Reasons Why You Need Glass Shower Doors for Your Bathroom

In modern homes, bathrooms are never recklessly designed or decorated. Most homeowners, architects, and interior designers prefer bathrooms to reflect individual style and taste, be pragmatic, and appeal visually. As a result, they install unique furnishings and decorative items in the bathroom.

One of the most preferred installments in a sophisticated bathroom is a glass shower door. Glass shower enclosures are perfect for both big and small bathrooms, and come in a variety of shapes and styles. Read on to find out why even you should consider adorning your bathroom with a fashionable glass shower screen.

Glass Shower Doors Offer Privacy

You might believe that because glass is transparent, the moment you install a glass shower door, you are compromising your privacy. With the advancements that have been made in glassmaking, however, this is hardly true. Different types of glass offering varying levels of opacity are available for shower doors. For added privacy, you can have your glass shower doors made out of smart glass or frosted glass. While frosted glass is a permanently translucent option, smart glass can become completely transparent or 100% opaque at the click of a button. Noise insulation is another way in which glass shower enclosures make your shower more private. As you are protected from external noise during your shower, you can relax better.

Maintaining Glass Shower Doors is not Tough

If there is any part of your house that should be deep-cleaned regularly, it is your bathroom. Germs, bacteria, and viruses grow very easily on bathroom furnishings. Moreover, they also get stained and scratched very easily. Therefore, it is necessary to choose an easy-to-maintain material for your shower enclosures so that you don’t have to spend hours deep cleaning it, and there’s nothing better than glass for this purpose. Glass shower doors do not get stained or scratched easily. If you choose good-quality toughened glass for your shower, you won’t need to replace your glass shower doors every few years just because they have gotten old and lost their lustre. They can be wiped with a wet cloth or with one soaked in a simple glass cleaner. Since glass is a synthetic material, it also does not allow the growth of germs, which means that you don’t have to disinfect your shower area very often. 

Glass Shower Doors Make Your Entire Bathroom Safer

Water spillage in bathrooms is one of the commonest reasons for fatal bathroom accidents. With glass shower doors, spillage is minimised. They are sealed perfectly both against the floor and the ceiling of your bathroom, and therefore, increase its safety quotient.

Glass Shower Doors are Trendy

One of the main reasons why glass is being incorporated so enthusiastically in modern bathrooms is its unmatched aesthetic appeal. Glass shower doors are the trendiest fixtures you can get for your bathroom, regardless of its size or décor. They fit well, even in the most minimalist bathrooms. Moreover, since they can be cut in various sizes and shapes, they are perfect for compact bathrooms as well. You can always experiment with a curved shower door, a square one, or a rectangular one. The brilliant lustre and incredible sleekness it will add to your bathroom is one benefit of a glass shower door, whereas the host of colours, patterns, and framing choices available is another.

Glass Shower Doors do not Allow Mould to Grow

Mould is a species of fungus that grows in humid areas, both in the environment outside and the interiors of buildings. Mould growth is a common problem in buildings where water accumulation or moisture retention is an issue. In bathrooms, specially, since moisture can never be avoided, mould can grow easily. It becomes necessary, therefore, to have your bathroom furnished with non-porous materials like glass. Glass shower doors do not allow moisture to accumulate or retain on their surface, and therefore, completely eliminate the possibility of mould growth.

The above reasons are only a few that enunciate the versatility and usefulness of glass shower doors. If you want your glass shower doors to last for years and function perfectly, always make sure you choose ones from a reputed glass manufacturer like AIS Glass. We specialise in making different kinds of toughened, laminated, and heat-resistant glasses that are perfect for showers and other bathroom fixtures. We also manufacture smart glass and frosted glass sheets and customise all our products according to your needs. All our glass products are of excellent quality and last for years on end, without requiring extensive maintenance. When you choose AIS Glass for your glass shower doors, you can rest assured of quality, convenience, and service.

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