practicality- if the materials you are using to bring your vision to life will last and serve its purpose to the full potential possible.

Tempered Glass is one substance which checks all the boxes when it comes to enhancing the aesthetic of office’ interiors. To get your hands on this one- size fits all material, look no further than AIS Glass. AIS Stronglas is the perfect variety of tuffen glass! What’s more, you can get it customised by getting it tinted or option for Swytch Glass, a revolutionary smart glass. AIS Stronglas is high-impact resistant, safe and versatile making it perfect for your offices! Why the delay? Get your hands on AIS Stronglas now and see your dream office take shape!


Aesthetic Appeal for Your Home Through Tempered Glass

In the world of interior design, tempered glass has come to occupy a special status. In a short span of time, we’ve seen it become one of the top architectural materials of choice. Tempered glass truly has become a staple in home décor, and if you took even a cursory look at its benefits, you’d see why. When you blend the smart use of tempered glass with some imagination, you’re looking at tasteful interiors that stand out from cookie-cutter designs.

Upgrade your home with tempered glass

Tempered glass or toughened glass is a widely used product that has gone through a special annealing process. It is heated to a high temperature and cooled very quickly; this gives it strength and the glass becomes quite difficult to break. Even if it does happen to break, it breaks into tiny blunt pieces instead of big shards, significantly reducing the risk of injury. This unique feature has earned it the moniker of ‘safety glass’.

Using tempered glass to design your house’s interiors is one of the best ways to enhance its aesthetic appeal. Be it doors, windows, cabinets, or partitions, the architectural value of this glass product is high in designing stylish yet functional homes. 

Here is how you can increase the visual appeal of your house by ingeniously using tempered glass and achieve the look you want – contemporary, old school, fusion, et al.

Classy glass partitions

Glass partitions are both functional and trendy. Use tempered glass to create partitions in a room and give it an effect of being spacious and luxurious. This works especially better than walls by saving space and lending elegance to your house.

You can install tempered glass partitions to divide your living room into separate sections. Some homeowners create an L-shaped partition to set up a small work or study area, such that the space looks open and airy.

Swanky ceilings and floors

To give your home a more distinctive look, get tempered glass ceilings and floors installed. Tempered glass gives ceilings and floors that extra durability and resilience, thanks to its ability to withstand large amounts of pressure. Shiny glass tiles can completely transform the look of a room, adding heaps of style and sophistication to space. Some homeowners also use glass ceilings to allow extra sunlight in through the roof or pair glass with the ceiling’s design in some measure to give it a glossy appearance.

Tastefully designed bathrooms

Using glass partitions to separate the shower area in the bathroom is a trend that has caught on for two reasons – a stylish look and functionality. Using tempered glass to create a shower enclosure in your bathroom is also a good idea since it is resistant to corrosion and can withstand extreme temperatures. Apart from shower enclosures, tempered glass can also be used in washbasins to give your bathroom an elegant feel. These washbasins can hold out against heavy impact and do not break easily.

Sleek shelves and cabinets

Tempered glass can give your furniture a clean aesthetic along with durability. Glass furniture is widely popular in interior design since it complements almost every style. One particularly beautiful application of glass furniture in the living room is the floating shelf. This is a tempered glass shelf directly attached to the wall that can be used to display vases, artwork, or pictures. You can also use this versatile product in the kitchen in the form of glass counter-tops and cabinets that give the space a luxurious feel.

Trendy windows and doors

Tempered glass is the optimal choice for home fenestration as it can take the impact of a heavy object and remain standing. This attribute can come in handy when a burglar tries to break through the windows. To put it simply, tempered glass is also an immensely safe installation, apart from being an aesthetically pleasing one. Another feature of the glassis that it can hold up against extreme weather conditions as well as regulate the temperature inside the house. Its resistance to temperature changes prevents the house from getting too hot during the summer or too cold during winter.

Many homeowners make use of tempered glass for trendy windows, skylines, or transparent sliding doors. It can also be used to make artistic door handles and nameplates.

Glass balustrades

A stairway inside the living room can sometimes give it a congested, cramped feel. One good workaround this is to use glass balustrades made of tempered glass alongside the stairway. Balustrades give the effect of the living room being spacious, apart from being visually stunning.

AIS Stronglas is a high-grade tempered glass that can adorn your home and increase its aesthetic value through its many applications –

  • Tabletops
  • Balustrades
  • Shelves
  • Facades
  • Shower Enclosures
  • Partitions
  • Wash Basins
  • Canopies

Tough, durable, and a stunning addition to your home, AIS Stronglas is much stronger than ordinary glass. Get in touch with AIS Glass for customised tempered glass solutions for your living spaces.


Reasons Why You Need Glass Shower Doors for Your Bathroom

In modern homes, bathrooms are never recklessly designed or decorated. Most homeowners, architects, and interior designers prefer bathrooms to reflect individual style and taste, be pragmatic, and appeal visually. As a result, they install unique furnishings and decorative items in the bathroom.

One of the most preferred installments in a sophisticated bathroom is a glass shower door. Glass shower enclosures are perfect for both big and small bathrooms, and come in a variety of shapes and styles. Read on to find out why even you should consider adorning your bathroom with a fashionable glass shower screen.

Glass Shower Doors Offer Privacy

You might believe that because glass is transparent, the moment you install a glass shower door, you are compromising your privacy. With the advancements that have been made in glassmaking, however, this is hardly true. Different types of glass offering varying levels of opacity are available for shower doors. For added privacy, you can have your glass shower doors made out of smart glass or frosted glass. While frosted glass is a permanently translucent option, smart glass can become completely transparent or 100% opaque at the click of a button. Noise insulation is another way in which glass shower enclosures make your shower more private. As you are protected from external noise during your shower, you can relax better.

Maintaining Glass Shower Doors is not Tough

If there is any part of your house that should be deep-cleaned regularly, it is your bathroom. Germs, bacteria, and viruses grow very easily on bathroom furnishings. Moreover, they also get stained and scratched very easily. Therefore, it is necessary to choose an easy-to-maintain material for your shower enclosures so that you don’t have to spend hours deep cleaning it, and there’s nothing better than glass for this purpose. Glass shower doors do not get stained or scratched easily. If you choose good-quality toughened glass for your shower, you won’t need to replace your glass shower doors every few years just because they have gotten old and lost their lustre. They can be wiped with a wet cloth or with one soaked in a simple glass cleaner. Since glass is a synthetic material, it also does not allow the growth of germs, which means that you don’t have to disinfect your shower area very often. 

Glass Shower Doors Make Your Entire Bathroom Safer

Water spillage in bathrooms is one of the commonest reasons for fatal bathroom accidents. With glass shower doors, spillage is minimised. They are sealed perfectly both against the floor and the ceiling of your bathroom, and therefore, increase its safety quotient.

Glass Shower Doors are Trendy

One of the main reasons why glass is being incorporated so enthusiastically in modern bathrooms is its unmatched aesthetic appeal. Glass shower doors are the trendiest fixtures you can get for your bathroom, regardless of its size or décor. They fit well, even in the most minimalist bathrooms. Moreover, since they can be cut in various sizes and shapes, they are perfect for compact bathrooms as well. You can always experiment with a curved shower door, a square one, or a rectangular one. The brilliant lustre and incredible sleekness it will add to your bathroom is one benefit of a glass shower door, whereas the host of colours, patterns, and framing choices available is another.

Glass Shower Doors do not Allow Mould to Grow

Mould is a species of fungus that grows in humid areas, both in the environment outside and the interiors of buildings. Mould growth is a common problem in buildings where water accumulation or moisture retention is an issue. In bathrooms, specially, since moisture can never be avoided, mould can grow easily. It becomes necessary, therefore, to have your bathroom furnished with non-porous materials like glass. Glass shower doors do not allow moisture to accumulate or retain on their surface, and therefore, completely eliminate the possibility of mould growth.

The above reasons are only a few that enunciate the versatility and usefulness of glass shower doors. If you want your glass shower doors to last for years and function perfectly, always make sure you choose ones from a reputed glass manufacturer like AIS Glass. We specialise in making different kinds of toughened, laminated, and heat-resistant glasses that are perfect for showers and other bathroom fixtures. We also manufacture smart glass and frosted glass sheets and customise all our products according to your needs. All our glass products are of excellent quality and last for years on end, without requiring extensive maintenance. When you choose AIS Glass for your glass shower doors, you can rest assured of quality, convenience, and service.

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Upgrade Your Home to Tempered glass: 4 Facts You Must Know

When it comes to safety, tempered glass takes the win; it is 4-5 times stronger than standard annealed glass. Because it undergoes a unique toughening process, it is also invulnerable to tensile stress and impact-related breakage.

And even if it breaks, it doesn’t form large shards of glass. Instead, it shatters away into blunt, cube-like pieces that are incapable of causing any serious injuries – indeed, a far safer choice than untreated, regular glass!

Why Upgrade using Tempered Glass?

Here, the real question is – why not?

If you have used standard glass applications in your home, then it is practically a “glass house.” The impact from a projectile, stone, or blow can easily break down these glass applications. They can’t even withstand natural phenomena like temperature fluctuations, wind loads, and hail, compromising your safety BIG TIME!

However, upgrading to tempered glass can help avoid such hassles and dangers. Because of its impact-resistance, heat-resistance, super-strength, and safety characteristics, your home will truly become your safe haven. 

The Benefits Involved

Now, tempered glass is well-known for being strong and sturdy – no wonder it finds applications in car windows, balustrades, glass walkways, and building façades, among others.

However, along with the super-strength, it also offers other benefits, as discussed below.


Under harsh weather conditions, regular glass can get stress-induced chips and cracks that eventually lead to breakage. This is not the case with tempered glass.

The toughening process creates a strong bond between the glass molecules, making it stronger than standard glass, as much as 4-5 times! It can withstand the impact from a projectile, stress from temperature fluctuations, and even burglars trying to break-in.

This is what makes tempered glass durable and long-lasting.

Resilience to Heat

Its resilience to heat is a by-product of the toughening process. During the toughening process, the glass molecules are heated at extremely high temperatures. Consequently, tempered glass becomes more resilient to heat. It develops thermal resistance.

Even if direct heat is applied to it, the glass will not melt or weaken. This is why it can withstand high-temperature differentials without cracking.

All-Weather Resistance

Be it heavy wind loads, thunderstorms, dust storms, or torrential rainfall – tempered glass can withstand them all. No matter how volatile the weather conditions are, they cannot harm this glass member.

Even extreme heat or cold cannot impact tempered glass, but if it were ordinary glass, it would easily succumb to mild impact, let alone heavy damage.

On the other hand, tempered glass is resilient to the stress caused by harsh weather conditions. It is also quite resilient to everyday wear-and-tear, making it the perfect choice for architectural use.

Here are some interesting but uncommon facts about tempered glass that you must know about.

Presence of Compressive Surface Stress

Compressive stress accumulates on the surface of tempered glass when it undergoes the tempering or toughening process. It is due to this characteristic that tempered glass breaks away into small, granular pieces and not large ones.

Besides, it is the presence of compressive surface stress that increases the strength of tempered glass. It also makes the glass safe for high pressure and explosion-proof applications.

It is Scratchproof!

Tempered glass shows resilience to wear-and-tear caused by everyday use. As it is scratchproof and resistant to damage, the surface of tempered glass remains clear and smooth for years.

No wonder it is used for several “see-through” applications like walkways, car windows, and lab equipment.

Cannot be Cut Once Tempered

After the processing of tempered glass, microscopic stress cracks develop on the surface of the glass. Any cutting, grinding or sharp impacts after the tempering process can cause the glass to fracture.

This is why tempered glass is never operated on, post the toughening process. And, if needed, it must be cut or ground before beginning the tempering process.

Its Surface Is Covered With Strain Patterns

After the tempering process, an optical phenomenon called ‘strain pattern’ or ‘quench pattern’ can appear on the surface of the glass and it cannot be eliminated.

Usually, the strain patterns appear like lines, faint spots, or blotches. However, to the naked eye, the glass surface will appear clear and smooth. It can only be viewed using an optical polariser.

Over to You

If safety, thermal-resistance, impact-resistance, and strength are important considerations for you, use tempered glass solutions in your residential spaces.

Available in a variety of designs, patterns, and styles, it befits any and every décor theme – from the sleek elegance of modern styles to the neutral palettes of transitional ones.

Besides, tempered glass ensures the safety and security of occupants with its sturdiness and resilience to impact-related breakage.

For High-Quality Tempered glass, Choose AIS Glass!

AIS Glass – India’s leading integrated glass manufacturing company – offers end-to-end glass solutions for residential and commercial applications. Right from manufacturing, processing to glass selection and installation, our team of technicians will guide you at every step of the process.

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What Are Tempered Glass Windows?

Welcoming and stylish – that’s how your fenestrations must be. However, overlooking safety concerns for aesthetic needs can be extremely unwise—this is why tempered glass windows must be your ultimate choice. Available in a variety of designs, they are safe and secure for both residential and commercial uses.

Hard to believe, right? But advanced glass technology has made it possible.   

What is Tempered Glass?

Thanks to innovation in processing technology, glass is no longer a fragile material. A striking example of such innovative and exciting technology – tempered glass – is a perfect solution to your fenestration needs. Tempered glass or toughened glass is a type of safety glass that goes through controlled chemical and thermal treatments to enhance its strength in comparison to standard annealed glass.

The process of tempering on standard glass brings its interior into tension while the outer surfaces are put into compression. Due to this, tempered glass is toughened to resist tensile stress and impact breaks. However, in case tempered glass breaks, it crumbles into granular pieces instead of forming jagged shards to minimise the possibility of harm. Therefore, with tempered glass, safety is not compromised.

Features of Tempered Glass

  • Strength:

    The toughening process renders tempered glass four to five times stronger than standard annealed glass against an impact.

  • Thermal Endurance:

    Tempered glass can withstand a high temperature change of up to 250 degrees Celsius.

  • Fabrication:

    Any cutting, trimming, or grinding must be done before tempering the sheet of glass because if it is done after the glass is tempered, fractures will appear on its surface.

  • Impact Resistance:

    Due to the presence of high compressive stresses, tempered glass is invulnerable to impact-related breakages.

  • Optical Distortion:

    Strain patterns develop on the glass surface when it is subjected to a tempering process. This is the reason why tempered glass is optically distorted.

How Installing Tempered Glass Windows can Benefit You

Tempered glass windows can bring a heap of advantages to your commercial and residential space. As a safety glass, it is most suitable for security concerns. Apart from this, tempered glass windows also fare well in all weather conditions because of their ability to resist tensile stress. Moreover, their solar control property makes them a greener alternative to stock windows. Here’s why you shouldn’t be thinking twice about installing tempered glass windows.

Resistance against External Elements

Stress-induced cracks are more common than you think. If your region experiences harsh weather conditions, your glass windows will be impacted negatively. However, since tempered glass is invulnerable to tensile stress, you can put such fears at bay. Tempered glass windows are processed to have increased resistance against impact but even if the glass breaks, it shatters into granular pieces that aren’t harmful. Surely, they are an excellent choice in terms of safety, especially if you have children around.

Optimum Security

Now, having huge bay windows piques the oomph factor of your homes and offices, but they can also attract a lot of negative attraction. Burglars can easily break the glass and enter your premises, increasing the chances of theft. This is a massive security concern, especially if you have expensive valuables in your residential or commercial space. To avoid such security threats, tempered glass windows are a gift of processing technology. Due to their supreme strength and impact-resistance qualities, tempered glass windows can’t be broken easily. This reduces the chance of break-ins and intrusions significantly.

Heat Resistance

In addition to enhanced safety and security, you also get heat-resistance properties with tempered glass windows. Stock windows hardly have solar control properties and if you don’t have curtains or blinds to aid them, even an hour of direct sunlight can make your interiors feel like a sauna. But you don’t want that! Tempered glass windows can resist heat and thermal stress, because of which they can keep the interiors cool during summers and warmer during winters. Truly, value-for-money!

Additional Safety

Post-installation, it can become tedious to upkeep glass windows, and without proper maintenance, they can lose their functionality. To avoid this, tempered glass windows are an excellent choice. They can easily withstand scratches, damage, and every day wear-and-tear. For the humdrum of commercial spaces, these windows work supremely well. Especially from safety’s POV, glass breakage can become a potential hazard. But if you install tempered glass windows, even breakages will be harmless and easy to clean after.

In Summation

You can combine supreme strength with simple designs using tempered glass windows and create a modern masterpiece. With their enhanced strength and security benefits, you’re not only safe from intrusion threats but also injuries related to breakages. And thanks to the heat-resistance properties of tempered glass windows, your interiors receive proper daylight without increasing the temperature indoors. Truly, tempered glass windows are a great example of smart processing technology.

At AIS Glass, highest quality solutions are offered across architectural glass value chains. We offer end-to-end solutions right from the manufacturing of glass, processing, fabrication to installation and post-installation services. AIS Stronglas is tough, durable, and lowers the risk of resistant breakage. You can consult our team of experts to seek guidance for your projects as well.

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Tempered Glass: Why Do I Need My Home Windows Tempered?

Glass as a construction material is awe-inspiring and magnificent. This is mainly because the usage of glass does not end with the aesthetics of a project; in fact, it is just the beginning. Modern-day innovative glass solutions have been designed to meet all requirements, from privacy to energy-efficiency, from acoustic insulation to safety and security. Here, we will talk about one of the most popular glass members in terms of safety – toughened or tempered glass – and why its addition to your home is a must.

What is Tempered Glass?

Due to modern-day innovations, glass today can be imbued with a multitude of qualities, and tempered glass is the perfect example of it. Tempered glass is a kind of safety glass that is known for its strength and robust quality. Tempered glass is made from standard glass that has undergone a thermal tempering process. The standard glass first goes through a heating process and then is left to cool down, but the glass doesn’t cool uniformly. During the cooling process, the outer surface of the glass cools much more rapidly, whereas the inside of the glass pane remains hot.

The tempering process puts the outer surface into compression and the interior into tension, which gives the tempered glass its strength. Due to this, when tempered glass suffers an impact, it shatters into small granular chunks instead of jagged shards as annealed glass does. The production process only alters the physical characteristics of the glass and provides it toughness, but the aesthetic qualities remain the same. Due to the manufacturing process, the tempered glass is four to five times stronger than ordinary annealed glass. 

An important thing to note is that the annealed glass surface should be cut or drilled before the heat tempering process. Once the glass has gone through the thermal tempering process, it cannot be reworked on. If you try to cut or drill through the tempered glass panel, it will yield under the pressure and break entirely. 

Should You Install Tempered Glass in Your Home Windows?

Now that you know what tempered glass is, let us address the question that you are plagued with, i.e. whether you should get your home windows tempered or not. The answer is YES! By opting for tempered glass for your home windows, you will not only enhance the visual appearance of your home but also add a sense of comfort and safety to your space. There are multiple benefits of using tempered glass for your home windows, given below are a few primary ones. 

Enhanced Safety

Ordinary glass in windows shatters into injurious shards when subjected to substantial impact. These shards are a huge safety risk, especially for young children in your home. Tempered glass windows, on the other hand, break into blunt circular pieces which significantly reduce the risk of injuries. Installing tempered glass in your home can make your space safer for all occupants. Moreover, if tempered glass breaks, the chunks can easily be cleaned with a broom without the fear of injuries. 

High Resistance

If you live in an area which is known for its volatile weather conditions like thunderstorms, dust storms, strong winds, torrid rainfall, etc. then opting for tempered glass windows for your home is the best choice. Tempered glass has an abundance of resistive qualities. It is less likely to shatter under the influence of strong winds and can withstand extreme heat or cold. Along with this, it is also quite resistant to everyday wear-and-tear, scratches, etc., making it an ideal choice for your home windows. 

Increased Security

Home windows are one of the most common entry points into homes by thieves or burglars. An ordinary glass window that is easy to break is an open invitation to miscreants who are looking for an opportunity. As tempered glass is much stronger than ordinary glass, its strength and high durability can provide your home with added security from external disturbances. Windows with tempered glass are difficult to break in as this glass is specifically designed to withstand impact. Strong windows that are difficult to break in may be sufficient to dissuade someone from trying to break into your house. 

The plethora of Design Options

Why restrict yourself to windows with only functional purposes when you can easily get creative with tempered glass to set the mood of your home. Apart from being sturdy and tough, tempered glass is also available in a variety of different shapes and styles. Tempered glass can be clear, translucent, or frosted; it is entirely up to you how you want to incorporate it as windows in your home. 

The better the quality of tempered glass, the better it will be able to performing its unique functions. The quality of tempered glass depends on the quality of its manufacturing, which is why, when opting for tempered glass for your home windows; you should always opt for a high-end quality product from reliable and reputable manufacturers. When it comes to choosing tempered glass for your home windows, look no further than AIS Glass. As India’s largest integrated glass manufacturer, we manufacture a range of high-grade architectural glass products and are known to provide our customers with 360-degree solutions for all their glass needs. Our AIS Stronglas is a high-grade tempered glass that is tough, durable, and can have a wide range of use cases besides windows – table tops, balustrades, shelves, facades, shower enclosures, washbasins, etc.

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Tips to Choose the Right Tempered Glass Supplier in India

A strong and sturdy glass is the way to go, and if it can be modified in trendy ways, all the better. In a long line of glass processing technology, tempered glass has shown high-end functionality in areas concerning safety and security. Tempered glass is toughened due to which it becomes sturdier and stronger than regular glass. This is the reason why tempered glass is used extensively as automotive glass in manufacturing side windows and rear windshields.

Another unique property of tempered glass is that when it breaks, it breaks into very small pieces with blunt edges. A normal glass breaks into big shards that can cause serious injuries. With tempered glass, this risk of injury is minimised.

The quality of tempered glass depends on the quality of its manufacturing. You should keep in mind that a high-end quality product will offer you more functionality than a poorly manufactured one. Apart from quality, tempered glass can be assessed on its longevity, design, and vulnerability to stress. While choosing the right supplier for tempered glass in India, keep the following tips in mind.

Brand Reach

A brand with a wide reach also has a wider range of services and products to offer you. Before opting for a supplier, identify the specific needs you have with tempered glass. As one supplier might be specialising in one particular tempered glass product than the other, you can avail attractive options for your particular need. Suppliers with greater brand awareness will also offer a wide variety of products to choose from.

You must do a complete research of the brand’s work and services before choosing it. The easiest way to approach this is via the brand’s website. You can begin there and learn about the brand and the services it provides. Try to find feedback from its customers about the pros and cons of rendering its services. Since tempered glass is primarily used for situations prone to stress and external environmental pressures, a supplier that offers sturdy quality must be chosen.

Product Variety

Having a variety of options is always exciting. You must go for excellence in every parameter while making your pick. Since glass has such a unique malleable quality, it can be designed in a multitude of ways. Sturdiness is important but it must also be fashionable. Tempered glass products in plain designs are often boring and give no aesthetic rush. Try to opt for a supplier that can provide you with stylistic products without compromising on safety standards.

A brand that provides high-end functionality with appealing designs must be your top choice. Option like AIS Ceramic Frit is excellent for both exterior and interior applications. It is a type of enamelled painted, tempered glass that can be used for decorative purposes in your architectural structures.

Offered Services

Your glass needs can pertain to residential or commercial purpose. Whatever your needs may be, the process from tempered glass selection to installation is a long one. Try to go for a supplier that can provide you with integrated services from consultation to the final installation. Having one supplier for the whole process will ensure a smooth business transaction. Another significant factor to note is the availability of customisation. A personal touch to your tempered glass needs is a bonus. Getting customisable services for your requirements means more satisfaction and less adjustment.

Since glass is subjected to a lot of stress from external factors, it is susceptible to cracks and breakage. In such a situation, you will have to go for a glass replacement. A supplier that offers great after-installation services must be your pick. This will save you time and efforts in case your tempered glass breaks.

Safety Tests

Do not fall for false advertising. High standards of resilience and resistance against an impact are the most important features of tempered glass. Ensure that your supplier is manufacturing products tested for impact resistance to BS 6206. This is an important classification of safety glazing in glass. If the brand is not transparent about such safety tests, do not invest in its products or services.

Most glass is prone to stress and impact breakage even when toughened. Tempered glass is manufactured with a strengthening process that gives you a safer breakage in comparison to ordinary glass. Glass tested for safety and impact resistance is more resilient and possesses safe-breakage characteristics. It is always wise to put safety over style. Choose a supplier that provides you with top-quality safety standards in the glass.

Summing Up

AIS Glass is a brand that meets all the above-mentioned criteria. With a brand reach spanning national and international markets, AIS Glass has solidified its presence as a leading manufacturer of glass in India. Our brand offers end-to-end services in manufacturing of glass, processing, fabrication to installation. You can receive consultation from our experts to find the most suitable glass for your requirements and excellent after-sales support. Get in touch today to find the right tempered glass with AIS Glass!


Applications in Glass – User’s Guide

Glass and modern-day architecture share a special relationship. This material combines the best of aesthetics and high functionality. Structurally strong, durable and maintenance-free, glass finds its applications in several areas. Gone are the days when glass as a material was considered fragile. With the advent of advanced technologies, this material has emerged stronger than ever through the invention of toughened glass. Toughened glass is also called tempered glass and is a type of safety glass that is not easily breakable.

The Science Behind Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is about four to five times stronger than ordinary annealed glass. Before tempering glass, the panes need to be cut to the desired shape and size. After cutting, the glass is inspected for any imperfections that may lead to potential breakage during the toughening process. Tempered glass is manufactured from cut and thoroughly examined annealed glass panels that are made to undergo the process of heat tempering. Standard annealed glass panes are made to travel through a 620°C preheated industrial oven or furnace. Once the panes attain said temperature, they undergo a high-pressure cooling process called ‘Quenching’.

Quenching is achieved by blasting the outer surface of the glass with high-pressure air through a series of nozzles in varying positions. This process cools the outer layer of glass rapidly while the inner glass takes longer to cool down. As the center of the glass cools slowly, it tries to tug at the outer surface creating tension inside and compression outside. This chain of reactions gifts tempered glass with increased strength and durability.

Countless Use Cases

One of the tempered glass’s distinct features is that it does not break into sharp jagged shards. Tempered glass fractures into small pebble-like blunt pieces that are totally harmless. This type of safety glass does not break or chip easily.

Due to its unique safety features, tempered glass is used in a wide variety of commercial, industrial, and residential applications. Its versatility also makes it an obvious choice for people who are looking for sophisticated interiors without compromising on safety and durability. Let us look at some of the popular applications of tempered glass


Tempered glass makes for the most beautiful and long-lasting table-tops, patio furniture, kitchen cabinets, shelves, partitions, bookshelves, shower stalls, bathroom doors, etc for residential dwellings. Tempered glass is scratch-proof, has high wear-and-tear resistance, and demands practically zero maintenance. If you are renovating your home and wish to create a sense of openness by installing interior sliding doors then the tempered glass is the right choice for you. Since this glass is very durable and safe, you can use it abundantly in your home without the fear of it hurting anybody in case of breakage, especially with little kids running around. 


This type of glass is widely used in commercial interiors for conference table-tops, office desks, display cases, office partitions, etc. If your office has an open floor plan then the tempered glass is ideal for creating temporary partitions. This way the office space will look expansive. Tempered glass is strong enough to endure daily office wear-and-tear.

Shop and Restaurant Displays

Tempered glass panes are commonly used for retail window displays, countertops and partitions in designer boutiques, grocery stores, malls, restaurants, etc. Since these displays are routinely touched by employees and countless shoppers; strength and durability are imperative. For instance, the display cases at most electronics shops are made of tempered glass

Stairwell Railings

Where there are stairs, there will be railings! Tempered glass railings are a fantastic addition to your home or office décor. Since railings get touched a lot daily, they need to hold up against a great deal of wear and tear, and the strong and thick tempered glass will do the trick. This type of glass is very easy to maintain. All you need to do is wipe these railings with a soft damp cloth once a week and let it air dry.


Apart from being strong and durable, tempered glass can also withstand both very hot and very cold temperatures comfortably. This is why they are used with varied thickness to make oven doors, microwave doors, refrigerator shelves, etc.

Sports Arenas

Have you ever wondered why glass panels around an ice skating rink or an ice hockey rink don’t shatter when skaters or hockey players knock into them? The credit goes to the unmatched strength of tempered glass. Panels made from tempered glass are far less likely to break even when a great deal of force comes smacking into them. These panels eliminate the risk of injury by creating a solid barrier between the players and the spectators. 

Experience the Goodness of Tempered Glass with AIS Glass

Looking for tempered glass for your home or office? To experience the best of tempered glass, always trust AIS Glass – India’s leading glass manufacturer. We provide you with end-to-end solutions for all your glass-related woes. Rely on our team of experts to help you pick the right glass and install it professionally at your place of interest. Our AIS Stronglas is a high-grade tempered glass that is highly strong and durable, capable of resisting heavy impacts. It can be widely used in table-tops, balustrades, shelves, facades, shower enclosures, partitions, washbasins, and canopies. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today!


Points to Think Before Installing Tempered Glass at Home

Toughened glass, also called tempered glass is a strong and durable glass surface that does not break easily. Due to its capability to withstand high-temperature differentials, it is popularly used in oven doors, room partitions, glass partitions, building façades, etc. Tempered glass is at least four to five times stronger than standard annealed glass. Keep reading to find out why? 

The Science Behind Toughened Glass

Tempered glass panes are made from standard glass panes that undergo a thermal tempering process. Panes of annealed glass are cut, drilled and fileted to customer specifications first. They are then passed through a 680°C preheated furnace on a roller table. This takes the glass beyond its transmission temperature and softens it. The heat-treated glass is then left to cool down. But, this surface does not cool uniformly. The outer surface of the glass cools much more rapidly, while the inside of the pane remains hot. This creates “centre tension” in the slab, altering its physical characteristics permanently and providing it with a great deal of toughness. 

An important thing to consider is that the annealed glass surface must be cut to size or pressed into the desired shape before heat tempering. Once the glass has undergone the toughening process, it cannot be re-worked on. If you try to drill a hole or cut through a toughened pane of glass, it will break completely.

Should You Install Tempered Glass at Home?

Flat out yes! Toughened or tempered glass has a wealth of benefits that make it one of the safest types of glass to install at home. No wonder it is also known as safety glass! A lot of glass is used in homes today to provide an added sense of space and comfort. Toughened glass looks great and can be used for internal as well as external windows, doors, partitions, skylights, etc. Safety is paramount when it comes to fenestration. Toughened glass lets you combine security with aesthetics seamlessly. Here is a comprehensive list of pointers in support of installing tempered glass at home –

Strong and Safe

The most important reason for heat-tempering a glass pane is to provide doors, windows, and façades with the strength to combat rigorous environmental conditions, like thunderstorms, torrid rainfall, wind, dust storms, etc. Also, tempered glass is far less likely to shatter under the influence of strong winds at higher altitudes, which is why several skyscrapers and high-rise residential buildings are built using this type of glass. More importantly, in a rare and unfortunate event of its breaking, tempered glass never shatters into sharp jagged pieces. It develops countless cracks and breaks into blunt pebble-like bits that are incapable of causing any grave injuries. This makes this glass very safe, especially if you have little kids in your home.

Resistant to Heat and Humidity

Toughened glass is highly capable of enduring uncomfortably warm and humid temperatures. You can use them for shower stalls, glass partitions, basin slabs, kitchen cabinets, etc. These surfaces can happily endure a generous splash of hot water and steam. Tempered glass requires very little maintenance and retains its sheen and finish for years on end. Use a soft damp cloth to wipe it once a week.

Diverse Applications

Tempered glass is easily mouldable in a variety of creative ways. It has applications ranging from cookware to commercial buildings. Several other popular applications include frameless glass doors, table-tops, mobile phone screens, laboratory equipment, and much more. Toughened glass can also be combined with laminated glass to manufacture automotive bulletproof windows.

Several Design Options

Tempered glass can be combined with several technologies to enhance its functionality. For instance, you can choose from a range of toughened frosted surfaces, translucent surfaces, coloured, clear and engraved options for different rooms that serve different purposes at your home or office. You can also get them in various tints and shades depending on the mood you want to set in a room.

Resists Solar Damage

Solar glare can heat up exterior glass surfaces unevenly. Sometimes, one side of a building receives more sunlight than the other. Prolonged direct sun exposure expands and contracts glass surfaces, regardless of their type. Uneven absorption of sunlight makes the overall glass surface expand and contract unevenly. This difference can create stress in glass panes leading to further damage or breakage. Such a phenomenon also affects tempered glass, but these panels are adept at withstanding such a temperature differential up to 250°C.  

Concluding Thoughts

Keep in mind the aforementioned benefits of toughened glass before choosing the standard annealed glass. Tempered surfaces are the ideal choice for offices, homes, schools and commercial enclaves. To bring out the best in tempered glass, count on AIS Glass. Our tempered glass is a very high-grade toughened glass, specially engineered to withstand harsh conditions. Rely on our team of experts to provide you with end-to-end services, from selection to installation, even after-sales support.

Get in touch today and enhance the safety of your home or office!